Question on Nanny Sharing

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    Question on Nanny Sharing

    We are considering doing a nanny share with someone I work with.
    It would be out of my home (2 children total - 1 mine, 1 theirs).

    For any of you who currently nanny share, did you need to get day care insurance coverage added to your homeowners policy?

    Nanny sharing is sounding like a good idea from the social and cost perspective, but we are worried about liability in the unfortunate event that someone gets injured in our home...

    Any thoughts/experience would be appreciated.

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    Re: Question on Nanny Sharing

    I understand your worries. Of course you will save a great deal of money, but is it worth the risk to be liable for someone else's child? Do you know the person you work with well enough to share with? Sometimes, even our very best friends can be nasty, when money is involved.
    Ex. I was driving my son and his best friend to and from school every day. One fall morning, an oncoming car was driving too fast, skidded in the wet fall leaves and hit my car head on. My car was totalled, but no one were seriously hurt. I was found completely w/o fault. Still, the boy's father (a lawyer) sued me. Needless to say, his son had to find another ride after that.
    Make sure your nanny has proper insurance and ask for a copy of it before she starts. Plus ask both parents of the other child to sign a waver, that in case something happens to their child, you will not be responsible.
    Good luck - Pingo