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October -- Infants & Toddlers

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Luck -- congratulations!!   :)  Great news.

    Yes, our first adventure in the big tub was also out of need when we were on vacation.  She likes it -- harder to corral her, but it also seemed like the little tub was becoming kind of dangerous because she would throw toys out and then try to go over the side to get them.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    We bathed DD in our sink until we moved in with my in laws who have a nice tub (and a tiny sink).  Now we do it in the tub and in some ways it's nice to have more room, but it kills my back!  I'm constantly bent at awkward angles while making sure she stays sitting, and when trying to wash her body.  So it's doable, but a bit scary and I still find it's easier when the adult:child ratio is 2:1.

    Ditto about the receptive language!  DD doesn't have too many words yet (11.5 months) but I'm constantly shocked by how much she seems to understand.  I figure the words will come.  Right now it's just "dada/daddy", "hi", "hot" and I think she just started saying a version of "this", copying me when I'm trying desperately to get her to eat something, offering a variety of choices going, "How about this?"  She'll say "mama" but I can't tell if it's at all directed at me.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ALso, when she was 9-12 months we took a lot of baths together.  It was winter so it was nice to take a bubble bath and it was easy to keep her from tipping over by lounging in the tub and propping her up with my own body.  She loved being able to splash around and I was less stressed about keeping her from making a mess.  I"d just close the shower curtain and let her splash away.  The only negative was the temperature she found comfortable was a smidge cooler than what I would have chosen.  It was really fun and I kind of miss it.  We don't both fit now, since now she likes to "swim like a penguin" in the water and blow bubbles rather than just sit in the tub.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I am a big fan of the sink-bath.  I'd still be doing it, but DD has ideas about climbing/standing that make the big tub less dicey. 
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Thanks for the pep talks girls!  After her one year visit I admittedly came away a bit overwhelmed (in part also due to finding out she has several allergies and also being sick myself so just overall not dealing well!).  The pedi seemed to be cracking down a bit more on things & was giving me what I felt were strict timelines on when things should be done (ie. no bottle by 15 months, get rid of binky now).  I think I'm just going to go with the flow and take her direction.  We love our bottle cuddles so I may be more lenient than 15 mo.  I guess that's one benefit of no teeth - no worries about cavities :)

    I've talked on here before about the socializing aspect.  I work and she's one on one with her aunt which has been so awesome.  But we are definitely thinking about trying to get her some more exposure to other kids.  I may need to bite the bullet and have her do some of these fun things with her auntie...and just deal with the inevitable jealousy and guilt that comes with not being able to take your own LO to Music Together, library story time, etc!

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Jewels - If you and your pedi aren't on the same page about things, think about switching.  I regret the fact that it took me until DD1 was 2.5 and DS and DD were 3 months to find a pedi tha treally fits for me and DH. 

    My family called the original pedi "the bottle nazi" due to the number of scolding I got from her on the topic.  At the 15 month appointment, I just lied and said DD was off bottles to avoid the lecture.  It seems so stupid in retrospect.

    DD1 was down to morning and night bottles only at 15 months and off completely by 18.  My goal was to get her off before she could ask for them, which I accomplished.  With my 12 month olds, I am taking an even more laid back route.  I haven't even attampted to remove a bottle from the day yet.

    None of my people are binkie users, although 3 y/o DD still sucks her thumb, but most people I know who's kids did use a binkie got rid of them around 3.

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    We are still using the kiddie tub soley to save water.  We have a very large tub and to fill it even a few inches is a good amount of water.  DS loves his little tub, sits well and splashes, even started dumping water on his own head and gasping with laughter.  But yes, he does throw stuff over and once vaulted himself into the wall trying to get something.  Big bump on forehead!

    I'm so thrilled to hear people not so strict about the "get rid of" rules.  DS uses a binkie only for sleeping, and its a dream.  I lay him down, hand it to him and he pops it in... its out about an hour later with him sound asleep, but in the morning he's somehow found it and popped back in.  Just a nice soothing tool for him.  I get we can't do it forever... but I'm loothe to get rid of it now.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    My 2 cents...I would just ditto about making sure that you and your Pedi are on the same page and that you feel totally comfortable with the conversations that you have. I very much regret not doing more interviewing, etc. when we picked our pedi, since the first one didn't work out and actually missed some pretty big stuff for my DS. The Pedi we switched to is incredible, and I never feel lectured at when she tells me that we need to be trying sippy cups, etc. Open communication about these smaller things is key because you never know when it will be something more important and then be critical to be in sync.

    Also being on the same page as your DH is key. There is one family at daycare with my LO where the parents disagree about giving their DS a binky. He is almost 2 years old and it is REALLY hard for him to deal with the mixed signals about it. Sometimes it isn't in his bag for daycare, sometimes it is. Depends on who packed the bag/dropped him off for the day. Especially when he is tired/grumpy it is sooo much harder to not have consistency with it.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    its funny- these rules. my ped encouraged a paci, particularly when falling asleep, because it reduced the risk of SIDS. not sure when it becomes detrimental...
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I love for diapers, but wanted to mention what I noticed today.  I realized I would need more diapers sooner than I thought, so I went on to change my next delivery date and the earliest date I could choose was a week from tomorrow.  Not a big deal, but I thought I would mention it for future reference.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Fram-I'll be surprised if you don't get them earlier.  But, I always add an extra delivery instead of changing the date.  You can always cancel the subscription if you don't need it when the other diapers are scheduled to arrive. 

    I can't really keep up with all the updates but I'll try.

    IPW-When I went to get the convertible seat safety check, I asked about the coat and winter.  Best practices would say to unbundle the LO inside the car and bundle them up again when its time to leave the car.  We'll try this.  Mornings are always quite a rush for us, it'll be interesting to see how it goes.

    Poppy-My DD is so random about what she'll eat.  One day she'll eat something for dinner and the next tiime its offered, she's refusing it.  I make broccoli cheese nuggets from the wholesome baby website She loves both variations and it was one of her first table foods.  I try to give them to her once a week to make sure she's getting something.  Sometimes it works to also mash veggies in something like sweet potatoes or mix a puree with yogurt.  Last night DD ate a frittata with swiss chard and potato, which suprised me because she often spits out the leafy veggies.  Good luck!  It's definately an adventure.

    Luck-Yea!  You're almost at the first trimester mark ;-)  I know it must feel overwhelming but you'll figure it out.

    Jewels-DD is 14 months and has 2.5 teeth.  Her first two came before her first birthday.  The old wives tale is that the longer the teeth take to come in, the stronger the enamel meaning fewer cavities. 

    AFM, DD is 14 months and doing great.  She's almost running and is so curious about everything.  She's really trying to talk and can approximate "nose," "hi," "no," "thank you," and a few other words I can't think of.  She has mastered shaking her head for no and communicates great through pointing (although I often have to get to her eye level to figure out what she wants).  Yesterday, she spent some time in the youngest of the toddler rooms and she was so proud of herself.  This weekend, DH has to go away for a funeral and it will be our first weekend alone.  My mom  has graciously offered to help out with her on Saturday.  It should be an interesting weekend.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    So many awesome updates lately - I love it! Hope to respond more once I catch up. 

    I'm home today from my surgery all full of wonderful drugs and spent most of the day sleeping, absolute heaven! Outpatient surgery was like a day at the spa! Glad it's over though!

    I'm a little shocked at the experiences some of you are having with you pedis being so strict and rule based. Is that just their style or do you think they are responding to you in some way? I don't think my peditricians every said anything to me about vaccine schedules, co-sleeping, or any milestones - Is it because I seem to know what I am doing? ;)  Or it he just really laid back (which is why we chose him). FWIW, every pedi's going to have their own beliefs and tricks and timelines, and it should be taken as advice, not as the voice of God (the advice here, however, should be taken as the voice of God!)

    Nene, enjoy your weekend. I love when DH goes away and I get DD to myself (and we can eat breakfast for dinner)

    Oh, and I took your advice on the tub and put it in the "donate" pile in the garage. DH came in and said he didn't want to give it up in case we needed it again :) - He's coming around on the plan for a second baby!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Regarding the binky... does anyone know a really good reason to get rid of it now vs around age 3?  I always thought we would get rid of it before age 1, but it seems to help my DD SO much to get to sleep (obviously this helps us as well). She is 10 months and ever since she figured out how to "re-bink" on her own at night, it has been so great. We only use it for bedtime, naps and sometimes the car.  I figure we'll eventually do the binky fairy or something, but for now it's really working for our family.  I should also add that she would never take a orthodontic pacifier, only the type they use at the hospital, does this affect the mouth/teeth before permanent teeth come in?
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Betty, my oldest loved her binky, I said by 12 months it would be gone...then teething started and she got super sick and her baby sister was born.  I then said no later than 18 months.  At 18 months I went cold turkey, few rough nights BUT she sleeps sooooooo much more soundly now than she ever did with her binky.  She only used the bink for sleeping and long car rides.  She has lovey's that she has slept with since about 6 months old and I dont allow them out of her bed even if she kicks and screams about it.  My youngest refused a bink and she is a sound sleeper...I wish I never gave my oldest one.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Betty - regarding the paci my Pedi told me two things.  It can cause distortion of teeth which can lead to the permanent teeth coming in wrong as well.  Also - if you child is using a paci during the day it can cause speech delay.  You can't talk while you have something in your mouth.
    My brother, who is a dentist, told me to avoid them at all costs if I could.  His first didn't use a paci, so he didn't even offer one to his other two children.
    Finally - my pedi is one of those who says to get off bottles by 12 months. His reason is that the longer you wait, the harder it is.  I'm pretty sure that's true for the paci as well.

    BTW - neither of my twins would take one at all, so I have no first hand experience on the matter.
    Good luck
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Speech delay?  Permanent teeth issues?  Yikes.  If it were me, I couldn't say, "Buh-bye binki" fast enough.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    regarding pacifiers:

    1.  IF your non-newborn child only uses it at bedtime (and by this I mean IN BED, not for the 30 minutes before bed while you read books, snuggle, have that last sip of water, go downstairs to say night night to the cat, dog, dad, mom, etc.) and in the carseat (for those who have that long carride to/from childcare), then OK.

    2.  but I find that so many parents allow exceptions to these rules so much, that the child ends up using it quite a bit throughout the day. 

    3.  when a child is talking, you do NOT want that child to be speaking with the pacifier in the mouth, because either they won't talk (speech delay) or they will talk with paci still in mouth, which leads to possible lisps and other misplacement of tongue in mouth in order to keep the paci in the mouth during speech.  So IF your child will speak with it in the mouth, then I'd enforce a "I can't understand you with your pacifier in. please take it out and tell me again." rule.

    4.  it's hard to get rid of it at 12 months of age with a baby.  BUT it's HARDER to get rid of it with a 2 or 3 yr old who has spent 2-3 years using it every day, can't imagine how to go to sleep, and also can ask, cry, whine, bargain, etc. for it.  And who is also older and can hold out longer for CIO, or can cry and carry on and tantrum longer than a 12 month old will.  The longer a habit is engrained, the longer it takes to kick it.

    On the other hand, those children who don't use pacifiers and use their thumbs or fingers never get those taken away artificially by a parent, and they eventually (after MANY years) stop sucking their thumbs.  But their thumbs end up mishapen, thicker, sometimes get infected (we are dealing with this with a 2 yr old whose thumb actually got so infected that she had to go on broad spectrum antibiotics).

    And so many people remember being teased at 3 - 5 yrs old (or older) because they sucked their thumb - a friend of mine would wake up at 12 yrs old with it in her mouth - she ended up using that yucky tasting stuff to stop sucking!

    So I'd prefer to use pacifiers for the first year, then wean them down by 10 months to only when they honestly and truly need it.  Then around 12ish months you go cold turkey; they'll figure out how to go to sleep without it in a day or so. 

    But everyone has different beliefs and needs and they are all fine.  No child didn't get into Harvard because they used the paci until 5 yrs old. 

    Just DON'T LET YOUR CHILD TALK WITH THE PACI IN MOUTH!  Because that WILL end up helping your chlid develop bad fine motor skills in the mouth, and that's an issue for speech. 

    Also using all these sippy cups at 3 and 4 yrs old has developed wierd tongue placement and a heck of a lot more lisping kids - transition your child to an open cup by 3 yrs old except for in the car. (I'm not an idiot nor a masochist!)   Children do not need to carry sippy cups of milk, water, juice all over the house in those no-spill cups in the preschool years and be therefore drinking all day.  They can sit at the kitchen table and eat, just like we all do, at specific snack and mealtimes - a child who drinks all day is a child who isn't really hungry at meals and won't eat much, therefore. 

    'kay, dismounting from my soap box.  (Kar, can you find a cute icon to use for that? I LOVED your blinking icons in the Boston reality show thread!)
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Betty, I'm with you and hoping the binky fairy works!! But very helpful to read CT's thread. My DS only has the paci in the crib. It stays there when he gets out, and only goes in when he goes in. So I'm pleased with that progress of weaning down. My MIL gave it to him all the time and I finally had to tell her it was doctor's orders now that he has teeth. We also use a nightlight, which I thought was for him, until I realized he fell asleep just fine last weekend in Maine in the pitch black. So who knows what they really need!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    What great updates

    Our pedi never makes anything a hard fast rule just you should try doing this by this time or stop doing this by this time but if we don't he seems okay with it. However having said that we don't love our pedi and are thinking of switching but I feel weird about it becasue I want to stay at the same practice but with a different pedi in that practice...has anyone done this?  Am I being silly?  I like our pedi enough but I feel like he rushes in and rushes out without giving us an opportunity to ask questions or really take the time to answer them.  Also, it bugs me that he doesn;t remember us when we see him.  Like for example DS was walking at 8months and he knew this at our 9 month appt.  At our 12 month appt. he walked in asking if DS has taken any steps.  We were like are you kidding.  He constantly asked me at the beginning if I was nursing or not.  I know they see a lot of people but can't they keep a cheat sheet to look at quick before coming in!

    We use the binky but only at nap and bed time.  DH often lets DS take it out of the crib in the morning downstairs which is something we have talked about not doing.  He thinks we should take the binky away and I am starting to lean that way.  DS has a cold right now and because he is having a hard time breathing spits on the binky then cries because he is sleeping but wants it back.  So I am thinking of just getting rid of it.  So do people just take it away and say goodnight?

    We started bathing DS in the regular tub once he started trying to stand up in the baby tub.  I miss being at the kitchen sink and not leaning over but he loves the big tub.

    AFM, we are doing great.  DS is 13 months and other than mama and dadda which he really doesn't use all that much he really isn't using a lot of words.  Sometimes it sounds like he is saying a word (like the other day we were reading a book and he pointed to a skunk and I said skunk and then sounded like he said it back).  He loves pointing to things and having us name them and then sometimes we even ask him where is the blank and he will point to it.  He points to his belly, head, nose and mouth when asked where they are which is so cute.

    Like LIL we are expecting number 2.  We are 8 weeks like LIL too which is exciting to know someone on the same timeline but am also very nervous about 2!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Following on the lines of the binky issue:
    What are people's opinions on sippy cups?  My daughter certainly doesn't need a sippy cup, she's fine with a regular cup.  She doesn't spill things any more frequently than I do (I'm a complete klutz).  At school they use regular cups and at home at the table during meals she uses a regular cup.  But I still give her the takentoss sippy cup for the car and her room at night and pretty much whenever she doesn't remind me to give her a regular cup.  I'm not worried she won't wean herself off the sippy cup eventually on her own, I'm worried I'll somehow prevent her with my constant desire to have a car seat that isn't soaked through with milk. 
    PS I really am a klutz.  I have one of those reusable iced coffee cups with the straw and I drink everything in it in the house, otherwise I spill everywhere.  I don't think I'll be off my sippy cup anytime soon haha.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ha -- and then I went back and caught up reading the last few posts.  I know where CTDC stands at least.  Though I do carry a sippy cup of my own around and drink all day, not just at meals Wink
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    If she's already fine with, uses, and even asks for a regular cup, I think you've answered your own question unless I'm missing something.  You think she'll have a nervous connection between the car and the sippy cup?  She should never be drinking out of an open glass in the car at any age.  You can break a tooth if you go over a bump.  And, what is a travel mug, but a sippy cup for adults?
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I don't let my children eat or drink in the car (yet) but I'd say stick with a sippy in the car, or at least a closed cup with a straw.  I wouldn't attempt drinking out of an open cup in a moving vehicle.
    Seems like she's ready for regular cups elsewhere.

    Just one last comment on the binky issue.  I say an episode of Supernanny the other day and she was taking away a bottle from a 3 year old.  This poor kid cried to hard that I started to cry.  I see what my pedi means by "the longer you wait, the harder it is."

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    our conversation led me to take away the binky during the day this weekend- they already do that at daycare. he actually pulled one out of his crib and shoved it in- with a huge grin (Like he knew he wasn't supposed to). So... I agree it will likely be much easier now.

    Lissafro- I agree about not wanting liquid all over the car and I do something similar. However, this weekend I wondered if we need to do that so much? We hit the playground twice, and both times I was lugging around a cup... i know that drinking water is good for you, but do people have a sense of whether we really need to always have food and water around?

    LLE- get another pediatrician! my group told us to pick after we had used everyone. it really isn't your job to try to match your doctor's style- and they should understand that working with someone who is a better match will increase compliance with medical recommendations.