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October -- Infants & Toddlers

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    October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Just realized it's October.  You will just have to check out September's thread for the latest & greatest on DD's BM's. 
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I forgot its Oct - Moved from Sept post

    I bought the cereal bars and they are NOT the same as what I had for DD.  They break up in DS's mouth really easily and he could easily choke on them.  So, I got Baby Mum Mum's and those are a huge hit!  He also had some mashed potatoes at dinner last night, he was smacking his lips!

    DS had his 6 month check up late last week, he is 27 3/4 inches and 21 1/2 lbs.  He is doing great rolling, sitting, and starting to want to crawl.  He does wheeze a fair amount so I'm keeping an eye on that especially when he gets a cold.

    We are winding down at our current daycare this week and moving to a new one next week - very excited!

    As far as sippy cups go we use the Gerber ones, they seem to hold the most and DD has always liked them
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Hi Everyone, Enjoying my last few days of maternity leave.  DS will be 12 weeks on Thursday and that is the same day I go  back to work.  While on Maternity Leave I have still sent DD 1 day a week but since last week  I have been sending both kids 2 days.  It has been going great and I am also enjoying a few days alone.  When DD started daycare she was really upset for a few weeks so I want to transistion DS while I was still home in case I needed to go get him but so far he has been a gem.  Makes it much easier on me.   I still plan to work from home 2-3 days a week but not sure how that will work with the 2 kids home with me but I am going to try it out.  A lot has changed at my work since I left so I am not sure if I will be transitioned to a new job and will have to go in the office 5 days.  I just have to wait and see how that pans out.

    Updates on kiddos:
    DS just about 12 weeks, smiles a lot, and coos alot.  He has been sleeping about 8-10 hrs a night since he was 5 weeks old.  Last night he slept 8-7.  I stopped swaddling him last week and he is just in a sleep sack, I hope to get him in the crib tonight.  I wanted to get that done sooner but just never did it. 

    DD who will be 3 in January has transitioned very nicely to the baby.  Potty training is going well.  She started pooping on potty last week, we hope that continues. She has her occasial accidents but I guess that comes with it.  I did not want to use pull ups but babysitter requires them at the beginning so now I feel like we are using them too much.  Today I am only putting her in underwear all the time.    She is a full talker and holds conversations. It is so funny.  She speak very clearly so it easy for everyone to understand.

    Glad to hear everyone elses updates!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Misslily - thanks for the reassurance!  I'll just stick with our valvled cups for now and see how she progresses.  I really need to invest in one of those straps that doesn't allow her to throw it on the floor, however.

    Memes - We have the same issue with straws and I was going to ask the same question (DD is just over 11 months).  She just chews on it and otherwise sits there expectantly waiting for the water to leap into her mouth.  I'm assuming she'll just eventually figure it out, or get old enough where I can actually teach her?

    So, we had some first steps this past weekend!  She has recently started standing on her own, with this adorable, "OMG, I'm standing. I'M STANDING!" look on her face.  The other day she walked the few steps to where I was standing and we made such a big deal out of it that she totally knows it's something important.  She's only done it a handful of other times, and I think it's a lot of work for her because most of the time if one of us says, "Walk to mommy/daddy?" She goes "AAAAAHHHHH!" and flaps her hands at us, clearly not interested.  I'm amazed that she seems to know the word "walk" already.

    The other big thing is she is suddenly getting VERY picky about food!  She was such a good eater!!  Is this when it starts??  I thought I had several months to a year left of a good eater!!  Now I end up eating most of her dinner, or else it goes to waste (in the trash or on the floor).  It's tricky to know when to end the meal, vs. trying everything in the fridge.  She'd be happy eating nothing but blueberries for every meal.  Which of course would cost my entire monthly salary.  She had to pick the most expensive item out there.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Can't believe it's October.  Thank you all for making my day more cheery with cute baby updates!

    GC - enjoyed the Goldilocks reference.  Ditto.

    Poppy - so cute about the walking!  And I know what you mean about not knowing when to end the meal.  I don't want to push her if she's not hungry, but sometimes she has really eaten almost nothing so I keep trying different things... sometimes she wants one of them, sometimes not.  Who knows?  Also, have you tried frozen blueberries?  They thaw quickly and DD loves them and they are a lot cheaper.

    Our LO has a cold + still working on the stupid molars.  The last two nights have been bad sleeping wise.  Last night after she was up and down crying for an hour, I ended up putting her in bed with us to fall asleep.  I don't know enough about co-sleeping to know what set up to have and now I feel really guilty.  I am thinking that maybe if she has such a hard time again tonight that I will sleep on the floor with her??  Or maybe that will be weird for her and she won't sleep?  I don't know.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    KT - thanks for the post move, I would have missed it in Sept..  I saw those toddler bisquits and was going to try them over the weekend but chickened out.. He loves mum mums though!!!  glad you found those too.  He also loves puffs and is getting really good at putting them in his mouth - sometimes too many at once but he still gums them down good.  He's 8 months today.. still no sign of any teeth.. he did stand on his own for 7 seconds this past weekend.  He looked at my hands clapping and instantly had this "omg I'm standing on my own" look on his face and he quickly reached for me and wouldn't let go.  we tried a few pieces of pancake for him this weekend.. and real homemade applesauce (made by my aunt, not me) - and he loved them both! 

    so he started flipping onto his tummy for naps/sleeping last week.  at night i tend to flip him back to his back before i go to bed since I can't watch him all night long while i'm sleeping too.. for naps, we'll leave him, it's a short time - 1 to 2 hours.. we still find him on his tummy every morning or at the end of every nap.  He's strong enough to move himself now so i'm not really worried but do any of you still flip him back at this age or just let him sleep on his stomach?  I know back is best but you can't really help it once they get flipping.. I assume he's fine at this point.  It's so funny to see the back of a big bald head in the video monitor pulling himself up at night now.  Just curious if you all just let it go or flip them..  thanks!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    medford- I think that at this age, when they can "fight back" (rather than a wimpy newborn who can't) that co-sleeping isn't AS dangerous. however, i have no "official" recommendations from a physician or anything, just our own experience. the few times we have done it, we put a pillow for him in between our pillows and his head up on the pillow, which seemed to keep us on our own sides and since his head is by ours, I assume he will be able to breathe fine.  I feel for you.

    jan- my understanding is that once they can flip, it is ok to leave them. however, you are still supposed to start them on their backs.

    poppy- just keep offering. I learned to scoop some stuff from contained into a bowl (like with yogurt, I use a clean spoon and just move some over to a bowl, so if DS refuses after two bites, I haven't wasted the whole yogurt.)

    don't have time for a long update, but DS started hugging. totally made up for weaning (which by the way, 6 days out, my milk production is still going... and I am not even pumping. when does it stop??)
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Poppy-Can you DD sign?  DD used to sign "all done"  but now she shakes her head no, tries to feed me, or if all else fails tries to wipe her tray clean to the floor.  I hear you about DD being picky.  She's recently decided that she doesn't want to eat much and is basically on strike (at home at least) from taking milk from a sippy cup.  She even withholds her milk intake at school so she could have a bottle at home.
    Also, contgrats on DD standing.  My DD used to clap for herself.  They are so proud of themselves at this age.

    Winter-Kudos to you for continuing to BF.  I stopped pumping somewhere around 11 months and stopped nursing around 13 months (nursed infrequently).  I think my milk supply dried up (because it was so infrequent) before DD was totally ready to be fully weaned (she occasionally tries to nurse when she's in a state of extreme disress).

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Great to hear all the updates.
    It's potty madness here at the Lily house.  We started on Sept. 7th and 18 days later DD had her first no-accident day.  At this point she's fully trained and ready to go.  DS is still hit or miss (so to speak). Today he would have been accident free except when I got him out of his highchair after dinner. I was just about to remind him we needed to go and he looked at me and said, "sit on the potty" and peed the floor. Still - he's doing great for a 26 month old boy.  I do think the pull-ups are confusing to him. I was using them to go out and also because he was going in his highchair during meals.  So we did two days of "commando" this weekend and that seems to have gotten him on track. And I've decided to take the advice of another poster and put the pull-ups OVER his undies so he feels himself getting wet. And neither one every had a problem p00ping  - they seem quite pleased with themselves.
    We're also at Music Together once a week.  It's going okay - being out in an environment like that is new for my kids so I expected them to be a little wary at first.  DS keeps asking to go home half way through the class, but he perks up when they bring out the drums and other instruments.
    All in all we're doing pretty well.  Mommy is tired - potty training twins is no easy task - sometimes it's in and out of the bathroom all day...and all the handwashing and flushing and playing in the bathroom does get tiresome.  I got my timer out today and it worked great...because DS wanted to play with it!
    And I do worry about hearing aids ending up down the loo. They are still pulling them out quite a bit.  But other than that we are doing great.  DD is talking a lot and can even sing some songs from Music Together already.  DS is talking more and more every day. His speech is a little difficult to understand but the EI SLP doesn't seem to think it warrents more frequent visits just yet.
    Happy October everyone!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    So cute to hear these standing/taking steps stories! All these babies are getting so big!!  
       DS is 5 1/2 months and I've been back to teaching since late Aug. The highlight of my day is leaving work and coming home to him!  When I got home today he saw me and squealed with delight, it made my heart melt!  (yes, I've turned into a ball of mush now that I've had a kid).  Last week we were visiting my friend who has a 7 mon old who was sitting up. I said, "Wow what a difference a few months makes, DS flops over when I sit him up". So I put him on the floor to show her and he sat up on his own!  He has to be pretty hunched over and has his hands on the floor, but he's on his way to sitting on his own.  
        We're waiting to start solids with him because of his sensitivities to my milk. I'll try the rice cereal in a few weeks.  He's been doing okay, I'm still bf, but he also just had blood in his stool this past week, so I really have NO idea what he's sensitive to. (cutting out soy,dairy, eggs, and corn). We'll have to be very careful when we introduce solids and prob. wait a week between new foods and won't introduce "allergenic" foods till a year.  We'll have to keep the benaydryl handy. 
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    DS is now 13 months... crawling and cruising. Since he is a cautious baby (even his teacher noticed his tendency towards being careful about doing new things), we are not too worried about it - he seems to like to watch and wait before trying a new activity. Other kids in his room have gotten incident reports (like "<baby> was holding on to a crib, got excited and let go, hence the bump on the head") - some babies get one every week, but he never gotten a single one. We finally got him pushing a light walker around, and an activity table with his favorite toys on it so he cruises around it (or plays tag with DH around it - he will even look under the table to see where DH is and change direction). It is so hard not to compare to other babies (there are lots of coworkers with kids around the same age, so it is a lot of "nope, not walking yet"). Our ped did not seem worried about him at his 12 month checkup and we do see progress in most areas with him.

    Food - he is picky. We have a few favorites that we know he will eat no matter what - unless he is full. We try new stuff at first, and if he chucks them over the side but we are not sure if he is full or just hates the new stuff, we give him a mini-blueberry waffle with peanut (or almond) butter - he never rejects that one nor greek yogurt. At daycare, since he loves those squeezable pouches (happy baby/tot or plum baby ones), they use that in the afternoon especially if he rejected lunch or had very little for lunch or if their snack has bananas in it (he is allergic to bananas, which is ironic because when I was a baby, sometimes that was all I would eat). 

    Luckily I find his "uh-oh" still adorable because that is his number one favorite phrase. He will lean over, drop or throw something and then a soft "uh-uh-oh" escapes from him. 

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    I've been away from the boards for a while, but decided to log on and see what everyone has been up to.  Congrats to all the new walkers, solid food eaters, and all the new BFPs ;)

    The Trouble household is doing well.  DS is 8 weeks old today.  Where does the time go?  He really is a great, easygoing little guy, though I am jealous about Quad's DS sleeping through the night since 5 weeks!  We are still on an every 3-4 hour feed schedule.  He's gaining great though and isn't such a little baby anymore.  He's over 10lbs already!!!  Much bigger than DD was at his age.  He's definitely a breast man, knows just what to do and is all business :) 

    DD is 17.5 months and is so in love with her new baby brother.  He's the first one she greets in the morning with an excited, "bay-bay!!"  She helps me to encourage him during tummy time and only shows the slightest hints of jealousy, like sometimes not *seeing* him on my lap and trying to sit on top of him.  She also *finally* started walking days after she turned 16 months and has been unstopable ever since.  She also seems to be adding a new word to her vocab daily.  She is such a cutie pie!  My little angel :)

    I see there is another post about birth control so I will join in there with my mini-pill question.  If we go for a #3 I'd like at least 18 months in between - but just so I can try VBAC.  Otherwise, 15.5 months age difference has been awesome!!!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    welcome back trouble!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    MissLily - DD loved the songs from Music Together, I got one of their cd's from Amazon as a Christmas present for DS, the music is really cute!    I liked the class but since going back to work I decided to stop, I bought a music kit for our house and we have music time at home.

    DD has had some regression with potty training since she returned to daycare and mainly wears pull ups.  We are switching daycares next week and I've discussed with our new provider that I'd like to be able to send her in undies after she gets used to everything as she does much much better in them vs pull ups.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Can't believe its October.  My DS was due one year ago today.  9 days later he arrived! I recall Lostgrouse being my best friend those long days as we both waited, and waited, and waited together.  

    Quad - good luck going back to work!

    Lilly - you are a saint basically living in the bathroom these many, many weeks!  You deserve a nice present with all the money you'll save in diapers soon :-)

    Jan - As soon as DS could flip on his own at night, doctor said ok to leave him.  My DS is all over his crib at night.

    Wagner - Cautious is also a perfect word to describe my DS.  He even looks over his shoulder before rolling.    However he has just started walking fairly well... is perfect holding a hand, still quite unstable on his own (a max of 10-12 steps before I need to catch him).  Fell right on his nose last night, (thank goodness the rug rather than the tile), since he doesn't crawl, not sure he has the arm strength or the know-how to put him arms out to catch himself, and then he didn't want to walk anymore upset that he had fallen.

    Trouble - so great to hear from you and that your new expanded family is doing so well!!

    Poppy and Medford - OMG... this picky eater thing is already old!  I haven't a clue what to feed DS.  He's become so difficult... and cleaning the floor every night just stinks.  The hardest part is the food waste... I make something he loved the night before, and he won't even touch it throwing it all on the floor.  Its not an "I'm full" thing because if I break out the yogurt or anything with bananas in it... he'll go non-stop.  I feel like we have totally regressed... all he wants are cherrios, crackers, yogurt and fruit/veggie pouches.  Because of this, and his new mobility, he's really thinning out!  Our 1 yr doctor's appt is in 2 weeks... curious if she has any tips for healthy and good fattening foods :-)  He does like avocados.. just having a hard time finding some that are ripe.  Have two on my counter rock hard... patiently waiting!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    IPW, I hear you on yogurt and bananas...if in doubt, give her a banana or some strawberries and she is a happy kid.

    one of DD's new favorites is pita or english muffin pizza.  I use the mini pitas or half an english, add some tomato puree, mozzarella cheese and usually some protein (chicken or ground beef, or if I've made bolognese I'll use that for the sauce), and some veggies (zucchini seems to be the best on this).  Cut it up and she's all over it.

    And thank goodness for the fruit/veggie purees...she'll suck one of those down in a minute, and then I don't feel as bad that the rest of her lunch is cheese and crackers!

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Hi everyone.  DD is 14 months and running around like crazy.  She really started walking full force about a month ago and hasn't stopped since.  Her new favorite things are running around closing doors and proclaiming "closed!".  Very cute.  She also loves walking around and singing and doing the hand gestures for the "5 little monkeys jumped on a bed..." song.  She pats her head and then wags her finger while saying "no more monkeys jumpin on the bed".  It is hysterical.  Most people probably would have no idea what she is saying, but we can make it out.

    As for the picky eating - we are in a similar situation as most around this age.  One day she loves something the next day it is thrown down on the floor for the dog.  I have really tried to mix veggies into things that she likes to sneak them in there.  One thing that I do quite often is steam broccoli and chop it up very fine.  I add it to her mac n cheese as well as between the cheese slices of a grilled cheese.  She hardly knows it is there.  But yes, I do really struggle with making balanced meals for her.  I have to go easy on the cheese, otherwise that will lead to a serious back-up in the digestive track!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    How about bone marrow? DH got some soup bones from Whole Foods and baked one so he could get the marrow to use as a spread on DS' favorite bread and DS ate up most of the bread and the marrow on top (I tried one piece, it did not really have a lot of strong flavor and was somewhat buttery like).

    We did try to put some hamburger meat into the cheerio holes, but he figured it out real fast and managed to eat the cheerio and spit out the meat.

    For ripening avocado, we used to put them into a brown paper bag to get them to ripe faster.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Great to read updates!  Trouble - congratulations on the new LO!

    Picky eating - yes.  Last night she would only eat crackers, but kept taking one bite and throwing the rest and wanting a new one.  After 3 throws, mean mommy wouldn't give her any new ones, so that was the end of dinner.
    The other thing she is driving me crazy with is snacking (that is, frequent little bits of eating).  This AM, she ate half a frozen whole wheat waffle and like two sips of milk for breakfast.  She refused any more, but half an hour later was whining and pointing at her high chair.  I put her in it and she ate the other half of the waffle.  I'm a snacker, too, and I get it, but it doesn't seem like a good pattern.  I think maybe she gets tired of chewing before she gets full.

    luv - thank you for the english muffin pizza idea of sneaking in the meat sauce!  She loves pizza, so I will try that.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    DD crawled yesterday!!  She was on the floor while I got ready in the morning and when I looked down she was like 5 feet from where I had left her.  She may have just scooched like usual... but 5 minutes later I saw her crawl for real!  :o)

    Jan - It is a tough adjustment to make, but when DD started rolling over, the doc said all you can do is continue to put her down on her back and if she is strong enough to roll onto her stomach then she should be fine.  She's been sleeping on her side or stomach since like 11 weeks and it definitely worried me!

    Anyone with an Ameda pump out there?  Mine isn’t working as well as usual and I need your detective skills! 
    One of the diaphragms gets all squished and eventually stops expanding unless I take the cap off and push it back down.  My first thought was that it could be worn out… except I just got new valves and diaphragms 3 weeks ago!  DH suggested that maybe the other one is not sucking as strongly, so I snipped off the ends of the tubing and blew through it to make sure there is no block.  Any other ideas?  I’m getting an ounce less than usual each time, so that is not cool!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Loving all of these updates!

    Great ideas for sneaking healthy things in among the cheese, eggs, and other always-beloved food items.  The other day Zoe would *only* eat cheese and blueberries all day.  which I know is not the end of the world, but makes me feel like a bad parent for not getting some veggies into her.  I guess I should get used to that!  But I do think I need to become more creative about sneaking them in.  One thing I did the other night (Medford, your mention of crackers reminded me) was dip her crackers into a jar of pureed butternut squash.  She ate them all up!  Whereas she would NOT let me spoon feed her any of the squash.  It was a total mess, but at least she had some veg.

    Medford - good luck with the molars, ugh.  I think she was perfectly fine in your bed - we've done that on a couple of occasions and I've worried too, but I think she moves around more than we do!  Have not tried the frozen blueberries - will have to give that a shot.

    Jan - I agree that you don't need to worry about flipping him over during the night.  If you try, you'll never get any sleep! It seems so many babies prefer sleeping on their bellies so once they get the hang of rolling over, there's no stopping them.

    Winter - so cute about the hugging!  DD doesn't do that yet.  She'll give kisses, but tends to push away from hugs.

    Nene - she does sign "more" (which she recently started using whenever she wants something, like to read a book) and "all done".  With the eating, she'll be refusing everything i put in front of her, but pointing as hard as she can to something I can't see on the counter.  It's like she thinks there is something there that she wants, but I can't figure out what it is.  That's fun.

    Lily - that's great about the potty training!  Sounds like you will have 2 pros in no time.  We are doing Music Together as well and really enjoying it. 

    IPW - I know, isn't it crazy!  All these things are happening, like the Topsfield Fair and the Activist Parade in Davis Square and I remember being huge last year when they occurred!

    ETA: Congrats on the crawling, Fram!  Life with a mobile baby has begun... :)
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Medford... do you find that ending dinner is somewhat successful at detering the throwing?  I feel like I should be doing the same, but if I end it when throwing starts, then he won't eat.  I try to start with the item I really want him to eat, usually the protein.  Once that is all on the floor (our cat is getting fatter but not DS!), then I go to the staple of something yogurt based or a veggie/fruit pouch, which he only will do if he can do himself.  Love the pizza idea too... although one day pizza is a favorite, next its for the cat.  

    And ALS76 - way to go on your DD's vocabulary and the monkey signs!!  My DS is still so proud of himself when he just says mama... not sure when any more words may be coming - but I am just dying to hear what he's got to say!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    poppy, Blueberries!  SO tasty, who can blame her for loving them?  We had success (especially out of season) with bags of frozen blueberries.  When the store brand went on sale for 2bags for $5 we'd by a bunch and hoard them.  I feel like blueberries are pretty healthy, even if they're not green beans. 

    Lily, the idea of having twins potty training is daunting enough even without throwing expensive, small water-susceptible equipment into the mix,  wow.  Keep up the good work! 

    Fram, I'm not sure about your brand pump but my Medela always seemed to need new flappy valve things before anything else.

    Things here are good.  We just flew down to Maryland for the weekend for my cousin's wedding. DD was flowergirl.  She did really well and it was just so wonderful and fun to see everyone, all my uncles, one of my cousin who's been in Afghanistan, etc. Traveling was OK.  She was good on the plane but has been tired and cranky since we've gotten home (as have we!).  Potty training is going very very well.  She doesn't have accidents any more.  She had one incident the other day where she knew she had to go and she was trying to hold it and a little pee snuck out but it was my fault for not knowing where the bathroom was where we were and not getting there in time.  Plus she held almost all of it. 
    She hasn't had an "on purpose" in a week or so.  We'll see how she does today and tomorrow.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are our tough days, schedule-wise.  She is more likely to pee for attention on those days than any others.  With DH working second shift it makes it harder for me to do everything I need to do and still satisfy her demands for attention. 
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Poppy - I long ago decided that in our house, fruits and veggies are the same thing.  It doesn't really matter if your LO eats blueberries instead of carrots or green beans.  Blueberries are a super fruit - full of all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants.  Strawberries are great too, and full of Vitamin C (which I only found out recently).
    Just keep offering - and eventually they will eat it.  When my DS was your baby's age he only ate cheerios and American cheese.  Today he was eating red peppers with his grilled cheese sandwich at lunch.  And both my kids love tomatoes.  Last week they started eating pickles!
    And I let go of the"food waste" idea too.  I figure offering is important, even if it doesn't get eaten. 
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    LOL, Lily - that's *exactly* the thought that went through my head the other night about fruits and veggies:  "I'm just going to start counting them as the same thing."  Great to know your kids' palates are broadening!!  That gives me hope.