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October Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Well here I am a posting from Children's Hospital. My DD was admitted yesterday after a severe vomiting episode on Thursday. She had low electrolytes and amino acids and her pH balance was off so they wanted to monitor overnight with fluids. They have checked for many things via ultrasound and tis stood news is that she will not need any surgery. They did a head ultrasound to check for fluid on the brain and we are still waiting for the results. They are also doing an upper GI barium test tomorrow morning so we are here for one more night. She is doing well though, happy, smiley, and being herself. harder on DH and I! Just wanted to fill you all in. wish us luck!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz, thinking of you! So sorry DD had to be admitted but glad to hear all is good so far. I hope they're able to give you some answers. This must be so hard on you and DH. Hang in there, and keep us updated when you can!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Sorry to hear that, Liz. Hope they figure things out ASAP.

    Unrelated: a PSA regarding the Aquarium. If anyone plans on going anytime soon, I recommend postponing til next summer. They are doing major renovations inside and while still open, many parts are closed off and so the interior is even darker and more crowded than normal. They are renovating the Giant Ocean Tank and other sections, so a large part is not accessible to guests. DH and I took DD there for her first visit today...she wasn't all too impressed by the fish, but oh well. I worked there for years and got in free for their Educator Appreciation Day :)

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz, how awful!  do they know if this is related to the reflux??  Best wishes!!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz: My thoughts are with you and your family.  I hope everything turns out fine and it's just a fluke.

    So I think I can avoid potty training no longer.  DD keeps talking about it, and she'll be 2.5 tomorrow.  Who knows - maybe it'll be easy!  One can hope!

    Now I need the paraphanalia.  I think I want the baby bjorn seat that goes on the toilet and one of those folding step stools.  And I guess I'll need pullups too.  Does that sound about right?  Should I not get the folding step stool because it's one step too many?  I know my friend's DD had one and I like the idea that it folds so I can tuck it away.  Please fire away with any and all advice!  I am just so nervous about it!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - Go for it while DD is talking about it.  Otherwise you might miss the window and have to wait longer than you want to. The baby bjorn seat is great but if you want to get a less expensive potty seat for any bathrooms other than the main one she'll be pottying in Target sells one that we love.  I think it's the munchkin brand and I think I've seen them at BRU as well.  You do need some kind of stool and I have regreted for years getting a reqular step stool and not a fold up one.  I'm always tripping over the darn thing!  They need something under their feet when thay are trying to p00p so they can bear down.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz - Keep us updated. All I can say is isn't it wonderful that we live where all the best hospitals in the world are?

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz - will be thinking of you and your DD.  Hope all the tests are going well.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz-sending prayers your way. Keep us posted. Trouble-seize the opportunity! We got one of those multi toilets. it is a stand a lone toilet, seat comes out to attach to big toilet, and it's a step stool. we also did get a folding stool for helping wash hands-love it. When looking for a toilet look for somethign that's easy to clean. I think those bjorn ones are all one piece-I can't imagine that being easy to rinse out quickly. And I'd skip the pull-ups-keep her in diapers until she gets the knack of it. Good luck! Life is wonderful with a toddler out of diapers. (I can't wait to train DD 13 mo! :) )

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble, you might want to reconsider pull-ups - "my" experience has been that they slow down the process because they do what they are supposed to do, make accidents less messy and more comfortable which discourages potty usage.  I think my parent friends have had success with them for overnights, though.  Resist using them instead of diapers for convenience, though, or you'll essentially be trading one type of diaper for another and drag out the whole process.  I'm sure others can weigh in with what worked for them re pull-ups but since you mentioned them outright I thought getting the discussion going in that direction might be helpful before you get started.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Whoops, I can't edit on my iPad, but I see now KAM brought it up, too, sorry!  GL!  Training sounds like such an uphill climb.  I love the Clorox ad where the kid is all proud for "making pooo pooo" and mom looks in the empty toilet and says "where" - he points to the tub.  

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Couldn't post from my phone this weekend but hoping Liz and her DD are doing well.  ML - you're right, we are pretty lucky to have such amazing healthcare.


    I'm on day 2 of weaning off the daytime pump.  Working my way through the guilt and knowing that it's the best choice for me to be a less stressed out mama for DS. Also, a question about weight gain, my DS weighed in at 14 lb 3 oz at his 4 month appointment.  Our pedi said that puts him in the 50th percentile which didn't sound quite right to me so I looked it up on the babycenter and their calculator puts him in the 10th percentile.  He's a solid baby and has been growing and gaining so I don't think I need to be concerned but it worries me that our pedi isn't reading the chart right.  What are your thoughts? Perhaps the babycenter calculator is wrong and I'm worried over nothing.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Clc - Good for you for making the right choice for you and DS on the pumping. You are AMAZING for EP-ing this long and should not feel guilty at all. I was never able to exclusively bf DS but we made it to almost 6 months with some pumping and a morning nursing session. I eased us off of it very slowly, more for my emotional state than anything else (DS never really seemed to care whether he took breast or bottle and my supply was so low by then I could have just stopped), and I'm glad I did.

    Unsolicited advice, but if you haven't yet had to supplement with formula, you might soon, so just be prepared for the possible emotional impact of that. As I said, we had to supplement from the start, but I still had to fight my negative attitude towards it. Now that DS has been exclusively on formula for almost 2 months I'm finally able to be positive about it.

    I think that's about the size my DS was at his 4 month appointment, and he's never been above 25th percentile for weight. You're right not to worry, and I can't give you a conclusive answer, but I'd love to hear if someone can, because I feel like I'm ALWAYS reading/hearing conflicting things about percentiles.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz - I hope all is well with your DD! 

    CLC - the charts - there are a few different charts out there... Does your doctor show you the chart and how the progress goes? Our pedi shows us the chart for DS and how each well check visit places him. To me, the important thing is that they use the same chart and map the long term curve and whether the chart shows a deviation in the curve exhibited by your LO or if they are tracking as they should be on their curve.


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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks Arcain.  I've actually had to supplement about 2-4 oz a day depending on my supply.  It seems like my supply is greatly affected by my stress level so when I was starting back to work it really dipped which is when we started formula.  I was able to get it back up for awhile but the past few weeks it's been down again a lot and I'm sure it's because of stress.  I'm overloaded at work and already putting in an hour or two each night after DS goes to bed.  Getting back the 30-60 minutes I was losing during the work day because of pumping is going to be amazing.  Perhaps it will end up meaning less time working after DS is in bed.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Best wishes Liz!!

    CLC - Like cwag said, I'd be more concerned about seeing the measurements plotted on whatever chart the doc is using, to make sure DS is growing on his own curve.  That is interesting the that different charts could put him in such wildly different percentiles though!  Best wishes with the transition as you stop pumping at work.  My supply never was the greatest.  There were all kinds of things I could have tried, but I told myself I was doing the best I could and it was OK to supplement when that time came... and I know you're doing your best too!  And, like you said, being able to get out of work on time and spend time with DD was definitely the upside!

    AFM - Had a really nice weekend with DD and DH.  He's been working fewer weekends and it's so much better for all of us.  I think he now realizes how much he's been missing.  Yesterday I gave DH a break to watch football and took DD to the playground.  Was kind of sad because in the past I would have asked Silver to join us, but she's in the process of moving across the country!!  As a side note, DD can now say football, which is so cute.  Last week she would try and you could see her concentrating, but she'd say uh-ball.  It was like she knew she was supposed to be adding a sound before ball, but couldn't quite do it.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    CLC - was the doc using a weight chart or a height/weight ratio chart (sort of like a BMI for kids). DD has always been a skinny minnie, so she is down at the bottom of her height/weight ratio chart, even when she is around 30% for weight. I never really knew that there was a ratio chart, until the pedi used it. But everyone is right about it being more important that your LO stays close to their own curve, wherever they fall on it. If they suddenly jump or fall to a vastly different percentile, then it is more of a concern. But even then, it is often nothing but a outlier, and they go back to their curve at the next visit.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Lil, as a pedi, can you shed light on why docs tell parents what percentile their babies are for  weight?  It seems to cause nothing but severe anxiety for the parents with babies on either side of the 50th percentile which, of course, by the nature of the normal curve is most of them.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    I hope y'all don't mind if I don't start a whole new thread for this, but I've been thinking about the logistics of travelling with a toddler who goes to bed at 7:30.  For example, my sister and parents did a Bermuda cruise last year, and were thinking about doing it again this year.  That would actually work pretty well for travelling with a LO, but how on earth do you put your kid to bed at 7:30 and stay in the room until you go to bed?? I guess it would work out better if we were at a hotel in some kind of suite.  On a cruise, we could go hang in someone else's cabin next door, but who wants to be crammed into one of those tiny rooms every night??  I might have to lobby the fam to rent a house again instead, but gosh I'd love to go somewhere tropical!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Fram, what about an all inclusive resort that you fly to?  I agree that the logistics of a baby in a cabin could be tough.  A resort might offer more options of conjoining suites, balconies, etc  that would give you options of places to hang out close to  your LO and still be the tropical get away that any Bostonian craves after a little too much winter darkness.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Thank you all for your kind words. DD is doing better, and has gained a little bit of weight. She is on an eating schedule now and is still on the prilosec; we were given permission to put it in her formula. Hopefully she will start gaining soon, and this will all be a distant memory!

    Clc, I know how it is to stress about weight, but at 14lbs, it seems like your DS is doing just fine.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    clc, I think maybe the online calculator was using a different formula than your pedi.  There are multiple charts. My DD had her 4-month appointment today and she was 13 lbs, 15 oz and that put her into the 50th% according to her chart--that seems close to your DS.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Wow,  I just realized I haven't been on the boards in a while! My nightly check the boards was when DS was nursing but I finally pulled the cord (at 18 mon).   

    So much to catch up on. Stockings, we got ours last year at Lands End online, they were the cheapest by far and great quality!  One recommendation is wait until closer to Christmas as they get cheaper and cheaper. After i ordered them last year they ended up being half price a week or so later!  


    Fram-  we went to Ireland this summer and stayed in the same hotel room as DS. One good thing about the time change is that we kept DS up pretty late so I would go to bed when he did around 10pm.  Had it been 7 it would have been hard.  DH left the room and went down to the bar. We brought a noise machine and that worked wonders for sneaking around the room.  If you are in the same room you have to work in shifts.   One place we stayed was more of a town house and all the adults hung out in the common room when the kids slept. That was the ideal situtation for traveling with kids.  

    Liz- so sorry to hear about your LO, so scary and I hope she's better quick! 

    AFM at 18 mon DS is a bundle of energy and fun.  As much as there are trying moments, this age is entertaining. I wonder what he will come up with or do each day.  He loves his tools and runs around looking for his "seebopper" (screwdriver)  and" hammy" (hammer) and says seebooper where are you??? It's the funniest thing considering he has hidden it somewhere and really doesn't know where it is.   He finally gained some weight and is up to 23% up from 9th%.  Headed for another allergy test next month as he still may be allergic to soy/dairy.   


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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble NO PULLUPS!!!!!

    They are a scam from the huggies and pampers people for you to purchase (much more expensive, I might add) more of their stuff for many more years.


    Keep her in diapers now, but start acting like she's in underpants, which means that you take her to the potty (and it's NOT asking 'do you have to use the potty?' because she'll say no because she's busy, doesn't wanna, is 2 yrs old, etc.  You say "when you finish this puzzle, before snack, before we go in the car, etc. it's time to go potty" and then you follow through.  and since there is a younger sibling, move the puzzle to a safe place during the potty visit so she doesn't have to worry that baby is getting the thing she had to leave.


    And then you start going at all these times:

    as soon as she gets up in the morning, before all meals and snacks, 30 minutes after meals and snacks, before you get in the car, the second you get to someone's house or get home from being out, before you go play outside, immediately after you get in from being outside, and then about every 2 or 21/2 hours when you're just hanging around in the house.  the point is to get in the potty frame of mind (for you and her) because at some point when she's in underpants you are going to REALLY CARE that she tries at all these times (and produces) so you feel confident about going for a walk, in the car, blah blah.  so you get used to the concept now, when she's in diapers.  when she's got a dry diaper at any point, ever, you try on the potty, too.


    and when she does pee, it's woo hoo, what a big girl, good job! when her diaper is wet, it's fine, I wouldn't say anything now.


    then, when she's dry more often than not you take a deep breath and you use UNDERPANTS. not pullups. (if it feels like a diaper, looks more like one than not, is very absorbent like a diaper, it must be.... a DIAPER!) and kids will use their pullups as diapers, and don't keep them dry (despite what those stupid marketing commercials say on tv....)  BUT when you pee in your underpants, it goes through to your pants, your socks, and it's really squishy and yucky and you.... learn!  You learn that if you don't want that feelinga gain, that when you have the other feeling of needing to go, you GO! and then you're dry!


    so when you do bite the bullet and use underpants, use them all day, every day, and start on a weekend and just plan to have a home weekend - no going to the mall, being at the grocery store forever, etc. because it's hard for new pottiers to hold it, and mall bathrooms are very far away and rather icky.  so just stay home that weekend, and make lots of visits to the potty.  and use a diaper (not a a pullup) at naptime and at bedtime for a long, long time until she's dry after every nap and then you'll stop using the nap diaper.  And you may use the bedtime diaper for another year or so (or maybe not, all kids are different) because children sleep so deeply and some just can't be dry at night for a longer time.

    And really, while everyone talks about the horrors, I think it really should take about 2 weeks in underpants to really get it.  And then, even when she's dry more than she's not, you still have to tell her to go potty at all those times (as listed before) because being able to hold it until you get to the potty is one skill, noticing your body, holding it, then thinking "I have to pee, let me go to the potty and put this puzzle down, etc." is yet another skill....  But still, if you go full bore potty training in underpants and lots of visits to the potty and she's not done in 2 weeks, then you'd reassess whether she's really ready, and rethink your plan. But if she's talking about it so much, I'd buy a potty (or seat, or whatever it is) - and make sure there is one on each level of the house, kids can't necessarily hold it while you race them up the stairs... many a child has peed as they are entering the bathroom at the beginning).

    Oh, and get the really thick training underpants, not the thin ones like what we wear. the thicker training underpants still have cool designs on them, they aren't just white anymore.  And get about 20 pairs right now so when you have to do mucho laundry those first few days you won't be drying that last pair with a hair dryer!


    Have fun, this is very exciting, and believe me, if she trains now, by Christmas or at least January you can go places sans diaper bag, very freeing! (of course, because you have a baby you'll still have a diaper bag, but think about it when it's just you and your daughter at the park.... sans heavy diaper bag?)

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Oh, Liz, in how scary for you and your husband, I hope you get some answers soon, or at the very least that your daughter doesn't have a repeat vomiting episode where her electrolytes get messed up.  I'm glad you and your doctor have a plan for now....