pumping - a long time for very little

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    pumping - a long time for very little

    DS is just 2 weeks old now and I started to pump yesterday b/c I could not handle being his only food source all day! 

    I have the hospital grade medela pump which i thought would make things quick - although maybe this is quick. 
    I just pumped for 45 minutes on a pretty high setting (but not the highest) and got 1.5 oz on one side and 2.5 oz on the other.  Is this normal??  Am I not making enough milk??  DS was also cluster feeding all night....but maybe it's because I am not producing enough.  He is gaining weight so i wasn't concerned and BFing has been going well otherwise.

    Also, not sure how many ounces he needs at 2 weeks....what did your LOs need?

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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    At 2 weeks, your LO probably does not eat 4 oz at a feeding... more likely 2 or 3, so what you pumped is a really good amount.  That sounds about right for an amount to get out for what your body can produce at that stage, to me. 
    45 min is a long pumping session though - what did you get after 20?  Those pumps are usually designed to be 20 min pumps... the hospital ones may even be faster. 
    For reference, my DD was taking about 3 oz of pumped milk per feeding around 2 weeks. 
    Its really normal to get more out of one side than the other, too. 
    Overall, sounds like you are getting a good amount to me! 

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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    You sound like you're making enough!  At 2 weeks your little one will be nursing often and pumping isn't a great indicator of output.  For example, my little guy would eat every 2 hours or so and then when I decided to pump around 5 weeks or so to try to get him used to a bottle, I couldn't get more than 2oz out of one side (only 1 side works for me).  I started to panic a little since I had quite the oversupply with DD (now 3).  Then as he started to go longer between feeds and I started pumping again later around 8-10 weeks I was getting 5-6oz at a time.  You should be fine with what you're getting now.  This morning I pumped 9oz in 10 minutes all from one side.  Your body will know what to do.  I know that it's hard to trust it at first, but it should all work out.  Sounds like you should be fine!
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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    One tip my lactation consultant told me that has been very helpful:  Once your flow slows or stops, press the let down button again to start another cycle.  This will typically trigger another let down and will result in more milk.  It mimics what happens when you breastfeed, when you will have multiple let downs in one nursing session.

    Also, manual compression of your breasts while pumping can also help maximize the amount of milk you get.  Even now almost 7 months in, I can eek out another ounce or so at the end with compression.

    In terms of how much he needs per feeding, I also used a calculation from my LC.  You mulitply his weight by 2.66 - that gives you the total ounces per day that he roughly needs.  Then then divide that number by the number of feedings per day and you get the ounces per feeding.  So if he is 8lb, x 2.66 that is 21.28 ounces per day, and if he is eating 8 times (may be more or less at this point) that is 2.66 ounces per feeding.  Sounds like you're ahead of the game!!

    Worrying that the baby isn't getting enough is totally normal.  Trust your body!  As long as he is gaining and having wet diapers, you're doing great.  The cluster feedings are his way of setting your milk supply in those early weeks to meet his growing needs...they do subside, so for now get comfy and snuggle up!
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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    Congrats SLP!

    I agree with the others that the amount is probably enough for DS if that's how much you're getting.  However, I reeeally don't think you should pump for 45 minutes.  I had a hospital grade pump for the first two weeks and the pamphlet said something like that pump could mimic a baby's sucking in 10 minutes and a regular electric pump could do it in 15-20 minutes. 

    I notice that after a certain amount of pumping, my milk is just slowly dripping out.  Maybe when you get to that point, you should check how much you have.  Maybe between that point and 45 minutes, you don't get much more?

    I have only used Ameda pumps, so not 100% sure what Jewel meant by the "let down button".  My Ameda pump recommends putting it on full speed at first, then turning it down for a while, and then going back to full speed if you want to try for another let down.

    ETA: I posted something relevant in the March Updates (I think).  I was pumping and giving bottles at night due to latch issues.  I wondered if the baby needed more than 3 oz because she was still fussy after 3.  I got some great replies about how she probably just wanted to keep sucking for as long as she sucks on the breast because it's soothing.  At that point I decided that the combo of bottles and BFing was too confusing and went back to only BFing... Of course I'll have to introduce bottles again in a few weeks before she goes to daycare!
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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    At two weeks you're getting a ton!  I have been pumping for 5+ months, and my body still won't give me more than 5 oz total in a pumping session.  Everyone is different. 

    I would not pump for more than 20 minutes in a sitting.  If you want to do some extended pumping, try a "power hour", pumping for 10 minutes, then wait ten minutes, then pump again, until you've gotten to an hour.  It helps mimic nursing babies, since they will often do short frequent feeds, and helps boost supply.  In the height of my pumping, I would try to do this every other day or so. 

    Good luck!
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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    just jumping in to say that I've found with compression that it really gets the fatty milk out so I always compress for the last couple of minutes.
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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    thanks for all the tips!  of course the next night i pumped 3 oz from one side in 10 minutes!  i was dancing around the house :)  these are the things to get excited about now :) 
    ds seems to be eating less too since yesterday. maybe he was cluster feeding?  going to a bf support group today through winchester hospital - so hoping that will help to answer some questions.

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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    Bostonslp... I don't think I ever got more than 3oz from one side - no matter how long!  You're doing great
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    Re: pumping - a long time for very little

    Check out kellymom.com its a bible for breastfeeding and pumping moms, and very reliable too.

    Pumping for 45 minutes is crazy though- you should be done in about 10 really.  Once you stop making milk, go for another minute or two, and then you're done.  Also you should be double pumping, doing both sides at once.  Maybe thats why it took so long?

    Check out that website, you'll LOVE it.