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Night time diapers leaking

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    Night time diapers leaking

    My nearly 3.5 year old has just turned the corner with daytime potty training. It was along, arduous road, complicated by extreme fear of making a BM on the potty and the arrival of a younger sister. Nonetheless, she's made great progress and I'm thrilled with where we are in that respect.

    I don't think she's ready for nighttime potty training. Further, I'd like to give her a bit more time through to settle into her newfound skill (during the daytime) before I push the envelope for nighttime.

    My issue is that her she is leaking her nighttime diaper more nights than not.  She uses size 3T-4T Huggies Overnights (which is the largest size they make.) She does not drink an excess of fluids for 3 hours before bed. She pees (multiple times) in the lead-up for bedtime. Yet, her diaper is full-full in the morning and her pajamas are always wet as, sometimes, are her sheets.

    Any ideas for how I can solve this issue, even if temporarily, and save myself an extra load or two of laundry every day?



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    Re: Night time diapers leaking

    I know that they make overnight pull-ups, which might be a good transition. We used them in the 2T-3T size before DD was nighttime trained, and they didn't leak, but she also has an iron bladder. I think they even make something for bigger kids who wet the bed, so maybe trying a pull-up or something similar in a size that can accomodate her needs? 

    I am loathe to suggest waking a sleeping child, but if you are up in the night with the new baby, could you take her to the potty, or change her, before she soaks through? If it is hard to get her to go to sleep, ignore that suggestion - but it is a thought.
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    Re: Night time diapers leaking

    I used the pull ups at night and went up a size for my son that is a very heavy pee'er (dont think thats a word :-). They worked well most of the time. They also sell Gerber training underwear that may work at night while you are still practicing. They are washable thicker absorbency undies.  Trust me, there are some days/nights that I think diapers is a lot easier than potty training :-) They do sell the Good Nights diapers that are also heavy absorbency and work like a pull up.
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    Re: Night time diapers leaking

    I recently potty trained my twins - daytime only - and we switched from Huggies Nighttime diapers to Huggies Nighttime pullups.  It's easier for the potty requests I always get at lights out.  They come in bigger sizes so they may fit your 3.5 year old better.
    There are also things called "UnderJams" for overnight for bigger kids.
    Check out or - they have a bigger selection than my grocery store.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Night time diapers leaking

    Thank you all for your suggestions.  She is in the night time pull-ups already (I called them diapers, rather than pull-ups in my original post, sorry!) But I'm going to check out the Good Nights and UnderJams.

    And Amy-Lynn, you are right, we may simply have to try waking her for a trip to the potty. It may be just a matter of giving her the tools she needs to stay (somewhat) dry.

    Thank you! 
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    Re: Night time diapers leaking

    CT Mum, I have used the Good Nights for all 3 of my kids.  They're more expensive but work better than the Huggies.  I was disappointed when my local BJs stopped carrying them and there is no Costco or Sam's Club near us (middle of nowhere, NH). Be prepared for possibly using them for a long time.  While each of my 3 kids was daytime trained by 3 1/2, the 2 older ones didn't stop wetting at night until halfway through kindergarten and my 4.5 year old is still wet in the morning.  We limited liquids and had them go to the bathroom before bed, but they're part of the group that just took longer to train at night. Good luck!

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    Re: Night time diapers leaking

    Thank you!!!  We've had two beautifully leak-free nights with Good Nights.  Oh my goodness what a difference!  And, methinks it no coincidence, my daughter is sleeping better as well.

    Twokids, thanks for the word of wisdom. We'll settle in for the long haul and be pleasantly surprised if she takes less time.