Hi Ladies,

I'm Kathleen from Ireland, always enjoyed reading the boston just now found the forum through searching for parenting advice, I wanted to talk a little about my current struggle to train my little guy to use the big guy toilet :)

I've been trying boy potty training for around 2 months now, to begin with my little guy was taking it well.. he always give me a sign when he needed to go, for instance pointing to his privates and the look of distress would be clear on his little face, I'd take him toe the toilet where we had a training potty, when he was finished we would pretend to fluch the potty training toilet then we'd all give him a big cheer! :)

This seemed to work really well, he was coming on leaps and bounds, we where at the point that we hoped to be getting rid of the potty training potty soon and replace it with seat which attached to the normal toilet.

Around a week ago though my little guy seemed to have somehow forgot how far he has come with his potty training, he's now back to needing diapers again as he has like totally blanked on the progress we made.

Ladies is there any advice you can give me here as to why he may have forgot all this, I've tried not to put too much pressure on him, I've read countless "how to potty training" and "what is potty training" books, I've searched google, yahoo and the only good online advice I could find was posted on http://pottytraining101.net but it seems to be offline now and my head is about to explode, I need some real world advice here.

Potty training a boy is turning out to be a lot more hard work that I originally though it would be, I'm a little at my wits end here and I'm also worried he isn't maturing properly? Or am I over thinking here? Potty training boy it's not all it's cracked up to be!


Anyway end of rant, if any of you have any potty training how to do it right advice then I'm all ears.