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Preventing unbuckling?

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    Preventing unbuckling?

    Ok everyone, I've searched the internet to find some options but wanted to know if anyone has used anything to prevent their child from unbuckling themselves?
    My son figured out how to completely undo everything-- chest strap and main buckle -- in his carseat. Talk about being totally freaked out! 

    When I see him do it I say a firm 'NO' and immediately pull over and buckle him again. But it's a new skill and something fun to do so until it becomes old had and boring, he's going to keep doing it despite my best efforts. 

    Any suggestions? I've seen on amazon these felt covers that velcro over the buckle itself to distract him from the big, red button... but I'm worried he'll just figure out how to unvelcro that as well and I'll be out 20 bucks in the meanwhile. 

    Apparently his fine motor skills are better than I thought....! YIKES! 
    Please help
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    Re: Preventing unbuckling?

    this isn't the only baby/young toddler I've heard of who can do this, but it certainly isn't fabulous, since the next step is that you'll see him wriggling out of the carseat.

    Can you ALSO put a "dog clip" type clip over some part of it so even if he does all the rest, he can't do that?  or a caribeener (spelling!)

    Or could you wrap a scarf around that shiny button and tie it? like a silk scarf that you could the undo (ha, ha!) fairly easily?

    ye gods, he should be really good at tiny legos when he gets older with these fine motor skills!
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    Re: Preventing unbuckling?

    Maybe you need a different car seat? Our Britax Boulevard is so incredibly difficult to unfasten -- my husband and I can hardly manage it.

    I would say to call the car seat company and ask them for advice. Anything you buy from an outside company will likely void the warrantee on your seat, and may make it dangerous to use. They may have an item that has been tested for use with their seat.

    In terms of general safety-related discipline -- I've found that telling my daughter "no!" causes her to feel duty-bound to do the naughty thing in order to see what I will do, or assert her independence, or because of some other mysterious toddler motivation. I save my "no" for things like food or toys or whatever (because of course she has to learn that "no" means "no"), but with stoves and sidewalks and parking lots and electrical outlets, I instead pull her aside, tell her immediately that I am NOT MAD at her, and explain that what she is doing is very dangerous and could hurt a baby. Sometimes she rages and sometimes she laughs, but I just keep repeating it over and over and explaining why it could hurt a baby and that I love her and am not mad. And I talk about it when the danger isn't imminent as well, in order to let her feel like she's involved in the decision not to run in the parking lot or whatever. It's worked really well.
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    Re: Preventing unbuckling?

    I wouldn't buy any additional pieces for the car seat.  I would, however, scare the bejeezus out of him.  Pull the car over as quickly and safely as possible without saying a word and then get very angry with him.  Let him see you mad enough to put a finger right up to his face and let him know he is never to do that again.  Ever. 

    I told my little one her safety in the car is too important and I will not tolerate her disobeying me by unbuckling her belt while I am driving.  I really yelled a few times and probably scared her but now she's got the point and we're all happier because she understands!  I did tell her that once the car is stopped and I give her the OK, she is free to unbuckle herself and she was happy about that.  She is now great at letting me know when I am unbuckled and has once even alerted me that I had forgotten to buckle her up when I went to start up the car! 

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    Re: Preventing unbuckling?

    I love the idea of letting a child who is super happy about unbuckling to let them do it themselves when the car is stopped and drawing the distinction between it not being OK when the car is moving.  Also, you can point to how mom is buckled in, too, and also has to wait until the car is stopped to unbuckle herself.  Don't kids want to mimic mom and dad?

    I agree, if he's industrious to be able to get out of what's there, he's certainly capable of figuring out velcro so don't waste your money!
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    Re: Preventing unbuckling?

    Are the straps fastened tightly enough?  With my daughter's carseat, when the straps are fastened properly it would be very difficult for her to press hard enough to get the buckle to come unfastened.  If the straps aren't tight enough (also an escape issue!) she can get her hand under and around the buckle and press with both hands and get it unbuttoned.
    Also, how old is your son?  I feel like his age impacts which strategies would work better.
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    Re: Preventing unbuckling?

    Perhaps you could stop by your local police station and have one of the officers explain to your son why he needs to remain buckled.  I would probably call the police station first so that they are aware that you're going to bring him down.  With the police officer in his or her uniform explaining the importance of staying buckled your son will probably get the message loud and clear.
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