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potty training - tips, books, other recommendations?

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    potty training - tips, books, other recommendations?

    hi all - thinking about trying to potty train DD (2.5 yo).  she's interested in wearing underpants.  ;)

    so where do i begin?  i am a "type a" person and would love a concrete "plan" (like from a book or something), but maybe that's now how potty training works? 

    any tips would be greatly appreciated.  thank you!

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    Re: potty training - tips, books, other recommendations?

    Good to hear from you Stef!  My daughter's the same age as your twins (I think within days, if I remember), and she's just starting to be interested now too. 

    We've had a lot of transitions, and she's changing daycares in about 6 weeks, so I haven't been pushing it yet, but we have been talking more about it.  The times we've kind of ritualized the potty attempts so far are in the morning when she wakes up and at night before she gets in the bathtub (or on non-bath nights, before she puts on PJs), and she's started asking to try occasionally in addition to that. 

    At her daycare, every time they do diaper changes/bathroom trips, they have the toddlers sit on the potty, whether wet or dry, just to get in the habit of trying regularly.

    I know people who swear by a method of training in a weekend...basically spending an entire weekend in the bathroom with your kid...I'm not ready to be that intense yet!  I can't remember the name of the book/person who promotes that method. 

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    Re: potty training - tips, books, other recommendations?

    Here's the 3 day method I mentioned:

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    Re: potty training - tips, books, other recommendations?

    I trained my DD when she was 2 years, 10 months.  At the time we started training her she had no interest in using the potty or wearing underwear.  We ended up picking a 10 day span over xmas break where she would be mostly home with us and family (as opposed to going to daycare, activities etc.) and where we could be sort of flexible with our schedule.  I talked to her a few days before about how she wasn't going to have diapers pretty soon and I showed her the new underpants I got for her (I started with Gerber training pants that are sort of thick and absorbable).  The morning I was ready to start potty training we woke up and immediately put her in underpants.  I bought her a bunch of juice boxes (very exciting for her!) and put her in the playroom and let her drink the juice boxes and play.  Every 10 minutes I made her try to use the potty.  She did pretty well that day, but started resisting in the afternoon and we had to use bribes like MnMs, stickers, use of the ipad etc. to get her to go but she caught on pretty quickly and we made a huge deal about it whenever she peed. Poops were actually easier for her because she only poops one time a day at most and has a history of holding them in and I think she actually preferred going in the potty than in her diaper so we caught a break there. In all, she only had a few accidents over the course of the first few days (and we stayed home for about 2-3 days), and then something clicked and she figured it out.  She stayed in pullups at night/naptime for a little bit but now, at age 3.3 she is totally trained.  I was completely overwhelmed by the idea of potty training and it ended up not being a big deal at all.

    My tips would be:

    1) Use the absorabable training underwear at first, then let her pick out the special character underwear as a reward. The training pants minimize the mess of accidents.

    2) Don't be afraid to allow behavior you don't want for the long run if you think it will help her learn to go because you can always break bad habits later. For example, we let DD bring her little potty into the playroom and we let her use the ipad while "trying".  We also gave her candy after every time she peed at first.  Then we gradually changed the rules as she improved, and weaned her off the MnMs.

    3) if she's not responding or it's not going well, don't be afraid to back off and wait another month or two.  I truly believe that they won't learn if they aren't developmentally ready and that includes being able to physically pull down their pants and get onto the toilet

    Good luck

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    Re: potty training - tips, books, other recommendations?

    Two and a half is great.  Go for it right now.

    The three day (really, more like a week) idea--go for it. Otherwise you end up with a kid half-trained for months.

    Skip the books, videos, charts, etc.  She knows what a toilet is and what people do there.  You don't need a book about Elmo Always Flushes!

    She sounds interested already, which is good.  Present it as "we all use the toilet and it looks like you're ready" not "would you like to use the potty" as if it would be OK if she decided she couldn't be bothered.