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Next step in potty training 2.5 y/o ??

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    Next step in potty training 2.5 y/o ??

    I always get great tips from this board so thought I'd ask what to do next w/ my DD.

    She's 2.5 and has been doing fairly well w/ the PT. It's been about 2 weeks and she's only having one (occasionally two) accidents a day. She was doing BM on the potty but after some bad constipation has dug her heels in. (Such bad timing! So frustrating!) I would be happy to hear any tips on that front.

    However my real question is I feel like we're stuck. I'm not sure what to do next or maybe I'm trying to push to fast?? She's been in pull ups but everytime I put her in undies - she keeps having accidents. I tried it again today and same thing happened. I put her back in a pull up and an hour later she was on the potty. She loves the undies and is always happy to put them on. So I'm not sure what my next move should be? Or maybe nothing?

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    Re: Next step in potty training 2.5 y/o ??

    If you want to move forward skip the pullups except for naps and nighttime. They really do delay potty training. Having an accident and feeling wet will help her learn and understand the sensation of needing to go. Any try keeping an eye on the clock and taking her to the potty before she has an accident. When I was training my son this summer at age 3, his preschool teacher took him every 30 minutes. I only did every hour at home and he was accident free in about a week.

    If you're happy with your progress so far and don't want to push her, then don't. I suppose if she's unwilling to BM on the potty you'll have to stick with pullups until you get past that. I know it's a common problem, but not one I ever had with either of my kids, so I have no words of advice for you.

    Good luck. Training my DD at 26 months took 2 weeks and was a breeze. I tried and failed to train her twin brother at the same time, again at 2 1/2, at 2 3/4 and was finally successful at age 3. They do it when they are ready.

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    Re: Next step in potty training 2.5 y/o ??

    It is possible the constipation is still an issue.  We had trouble potty training because our daughter was afraid to make a BM.  She'd try very hard to hold it, which would result in an inability to hold her pee - and associated accidents.

    Ultimately our pediatrician recommended Miralax to help overcome the BM issues.  It was a long-term solution (she was on Miralax for a few months), but worked wonderfully!  One word of caution is that if you do go Miralax, keep in mind there is a long "weaning" process to come off (Our pediatrician said "think about weaning her off of Miralax over the course of months, not days.")