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November -- Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Congrats to baby IPW on an excellent first day!  :)

    Hello all!  It's been a while, but I am finally getting back to normal.  My maternity leave for DS ended on Friday and yesterday was my first day back to work.  Boo on 2 accounts!  Actually, it went so well that I am feeling a bit guilty that I am happy to get back to work and be "me" for a while during the day!  Pumping went fantastically well - I got more than he ever would want right now.  And DS seemed to have coped quite well without me!  DH is staying home with both the kiddos for now and taking a leave from real estate.

    DS is 12 weeks and is smiling, cooing and winning the hearts of everyone he meets!  He is still waking up once or twice a night, but he goes back down very easily so it's not too bad.  I think he will sleep through soon because he has just broken 11lbs.  Or at least I am hoping!

    DD is 18 months and I swear she gets cuter and more fun by the day!  She also acquires more words by the day!  It is such a fun time, though she is starting to have tantrums when she doesn't get her way.  Terrible 2s might be coming early!  But for the most part she is a gem.  She loves to play with her brother.  She gives him his bink and "reads" to him.  So cute!  My DH also got her completely off the bottle and bink this past month.  And it was so quick and easy.  She's a star!  (and loves to find stars and say "star" too).

    Can't wait to hear how everyone else is doing!
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    November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Happy November all.  Halloween was great fun, hope everyone had a good night.  Or, will enjoy it in a few days when its rescheduled.  DS was a giraffe and actually let us put on the head/hood!  

    So today was his first day of daycare.  He did really well.  I was planning on a 9-12 schedule.  We got there and I filled his cubby with all his extras, blanket, etc.  Teachers are great.  He played and was ok until one of the little boys fell on him (by accident of course).  There were some tears and I thought we were done for.. but he recovered and went back to playing after a hug.  I said goodbye and left just as they were about to start breakfast.  Throught the window I saw some tears but one teacher was specifically watching him and giving him lots of hugs.  After a few phone call check ins, I arrived at 1pm to a sound asleep boy!  Yeah.  We left at 2pm and he was so good.  I'm so thrilled!

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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Congratulations on a great first day at daycare! That is a good start (and it is great that your LO will take a nap on the first day - ours was always iffy with napping there). 

    DS, who is 14 months, is finally toddling (although at daycare, he is careful only to try walking when there is no child around him - he hates falling and seems to realize that he is more likely to get bumped by other kids). Unfortunately, we already have had a run down to ER this month (hopefully the last time for him) when he crawled to silently wait behind a busy teacher, who fell over him and knocked him back... poor baby got a mild concussion (although we could not find a bump or mark on his head - the only sign of issues was that he suddenly went limp and would not respond to the teachers or me initially when I got there although he was still conscious) and poor teacher got a broken finger. He does have a bad habit of crawling behind people to wait for them to finish so they can pick him up - he does love his cuddles. But then a week later, he started to take his first steps. And he has started to bring us books to read to him (after a long period of disinterest in books). His favorites are the lift the flap books we found (although he has already ripped one of them by the flaps, but he is getting the idea on those books). And we found there is a daycare DS and home DS - where he will eat all kinds of stuff and hold his own sippy cup but at home, we are not so lucky especially with the food (home = floor for the same stuff he would eat at daycare)... although we finally got him to manage his own take n toss straw cups without a mess so progress there. 

    I have to say it is tough not to compare to his younger classmates who seem to be more mobile and at a faster pace than he is, but we are excited at his progress and learning to tune out the fact that XYZ baby can already do something DS was slow to work towards since DS is still within normal range and tends to be more of an observer than a risk taker, and more cautious (even his teacher has noted that DS appears to deliberately take his time and set himself up to minimize risk taking). 

    He travels like a champ (we have flown with him a few times now and done a few car road trips) so we hope to continue to do a weekend getaway every month.
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Great news, IPW!  And great news, Trouble!  It's nice to hear that even an 18 month old is interested in helping with the baby.

    cwagner, I know exactly how you feel about comparing to younger kids at daycare.  Our LO is now 15 months and the kids who are 9-12 months have about the same (or better) skills as she does in gross motor.  It's hard to do, but I've gotten better at focusing on the strong points, like her super fine motor skills!  :)

    We are doing well.  Having some (re)improvements in sleep, as I posted on another thread, and the LO can officially sit up from lying down with no problems.  She can occasionally pull up to stand if properly motivated by, say, the phone, but it's definitely awkward.  PT consultation next week to see if there are any other things we need to do.

    One thing that's funny is she has just become interested in stuffed animals.  Before she had no use for them.  She mostly wants to give them to me to make them dance or run or snuggle, but sometimes she does those things herself, which is really sweet.
    Along with that, she seems really interested in photographs of babies and kids.  Does anyone know a good book that has lots of photographs (not drawings) of people?
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - Hope the return to work goes smoothly! With two little babies at home, you are my hero!

    Med - Could you get one of those mini photo albums and put pictures in them of people your DD knows and loves? 

    IPW - horray for good day care! Glad all went well!
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Can't believe it is November! 

    IPW - congrats on a good start to daycare!  My DD started daycare in May when she was 10.5 months and it was certainly a nervous experience and I cried more than she did I think.  I also cried when she transitioned from the infant to toddler classroom too... figures!

    cwagner - how scary for you with the trip to the ER with the concussion!  I know how tough it is when the little ones get underfoot.  Hopefully you won't have to go back there anytime soon.

    Trouble - good luck with going back to work.  My DD is 15 months and I can't imagine having a newborn in addition to her right now and working full time. 

    Med - we have a plastic photo-album type book that we inserted photos of family members into.  It was a gift, but I think it came from babies r us ("Sassy" brand).  DD loves to give "kisses" to nana and grandpa's picture.

    As for us, we just keep on plugging along.  DD had her 15-month checkup last week and she is still a peanut at 19.5 pounds.  She is 30 inches tall though so she is proportional and has a kinda "athletic" build (which she certainly did not get from her mama!).  She got 4 shots and handled them all like a champ.  She is non-stop and running around all the time (which is probably while she is still under 20 pounds - she runs all of her calories off).  We are having so much fun with her as her little personality and sense of humor continues to develop.  Her default answer to just about everything is "no want it".  One of our biggest daily struggles has to do with teeth-brushing.  It takes two of us to pin her down and if the windows were open the neighbors would surely think we were torturing her.  The pedi said to keep at it though and eventually she will relent. 
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    With all of the talk about feeding our toddlers table food and their varying degrees of pickiness - I thought I would share this article.  My husband sent it to me the other day to try to keep me from getting too caught up in what DD eats at every single meal.

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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Love to read these!

    DD turned 1 last week and had her 12 month app't. 19 lbs, 28 about the 20th percentile all around, but so amazing when I think that at this time last year she was 4 lbs 11 oz and 17.5 inches! 

    She's almost ready to walk...walks holding on with one hand and is an expert cruiser.  She'll speed around the room from one piece of furniture to the next, and has become even more adventurous.  She got a new doll for her birthday and when she saw it said "Bay-bay"...and says it over and over again!  Loves that little doll, and will kiss and hug and rock it. 

    We made the switch to milk over the weekend...doing a bottle in the morning and evening, and sippy cups with meals.  She's great with the sippy cup for water, but not as confident with it for milk, for some reason.  Also have upped the "real" food...lots of toast with cheese and turkey, yogurt, grapes (peeled), strawberries, blueberries and bananas.  Trying to get more variety into her diet, but it's hard!  We had pot roast the other night...she rejected the meat and noodles, but loved the soft cooked baby carrots and apple sauce.  And she will take a bite, if she likes the food, we hear a big "ummmmm"...if not, it get thrown. 

    And with her first birthday, it also means we're officially back on the TTC bandwagon.  We'll see how it goes!  I'm hopeful that having her will make me a little less obsessive about the TTC process this time, but can't guarantee that!  Having her can certainly make it a little more of a challenge to get the job done! 
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Cwagner, definitely a common thing for parents to compare. My DS is the youngest in the toddler room at 12 1/2 months, and can't change positions (can't get to sitting from laying down or standing from sitting). But he can walk like a champ once you stand him up. The second youngest is almost 15 months and can pull himself up, but can't walk. So lots of variety at this 1-2 year age. BTW, love that the posts are all out of order. Trouble, congrats on a great maternity, and a great day pumping. What a relief! My biggest worry about eating is how much. He's slowly starting to try more things, but eats such a small amount. An example of dinner may be 2 raviolis maybe, one pouch of veggies/fruit and maybe half a Graham cracker. Seems such a small amount. He'll eat half a waffle for breakfast. I assume he gets enough because he's never complaining as if he's hungry. I try to keep offering but most ends up on the floor, even stuff i know he likes He's getting a guaranteed 10 oz milk in 2 bottles and maybe another 4 from his daily sippys. Still thinks those are for fun. Medford, great progress for your little one getting to sitting!
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    It is definitely hard not to compare.  I do it with DS and my niece as she is almost exactly a year older and I'm always asking my mom when did niece do this, when did she do that. Right now I am fixated on talking which is so silly.  He will be 14 months Sat. and babbles a ton but really only says mama and dada and sometimes go over and over when he is running down the driveway. 

    IPW - I try not to worry too much about food as some days DS eats what seems like a ton and other days it seems like nothing.  Don't forget in the toddler room he gets snacks too in addition to lunch.  I know our daycare gives them a snack when they wake up from nap and often another snack if they are there long enough in the like 3pm and then again at like 4:30pm.  And there is a morning snack around 9:30 too.  Not sure if all daycares do this.  

    As I said DS will be 14 months on Sat. and I swear in the past week he has grown a lot.  His pants seems so different and he just looks taller.  He has been home with  me all week because I have not had school at all.  I could have sent him to daycare but I am hoping keeping him home will help him kick this cold he has had forever.  Plus I just love being home with him. 

    I am so excited for the holidays.  I love spending time with family and it will be so cool to see how DS is this year versus last year when he was only 2 months almost 3 months old.

    I hope anyone still without power is fairing okay (I know they probably can't check this but I feel so bad having friends who are still without power and going crazy).
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks, IPW!
    I also worry sometimes that the quantity of food seems so small.  But reading some of the articles about it and hearing from you guys has made me feel better.  It has also helped me that we cracked down on food throwing.  The first time a food gets thrown, that food is All Gone.  I think putting it away has helped me, strangely, to not focus on how much of it is left.  The other thing that has helped me be more accepting is that she has learned to sign "all done"... I want to encourage the signing, so I acknowledge it right away.  Before I would pick up on other cues, but if it seemed like she "should" eat more, I didn't always get the memo.
    Quasi-related: I did the official "all done" sign forever and she never got it, or else if she did I couldn't tell.  We started doing a sign where we brush our hands together (as if you were brushing crumbs off them) and she started doing it right away.  Weird.
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Medford, DD does that -- the hand brushing!  We call it, "wash hands."  She does a modified all done (no idea where she picked it up) wherein she kind of does a double wave at the food that's about to hit the floor.  I have about 12 seconds to respond by cleaning it off her tray before it's hurled away. 

    See, I worry that I'm giving DD too much sometimes.  She's a really good eater but I'm assuming she stops when she's full.  Breakfast for her is usually half a Kashi waffle with greek yogurt spread on it, 1/4 of an avocado, then a couple of handfuls of fruit.  I have a bento lunch thing from Skip Hop( that I send to daycare with her lunch (I usually put main course in one  container, veggies in the second, and fruit in the third) and one of those three-compartment formula containers with her snack, plus two take & toss containers with crunchie -- Annie's bunnies or Cheerios.  It seems like a lot, but the lunch & snack things come home empty.  The crunchies are usually good for a few days; some days they don't even crack into them. 

    So today I sent her with that lunchbox with one container full of blueberries (6oz), the other with some leftover baked ziti & meatballs (half full, so 3oz), and a yo baby & Happy Baby pouch of some fruit/veggie combo.  In the snack container she got teddy graham things, cut up grapes, and an ounce of cheese.  She gets three bottles now (we dropped the a.m. bottle) with 4oz of milk cut with 4oz of water (b/c of her p**p struggles I add H2O)

    I guess you just worry no matter what. 
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    DS is 17 months and eats a ton but I worry that there is not enough variety.  For breakfast he eats 1/2 - 1 whole banana, some apple slices and maybe a 1/2 slice of toast.  At DC he will have 2 - 3 mini muffins (right now it is honey wheat pumpkin muffins sometimes apple oat muffins), then crackers, then for lunch he will have pasta or a half of a cheese and bean quesadilla with veggies then he eats almost an entire apple and orange, a small yogurt and a cheese stick before having a very light dinner - more apples, pasta, or a scrambled egg with cheese.  I am running quickly out of meal ideas as he regularly refuses meats (chicken, pork, fish, or beef) and tofu.  I hate that he eats pasta and or cheese for almost every meal but his snacks are healthy.  He would happily subsist off of carrots, sw potatos, peas, apples, oranges, graham goldfish and dairy.
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks all!  My kids are so easygoing they just make me look good.  It also helps that I have the best DH in the world :)

    Regarding food, in my experience (with my now 18 month old) eating has been such an evolution!  The biggest problem we had was texture early on.  I thought she was picky, but it turns out it was just a texture thing and she needed to get used to it.  She's been on table food for months now, though I can't remember exactly when it started.  She still does have rice cereal with fruit or veg mixed in for breakfast, 1/2 a sandwich and cut up fruit for lunch (which always takes AGES) and whatever we're having for dinner with maybe a baby bell or meatball and/or strawberries to supplement.  She has also just about mastered the fork and eats off regular china, which is so cool!

    Our biggest thing has been hydration.  She has 3 5oz cups of milk, and we're trying to add in water.  She LOVES to have "milk," which means drink to her, after a meal.  So she has been getting a few ounces of water in an open cup after her meal.  Usually it goes down well, but sometimes she plays (spills).  We also offer her a sippy cup with water during the day. 

    I think all you can really do is keep trying.  There will be good days and bad days, but as long as they keep having wet and BM diapers I think you're ok.

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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Yeah, I worry about variety, too.  Especially because our DD has been rejecting meat and beans.  She was eating almost all fruit/starch/yogurt, but she has recently improved in vegetables.  Protein still seems lacking to me, though.  But we'll just keep with it.
    She could live on those Annie's bunny crackers.  Both cheddar and whole wheat are huge hits.  I try and give her hummus with them so at least she has the aforementioned protein.  And I'm going to try to think of creative ways to incorporate beans... since she loves hummus and has happily eaten the non-meat bits of pot pie and such in sauce, I think it's the texture of meat and beans she dislikes, not the flavor.
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Ooh, I'm getting so many good food ideas!!  Routine as well as actual food items.  Love the bean and cheese quesadilla idea.  Also kashi waffles with yogurt spread on them - great idea since DD does NOT want me to feed her with a spoon anymore.

    A friend was telling me yesterday (when I was expressing food woes) that her pedi said 1 tablespoon of food per meal per year old the baby is is enough. So, 1 tablespoon per meal for a 1 year old.  She said more is fine, but that is enough.  I thought that was interesting.

    Oh - LLLE, for what it's worth, our pedi said last week that at this age (right around 1) it is normal for them to *maybe* have one or two words at most, if even that.  DD only says "hi" "bye" and "daddy"  (and 2 out of 3 are mispronounced :)

    What I continue to find fascinating is the amount DD understands, and what she is able to communicate without words.  She's recently started babbling in what sounds like a valid language.  She'll gesture toward the gas fireplace and say what sounds like, "Where's the fire?", except in Swahili or some other language I don't speak.  But I totally get that that's what she's asking, she even has the question-lilt at the end. Instead of just the "Uh?" she used to do.  And now if we say, "Who's stinky?" or "who has tinkles?" she'll pat her diaper and grin at us!  I have no idea where she got that. 

    It's all endlessly fascinating!  Oh, and I had to let her CIO last night when she wouldn't go to bed, and wasn't THAT fun with my father-in-law (we're temporarily living with my in-laws), whose heart breaks when DD sniffles, the only other person home.  I have to say, he was good about it, but I know it was taking all his strength to not rush up and rescue her.

    ETA: I meant to say, love all of the updates!
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    It's so reassuring to hear what all of your kids are eating!  I worry about portions, too...and about trying to get protein, fruits and veggies in to balance out the dairy and carbs that she'll always eat.  I definitely have noticed that when I feed her, she seems to eat more than when DH does.  I think he tends to feed her one item at a time, whereas I mix them up a little more (a piece of cheese toast, a bite of chicken, a grape or two, a slurp of veggie puree, repeat). 

    My biggest worry now is the milk thing.  We've been giving her 5 oz bottles in the am and evening, and then at daycare she's given milk with lunch and snack in a sippy, but is having a hard time with the sippies, which baffles me b/c she's great with them for water! 

    It's hard, since up to 12 months they're "just practicing", but then the next day it's milk and food and it's "real" all of the sudden. 
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - You give me hope that I might be able to handle a baby and an 18 month old.  We will be in the same position as you in May!

    As for food - DD is a foodie.  I am worried about her eating too much.  She doesn't seem to have an off switch when she likes food.  I already find that I am limiting her portions and she has a very healthy diet.  She is gigantic.  She is 32.5 inches (100 percentile) and 26 1/2 lbs (99 percentile).  She towers over many of the toddlers and she is still in the infant room since she is 12 months!

    She is walking around everywhere and I have heard her say several words here and there but she is really only consistent with mamma, dada, no no no, and I think she says her name.  I have heard her say ball, dog, night night, bye bye but she is not consistent with these at all.

    I agree it is TOTAL amazing what they understand.  I said "ring ring get the phone" and she walked over to her toy with the phone picked it up and put it to her ear even though we were no where near it at the time. 

    I have given her, her first chore.  Every night I tell her to put her socks in her hamper and she is really starting to do this.  Too cute!!
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy - I totally agree about what they can understand.  Just today DS had something in his hand and I said oh lets put that in the trash and he walked over and threw it in.  I didn't even know he knew what the trash was!  He loves to play with his one puzzle and he brings me the board with one of the pieces.  I ask him where it goes and he puts it in the right spot (though sometimes turned around) and when I say go get another piece he does and brings one back and does it again until the puzzle is done.  So cool!!!

    Glad CIO went okay last night!  We have had to do it a couple times when DS wouldn't go to sleep too.  I am trying hard at night not to go in if he wakes and makes noise.  I have become such a light sleeper!  I think I may have to go get those earplugs!

    DS doesn't love protein either.  He eats them just not much of them.  He is a good veggie and fruit eater right now though so I feel lucky.
    He usually has 3-4 sippies of milk a day (bf, lunch and dinner) and then water in a sippy at other times. 

    The tablespoon thing is interestingI hadn't heard that before. That doesn't seem like much.  So is it a tablespoon of each food per a tablespoon of protein, a tablespoon of veg and then like a tablespoon of starch and possibly fruit?  Just curious.
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    You know those mesh feeder thingies?  When did y'all start using them?  I was thinking DD is probably ready for that at 8+ months.  What foods did you find worked well in there?  Bananas and avocado come to mind.

    I forgot to bring caps for my pump bottles today!  I have to say I'm pretty impressed that I made it through 5+ months of being back at work without forgetting any parts until now.

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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - meant to say congrats (to both you and DS) on the successful first day of daycare! So cute to picture him coming over for a quick, reassuring hug, then going back to play!  Makes me melt.
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Happy November everyone!

    Med - I have two books with lots of pictures of babies that DD loves. Both are board books, one is I Love Colors by Margaret Miller, the other is a Spanish/English Happy Baby Colores/Colors from Priddy Books. (I went and looked up the books, I don'y have this memorized)

    For all the food related concerns, I've heard another way to visualize portions is that your stomach is only about the size of your balled up fist. You can stretch it to eat more, obviously, but babies can do well on the amount equal to their balled up fist, so a Tablespoon total doesn't seem to be that far off for a 12 month old.  
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    updates sound great- it is amazing the progress they make in just a month.

    DS just had his 15 month check up and is in the 90-95 percentile for hight/weight, etc. explains why he is wearing 2T stuff already.  He is doing really well with sign language, but still not a lot of words...

    Med we have a few baby books with pictures that are on feelings- I can't remember the names off the top of my head, but they have "happy babies" etc. I loved the rec for the album!! we have put family photos on the fridge in those plastic frames and DS points to them all the time.

    IPW, we struggled with protein for a while. I am not sure why... but DS's new favorite is mozzarella sticks. not the cheese stick kind, but they breaded ones.  I jokingly asked my pediatrician about DS's cholesterol given how much kielbasa the kid is eating... but it didn't seem to be a concern.

    Fram- I tried a mesh feeder for the first time with strawberries- I can't remember the age but I stuck to the guidelines pretty carefully. DS hated them- got between himself and his food!! however, my goddaughter loved them, and her mom did a lot of other foods in them as well.  so I think that it depending on what the little one is eating.
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    what is going on with the boards? I typed my message in response to IPW's, but it appeared before it (and i didn't post at 645?). And I noticed that several other messages started with replies- I had to scroll down to find the OP. is everyone having this problem?

    and it also seems like several of us have now experienced the "you can't post because you can't use the word        ", which is really annoying. how are you supposed to change a word they don't tell you? really frustrating. 
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    Re: November -- Infants and Toddlers

    Fram - We started using the mesh feeders around 7-8 months. Honestly, the only time we used them was when we were sitting down to dinner and we needed something to distract DD and make her feel like part of a meal.

    Granted, we do not have a diswasher, but they are messy to clean up. It least once I tossed the mesh feeder because I couldn't get all the food out (I think it was mango).