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October Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    CT - That's fascinating. Since DS is just shy of 8 months, I'm not there yet, but I'm wondering if there are good books out there to help parents understand kids' learning processes like this. I'm sure there are many well-intentioned "teaching moments" that end in frustration because parents or caregivers simply don't understand what is going on in the kid's brain. I'm actually remembering some of my own related to counting from back when I was a nanny for a toddler!

    Did any of you sign with your babies/toddlers? Did you find it helpful? I've been dabbling in a signing book for a few weeks now and trying a few out on DS, but I haven't really committed myself to it. I've just seen a lot of toddlers lately who have behavioral issues that seem connected to frustration with lack of language, and if I can avoid that with DS, I definitely want to. 

    Which reminds me, I've noticed that DS doesn't use many consonant sounds yet. He's capable ("Mamamamama" seems to be the vocalization of choice when he's upset, for example :-)) but he usually just screeches or does variations of "Ahh." He'll be 8 months next week, and I recall reading that the consonant sounds usually start around 6 mos. Anyone know if this is reason for concern RE: language development?

    IPW - I hear you! I usually have that urge in the morning because DS is asleep when I leave, but the other night he woke up crying at 11 and I all but rushed in to get him so I could steal some extra snuggles! Happy almost birthday to your DS!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks all for the comments on the colors!  Sounds like I shouldn't be concerned at this point, and that those other kids are just advanced with colors.  I feel better about it.  I will try to focus less on it, and do what CT said and just talk about colors in normal sentences instead of quizzing DD. 

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain, the daycare taught DD signs, and it was amazing. At 9mos she would tell me when she wanted to "eat", drink "milk", have "more" and when she was "all done." They also taught her "please." I think it saved us a lot of frustration at guessing what she needed. And one of her 1st words was more. Even now when she says "more please" she signs at the same time. Sorry I have no advice on how to teach it since it was all her teacher, but I think it's great.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Quad-it is tough not to compare kids. DS walked at 10.5 months-I mean totally independent, no more need for a stroller walk. DD at 12.5 mo will only walk holding your hand. DS at 1 had a few words "Dindow" (window) and "Da Doo" (thank you) in addition to Mama/Dada. DD babbles a lot, will say Mama and Dada. I know DS was really early on most milestones, but it's hard to see DD right on track and not compare.

    As for signing. DD will sign "More." But she signs that for anything, if you ask her at the end of dinner if she is all done she'll sign more, I give her some and she spits the food right out. So I try and show her how to do "all done." Day care does sign with the kids too.

    DS can count as high as he wants, but he still forgets 15, every single time.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Funny, my bff's 2yo repeated fifteen indefinitely, "...thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, fifteen, fifteen, ..."  It was hilarious.  She's almost three now and can count for real - they grow and change so fast!

    all my siblings taught their kids signs and were thrilled they did; they experienced all the pros that "they say" signing brings to the table and no cons.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - big fan of the signing.  Just keep doing it yourself when you say the word and eventually they will do it.  (Wait, how old is your baby?  Eventually might be a long time still.  Can't remember when DD signed, but definitely after 9 months and maybe closer to a year.)  I had an app called Smart Hands, but a book or an internet search for videos should serve you well.

    One interesting thing was that she never took to the "official" sign for all done.  Then at the end of one meal I said we were all done and brushed my hands together (like brushing off crumbs) and she started doing it immediately.  So that worked great for us, and it was one of her most frequently used signs - she used it when she was all done with situations as well as food - just had to tell caretakers how to interpret it.  Not sure why that one clicked and the other never did.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - Sometimes I miss DD so much after she has been asleep for a couple hours!

    I don't know why, but I never got into signing.  It totally seems like something that would be up my alley, but I never looked into it.  I'm sure we/DD would still see some benefits from it, but luckily we've communicated really well and there hasn't been much frustration or whining... but we'll see what comes in the future!

    Can I just say thank you thank you thank you to whoever suggested tinted moisturizer?  There was a thread a while back where we were chatting about clothes, makeup, etc.  We have a wedding tomorow, so I finally got around to buying some tinted moisturizer and blush.  It's only a little bit of coverage, but it adds this healthy glow and it doesn't emphasize wrinkles. I know there are ways to avoid the wrinkle issue, but I certainly don't know how!  I love it!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Fram - I use tinted moisturizer too!  Love it.

    I just got some GREAT news.  Its totally off topic, but I just had to share.  I've been offered a fantastic new job that will get me off the roads!  As many of you know, I spend about 3 hours in the car a day between the commute and drop offs/pick ups.  And those of you who also do similar know how draining this is, especially for a job you do not like in my case.  This new role will allow me to work from a home office with minimal travel outside the state.  I am just beyond thrilled.  What will I do with those 3 hours back?!  I see myself actually going to the gym... and spending more than 1-2 hours a day with my son.  Yeah.  I'm "thinking about it" this weekend, but am absolutely going to accept on Monday.  And I can't WAIT to give my notice :-) 

    Have a great weekend everyone.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Congratulations, IPW! I know what it is like to have a job you don't like and be able to leave it for a better one. That is awesome, and your son will be thrilled to see more of you. Just in time, before the winter weather hits too. When I lived in the Boston area, it was the winter weather that I hated - having to plan extra time to my commute just for the icy and snowy weather.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Ditto re: signing:

    Figure out the 5 or 6 signs you want to have your child learn, and then use it every time you say the word.

    Some popular signs are:


    all done (which is the finished sign in ASL)



    thank you







    share (taught less often, but useful!)

    your turn/my turn (again, taught less often but useful!)

    then you can learn things like cat, dog, flower, dinosaur, truck, car, etc....

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    I love that it exercises/develops the language pathways of the brain earlier than kids can acquire  the fine motor skills for speech so effective communication can be a part of their lives that much earlier.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Just back from vaca and desperately trying to catch up on work, but had to pop in and say congrats to IPW, I KNOW how long your commute is, and I am so happy for you!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for the signing tips!

    Big congrats on the job, IPW! What a fantastic change! When do you start?

    Anyone have experience/opinions on those big foam playmates for babies/toddlers? I was going to get one for DS but read some scary things abou formaldimide and other chemicals in them, and they were apparently banned in some European countries. I think I've talked myself out of getting one but we have all hard wood downstairs and I'd like something comparably sturdy and cushioneI'm I'm thinking of something like this

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    I'm with you, arcain, on offgassing of those foam things.  however, regarding cotton, if you wash any cotton blanket you'll get the pesticide off, and they'll be as clean as clean can be.  I think those organic cotton blankets are far overpriced.  It's more expensive to grow anything organically; the process is more expensive as is the USDA organic certification. So, that explains some of the price difference, but they also bank (no pun intended!) on your fear and jack the price for that, too.  Jmho

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain... I just googled your question as I practically failed all my science classes, and didn't even have a clue about this potential hazard.  We have one of those colorful alphabet foam mats on the floor.  I guess one consolation (that I just now learned) is that I borrowed it from my friend who has had the mat since her, now 6 year old, daughter was born.  And online it says most of the fumes dissipate after the first month.  It was handed down to me after 4-5 years of use, so perhaps I'm in the clear.  I see these items in second hand stores quite a bit... perhaps if you really want one of these mats, you could buy it used using the theory the fumes are basically gone.  Not scientific advice by any means!

    Thanks for the well wishes on the new job.  I start November 5th... so gave my notice yesterday (felt SOOOO good) and will just tie up loose ends this week with my departure now finally in sight!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - I was totally going to buy one of those mats.  Im glad I saw your post!  It never crossed my mind that they could be toxic!

    IPW - Congrats on your new job!  I know how you feel.  A couple of years ago I left a horrible job.  Now I have a great job with a great company that is 10 minutes from home!

    AFM - DS is 15 weeks and we are trying to get a sleep schedule down.  He was doing great sleeping 7pm ish - 6:30 am ish.  Since I have been back to work things have changed.  He will go down then about a 1/2 hour later he wakes up crying.  So last night we tried to let him get back to sleep himself and 2.5 hours later he was still awake.  The poor thing was all worked up crying really hard and sweating.  We took turns going in every 5 minutes patting his bum and then leaving.  Then we would wait a couple of minutes longer each time.  It didnt work.  After about 2 hours I gave up and got him, nursed him and rocked him to sleep.  So by the time he went to sleep it was 10:30 and he woke up at 6... Also, he does have a nap schedule during the day.  I am trying to focus on getting the morning nap down first.  He will fall asleep in the car ride in the morning but doesnt stay asleep for long. 

    Anyone have advice for me on what worked for you?  Im sure you know how hard it is to let them cry...

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Pugs, 15 weeks is often when babies who have been sleeping through the night start waking, again, due to hunger/growth spurt.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Pugs - what it sounds like is he is trying to reverse cycle if you are nursing. It is common when moms go back to work and I see this come up on the La Leche email list and in the support group I belong to. DS did the same but more extreme reverse cycle when I went to work... He hated the bottle hence the more extreme form. Basically they are using the nighttime to get their nursing and comfort they used to get during the day.

    On this area, I do tend to lean towards attachment parenting style (i understand for those who sleep train that usually it is at 6 months that it should start) - so I am not sure I can help since I just nursed him during the night when he wanted it (he would only drink 5oz average during my work day and we already had a scare with him his first week where he was close to dehydration and lost weight). But we were okay with that and were able to manage for a while until he got better with nights. And I know it is not for every family so what we were willing to do won't work for other families.

    Keep in mind that all babies will go through periods where they change their sleep patterns for milestones or changes, so it will come and go.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    It's possible that when he drifts off to sleep in the car or stroller, he's not really very tired, so he wakes up.  And then he's hungry or at least wants some play time before he goes down for a longer time.  But reverse cycling is one option, so is just wanting some Mom and Dad time after being in childcare for the day, and this is his time with you.  He's a young baby, he's not likely to sleep so long forever because he simply will get hungry. 

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Pugs, my DD is 16 weeks and has only STTN once or twice. She's in bed by around 7pm and most nights she gets up once to eat- between 2-4am. Then sleeps again til 6ish. She's woken up earlier a few times recently, could be the growth spurt thing. I'm not anticipating her STTN again for at least a few more months.

    Arcain, with the mats- it's probably similar to the recommendation to "air out" crib mattresses for a while before use  too- to let chemicals from manufacturing dissipate. Or you can find organic ones. We have pergo in our living room too, so if we're in this home much longer I'll have to look into something similar.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Pugs - I don't have any great wisdom to share, other than if your DS was already sleeping through the night, I hope this is only temporary. DD started STTN around 10 or 12 weeks, but would wake up here and there, sometimes several nights in a row. In our case, I don't think it was reverse cycling since it was sporadic. Overall, I was sooo grateful that she was a good sleeper, but those nights when they wake up are tough no matter what! I wish I could remember better what we did when... There was a period of maybe 3 weeks where my best bet was to set my cell phone alarm (on vibrate) and lie down with DD for 30 minutes. We would fall asleep and when the alarm went off, I'd put her back in her crib. I didn't want to encourage bad habits, but had faith that she could already STTN and it was only temporary. I think when she was a little older, I got better at putting her down to bed more awake so that she would learn to put herself to sleep - the thought being that she'd be better able to do that in the middle of the night if she could do it at bedtime. You could try that at bedtime, even if it's just gradually singing 3 songs instead of 4, etc. DH couldn't handle really letting her cry until around 9 months. Sorry if I am rambling! There were nights where I knew she wasn't really hungry, but ended up feeding her back to sleep.  You just make it work somehow!

    Congrats on the new job IPW!!

    Arcain - We recently got an ABC foam mat thing, so I'm glad you mentioned it.  It does seem similar to the air out the mattress instructions.  DD is also past the phase of biting everything so that seems important too.  When she was still crawling, we had bought a new thicker rug for the living room and put thick foam padding under it.  That was/is great, but the crawling/bumping/falling phase is pretty short, so not entirely necessary.  Although now that I think of it we probably should have aired that out too!

    AFM - Used a vaca day to hang with DD yesterday. We went to the playground and the weather was so nice! Also took her shopping for some new clothes, which is always fun. She had all these cute tights, so I was determined to find sweater dresses. Her newest words are "Wha doin?" and "Where goin?" So stinkin cute! She says it constantly - wha doin mama? where goin dada?

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Congrats on the new job IPW- getting all that time back sounds like it'll be wonderful!

    Pugs, if your LO is waking up a half hour later, could it be gas or something?  My DS is almost 9 months and generally is a good sleeper but there have definitely been phases along the way where his pattern changes for a few nights. I never did sleep training but I think 15 weeks sounds a bit young. Best of luck, it's hard enough going back to work without adding in sleep troubles.

    It's early to be thinking about Christmas but does anyone have a recommendation for where to get a cute stocking?  I want to get DS's name embroidered on it so want to start looking soon. Any suggestions?

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    IPW: Congrats on the new job!  What fantastic news for you and your family!

    Pugs: What I would do (and it's probably totally wrong) would be to have more cuddle time and put LO to bed a little later.

    Fram: I took Monday off too!  We had a busy weekend with lots of family visiting and I wanted to spend some quiet time with DD and DS afterwards.  We did a music together makeup and hit the park and enjoyed the awesome weather.  It was fun to pretend to be a SAHM :)

    Oh my goodness, I wish I had a video of dinner last night!  DD correctly identified shumai on her plate and ate everything in record time while telling me it was deee-licious (emphasis on the D).  DS happily ate his spaghetti (!!) dinner and a whole babybel cheese while continuously saying "Nana" which basically means finger foods, i.e. the babybel.  Everyone was done in 20 minutes!  Thanks Trader Joe's!!! :)  If only every dinner could be such a delight.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - congrats!

    Pugs - I have to agree that 15 weeks is pretty young for that technique.  I had the same experience you did, where leaving DD often just resulted in her getting way, way more worked up.

    Fram - I love those words!  Too adorable.  DD's new thing is, "I'm so happy to see you and me, Mommy!"

    TC - Pottery Barn Kids has a huge selection of stockings that they embroider names on.  I had wanted to get something more unique, but I never found anything trolling the local stores and markets, so I got one from PB Kids.  It is very nice quality.  I also tried Etsy but quickly got overwhelmed and gave up.  Would love to hear about it if you find a local place or a good online seller that makes cool ones!  (Oh - I also saw some out already at Pier 1, but I think you'd have to take them elsewhere to get them embroidered.)

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Thank you for all your posts! 

    DH and I were talking last night and we came to realize that since we moved him into the PNP he hasnt been sleeping well.  We are in the middle of redoing our upstairs so DS doesnt have a bedroom yet. And a last week I took the co-sleeper out of bedroom because he was getting too big for it. We put the PNP in our bedroom and he hasnt sleep well since.  So last night I took out the PNP and let him sleep in the Newborn Rock N sleep.  He was awake when I brought him into the room and fell asleep peacefully.  We do have another bedroom downstairs that I am cleaning out this weekend and putting up the crib.  DH will have to store his guitars and music stuff at his mothers until he gets upstairs complete. 

    Anyone feel the earthquake last night?  DH asked me if I had landry going.  It shook the whole house!