Recommendations for an in Home Nanny?

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    Recommendations for an in Home Nanny?


    My husband and I are expecting a baby next month and have been looking into daycare options.  I think we have decided we would like to hire a nanny for 3 or 4 days a week to come to our condo in South Boston.  I am also open to the idea of a nanny share with another infant/child.   We would probably need someone to start in February.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I am not sure where to begin.  Thank you for any suggestions! 

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    Re: Recommendations for an in Home Nanny?

    I live in South Boston also and have a new baby boy who I'm desperately searching for an in home nanny for starting either December or January when I (unfortunately) have to go back to work!  Maybe we can search together and hopefully find someone to watch both our little ones for a lower cost! :)  Email me if you're interested!
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    Re: Recommendations for an in Home Nanny?

    I live in Connecticut, but was in your shoes almost exactly a year ago. So I am sharing my experience in the hopes that it is somewhat helpful. 

    Initially, we found a terrific nanny through CraigsList -- but she backed out on us a week before she was due to start.  We re-doubled our search efforts using CraigsList, SitterCity and two (local) nanny placement agencies.

    Ultimately CraigsList proved the source.  I know it can be a bit scary to search for a nanny through CraigsList, but if you do your due diligence (plan to interview a LOT of people) you may very well find someone terrific. The nanny we hired came to us with eight years of experience and provided simply wonderful care for our daughter.

    While we didn't find a full-time nanny on SitterCity, we did find a wonderful regular babysitter (nights and weekends). 

    The nanny agencies were a total bust.  It took them four weeks plus to send us three potential nannies and all three were terrible.  And expensive (on top of the nanny placement fee).  But that may well have been a fluke as I am sure there are great nanny placement agencies in Boston.

    (Quite note about CraigsList - we found the best candidates by posting an opening, rather than just viewing nannys who post their availbility).

    Hope this helps!
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    Re: Recommendations for an in Home Nanny?

    I always found word of mouth is the best way to find a nanny.  I did find it was a much more convenient option when my kids were young. I also just got work my dear friend and former nanny is unexpectedly available and looking for a new full time position. (economic reasons within her current family) if you are interested. More below.

    She came into our lives when our twins were just a few months old and worked with us until they were 2.  We had to give her up when we moved back to NYC and I can tell you not a day goes by that we don’t miss her terribly.  

    If you are looking for a reliable, talented, caregiver with experience in child development (not babysitting) to care for your infants or young children, please call Manuela to set up an interview. She can be reached at 617 787 1321 or by email at

    With Manuela, I went back to work and always felt 110% confident in the safety of my twins– she is vigilant with sound judgment and takes her responsibilities very seriously.  But what makes her unique is her ability to connect with children at their level and instill in them a zest for life, love of learning and confidence in their own abailities.  She made every day an exciting adventure for my twins. I always came home to laughter and joy and the kids were way on track developmentally thanks to her hard work.

    In my experience, Manuela is very professional, always on time and responsible.  She and her husband Gregorio are parents to 2  very well-mannered, smart, college kids.   And, earlier in her career, Manuela was a Montessori aide in Texas and brings that knowledge into your home.

    Ideally she is looking for a full time, live out position – 40 hour minimum.  She does not drive and lives on the Green Line.  She most wants to work with infants and would welcome a family that wants to raise their child(ren) to be bilingual in Spanish.  Most important to her is a good fit in terms of personality and parenting style with a family that treats her with respect. I’m not sure what price she will be asking – it would depend on many factors – but I would assume it would be in negotiable.

    Manuela has impeccable references in addition to me, including a pediatrician.  I just think she is so wonderful I would love to see her land in a great place.  Please pass his note along to anyone you know that might be interested. the economy is tough right now and she needs help landing a new position.  Thanks, Kirsten