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November Infants and Toddlers

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    November Infants and Toddlers

    Happy November, everyone!

    Arcain started the day asking about strategies for dealing with the time change with respect to a too-early bedtime.

    hope everyone had a happy Halloween and had a blast dressing up their LOs!

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks, Kar -- I forgot it was November! Copying my post below for those who are more on top of things than me :-)

    Thanks, all. Definitely going to ask about the lead at his next appt -- our house is 150 years old!

    Lissa - Your pics are soooooo adorable! Makes me want a little girl, now...too soon to catch that bug!

    Lil - That is so cute! Sounds like you might have a long couple months of talking about Santa ahead of you :-).

    What do you all do to adjust your kids for the time change? DS goes to bed early (6:30-7) and is exhausted even then. We'd talked about trying to push his bedtime a little later to prepare but he's just been a mess most nights by bedtime so we don't want to. But I can't have him going to bed at 5:30 once we turn the clocks back -- I'm barely home by that time! I'm thinking that we might just see what the time change brings and maybe reintroduce the late afternoon nap for a couple weeks while he adjusts (he usually naps 9-10 and 1:30-3 or so), but I'd love to know what others' strategies are.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    I wouldn't worry TOO much about lead. Our house is 1750, we undoubtably have ALL KINDS of lead paint, but it hasn't been in use in over 30 years - every surface of the house has been repainted and our windows scraped, painted and resashed in that time.

    My daughter had her lead test done at her 2 year appointment and she a great result, no lead concerns, and she's at home 5 days a week, all day.

    My little lion went reverse trick or treating at her Nana's Senior Living apartments yesterday afternoon. The only bummer is Nana and Dada let her skip her nap and a solid lunch and eat candy all afternoon (so says I) by 6:15 when I got home, she was a train wreck. Managed to get milk, toast and an egg in her (which was a challenge, because she was EVERYWHERE and SCREAMINGLY excited), and as soon as she calmed down, she was out cold. I was so disappointed to not get a Halloween with my bean, and not happy with DH (I had been really specific about requesting structured meals and naps yesterday) but I suppose I am not alone in having a train wreck halloween with a toddler!

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Arcadian... This is why I hate the whole time change. Would you be able to slide his bedtime later by like 15 minutes over a few days? Otherwise I am not sure although they tend to adjust. 

    Since DS is only two, we just did the trick or treat event at my office this year and let him help pass out the treats (we have been candy less - this year, mini Play-Dohs and mini card games). Good news for us... He did not know or care that what he collected at work was chocolate candy so he forgot about his small stash when he got home - so DH and I are quietly making it disappear.

    And today was DD's two month checkup. We had a chuckle when we went over her percentiles because she was 14 lbs 15oz which was exactly 5 lbs heavier from her 2 week visit... And in the 100% percentile for weight - but since she is breastfed, he was not worried as it is not unusual for breastfed babies to get very chubby in the first 4-6 months then plateau for weight and that is what our son did too. Her height was around 83% percentile and both weight and height remained in line with her birth stats. She has great head control when upright and doing great.... Except for the bottle. I return to work in a month so we started doing a bottle a day via DH and he says it is rocky. I am hoping she does not go into extreme reverse cycle like DS did where he drank only total of 5 oz all day and most of tht 5 oz was just in one big bottle at 4pm when he realized I still was not at home (so he nursed all night long). I am so hoping we can avoid that extreme.


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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Hope everyone had fun with their little montsters last night!  DD was a pink zebra.  We stopped by one friend's house to trick or treat and then went to the library to see the nice ladies there.  (We don't really have neighbors and a few people at the library recognize April, so we figured why not say hi.)

    ML - That stinks that DD was a wreck when you got home.  Luckily you have many more happy Halloweens to come!

    Cwag - Glad your LO is doing well.  I hope for your sake she doesn't reverse cycle!

    Arcain - I think we prepped for the time change last year by keeping DD up a little later than usual for a few days prior, but definitely not a full hour.  I'm sure whatever little bit you can do will help.  It really is ridiculous how quickly I forget these things.  Do we fall back this weekend??  Maybe it's good that DD was up 30 mins later last night...

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    DH and I are wondering about the time change too. In fact we're having bedtime issues regardless... DD (4months) has been waking up as soon as I put her down...yes I still rock her to sleep and know it's not the best. She'll sleep anywhere from 6-8 hrs then wake up, so we feed her and she goes back down for another few hrs. Lately she'll wake up again an hour or so after that second feeding...this is usually 4am-ish. How do we get her to sleep later in the morning? We've already made her bedtime earlier, currently she's in bed by 7 because she becomes a beast most days by 6pm.

    Her 4 mo appt was good, she's 63rd %ile for weight and 75th %ile for height. We're thinking of starting cereal soon, anyone have any good tips for that too?

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    summer, when you start with cereal make sure it is really thin, pretty runny, especially if you start now (as opposed to later, when she's older).  When I started DD#1 I thinned the cereal with breastmilk instead of water to get her to take it but honestly my second is such a chowhound I won't be surprised if she guzzles anything within reach, regardless.  rice cereal can be constipating for some babies.  Oat cereal isn't really but can make the babies gassy.  Play it by ear.  I always tried to get brown rice cereal because it has more nutrients/fiber. 

    At first the whole point of feeding cereal is the practice with the mechanics of it all.  It's not like you'll be reducing milk feedings at all.  There's a month or two at the beginning of introducing solid foods where you are ALWAYS feeding the baby or cleaning up after her.  Just when you think you can't take it any more, it gets easier. 

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for the Daylight Savings advice. Ever one to prove me wrong, DS slept until 8a.m. today (luckily DH was home with him so we didn't have to worry about drop off, etc!) and as a result was totally off schedule and went to bed an hour late. So...good? Let's see if he repeats tomorrow. He never sleeps in on Mama's day off, though.

    Summer, how long do you let her cry/make noise in these early morning wakeups? DS regularly sleeps about 7-7 now but often wakes up and makes some noise around 5. Once we realized how tired and not necessarily super hungry he was at that time, we started waiting him out and he just falls back asleep. Well, I should say, DH waits him out. I'm already on the bus by 7 a.m :/.

    FWIW, you don't have to start with cereal. We started with very thin fruit and veggie purees and only introduced oatmeal later. I've only fed DS rice cereal a couple times. Cereal is not as nutritious as fruits/veggies, though you could easily argue it doesn't matter since, as Lissa says, it's all about practice at this stage and she's obviously drinking most of her nutrients, but particularly with all the worries about arsenic levels in rice lately, it might be worth asking your pedi about other options. 

    Whatever you start with -- be patient. DS didn't resist solids, but he just flat out didn't get what he was supposed to do for several weeks. A couple teaspoons took 20 minutes and almost all of it ended up on his face and bib. Then, one day, it just clicked and he's now an eating machine. It's a slog at first, but worth it when that lightbulb finally clicks on!

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    We started oatmeal and sweet potatoes two weeks ago.  I started with oatmeal and DS hated it mixed with breast milk.  He spit it out everywhere and cried the whole time.  The next night I made it with water and he ate it no problem.  As for sweet potatoes we made our own and I froze them for use over the next few weeks.  The first few days I really thinned them out and DS did okay but made quite a mess.  One night I got home late so DH started feeding him and he didn't thin out the sweet potato at all and DS ate the whole thing.  So apparently the runny puree doesn't work for everyone.  We start squash tomorrow, can't wait to see how that goes!

    I have a few sleep questions that I think you ladies have answered a million times but I'm going to ask again... (1) I've been rocking DS to sleep every night since he was born.  Some nights this is a quick task because he'll fall asleep eating and stay asleep, other nights he would happily let me rock him for 30-60 minutes.  How should I break him of this? I would love for him to be able to go down on his own.  Do I just stop cold turkey? Should we attempt cry it out? and (2) DS STTN for about a month but the past few weeks has had one wake up a night.  I've been giving him a bottle and then rocking him back to sleep. I would love to get him back to STTN but I'm not sure if he's starving and needs to eat at that middle of the night wake up.

    Thanks in advance. I feel like that's all jumbled but this mama is exhausted so it's the best I can do :)

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    DD has always had a harder time with the time changes/jet lag. I kinda dread this weekend. I actually don't do anything differently, I just give the time change a few days to sort it self out. Jet lag I work differently, and any stopping of STTN: I keep the baby up for an extra hour for a week. This forces her to get her sleep in the alloted amount of time. It was recommended by a sleep expert from Children's and it's worked for DD.

    As for rocking to sleep, I still rock DD at 13 mo. That's the most special time of the day. There will be a day when there is no more rocking, and I will miss my sweet snuggle time. DS doesn't rock any more, he's in his big boy bed and I miss being able to snuggle him. I look at rocking as part of our bed time routine. singing, giggling, rocking, sleeping.

    The big news for us is today is DD"s last day in the infant room. She is moving up to pre-toddlers on Monday. DS has the same teacher as DD so we are really sad to be saying Bye. The teacher is funny, she is supposed to ensure DD has time every day to transition to her new room, but has refused to let her go these past few days. She wants every last moment with DD. I feel so lucky to have had a teacher who has loved my kids so much. But DD is ready to be moving up. Super clingy at drop offs in the infant room. A wave bye when I drop her in the pre-toddler rooms.

    DD is our last baby, so I'm excited and sad to see her progress through these milestones. I will miss the infant days and all the snuggles, but look forwad to the toddler days filled with giggles and exploration.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    KAM - your post about saying goodbye to baby and hello to toddler was really touching.  My DD is also moving to a new, older toddler room.  I was feeling really sad, but then of course when I saw the kids moving into the younger toddler room, I knew it was time for her.  We will miss her teachers so much, even though we'll still see them!

    Rice cereal - many doctors/sources are recommending not using it because of the new info about arsenic.  (Apparently rice picks it up more readily than other grains because it's grown in flooded land.)  However, you can get a brand-by-brand comparison through Consumer Reports.

    Stockings - I can't remember who mentioned this, but there is a HUGE selection on Zulily today.  Knit, quilted, needlepoint.  Really nice selection.

    Also, where is Poppy??  Is anyone in touch with her through facebook?  I feel like it's been ages.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    I was just wondering about Poppy last night!  I hope everything's OK.  I tried to send her a message on Facebook a few weeks ago, but it seemed like we had to be friends in order to do that.

    CLC - I don't have suggestions for all of your questions, but as far as rocking to sleep, when DD was maybe 6 months old, I decided it was time to put her down awake so that hopefully she could put herself back to sleep when she occasionally woke up in the middle of the night.  I really really enjoyed walking her and singing a few songs, and it only took like 10 minutes, so I had been in no rush.  I just gradually decreased the amount of time (like one less song) and put her down slightly awake.  It's hard to remember, but I don't think she ever really cried, maybe just fussed for a couple minutes.  (Middle of the night is a different story.)  You could give it a try and see how he does.  It might be much easier on him than you fear.  Eventually it got to where I could just sing her 1-2 songs and put her down completely awake... And now, at 20 months, she basically leaps out of my arms the minute I turn out the light!

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Weird ladies, She must be mentally sending us all the signal because I was just thinking about Poppy too the other day. I "administer" the facebook page, so I will try and see if I have rights to contact her.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    clc- The questions I posed sort of echo yours. I'm hesitant to give up the rocking as I love to end my day with DD snuggled in my arms. I have a coworker who still rocks her DD at 9 mo. I suppose someday there'll be a day when they decide on their own they've had enough...

    As far as stopping it, I've been trying to decrease how long I rock her each night. Used to be 20 mins now it's around 10. I plan on easing out of it versus stopping cold turkey.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    My pedi has been trying to encourage me to put DD in her crib slightly awake since she was 2 months old, but that has just never felt right to me.  Until about 6 weeks ago we were co-sleeping (never told the pedi) so rocking to sleep was never a big issue but I have always nursed her to sleep.  When she started sleeping through the night, I started putting her in the crib probably 4 nights out of the week, and for that I've always nursed/rocked her to sleep and then gently put her in the crib.  On the occaisions that she wakes, I just bring her in to bed with us, so having to rock her to sleep in the middle of the night isnt a concern either.   I am a litle worried how we are going to transition from having to nurse to sleep every night... but I am sort of counting on my supply dwindling after I stop pumping at work around her birthday (DD will be 10mos this week) and her loosing interest.  Back around 6 mos I started to get really antsy/nervous about the fact she was still nursing once or twice a night and how I was going to get her out of our bed.  We tried 2 nights of CIO but she lasted over an hour of screaming and I just couldn't do it, so I caved and just kept with the co-sleeping and nursing on demand at night.  Then suddenly in the beginning of September she just started sleeping through the night totally on her own, and shortly after I was more motivated to rock her to sleep (since I knew I wouldn't have to feed her) and get her into her crib. 

    I guess what I'm saying is don't over think it.  They will grow and develop at their own pace.  The first year goes by so quickly that there really isn't any point over stressing about when they will hit certain milestones.  If a night time routine of rocking your LO to sleep makes you both happy, content, and secure... keep doing it.  They will be "big kids" soon enough.  

    I think it is when they are older (3 yrs and up) that you need to be more strict.  I have both family and co-workers that got themselves into situations when the bed-time routine was taking 2+ hrs to get their kids to sleep and that was stressful and overwhelming.  But that was for kiddos that were old enough to bargain/argue/throw a tantrum.    I guess one might say that rocking your baby to sleep for too long is a gateway to that sort of situation, but I think if you navigate carefully and keep aware of their developmental stages that a time will naturally present itself for when you can get away excessive bedtime routines.  You could even have an awesome 2 yr old that goes right into the crib who at 4 starts to demand too much time/attention... so there are no gaurantees that what you do at 6-7mos will help later. 


    AFM... DD is so stinkin cute right now.  She has learned how to clap her hands, cluck her tongue, and blow raspberries ... she she is always showing off her skills and then claping for herself.  She also mastered pulling up to standing on her own... so we've had to clear all the end tables and baby proof upto her standing height.  She has also found that she can crawl through the bottom shelf of our coffee table and take a "short cut" to the otherside.  I actually lost her the other day because I was in the kitchen cleaning bottles and when I poked my head into the living room to check on her I didn't see her at all.  Searched the hallway, her room, our room, no baby.  I go back to the living room and I see her little hands on the shelf of the coffee table and realized she was exactly in the middle of it and was hiding like it was her fort. 

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Oh, boston, hiding under the coffee table, SO CUTE!  I think the absolute cutest age for babies is once they start to crawl, from 9-12 months of age - those bums crawling and the hands slap-slapping on the floor as they speedily crawl to whatever....  so cute! And the clapping and the being so PROUD of themselves starts, I'll agree, they are just too cute.  That's when I yearn to have a baby....

    As for bedtime routines, I think that if a bedtime routine works for you, whatever age your baby/child is, then it's fine.  If you can rock your baby to sleep and enjoy it, and have them stay asleep when you put them in the crib, great.  If their waking once or twice doesn't bother you, great - for others that's a deal breaker and they have to try to stop the wake ups.  If 1 hour of rocking works, great, if only 10 minutes works for you, great.  yes, when you teach your child to only fall asleep either by being rocked or nursed (or bottle fed) then you do have a problem - no babysitter or father can nurse a baby to sleep, for example, but you can solve it if it becomes a real problem.  If your baby just keeps moving forward like boston's does, and does new things on their own (and most do) like sleeping through the night, etc. then you're fine!

    And what works for your first child might not work for your second - or vice versa.  So if rocking a baby to sleep for 20 mins worked for your routine and life with your first, it might not when you have an 18 month old getting into who only knows what in the livingroom....  or perhaps your baby goes to sleep after your toddler so it does work!

    I don't think parenting is an all or nothing thing, a black and white thing - and no amount of parenting books can be right for all people.  For some, the Happiest Toddler books were godsends, for other toddlers it made them crazy (see the Terrible Twos post)....  but I do think it needs to work for the FAMILY - if it's making you crazy to rock your child to sleep, or to do CIO, or to get up 3 times in the night, or whatever, THEN you need to change something.  But only if that's true.

    But I do know parents for whom the rock until fall asleep and then slide into bed as babies became 1-2 HOURS at 18 months of age.....  and when you have a mountain of work to do, or studying, or whatever, 2 hours can be onerous....  and THAT's when you have to recognize it before it gets to 1-2 hours and do something, no matter how much it might hurt in the short-term, to make sure you don't get to that 2 hour thing. 

    And remember, for those of you who use childcare of whatever sort, your babies do probably know how to go to sleep on their own, since no childcare center or family childcare home can fully rock a baby to sleep every single time - so find out how your baby does it at childcare and take heart that if he/she can do it there, s/he can do it at home....  just gonna take some work to get them to realize that the rules have changed at home.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Boston - don't count on the losing interest!  :)  I stopped pumping and ended daytime nursing around 14 months, but kept that bedtime nursing until she was two!

    That said, I totally agree with your larger point to not overthink it.  I just had to share because it struck me as funny.  (What happened for us, FWIW, is that she kept nursing at bedtime but stopped falling asleep during it.)

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Boston - I am looking forward to those days! So cute to hear about it!

    In regards to sleeping, last week I put DS (17 weeks) down after I fed him and he is falling asleep but not all the way asleep.  He cried for 45 mintues the first night.  We have a video monitor so we watched him and only went in if his binky fell out.  I ended up going into the bedroom because I couldnt take the crying.  The next night he cried or 10 minutes, the next for 30 minutes and the last 2 nights no crying at all!  He wakes up one thime durong the night and I put his binky back in and he goes right back to sleep. 

    When do you start going by months instead weeks?  DS is 17 weeks but by months he is considered 4 months today? 

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Hey All! I have had some super annoying log-in problems lately, so I have been totally MIA! But I am here, and I'm hoping to stay logged in long enough to keep reading/writing with you girls. Arcain, I have enjoyed reading your posts since I think our LO's are about the same age!

    My issue lately with little Miss (she is now nearly 8 months old) is with nursing.  Now when I breastfeed her she annoyingly presses off of me while still latched.  She will either push off my with her arms or pull her head back several inches, which as you can imagine really hurts.  I have tried holding gentle pressure to the back of her head and physically restraining her head when she tries to pull off.  She get so frustrated with this and makes little fists and yells at me (all still while latched!) Do you know how scary it is to see an angry baby with teeth hold your breast in her mouth!?  Thankfully the few days she had bit me a few weeks ago seemed to have passed.  Any advice? My supply is the same, as I work twice a week and I know I pump the same amount- 3-5oz every few hours.  What is UP- is this a stage? I was weaning DD #1 around this time, but I am in a totally different place with DD #2 now and hoping to cont nursing much longer.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for all of the responses.  You're all right, I was overthinking it.  I want to keep up with the rocking DS for a few minutes because I love that snuggle time but it was the 1 hour+ in the middle of the night that was killing me.  So at the end of last week I did 20 minutes of rocking, which included giving him his night time bottle, and then put him down awake.  He didn't make a peep!  Apparently he had the skill all along and I wasn't realizing it.  Then last night he only woke up once at 4:40, which I would consider pretty damn close to STTN, and I did the same thing: rocking with a bottle for 20 minutes and then back in his crib.  He babbled to himself for 5 minutes and then fell asleep and I had to wake him at 7:30 this morning to get out the door.

    Another question, this time about food, DS will be 5 months old tomorrow and we've just been doing one meal a day - a veggie and oatmeal.  He's loving it and always wanting more which is awesome.  We started today with having daycare give him a veggie and some oatmeal at lunch so he'll be at 2 meals a day.  Does this last for a little while? At what point do I need to push him to 3 meals? I think he would love another meal but I know most of his nutrients still come from breast milk/formula so not sure where the balance is. Thanks ladies!

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Hi Ladies.  Its been a long time since I've been here, probably since before DD was born. Hope all of you and your LOs are doing well.  Funny that I hopped back ove here for the rocking to sleep discussion.  DH and I are going through this right now of whether to stop rocking and let her CIO.  I forgot what a great resource you all are! Silly me for not checking in here more often!

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Hughkona - when my DD went through a phase of turning her head while latched, I would pop my finger in her mouth to unlatch her as soon as she started pulling. Since she wasn't done, just interested in looking arond/stretching, she would get really annoyed, but as soon as she started pulling, I would pop her off with a gentle "No Pulling". She got much better about not yanking me every which way. I did find that she would do much better if I was nursing in a low stimulation environment, so at home we'd go to her room with the lights turned low. Out and about was harder, but the quietest most boring places seemed to work the best. It was just a phase, or the popping her off trained her to stop. But I sympathize, it is (literally) a royal pain.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    In response to pugslove's comment:

    Boston - I am looking forward to those days! So cute to hear about it!

    In regards to sleeping, last week I put DS (17 weeks) down after I fed him and he is falling asleep but not all the way asleep.  He cried for 45 mintues the first night.  We have a video monitor so we watched him and only went in if his binky fell out.  I ended up going into the bedroom because I couldnt take the crying.  The next night he cried or 10 minutes, the next for 30 minutes and the last 2 nights no crying at all!  He wakes up one thime durong the night and I put his binky back in and he goes right back to sleep. 

    When do you start going by months instead weeks?  DS is 17 weeks but by months he is considered 4 months today? 

    Around 18-19 weeks when I started to lose count of weeks, I started referring to months. She was 4 months at the time...I count each month on the day she was born (the 22nd, so June 22nd she was born, July 22 was 1 month, Aug 22 was 2 months, etc) since there aren't always 4 weeks in a month.

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    Pugs - I lost track of weeks after my mat leave ended and went to months in the same way Summer did.  

    CLC - you've gotten some great advice.  Babies are always changing.  With my DS I thought I'd never get him out of the swaddle when I was still swaddling him at 6 months, but then one day, poof!  no swaddle and no problem sleeping.

    Hope EOE is doing well after the storm!

    AFM, we lost power for 26hrs which was annoying, but the worst was that both DD and DS woke up with red hot fevers in the middle of it.  My office was also shutdown so I was very thankful I was home with them.  I gave them tylenol but then 3 hrs later they were burning up again so I just had to go to the doc since I had very little cell battery left and service was intermittent anyway.  By the time we got there DS was 105 and DD was 103!  I almost started crying when the nurse said 105, and I could tell she was trying very hard not to freak out herself.  Pedi told us it looked like a virus and to do tylenol/motrin alternating every 3 hrs so that they don't get too much of a single medication.   So that's what we did and the fever broke after about 24 hrs.  Thank goodness!  And they were both back to 100% by the weekend.  DD even got to do a little trick-or-treating, but DS was still too sick.  Unfortunately, I think I came down with the same thing over the weekend.  Fever then raging sore throat.  I feel so bad for them because it is so painful!  But it seems to be going away now, thank goodness!  I'm working from home today so I'm going to take DD with me when I vote.  So exciting!  Make sure to vote everyone!

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    Re: November Infants and Toddlers

    105! Oh, that must have freaked you out. Glad everyone is on the mend.

    I sent DD to her Nana's today with her little parade flag - she'll get to vote twice, once with Nana today and once with us tonight.