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October -- Infants & Toddlers

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    IPW - it is pretty funny how fast their language develops.  My DD was not saying "mama" or "dada" or anything when she was your DS's age. It happens literally overnight.  A month ago she was only saying "uh-oh" and now the floodgates have opened.  I think they do a lot of songs and repetitive stuff in her class at daycare, so I attribute it to that.  Again, I'm sure nobody but DH and I can really understand her, but we have learned to speak her language!  Other than "no" which is used so often that it is very clear to understand what she is saying.

    On another topic - now that the weather is changing, I have to find a good winter weight coat for DD.  I've seen some cute ones at Children's Place and Old Navy and of course Carter's and Osh Kosh.  Any other suggestions? 

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ALS76 - they had a ton of Columbia two-piece snowsuits at either Marshalls or TJs last week.  Worth checking!

    Also, not sure how you are about gently used stuff, but coats are the kind of thing I check out Savers and children's consignment stores for.  They get a lot less use than most other clothes, so I've found some things in really great shape for very little money. 

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I love to hear all the LO's out there on the move! My DS is now 10 months old and he is a TERROR on the move. He has no fear about anything, is suuuuper curious to try to go places/grab things/explore, and is a total handful. While it is incredibly fun to see his mind working and to see all the new things he is learning to do, it is exhausting and I feel like a bad Mommy when my kid is that one with all the bruises on his face (he prefers going head-first into things)...So he has a perfect army crawl that he uses to get himself over to what he wants to pull up on. Then he pulls himself up to standing and can cruise a bit. Sometimes he lets go and can balance for a few seconds before landing on his bum. Most of the time he just falls down. Over and over and over again. He gets proud of himself when he does well, and he loves clapping to things. So he has mastered pulling up, leaning on his elbows, and clapping along to music/tv/other people around him. He now successfully waves "hi" and "bye" and will rarely try to blow a kiss. He is incredibly interactive if you are playing with him and it is soo cute to see DH and DS together, partners in crime.

    He is regressing a little with his use of the sippy cup. He seems to use it fine at daycare, but is having a hard time at home. He has gotten better at figuring out that with his bottles you have to tilt your head back to get the liquid out, but he is much more interested in taking the bottle (even with just water in it) than the sippy cups. We have tried many kinds - including what they use at daycare. He does NOT like the straws - can't quite figure out how to suck out of them. I think that they are so much thinner than the nipple on a bottle or the sippy top that he gets confused. He is otherwise still being a champion eater. He loves to self-feed but will stuff his mouth if given the chance! It is like he is playing his own game of Chubby Bunnies every night. Most of the time it is fine with puffs/Cheerios that dissolve quickly. I get more concerned when he goes for other stuff in big chunks or multiple pieces. He shoved half a graham cracker in there last night! He is also getting the hang of actually using his two bottom teeth to really bite stuff. He mashes things well with his gums, but he is now taking more actual bites of things too.

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Thanks luv.  I forgot about Marshalls/TJMax.  I would definitely check out the consignment shops if I only knew where to find them.  I will keep my eye out!  Thanks!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ALS, see if you have a Children's Orchard near you - they are everywhere. It's also a popular time of year for club yardsales. My Mother's Club just had a consignment sale last weekend and I picked up a beautiful, Patagonia winter coat with the tags still on it for DD for $4.00. I was psyched!

    I hate to admit it, but reading all these updates makes me wonder where DD is on the learning spectrum. I am not great with getting her to use a spoon, I haven't gotten rid of the bottles. She says about 6-7 words, but we could be better at working on the language skills (what do you do at this age to develop them?)

    You ladies are so helpful and motivating though! Especially Lissa and MissLily on the potty training, you should give yourselves a night out with a cab ride back home!

    Fruits ARE veggies!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Quick question about jackets... do you take them off to put LOs in the car seat?  My DS gets extremely hot... so I would probably have to take it off.  But what a pain to put on for the 2 seconds I am outside from the house to car or the car to the store.  But, I can already see the stares of what a horrible parent I must be with an un-jacketed child...
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    DD gets pretty warm too and is a sweaty baby by the time we drive the hour to daycare/work.  Last winter it was easier because she didn't even really have a winter coat - she just got zipped up inside the bundle-me in her bucket seat.

    So, yes, I'm sure we will commute with her out of her jacket.  Carseat straps will fit better that way anyways.  Also, she already rides barefoot because she can not be trusted to not chew on the soles of her sneakers (which now that she is walking around everywhere are GROSS!).  So shoes, socks and jacket will have to be put on when we arrive at our destination.  It will be a total pain...
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ML - I can't remember how old your DD is.  Let me just say that my twins weren't able to feed themselves with a spoon until they were almost two.  They did better with a fork - stabbing things is fun.  But scooping and getting it to your mouth without turning it upside down is more work.
    And kids start talking at a wide range.  At 19 months my DS still only said, Mama, Dada and Duck.  At his second birthday he had 40 words (yes, I counted).  I know he has hearing loss, but EI said he wouldn't qualify for services if he didn't.  You may experience a language explosion at some point.  To help them along I narrate my day. "Mama is pouring milk. Here is your milk.  You want the truck. The truck goes Vroom Vroom." I also sing simple songs and read to them a lot.  All of these things seem to work. Also - find a favorite book and pause before reading the last word of a sentence - see if DD will fill it in.  Teach things like "ready, set...GO" before rolling a ball.  When you get "uh uh" and pointing, say "Ball, you want the ball.  DD can say BALL."
    Never say "can you say...?" because the answer is often "no". :)
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    To all the picky eaters out there - it gets more annoying as they get older. We had a curry Sunday night that had tiny bits of red pepper in it. DD spits out the pepper and says "I don't like pepper." I pointed out to her that at daycare she was the first to finish her pepper stirfry the other day. So she clarified it for me "I don't like pepper here." AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!

    Fram - I had an Ameda pump, and I found that you have to be really careful with how the membrane (rubber cup like thingies, right?) sit. Sometimes new ones are worse than old ones as far as making sure they lay right. If they are getting all the way scrunched up they are not in there correctly. Try another set, if you have them, maybe even the old ones if you haven't tossed them yet. 

    ml - As far as language goes, I talk to DD all the time. And not baby talk, just narrating her whole day. I've done it ever since she was an infant, and it does seem to help. Her language skills have always been really strong. She apparently cracks them up at daycare, because she talks all the time there as well. Also reading helps. If the attention span isn't there, I still will read a few pages, or start asking questions about the pictures that DD can answer, even non-verbally. EX. Is Curious George a monkey? (nods yes) where is he? (points to picture) if she is still not interested we'll do something else, but we always read at least one story at bedtime..... The real problem is keeping to 3 or fewer stories at this point.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I would just stick the kid in the car seat and throw the coat over them like a blanket, especially if they're still in a bucket seat.  Technically the car seat is less secure when they're in a poofy jacket because that big, poofy jacket can compress when under the momentum/stress//inertia in a crash and they could actually be ejected from the seat.
    Last year I would warm up the car and then carry her out with the coat wrapped around her shoulders to the warm car.  We'll see what the plan is this year now that she insists on walking outside and climbing into her seat on her own.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    He did it!  My DS stayed clean and dry all day!  So proud of my potty training babies. :)

    ML - amy's ideas about talking about what's in the books is a great one.  Also asking your LO to get you toys or choose toys from a line-up. (Show Mama the ball. Find the cow etc.) When mine weren't talking much I took great comfort in their receptive skills.  As long as they show signs of understanding, the speech will come.
    Give choices too - juice or milk? and wait for a response.
    Good luck!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Lily... yeah...congrats!!

    I think I got my first "No" this morning.  I went in to get him up and when I said "do you want to come to mama," I swear he shook his head and said "No!"  However, he then held out his arms, so hopefully he doesn't quite know what it means yet!  Wouldn't it be nice if it stayed that way!!

    DS is also starting to crash much earlier these past two weeks.  I'm guessing its because he walking almost the entire day now.  My poor MIL's knees...because he walks holding your hand and only can take a few steps on his own, and still can't get up on his own, so she's circling the house with him.  He used to hold out well until 7pm but now 6:30 and he's Mr. Crabby and off to bed.  
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    wow - so many updates!!  many of you are a little ahead of my DS so i love reading about what we have to look forward to and get early tips!  we have big news too... yesterday morning DS woke up with a tooth broken through - first one at 8 months old!  then this morning.. a second one cut through!  CRAZY!  he will not show me though, keeps putting his tongue over it!!!  :-)

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Regarding the coats in the car.  With DD, she was born in January so was in the bundle me in the beginning.  For the life of me right now I cant remember what we did the next winter before turning 1.  She was still in the bucket, I dont think I used the bundle me again.  Last winter, I wanted to get her a warm coat but not a bulky one like a snow jacket.  I couldnt imgaine me being all buckled up in a car seat and not being able to move.  Anyway, I know im nuts but I bought DD a north face.  It was perfect, super warm, but thin and she was able to move around pretty easily.  Good thing she is little, She will be able to wear it again this winter. 

    ETA: Trouble, great to see you!  I have not been on in a while either as life with two is a bit more busy.  Seems you are doing well.  Im back to work tomorrow, boooo...12 weeks go by way to fast.   Hope you DD is adjusting great to DS!!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Poppy - YES.  She is always pointing at the kitchen, as if to say, "I know there's better stuff in there, Mommy.  Get something better!!"

    IPW - I don't always end the meal due to throwing, but I have been ending offering that particular food.  I also find that it helps if I then move that food off the table, so she doesn't keep pointing at it for more.  I have no idea if it helps in the long term, but it helps me stay sane in the short term!

    ML - somebody suggested to me that using a fork is actually easier than using a spoon and so far I have found that to be true.  The LO can't spear yet, but if I spear for her, she can take the fork and put it in her mouth, and it doesn't matter if she turns it upside down, whereas with the spoon it's a mess.  A cute thing she tried this morning was taking a piece of food off her tray with one hand and trying to put it on the fork before eating it.  :)
    And don't worry -- all sorts of different developmental things within normal.  I think it depends what you emphasize, to some degree.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Wow!  So many updates I cannot keep up.

    IPW - I won't be bundling her and putting her in the car seat.  I totally envision myself running into stores with barely a jacket on.  DD shakes her head no all the time but mostly just to be funny.  I do think she now knows the meaning though.

    Poppy - The best way for us to get pureed vegtables on board is to simulatneously give her finger foods and spoon inbetween.  She ate her lasagna last night with her fingers and I managed to get some great greens into her at the same time.

    As for us -
    DD is cruising everywhere at 11 months.  Taking about 4-5 steps on her own.
    She is goofy and fun but is starting to show some of her preferences.  She is still super easy and I hope that lasts. She is understanding a whole bunch of words but really am only getting mamma consistently.

    I am now 8 weeks pregnant and starting to wonder, how are we going to manage!!

    Lily and all those with twins - you are my heroes!
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    LIL - I have total faith in your ability to manage 2 kids! Others will tell you, it is very hard at first, but after the first two years, having two children close in age is much easier than having them in two totally difference phases in life. My aunt had 3 babies in three years and was always telling my mom she was out of our mind for spacing us all four years apart.

    Carseats and coats - we still have DD in the bucket seat (13 months, 18lbs., 27 inches), and hope to keep her in there for at least part of the winter, with her bundle me!

    Getting greens in - we pop veggies cubes into the microwave, and blend them into the yogurt or apple sauce lately (she's getting picky!)
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Congrats on #2 Luck!  So exciting!

    So many updates & too many to comment on, but I'm totally in a similar boat as many of you with eating/coats/etc. 

    DD just turned 12 months last week!  Still no teeth!  I feel like we have been chalking everything up to "teething" forever now...and nothing yet. 

    Just had our one year visit yesterday, so now I'm thinking about all the things that "have" to get done over the next year...get rid of bottles, get rid of binkys, socialization/think about starting daycare, increase table foods, consolidate much to think about! 
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Oh Luck - how wonderful.  So glad to hear you good news!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Random question after dinner and a glass of wine :)  The baby tub takes up a ton of space in our little bathroom. We have an antique, claw foot tub and I'm wondering when we can give up the baby tub?

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    In Response to Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers:
    Just had our one year visit yesterday, so now I'm thinking about all the things that "have" to get done over the next year...get rid of bottles, get rid of binkys, socialization/think about starting daycare, increase table foods, consolidate much to think about! 
    Posted by jewelsagem

    Actually, rather than thinking of them as "having to get done" - it would probably help if you thought of them as 'things my baby will accomplish' this year.  Your baby will drop 1 nap and consolidate on his/her schedule, and you'll increase table foods naturally, because a 12, 13 & 14 month old is so much more interested in feeding themselves rather than be spoonfed, so you'll offer tiny bits of fruits, veges and meat and less purees.  You're right, getting rid of bottles and binkies is something you'll largely initiate; honestly, I'd get rid of the binky first, just bite the bullet and get rid of it, sooner than later, and before your child can BELLOW from his crib "NEED my paci"! 

    You'll start dropping a bottle at a time so it's not all at once.

    Getting out and socializing doesn't only have to happen with childcare - it can be by going to a Music together class, getting together with friends with babies the same age (approximately) at each other's houses on a rotating basis, going to the library for free story time, etc. etc. 

    enjoy your 1 year old who is rapidly becoming a toddler.... 18 month olds are just about the cutest things ever! (they gotta be, to help you ride the wave of the 2 yr old.... )  OK, a nine month old who is crawling fast and earnestly with that slap-slap of hands on floor is really cute, too!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Jewels - All of these transitions are wonderful stepping stones for your LO.  She'll let you know when she's ready to drop the nap - and it may not happen for months. I was so sad when my twins dropped the second nap at 13 months - I liked having two breaks a day!
    Bottles are much easier than you think - I stressed so much and looking back it was really easy.
    Socializing is fun too! Play dates, library time, Music Together etc.
    Increasing table foods is fun too - you just keep offering things and see what she eats. 
    I have no advice on pacifiers - we didn't use them. 
    12-24 months is lots of fun. She'll start to communicate more which is great!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ML- if your DD can sit up alone why not try just sitting her in the tub, altho I have no idea how old she is.  My oldest DD was about 8 months when she just sat in the tub, my youngest was about 6 months.  I did find on Amazon a bath seat for my youngest, it has worked out great to keep her contained yet feel like a big girl when in the tub with her sister.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    We stopped using the baby tub when our DD could sit on her own (early -- 4.5 months).  We didn't bathe her int he big tub because it was a pain to kneel and try to corral her and whatnot.  We just bathed her in the kitchen sink.  We did that for a long time and it was great.  THe added bonus was it prevented us from procrastinating the dishes because we'd HAVE to clean up before we could bathe her. 
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I second the kitchen sink!  I bathed my twins in an infant tub in the kitchen sink and then when they could sit up I put them right in the sink.  So much easier on the back!
    They didn't have a bath in a big tub until we traveled to Canada when they were 18 months.  So their first bath in a tub was in a hotel room.