October Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Kar - I did chuckle at your question.  I do not just tell percentiles, I show the graphs so parents can see how their little one is growing.  You are right - 1/2 will be under 50% and 1/2 over.  Just like an IQ of 100 (I hate to think that 1/2 the population are unfortunately less than 100 but those are the stats of course).

    One of the main reasons I do it is as a discipline for myself.  Growth charts can be a huge indicator of how kids are doing - they tend not to complain.  I need to make sure that I am looking at these as well so I just do it as part of the visit.  Also, I can show them recent trends.  I think of the issues is that often pediatrician do not show weight for height or BMI % which is probably more telling.

    Liz - I am so sorry you are going through this.  I know how hard it is to have your little one in the hospital. Unfortunately, I have been there many a time.  I hope everything pans out to be reassuring and she continues to gain weight!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Fram - my brother, SIL and her fam were going to take a cruise, but they didn't allow swim diapers. Seeing a pool and not going in it would have been so sad for the kids. 

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Lil, thanks.  It seems from all the anxiety surrounding it that you might be in the minority in how you present that number as part of a whole picture of the total health of a particular baby.  I'm thinking if a pedi doesn't handle it like you do that it should be left off the report to parents...it doesn't do any good to give people that number without discussing what the take away ought to be and why.

    If not all docs are presenting it in a "total picture" way like lil does, parents need to ask about that percentile if they feel anxious over it or don't understand how it should impact them and their care/feeding of their LO.  The 50th percentile is merely the average, not the "correct" weight for any particular baby, and your pedi should not just leave you with a number and assume you are ok with that.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for all the support and advice ladies!!  I am surprised about the opposition to pullups.  I would think it's so much easier to use those then to put a diaper on and off a billion times a day, but maybe I just need to be better skilled at putting a diaper on while standing up.  I think I'll be able to get over to BRU today and get the stuff so we can start.  Exciting!

    Fram - my cousin just went on a cruise with her son (12 months at the time). She said that the no swim diapers rule wasn't enforced and that they got a cabin with a balcony so that they could hang out there after her DS went to bed.  She said they had a great time too.

    Kar - I think most docs present the chart just like LIL does.  Well, at least mine does too.  She comes in with a laptop and plots everything.  And even though she says thinks like, "Your kids are small because, well, you as parents are not big," and "they are following their own curve perfectly," moms can't help but worry if their kids are on one extreme end or the other.  It's a moms job to worry, right?  ;)


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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble think about having to fully undress DD when she has an accident in pull ups-off goes the shoes, pants, then on again...Diapers can be wiggled off easier. I got this trick from CT- though she doesn't remember giving it, when going out for a car ride when in undies, put a diapper over the undies, but under the pants-saves the car seat from accidents. Slip the pants down and off goes the diaper quickly when you arrive.

    As for growth charts, at the beginning of every apt (well visit) we go over the kids growth charts, and as long as they kiddos are on their own curve we move on quickly. I do get the print outs with the BMI's but our doctor does not discuss that with us yet. Prob because DS is typically in the 1% on the BMI charts...thankfully the doctor doesn't stress this because a google search makes ya feel like you are intentionally starving you kid if they make it to the 1% on BMI.

    As for traveling-def spring for the suites when staying in hotels-being able to watch TV on a normal volume while the kids sleep is much appreciated. And when traveling with a time difference no need to have the kids do their normal bedtime say up and everyone can enjoy!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Constant concern for your child's health and well being is, of course, normal, but extreme anxiety due to a lack of comprehensive information from your pedi or too much of Dr. Google usurps some readily available peace of mind.  I'm not suggesting that parents shouldn't worry, just that they not leave the office visit with excessive anxiety when asking a few questions would put them more at ease.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    I can't edit to add, but if the doctor doesn't explain things to your satisfaction so that you can leave the office feeling more in control and comfortable, I mean saying something like, "Telling me my baby is in the fifth percentile for weight makes me very anxious and leaves me wondering if I'm doing something wrong.  Please clarify what my take away should from this number, and how do you as her doctor interpret it with respect to her health and what we as parents should be doing differently, if anything?"

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    trouble, if DD is 2.5 she's probably physically ready to go without diapers at all.  Maybe try staying at home a couple of days and reminding her to go to the bathroom at scheduled times (like CT suggested).  Then go out and about and just go to the bathroom almost every place you go, if she needs to.  Bring extra clothes (don't forget extra shoes and socks!) and don't make a big deal about accidents.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    I am guilty of thinking of questions/concerns after the fact.  That applies to the pedi and daycare.  Anyway, my pedi also presents it as a whole picture and shows the chart.  DD is on the higher end, but I typically haven't worried because a) the pedi hasn't expressed concern and b) DH is 6'3".  I can imagine, though, that I would worry if she was on the low end just cuz that's what moms do.

    Thanks for the vaca tips so far!  I just can't picture the logistics.  A friend just went on vaca and she said they would take turns staying in the hotel when DS was asleep and the spouse would go to the beach, read on the balcony, etc... but how do you actually put a 2 yo to bed??  I'm sure DD would handle it way better than I imagine, but I can't picture her going to sleep if I put her in the crib (or whatever) and walk 5 feet to sit down and read a book.

    Does anyone's LO sleep with a pillow??  DD is 20 months.  She often takes the blanket off and ends up sleeping on it kind of like a pillow, so I'm thinking about getting her one.  I'll still have to sneak in to put a blanket on her before I go to bed, but maybe she'll be more comfy :o)

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Liz - Sorry to hear about your DD.  I hope she starts gaining soon!

    CLC - Dont feel guilty about not pumping anymore.  You lasted a long time!  You need to do what is right for you.  Lots of babies are fed formula exclusively and they are happy and healthy!


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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble, pull-ups are easier, but they are so dry and comfy after an "accident" that it is often too tempting for kids to keep going in their pants instead of being inspired by to participate to their full potential in potty training.  It's not that they aren't a great idea in theory, it's that in practice they often hamper success.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers


    I actually put underwear on my son and then put the pull up over them. He would know when he was wet and didn't like it, but it saved a lot of mess.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Winter, that's pure genius.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    I have to say that I had the reverse experience with pull-up.  We waited until DD1 was 3.5 to do potty training.  When she showed interest just over 2, I was super pregnant with the twins so I had no interest and then it was all about survival. 

    When we went for it, we went straight to underwear and for almost a week she would sit on the potty forever and not do anything and then 5 mins later pee all over the floor.  EVERY TIME.  Never once during that first week in underwear did she pee on the toilet.  Then she woke up one morning a bit under the weather, so we kept having her sit on the potty but left her in the pull-ups that day (which are wicked expensive but so much easier to get off/on when using a toilet) and she never looked back. In less than a month she was full time day trained and in less than 3 we were totally in underwear. 

    I think for DD1 it just took the stress out of everything to have a safety net of some kind.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    My DD started being really interested in going to the potty around 18-20 months. Daycare suggested pullups, so we got them for her to wear there, and she started wearing them instead of diapers. It was easier to just have one thing to buy. But DH and I weren't as dilligent about taking her to the potty. (Daycare has a schedule, much like CT-DC suggests, of at least every 2 hours, everyone goes to the potty.) So she wore pullups for quite a while. At around 2 years old we started to be much better at home about taking her to the potty, and she also was very good about asking. So we made the transition to underwear. We never did the training ones- DD was really keeping pullups dry all the time during the day when we switched. I kept her in pull-ups at night for many months after that, even when she was dry all night, mostly because she was co-sleeping with us, and I really didn't want her to wet our bed. But she has had very few accidents. So, I don't hate pullups, but they do cost more than diapers, and I used the kind that velcroed on the sides, so it was very similar to a diaper, since if it was wet, taking it off by opening the velcro was easier than taking off pants/shoes, etc. so essentially it was just a pink princess diaper.

    Another thing that I think worked in our favor was that she really hated to be in a poopy diaper, so she was going p00p on the potty very consistently from the get-go. And I found that clorox disinfecting wipes were great for cleaning out her potty (a one-piece plastic IKEA one) after she had gone. 

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    I just have to vent to you guys :o( 

    We're on the apartment hunt and this awesome duplex we wanted to go look at is not deleaded.  The landlord said he'd be happy to show it to us... because has to to by law duh!  But I'm sure he won't really want to pay to delead it, so what's the point?  There are a LOT of old houses in this area, so I guess I better get used to this issue.  As a matter of fact, I need to check with my landlord about this place!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Fram, that's too bad.  Would the law require him to delead it?

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Fra, why are you concerned about this?  The law requires him to delead if any child under the age of 6 is going to live there.  He can get one of 2 letters to show you: one is a certificate that the place is lead free. The other is an interim letter, which says that all the immediate hazards are removed and that there is plan in place to remove the rest w/in 2 years while taking steps to ensure that those hazards are contained in the interim.  They cannot require you to sign a waiver or accept the place 'as is'. If anyone tries to, report them. 


    All landlords are required to comply, or face liability.  And most places, unless they were built after 1975 or 76 are not going to be compliant, unless they were previously deleaded.  It's not unusual, and it's not an insurmountable problem.  GL.  

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    It's not unusual, but it's definitely reasonable and appropriate to be concerned.  I'm always seeing PILES of threads on the Somerville moms group about problems around landlords and deleading.  For people who are pregnant or who have small kids and are looking to move to another apartment, it's super common for the apartment to be "no longer available" or "just snatched up by someone else".  (Kar - the law does require it - even if the tenant doesn't mind if it's not deleaded, the tenant cannot choose to waive it.)

    It's really tough.  It's definitely illegal - they are not allowed to discriminate against tenants just because the law would require them to delead.  But it's also super hard to prove the discrimination, and most renters don't really have the inclination to get into a legal battle.

    Anyway, Fram, best of luck.  Maybe the landlords will stick to the letter of the law! 

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Just wanted to pop on as it's been a while.... hope everyone is preparing for Sandy! The other night DH and I were saying how this is the first storm where we'll have to actually prepare since there's someone else to worry about besides ourselves! Not going crazy but made sure we have plenty of diapers, formula, bottled water, gas in our cars, etc. We already have batteries from stocking up for DD's toys! Hope it's not too bad of a sorm- we'll see!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    charge your video cameras.  During Irene last year we got some great footage of DD playing (during the day--no need for lights).  It kept us all occupied for a while.

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Let me clarify. Of course, you should be concerned about lead in the apt. But if the guy actually says he's happy to show it to you, I doubt he's going to pull a fast one. My sister rents her old condo out and she loves to have families in there because they are less likely to move after 1 year so it saves on the aggravation of having to find a new tenant year after year.   

    You would be surprised at what is deleaded. I lived in a brownstone in Boston and my unit was deleaded.  This was back in the 1990s. 


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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks everyone.  I'm aware of the requirements for landlords, I just think that realistically if a person cared about deleading their place, they wouldn't wait for my family to come view and do it so we could move in.  It seems like a waste of time to view apartments that aren't deleaded because they're just going to rent it to someone else.  Now I know it may as well be my first question so no one's time is wasted.  As far as our current place, I wasn't aware of the requirements until recently, so if it needs to be deleaded I'll discuss it with the landlord soon.  Need to find the paperwork he was supposed to have given us when we moved in, not to mention our lease to figure out how much notice we'd have to give now that we're month to month!  I hope I don't sound completely ignorant!  I've had DD tested for lead twice and she scored <1 when they are looking for <10.  I honestly don't know why I didn't think to check our paperwork or talk to the landlord before now, but luckily I've never seen any signs of lead paint.


    ETA: I wanted to add that I'm trying not to be a complete pessimist.  In this specific case, the house ended up being at a busy interesection when the guy gave me the actual address.  If that weren't the case, I'd go see the house and hope the landlord would give us a shot.  We'll see what happens!

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    On the lead issue: we have a very old (but recently gut renovated) house. On our realtor's advice, we didn't ask for deleading certification when we bought. In retrospect I wish we had, but of course we weren't thinking so much about it before DS. Now I'm wondering if we should have the house tested. We don't have any chipping paint, but I'm still concerned...Has anyone else had their home tested?

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    Re: October Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - if you have new windows and windowsills, and no other old sources of dust or paint chips, you might want to wait until after your LO's lead test (I think the first one is 9 months?)

    My understanding for people who own property is that when you sell, you have to disclose all info about lead.  If you have never tested, you simply disclose that you don't know.  However, if you have ever tested, you have to provide this info to potential buyers.  Obviously it is what it is, but providing the test results then opens the door for more questions, buyers asking for remediation expenses, et cetera.  A realtor would provide much better info about this.

    I mention the windows because since they move up and down they have potential to generate lead dust.  And the windowsills because apparently since they stick out, some kids like to chew on them.  But it's really what you're comfortable with.  For us personally, we had new windows and sills, and all walls were newly painted and most had new wallboard, so we were okay waiting for the lead test.  (If it had come back concerning, we would have definitely investigated.)