October -- Infants & Toddlers

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Definitely valid points about flat heads here!  I certainly don't disagree, but one difference is that crib mattresses are at least relatively soft, while the rocker is hard plastic with fabric over it.  So if you notice a baby's head getting flat, I think it's worth it to stop using the rocker.  I've been wondering what makes a baby more likely to show the effects of back is best!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Poppy- I feel for everyone w/o electricity. We got ours back but there is no electricity in the town where I teach.  Looks like we may be going to school in July at this rate..

    Did anyone's LO start spitting up again around 6 months?  In the beginning, DS spit up after feedings b/c I had over active let down and had too much milk.  After his morning feeding he is doing it now, puking up almost everything!  And he does spit up quite a bit when he is sitting or rolling around on his tummy and hasn't done that in long time either.  I read Kelly Mom and of course there are lots of reasons- teething, forceful eating, latching and unlatching(distractible baby) and getting to much air.  He also is pulling when he eats now, I have to hold his head in because he pulls back so hard that it hurts.  I haven't been this sore since the first month!   I guess it could be a combination of many things... He is more distractible, I can't have the tv on, drink, eat, talk when nursing. He often stops eating smiles at me or looks at what i am doing. Except his night feeding, he rarely goes longer than 5 min per side where he was doing 10 before..  
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Well, are we all enjoying the experience of no electricity with a baby??
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    That stinks, Poppy!  hope you're doing okay.

    ajuly, our LO went through the distractibility.  My husband couldn't even be in the room and I couldn't even scratch my nose.  The good news is that it passed.
    For the spitting up, our LO was a huge spitter upper.  I can't remember exactly, but I think around that time she was spitting up less frequently, but when she did spit up, it was enormous and with gusto.
    For her personally, it did seem to be related to teething.  She never really drooled a lot, but I think she was swallowing it and that led to spit up... gross.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Oh No, Poppy! Sorry to hear that! A friend has the same problem and wouldn't take us up on the offer of our guest room.

    How have you managed and how soon will you get your power back?
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ajuly - sorry to hear about the spitting up.  DD did that more once she got more active... maybe that's partially to blame?

    We lost power around 11pm on Saturday and still don't have it.  Luckily my in-laws (where we're living temporarily) have a gas fireplace that is working, so DD slept in the living room in her pack-n-play.  It's an annoying situation, but not awful... yet.  If it lasts a week, I might go crazy.  Glad some of you are not in this situation!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Poppy... so sorry to hear about your lack of electricity.  And anyone else who is out.  My Dad is out and heading to our place tonight as National Grid is saying they are out until Thursday.  As annoying as my Dad is, can't have a recovering stroke patient in the dark for 4 days and live with myself knowing I'm warm and have a fridge :-)  Poppy, I'd much rather have you, DH and Zoe as our guests!!

    So... couldn't wait to log on this morning.  My mom brought me my baby book yesterday.  Wait until you hear this:

    "IPW was eating cereal and fruit at one month, veggies and meat at 2 months, and at 3 months we switched from formula to whole milk."  Can you believe this!!!  Maybe that's why I have an iron stomach and can literally eat anything.  I've been doing it for 37 years and 1 month!
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    IPW that is hysterical!! meat at 2 months! you must have been an excellent eater.

    poppy- so sorry. that stinks.

    ajuly- we got a huge boost for a while when he started teething- too much saliva, and i think it would get caught or build up in his tummy- either way, more came out. and, we had to feed in the dark with no distractions (so maybe poppy's house! sorry poppy, couldn't resist) for months to get a good feeding in.  they do get better at getting it out, particularly as they get stronger, so I think sometimes the time change has to do with that.

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    IPW, it certainly takes the pressure off whatever decisions we make. If doing all those things gets you a baby with an iron stomach, maybe that's that we should do!

    AJuly, DD definitely did this around the 6 month mark, and I thought it was the end of nursing. Luckily it was just a phase she went through and the distractability ended in a couple of weeks. As for the spitting up, not sure about it. I feel like I read something about the stomach sphincter adjusting?

    DD (14 months) really likes drinking out of grown up glasses. Last night, she was upset when my glass of water was finished, so as an experiment I gave her a half full cup of water (no sippy, no cover), and she did great! Picked the cup right up and sipped away and put it down. but not a spill or anything. DH and I were kind of blown away at how fast our baby girl is growing (and we constantly exchange the "our baby is a genius" smile I am sure you all also use!

    She LOVES grown up food, like chili and soup and having her own bowls and plates and spoons (about half reaches her mouth by spoon, the other half by hand). So far, it's been fairly mess free!

    We finally turned on the heat Saturday night, we had been holding out and had brought DD back into bed with us because she wouldn't stay under her blankets and often woke up cold. We were fortunate their was no transition needed, DD was happy to get back to her own bed!

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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Ha, IPW, that is hysterical!!  I cannot even picture a tiny 2 month old baby eating food... I'm impressed at your abilities!  Good luck with your dad...

    Very funny, winter!  It's true, it's pretty unexciting at the poppy household, however I (FINALLY) gave Zoe her birthday presents from us (never had time to wrap and get organized before her bday!!) yesterday which provided much excitement for the day: a set of wooden blocks and the B Band Drum (filled with percussive instruments).  So that was fun.  Later that afternoon we went to Target and let her toddle around which was a HUGE MISTAKE because now that she's tasted freedom she will not go back in the EVIL CART.  Wouldn't it be nice if all babies had the instinctual need to create order from chaos, instead of the other way around?

    ML - how exciting about the cup use!  I agree, she *is* a genius! I have not been that brave with DD.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ML - will you come over and teach my twins how to eat with a plate?  at 27 months they are still turning things upside down all the time. The only thing that doesn't get dumped on a regular basis is ice cream. :)
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ML - we do that look too - and say out loud, "Why is she so freaking awesome??"  We'll have to stop that soon.  :)

    And that's great about the cup!  I think I will try that later with our LO.  We let her try it with us holding it, but I haven't let her hold it yet.  But hey, it's just water!

    IPW - that's insane!  I visited a one month old baby this weekend and I cannot even begin to imagine him eating cereal.

    Poppy - I'm going to look up the band thing - do you like it?  I want to get one for our LO for Christmas.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Medford - I think she likes it, however I have not been home with her much since the day I gave it to her, so not sure if she's continuing to play with it.  I will let you know.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Hope everyone enjoyed Halloween. We went to a few close neighbors and they were so awesome, some had baby treats for DD - a banana and apple sauce and graham crackers! She loved having wrappers, but had no interest in the candy (let's hope THAT sticks!)

    Miss Lily -  I have no idea how she learned to do that herself. That and blowing kisses, we keep asking our parents and each other "who taught her to blow kisses?"

    Med - At our house, we say "how did we get so lucky to have you for our baby?" I have a feeling we'll be doing this when she's 50 (although maybe not when she is 15!)

    IPW - I think today was start day on the new daycare. How did everything go with drop off? How are you doing so far?

    Poppy - Power back on yet?
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    Oh - YES - power back as of late yesterday afternoon!  Hooray!!  LLLE - I feel badly for teachers - hoping for a mild winter so you aren't in school in July.
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    Re: October -- Infants & Toddlers

    ML - that is so awesome!  If we give DS a cup with no top some gets into his mouth and the rest down his shirt!  He thinks it is funny.  But he does love having his own cup with no lid!  DS also loves chili which totally surprised me!

    Poppy - sorry about your power.  I have a ton of friends who I work with who are still without.  I haven't had school this week at all because the town I work in is so bad.  Hoping to be back tomorrow just because we are missing so much!

    Tick-or-treating was so much fun!  DS was a lion and he was so cute.  He kept his costume on for 2 hours which I was impressed with.  His older sister had a ball taking him up to the doors to say trick-or-treat and I am sure she will enjoy all the extra candy she got! 

    DS has boughts of spitting up.  The doctor said it could be teething (extra saliva in their mouths).  It comes and goes since he was born.