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September Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Hm, our pedi said it was fine for us to switch even to skim milk at his two year checkup because he eats cheese and yogurt that are full fat and based on his weight to height, calories and fat was not an issue in his diet (daycare is on 2% milk for his room) so it is going to vary based on pediatricans andwhat their assessment of the child in question. So we just get the DHA milk (which due to the DHA is not really technically skim anyway). He was never a big milk drinker anyway, so it was not really a big part of his diet since he was just as apt to dump the milk over or ignore his milk so we did focus more on cheese and yogurt for his dairy intake. 

    Keep in mind that not all cultures are as heavy in milk and dairy food as we are :) my mother grew up with almost no dairy since they had no access and their diet was mooriented and seafood oriented. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ML, I think it's just really individual.  I will say that DD is a pretty good talker.  But when we get together with our friends from her new baby group, most of them are not talking as much, even though they're all crackerjacks and whip smart.  Conversely, my DD is still not as adept at climbing and jumping and stuff like that.  They all seem to work on different pieces at this age.

    re: milk, our pedi was in the camp of saying it didn't matter what we used (skim, 1, 2) after she turned 2 years old.  We went to 1 or 2% because she actually likes it better than whole (and drinks more of it).

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I talked to one of the nurses and she said to keep track of her feedings and wet diapers for the next couple of days. Like Trouble said, if she is happy and shows no signs of fever etc., she is probably fine. She gulped down 4oz about an hour ago, so I feel good about that. I also got the next size up in nipples, so that may help as well...who knows!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ML - I would echo medford - it really seems to vary from child to child... DS used to hardly say anything to the point that we thought he was potentially behind at his 18 month checkup... And we suspected that he just did not want to say anything nor needed to since we knew what he wanted. We realized he understood way more than we thought because even without saying anything, he would follow instructions readily and we noticed too that he would whisper words or phrases to himself for a while before he started to talk more. It was the same for other language milestones, like his teachers said it was odd that he never said his own name even when all the kids in his room would say their own name... But then he would use two word phrases that other kids were not saying, even ones older than him. He has finally got the hang of how to say his name (which to us was odd because we would hear other kids much younger squeal his name correctly). So each will move at their pace.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers


    Completely unrelated question- does anyone know if the Chicco Keyfit 30 fits in a JetBlue seat? we're traveling for the first time next month so thought I'd ask. I'll look on their website too but can't imagine it'll get that specific. Do people usually bring the base along for use in the rental car? I'm looking forward to a weekend away but traveling with a baby for the first time could be an adventure!!


    We put the Chicco Keyfit 30 on Southwest last week.  It was cozy, (the seat needs to go next to the window), but it fit fine.  No need to take the base, as the seat works fine without it, both in the air, and on the ground.  We didn't do much travel by car once we arrived, but did without.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I hope everyone is having a great fall-like weekend! I'm popping in for some advice on growth spurts. DD was 12 weeks on Friday.

    For the past 5-7 days we've noticed she doesn't go as long between feedings during the day (was going 3 hrs easily but now back to 2-2.5hrs), and she wants to nap more frequently and isn't too into playing. She is a catnapper anyways and normally takes around 4-5 naps that can range from 25-45 minutes, but never longer than that. Now she'll be up for barely an hour and starts getting cranky until we set her up for a nap.

    Does this sound like a growth spurt? What can I do to help her, besides feed her as often as she needs and let her sleep more? Would there be a point I should call her pedi- how long might this last?

    While I'm on the topic, any tips to get her to take longer naps during the day? She's starting daycare in 2 weeks so I don't know how that'll affect the naps....

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Perhaps (and this may not work with your daughter) if she wakes after 25 minutes you go RIGHT in (vs. letting her try to figure it out herself) and try to pat her belly/back/rub her forehead to get her back to sleep.  Without picking her up, without talking to her, or getting her woken up.  Just see if you can take 20 minutes to put her back to sleep, and if that works, see if it's worth it based on how long she sleeps.

    Because I've seen some babies who wake after 25 minutes, but if you put them back to sleep they've learned to sleep longer naps without waking.  So after a week of doing this, perhaps she'll learn to sleep 1 hour naps?  It's worth a try.

    Otherwise, tell the daycare that she does this at home, and that she might sleep 5 times during the day at childcare, and that sometimes she wakes after 25 minutes but that within 1 hour you put her back down again.  That way they'll know her sleep patterns and can replicate it at childcare.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ML - I would say at 2 we expect to see 2-3 words put together but not full sentences necessarily.  DD says a few sentences very regularly i.e. "Where'd Daddy go?" - she will ask that about anyone who left the room.  She also will say things like "I did it" and "I want ____ (fill in the blank).  So these sentences don't tend to be more than 3 words and I still don't understand a lot of what she says.  I think my mother-in-law thinks I am crazy because I will answer DD when she says something and she really does not understand what she is saying .  I think if you were in the room with her you would likely not understand 50% of what she says.


    As for milk - DD is 100% for height and 95% for weight so we have been doing 2% from day one and now are using 1%.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks everyone, I guess we are right on track!

    I'm starting to get DD's fall/winter clothes in gear, ordered all her handmade sweaters, hats and mittens for this winter and I'm wondering about PJs. I'm hoping to get her her potty trained sometime this winter, so we are thinking we need to go with two-piece PJs instead of the "heavies" (one piece footed pajamas) she lived in last winter and worked so well for us.

    DD hates blankets, kicks them off regardless of the temp or what she is wearing - so we have to dress her warmly. I'm just wondering how to keep a toddler really warm in two piece jammies (when she sleeps with her arms over her head).

    Also, undershirts replacing onsies, do they stay tucked in and keep them warmer?

    Lastly, does anyone have any recommendations for good warm slippers that stay on?

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I think I'm the only mom of a 2 year old that is totally uninterested in potty training!  My pedi told me don't worry about it until 3 yrs.  I'm so maxed out between my 2 kiddos, I'm only too happy to comply!  So I still love her in snappy crotch T shirts and blanket sleepers.  I'm guessing I'm not the only one since they make all these items in size 2T.  LOL

    AFM, fantastic weekend with the kiddos.  As a working mom, my weekends are so much more exhausting than my weekdays, but in a good way.  We went on a playdate on Saturday morning, then the playground in the afternoon and then on Sunday playground in the morning and had a great Sunday roast dinner in the evening with some company.  

    Kids are great!  DS is actually talking more and more, although not a lot of it is understandable.  He says bear, ball, car, spoon, and of course, mama and dada and his sis' nickname.  Still no walking though!  But Mama has some ripped arms from carrying him everywhere!  Looks like DD might be on the verge of giving up her nap.  She didn't nap Friday or Saturday, but luckily napped yesterday.  She'll stay in her crib and just play though, so I can't really complain.  Just curious how much sleep do the other 2 year olds get per day?  I think she's about 12 hrs total.  

    Have a great week everyone!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ML, we love the Hanna Anderson slipper socks. DS wears them all the time at home and keeps them on overnight with his pajamas. (He's not a big fan of keeping blankets on top of himself.)

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble, my oldest DD just potty trained, she was 2y8m when I started.  She did fantastic.  She showed interest at 18 months, but totally backtracked, so we waited.  She would go if I did, but that was about it.  One day at TJMaxx, I found onsies for 3t and was so happy.  Last year she just turned 2 and didnt use a blanket much and thier room is always the coldest room in the house, so I needed an extra layer on her. 


    I just did the switched over my kids clothes...I cant keep up with the amount of clothes they have, but they are growing like weeds.  My almost 3yo is wearing size 5's and my 20 month old is in 3t's. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ML- we have had good luck with the LL Bean 'toddler animal paws' slippers.  We've had the sheep and the bunnies for DD so far and although she does need help putting them on, they stay put.


    As for the warm jammies - I'm in a similar boat myself.  DD is potty training so no more of the fleecy one pieces I guess.  Although DD does like her blanket, so hopefully she'll stay warm enough.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ML, I am having the same wonders about PJ's.  We have never been able to use the fleece one piece ones because they make her sweat even if it's freezing.  But through last winter she used cotton one pieces with sleep sacks.  Now she's still in cotton one pieces, and we just gave her a blanket, which she enjoys, but I'm 99% sure it comes off pretty quickly and I don't think she knows how to get it back on.  So I don't know.

    Has anyone tried quilts or blankets tucked into the foot of the crib?  I was wondering if that would be easier for her or just annoying.  I also saw awesome sheets/blankets at one step ahead that are fitted just around the bottom, but they cost a bundle and you have to buy the sheet set with duvet cover and then the duvet separately.  That website has nice stuff but sometimes their arrangements are unreasonable.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble, my DS is a bit younger than your DD, but at almost 2 yrs (in 4 wks)... I could not be less interested in potty training either.  We have a little potty, and he sits on it only when naked just minutes before going into the bath.  But nothing happens (other than he knows to "tuck" everything inside the potty... so unbelievably cute "pp insie' potty?").

    Speaking of... ML, I totally agree with LIL.  Sometimes my DS sounds like he's speaking french just as much as english.  Most people wouldn't have a clue that he's saying "i wanna swimming."  At most I think we have 3 words together... usually 2 and very often still just one word.  Although he's becomming so demonstrative and its so hilarious... "mama sit DOWN" and "mama get it"  I try desperately to get him to add a "please" to the end of those demands!

    So glad folks have brought up the upcoming (and now even) cooler nights.  DS loves the onsie PJs and probably will wear those come really cold weather, but I've definitely found his shirt up over the belly and blankets squished to the bottom of the crib many nights.  Medford I've thought about tucking in the blanket but he still swirls 180 degrees quite often, so would probably get more tangled.  Last night I knew it would be chilly, as I refuse to put the heat on quite yet (even though it was 40 degrees at 5am this morning...brrrr).  So I put socks on him last night and that definitely helps his overall body warmth.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Last year when they were 2 we switched to carter's fleece 2 piece pj's. They were already out of cribs due to climbing but wouldn't use a blanket so I still had them in sleepsacks. I found the two piece outfits so much easier for both diapers (ds) and pullups or potty trips (dd).

    We love Hanna Anderssen sweedish moccasins (slipper socks) to keep toesies warm.


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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I am an occasional poster, but do more lurking! You ladies all have great advice and input:) Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations or knows of any daycare openings for a 10 month old. We are looking for part time (2 days a week) and not having much luck finding anything. We are looking in the following towns, Woburn, Winchester, Stoneham & Melrose. Possibly Wakefield or Arlington as well.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Summer -- Sounds like it could be a growth spurt. My DS was (and still is, to an extent) a cat napper too. As I posted here recently, we're still trying to get him down to 2-3 naps per day at almost 7 months.

    Until recently, DS was up for 2 hours or less at a time and napping 4, sometimes 5 times per day. My pedi really wanted him napping less and longer (and we did, too!). We follwed the Weissbluth method so I was hesitant to push him as hard as the pedi wanted us to, but we did try extending his awake time a little bit every day. Admittedly since I went back to work and our crazy daycare scenario started, we haven't really stuck to any plan very firmly, but extending him gradually did help. With DS nothing is a guarantee, but the two things that seem to give us a better shot at a longer nap are keeping him up longer than 2 hours in between and timing his naps to happen shortly after feedings (not necessarily right after -- I think I heard that it's bad to always feed right before sleep because they come to rely on it as a means to get to sleep. Of course I can't remember where I read that so I'm wondering if I just made it up). With feedings every 2 hours, your chances of getting a super long nap probably aren't great, but maybe those will help.

    As for daycare, I wouldn't put too much effort into establishing a schedule or anything before she starts. My DS naps very differently at daycare than he does at home due -- I think -- to all the extra stimulation. Is she going to be in daycare full time? If so, it might make sense to talk to the dc provider about getting her on a schedule/getting her to consolidate naps. I have relatives who did that and they just followed the daycare schedule at home.

    Speaking of, I'm feeling a bit lost as to how to gain control (ha!) of DS's nap schedule. We have a good feeding schedule and I'd hoped naps would fall into place around that. But we have 3 different caregivers during the week (daycare and 2 grandparents on 2 different days) and he seems to nap differently for all of them. Everyone is good about trying to follow our ideal schedule, but DS rarely follows that schedule. I want to try and find a pattern and try and build a schedule around that, but I'm dealing with information overload...

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Also, I've hesitated to post this because so many here are in the first 3 months and waiting until the fussy period is over, almost 7 month old has been SO fussy and whiny for the last month or so. Sometimes he's happy and excited to play, but other times, for no apparent reason, he whines almost the entire time he's awake and can only be distracted (with a good deal of effort) for a few minutes at a time.

    I feel like he's much fussier than he was when he was younger (granted, he was a good newborn/young infant). We've had about 4 false alarms with teething, colds have come and gone, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious cause. We have had a lot of changes between vacation at the end of August, me starting work, and daycare, and it's possible this has coincided with those, but I think it's been going since before all the changes. Am I expecting too much? Should I be looking at some other cause? It's just so hard to tell what's normal sometimes, and to know whether he's really so fussy or if it's just my perception...

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain, any chance it's seasonal allergies? The ragweed has been very bad this year and it bothers my husband. My 2 year old has also been whiny lately and we were thinking maybe she has some allergies as well.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    My chiropractor said the same thing about ragweed just this morning.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ml and others re: warm PJs. My DD is fully potty trained, but still wears footed pjs with a zipper. She can unzip it herself, and can get the sleeves off, although when she is in a hurry, she turns the sleeves inside out. But you are going to be going with your LO to the potty for a long time (I wish that wasn't the case) Because even when all the mechanics of going potty are learned, you still sometimes need to help, or to make sure all of the steps are followed (wiping is something that DD still needs to be reminded about... either to do it, or not to use half a roll of toilet paper.... it seems to be one extreme or the other). And DD still can't be trusted to wash hands unsupervised - turning off the water never seems to cross her mind. So you can always give a little help with tricky PJs.

    But footed zip up one piece pjs are still quite useable even when potty training. But if you want to go to two piece ones, there are several brands that make fleece 2-piece pjs, and you can always leave a pair of socks on. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    So yesterday DD told DH that she wants to use the "special toilet"  !!!!  Reluctantly.... Here we go!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    In response to Trouble30's comment:


    So yesterday DD told DH that she wants to use the "special toilet"  !!!!  Reluctantly.... Here we go!


    good luck!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    ml and Kar -- It might be partly allergies. His cough from the other week keeps resurfacing occasionally in a way that sounds like allergies. Man, I hope he hasn't inherited mine!

    Trouble -- Good luck!

    AFM -- DH and I both feel like DS's fussiness is particular to us. He'll be grumpy with DH all morning, then fabulous for his caregiver that day, and then grumpy with us all evening. It's not a wake-up/bedtime thing either, because he's been SUPER cranky all day the last two Fridays when I've been home with him and for a good part of the weekends with both of us. We're good, attentive parents, balance interacting with letting him play on his own a bit, are responsive to his need for food, changes, sleep etc., so what is going on?? It's starting to make us both feel kind of insecure!

    I don't mean to make it sound like DS is always crying or anything. He's generally a smiley baby and has his really happy periods, but it seems like the majority of the time he's with us, he's whining or close to it, and distractions only work for so long (and can be exhausting!).

    Totally different topic, but how do you all approach shifting to the next size of clothing? We got a ton of hand-me-downs and presents covering the first year, so all of DS's clothes are separated into tubs by size. Rather than switch stuff in and out piecemeal, I've been waiting until a few clothes seem too small and then just switching the whole wardrobe out. DS is 7 months today and I just switched all his 3-6 mos stuff for 6-9. So now nothing's too small but he's wearing a bunch of stuff he still needs to grow into a bit. I think I'm obsessing because my sentimental attachment to certain clothes of his is warring with my desire to be practical. So...what do you all do?