Refusing bottle?

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    Refusing bottle?

    We have another eating issue in our house.  DD (7.5 months) has started refusing some of her bottles.  It started on Friday, so has been about 5 days so far.  Prior to this, she was taking about 25-30 ounces per day.  Last Friday she only took 10 ounces ALL DAY and maybe 2 ounces of yogurt.  She has slowly started to take a little bit more each day, and today took 20 ounces total....but it has been a struggle and I still feel it is quite a bit less than before.

    There are times when she will outright refuse the bottle....mouth closed, turning head, swatting at the bottle.  Other times she will start the bottle, but then stop part way through.  When this happens, sometimes it seems like she wants to play and she will sit up and start rolling towards me and do silly voices....I can usually get a little bit more into her if we take breaks and I let her try to hold the bottle.  But, other times it seems like it is hurting her to drink....especially if she takes big gulps she makes faces like she is in pain and kind of jerks her head back and starts swatting at the bottle.  When that happens, the feeding ends pretty abruptly because she fusses and won't take anymore.

    I can't figure out what is going on....this has never happened before.  Could it be teething?  She is just starting to crawl now too. I have read that babies at this age start drinking less because they are eating more solids.  But, she is still not good about eating her solids.  She will sometimes eat an entire "meal" of fruit or veg and cereal, but usually I can only get a few bites in her.  So, I don't think this is because she is eating more solids.

    Sorry for the long post, but I was hoping to get your thoughts or similar experiences.  I will call the pedi if it continues.  Oh, and she is completely weaned now and is on Good Start soy formula.  She is still sleeping fine and generally acting happy.  DD is only in the 5th percentile for weight, so anytime she has a decrease in intake it really stresses me out.
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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    DD started using a straw style sippy cup around 6/7 months. It may be worth a try to see if she'll drink from a regular straw and switch her over to sippy. Up till 12 months infants are generally receiving the majority of their nutrition from formula/milk.

    I would call your pedi tomorrow and see what he/she says - I wouldn't wait.

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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    Memes...could she have a sore throat or be sick??  Does she look like she is in pain every time she eats?  I agree with benice I would call your pedi and not wait.
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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    LLLE, she does have a little bit of congestion....runny nose.  So, it is possible that she has a sore throat.  Also, DH and I had a sore throat in the last week.  Thanks for the thought....that didn't cross my mind.  I did try giving her tylenol over the weekend a couple times and it didn't seem like it helped.

    She doesn't act like she is in pain every time....just some of the time.

    I will call the pedi.  I was holding off because I am off work on Fridays and it is easier to bring her in that day.  I will see what they say though.

    Also, thanks Benice, I will buy one of those sippys with the straw and see how she does.
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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    It could be teeth, sore throat, ears, or nausea. 
    It could also just be newfound independence.  Trying a cup might help.  Has she been fussy or had other symptoms that might indicate teething or illness?
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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    memes- we are having a similar issue- my DS is only a week older (or two). his intake during the day has diminished from 24 ounces at day care to maybe 8.  My ped rec that we try to keep it at 20 ounces per day total (at least), which would include the AM and PM feedings I do (BFing) and the milk I mix in with cereal.

    Although we have increased his solids, the amount hasn't really changed- and we are similarly stuck- day care tries to feed him bottles before meals, but he holds out for the solids (he does better on those than your DD does). i have also thought about putting milk in sippy cups (right now, he only gets water).

    let me know what they say- i hope that she isn't sick! (although it may make things easier if she was and she just returns to normal later).

    I have also wondered if it is teething, and something about the sucking (how he has to move his mouth or what) is bothering him. although the nursing has been going fine, he tends to be somewhat unconscious during those times (right before/after sleep). Is there a time of day that she does better?
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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    memes, we went throught a period where ds did not want much to drink from the bottle. We were lucky to get him to the 16 ounces our doctor said should be his minimum. DH and I got somewhat stressed about it. Then, about a month or two later, he started drinking a lot more again. I'd talk to your doctor about it to make sure this sounds okay to them, but thought you'd want to know someone who's gone through that and found it to not be permanent.
    Oh, and here's a thought - did you switch to a faster-flowing n!pple recently? We tried moving ds from a level 1 to a level 2 at around 4-5 months old and he started either refusing the bottle, crying after feeding or drinking ridiculous amounts. We called the pedi several times and weren't getting clear answers so we switched the n!pples back to level 1 and he was fine.
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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    Thanks Winter and RHM, this makes me feel better to know others who have the same experience.  So, I talked to the doctor, but didn't actually bring her in because she has actually been doing much better yesterday and today.  She hasn't fussed at all today with the bottle and is already up to 18 ounces by 5pm, so will likely get over 20 ounces today and she has had some solids as well.  So, I am not quite as stressed as I was a couple days ago, but I hope she doesn't regress back to refusing bottles.

    Pedi thought it sounded like teething, but because she was doing better, they just wanted me to monitor it and call back if she was refusing them again.

    And Winter -  she does the best in the morning and at night....sounds similar to your DS.  I just bought a new sippy with a straw that I will try as soon as I was it.  I am kind of skeptical that she will be able to suck from a straw, but I think it is worth a shot like Benice suggested.

    RHM - we haven't changed nipples recently, so I don't think that is what it is.  I was actually thinking of trying this as a solution to the problem, but I probably won't now!

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    Re: Refusing bottle?

    memes, glad things improved!
    Last summer DD saw me drink iced coffee pretty often and one time I was carrying her and the iced coffee in the same arm/hand and she stole a sip from the straw! The straw-style sippies take a little more effort but once she understood the concept they worked out well for us.