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Possible Infant Reflux?

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    Possible Infant Reflux?

    Hi All, 

    Our 3 week old baby just recently began showing signs (we think) of reflux, but we are not sure...he's having the following symptoms the other night:

    - Spits up (mostly saliva w/ a little milk) about an hour after eating.  Not a lot of spit up, but enough to make him gag, which is particularly scary at night when it happens in the middle of him sleeping.  He is breastfed, but we do give him 1-2 ounces in a bottle on occasion of pumped milk, but I wouldn't say he's overfed.

    - His voice has been hoarse lately since this started, but he has no symptoms of a cold.

    - He never spits up right after eating, and does burp a little bit, but not a lot.

    We have a Dr appt coming up, but thought I'd see if anyone had any advice.  Does this sound like reflux?  Anyone else experience this?  We are concerned about him mostly at night when he is sleeping. 

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    Re: Possible Infant Reflux?

    Our daughter had reflux as a newborn, and it was a total nightmare. She screamed all the time, could only sleep upright, and vomited a full stomach at least three times a day. She was constantly pushing her tongue out because she had vomit in her mouth, and she screamed while nursing and would often vomit in the middle of nursing. We had to wear her pretty much all the time, and were only able to get her to sleep upright in a swing.

    I'm not saying that your son doesn't have reflux, but I do think it's normal for babies to  burp and spit up. Their digestive systems are immature.

    I've heard anecdotally that rice cereal helps with refux, but the research doesn't support it. It didn't help ours -- only prevecid helped.  And you should not give rice cereal to a 3-week-old baby. You are supposed to wait until the gut is closed before introducing solids -- ideally at 6 months, but 4 months at the earliest. As for rice cereal mixing with breast milk -- breast milk breaks down carbs, so any baby cereal you mix with it will turn into a liquid within minutes.
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    Re: Possible Infant Reflux?

    I would say try to get a good burp out of him as soon as he's done nursing or after about 15 min. if he's still nursing.  I've found that if I don't get DD to burp well after nursing her, she will also spit up about an hour later.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes of patting her back and different positions to get the burp out, but it seems to work.  She used to burp on her own after eating as soon as I sat her upright (sometimes she would burp even in the middle of eating!) but now I have to make sure to actually burp her.
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    Re: Possible Infant Reflux?

    Our favorite burping technique was the milkshake!
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    Re: Possible Infant Reflux?

    Wow, lemon, your experience sounds exactly like mine!  She ended up on 2 meds and prescription formula.  But getting there was a nightmare!

    I agree with the careful burping after eating.  But all babies spit up at some point.  I think reflux symptoms include obvious expressions of pain (screaming, arching of the back while eating, refusal to eat even).

    Good luck!
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    Re: Possible Infant Reflux?

    Ah, I'd forgotten the back-arching. It was like a scene from the  Excorcist. Good times. She'd throw her head back and push away from the b**b, which one can't help but take personally.