September Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain, every child will be different. DS at that age was not too interested in solids but he had a classmate at the same age who really could pack food in. I used to be amazed at how much she could eat... And DS would eat only a quarter of what she ate. So it is going to vary a lot.

    AFM, it has been stressful with a new baby and a two year old... And add to that, our two year old was in the hospital all weekend due to a seizure he had end of last week. So we have been dealing with all that and baby that I am nursing. We are hoping it is an isolated case and he is one of the kids where they have just one seizure and then not have another one but we don't know how long we need to wait until we can be sure it was an isolated case. I guess the good part is that the doctors and nurses were impressed with his language skills and behavior, but the bad is that we have no idea why he had a seizure and are just in a holding pattern to see if he has another one.

    So I have found a way to put it into perspective for now and balancing the two children. And we are keeping our fingers crossed that we are dealing with the best case scenario at this time. 

    Other than that, it seems easier for me with second baby in terms of post partum recovery and blues (I had more crying and I recall hurting for longer with DS and nursing first time was so much harder although latching is still a twinge of pain since DD now likes to clamp down hard before settling to more gentle rhythm and I have not figured out how to get her not to do the piranha bite). And DS is still puzzled by her... When she cries, he says "very loud noise"  and she nurses, he says "baby eats nipple" but no obvious signs of jealousy. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I'm really behind on reading posts, but I just wanted to quickly comment on Cwagner's post.  My DD had 2 seizures last year (within 24 hours) when she was 15 months old (and I was 38 weeks pg).  It was just terrifying.  Like you, we went to the hospital and wound up being transferred to Tufts floating in Boston, after the second seizure, for an EEG.  Everything turned out fine, there was nothing to indicate that it was anything bad.  The pediatric neurologist asked us if we had a family history and told us that seizures were surprisingly common in young children (under 5).  DD's came on the tail of a horrible stomach bug and was ruled a febrile seizure even though she didn't have a high fever at the time.  DH and I called our families and lo and behold my uncle, aunt and cousin had episodes when they were small babies.  And more surprisingly, the more people I told about it, I would hear, "Oh that happened to my niece" or "my friends son had one."  It seems like it's common, but no one talks about it because of the stigma associated with "convulsions."

    DD hasn't had one since, and my son hasn't had any.  They are actually both sick now with colds and DD threw up twice yesterday, so both DH and I are terrified and watching her like a hawk to make sure she gets enough fluids and we keep her fever down.  That's actually the only lasting effect, the neurologist told us, the parents being terrified it will happen again.  

    Glad to hear your DS is doing better.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I have a lot to catch up on to.  It has been a while since I have been on.

    Hi Cookie, I have not seen you around for a while, hope your feeling well.  I beleive we both had our kids around the same time, July 2011?

    AFM, DD has adjusted to preschool just fine.  Last week I had to send her back to the babysitter for a day since the school was closed for the Jewish Holidays and I was worried about her going back for one day but she seemed fine.   Picture day was today.  I was not happy to find out I had to pre pay for the school pictures.  What if they came out horrible?  Anyway, she wanted to wear her hair down but I am so terrified of Lice that I put it up in a pony.  If anyone has seen DD hair on FB you know how thick and curly it is.   Lice would bea nightmare with that head of hair.

    DS, just shy of 15 months is just started to walk.  He can stand up on his own and takes a few steps but crawling and butt scootting is still his primary mode of transportation.  At his 12 mon appt the doc said he should be saying3 works by 15 months.  He says, mama, dada, ball and just started to say, uh oh (if you consider that a word).  I have almost come to terms that he is behind the 8 ball but just because he is lazy and there is nothing physically or mentally wrong with him.  He just started to wave bye bye to.  He eventually does everything, just takes him a little longer.  He did get evaluated by EI a few months back and did qualify for speech so I might call them up and have it started.     He does talk alot, just not words.  I noticed yesterday he had 3 molars.  I was shocked considering he only has 2 bottle and 1 top right now. 

    Hope everyone is great and enjoying the fall weather.  We have been spending a lot of time outside beside the Sept is our busiest month for family birthdays, anniversarys and parties! 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Cwag - So sorry to hear that!!  It must have been terrifying.

    AFM - I should start with a disclaimer: I am not going to give my child medecine based on what semi-strangers on the internet write, so I promise you don't need to tell me to consult a doctor.  But I'm wondering what you all have been told as far as giving LOs cold/cough medecine.  I'm pretty hands off and don't take medecine for every little thing, or give it to DD.  My pediatrician seems to be of the same mind.  DD has a runny nose, so I called the pedi out of curiosity.  Now that DD is coming up on 2 yrs, I wondered if/when the guidelines change.  The nurse said up until 6 yrs old, they do not recommend giving cold medecine.  I understand that colds need to run their course and sometimes coughing is necessary to expel mucus, but 6 seems like a long way away.  What have you been told?

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    cwagner - I'm so sorry to hear that.  Hope all is going well for you now.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    My doc has never mentioned cold medicine to me for my kids, 3 and 1 so I dont think they say it is ok.  The only med I have been told is ok is Tylenol, Motrin and Benedryl. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Fram- I just happened to be on for my sons weekly update and saw this:

    Good medicine for bad colds

    Colds are no fun for you or your toddler. Because a cold is caused by a virus, there's no cure other than waiting it out. Don't give her over-the-counter medicines to relieve stuffiness, runny noses, and coughs. They aren't effective in kids this age, and they can have harmful side effects.

    Fortunately, there are ways to help your sniffling toddler feel more comfortable. A cool-air humidifier keeps air moist, making breathing easier. For a similar effect, add a few drops of menthol, eucalyptus, or pine oil (available in most natural food stores) to a vaporizer.

    Try serving weak, cooled chamomile tea. Liquids in general (soup, water, juice) are soothing and keep the body hydrated. Get more tips from our article on safe home remedies to soothe your child's cold symptoms.

    It's best to consult your child's doctor for recommendations before using any kind of medication, including alternative treatments.

    Also call the doctor if:

    • your child takes a turn for the worse instead of starting to get better in five to seven days
    • the cold symptoms last longer than two weeks
    • a fever reaches 103 degrees Fahrenheit
    • a cough worsens or begins to sound wheezy or raspy
    • your child pulls or rubs her ear
    • she seems especially tired or listless


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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for the well wishes! Trouble - it does help to hear someone else's experience since we have not known anyone else who dealt with it. In our case, febrile seizure was ruled out since he was not sick or had a fever... But I also understand it is still rare for a repeat seizure. Since it was not a febrile seizure, we have been given a medication for emergencies - if he goes into a seizure that does not break in five minutes - and we can only hope it is never used. It was weird when we asked our moms about family history, we only got for both of us "we think something happened when you were kids but we don't know what really happened". So far we have not seen any new seizures or worrisome symptoms so I feel that we are able to relax and not be too obsessive over what DS is doing every second he is with us or if he is okay when he is at school.

    For colds, we have been told only the baby Tylenol if needed, a humidifier, saline drops if needed and we elevated his head end of the bed. And steamy shower is suppose to help. For coughing, unfortunately, we had to let it run its course... As long as it is not the whooping cough, I think the options are limited at this age. So we tried to get him to sleep on an incline when we can, and steamy bathroom when he had a cough earlier. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Fram, children's Benadryl actually is my drug of choice for my own colds.  I'm sensitive to more heavy duty adult remedies (turns me into an agitated lunatic) so that's how I happened to try it, but I'm mentioning it because it really works!  I feel so much better and was the only way I could function comfortably with a cold.  It tastes yummy, too, as an added bonus...grape.  It made me sleepy, and you wouldn't do this for a kid, of course, but I countered that with caffeine.

    I can't really answer your guidelines question, but wanted to give that one a special shout out.  the bottle says to consult the doctor before administering to kids under two so it sounds fine for your lo.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Fram, I'm no expert on meds of course, but I know that cough medicine basically serves no purpose, even in adults. Honey is known to be more effective than most cough suppressants, but of course can't be given to infants. Even cold meds just mask symptoms. Personally I find that when I get a cold, my congestion worsens after a few days if I take cold meds like decongestants. I might be miserable without taking anything, but it doesn't seem to last as long as it would if I took something like Sudafed. My DD just started daycare this week, so I know that first cold is coming soon (and for myself, going back to work as a teacher next week...). For her I'll plan on using a humidifer, offering more frequent feedings for more fluids, using saline drops if needed and suctioning her nose if needed. That's about all you can do for a young one...

    To go back to my mention of daycare...DD started this week. 2 hours on Wednesday, 3 yesterday and 4 today. Tuesday next week will be her first full day....first day was rough, she cried with the new face of our daycare provider, but seemed to do better yesterday and today. She enjoys sitting and watching the "big kids" (3-4 yrs) play. I cried the first day after dropping her off, but yesterday and today spent that time at work prepping for next week. I guess it's true when "they" say if you're busy at work it goes by faster and you don't have brain power to worry over every little thing she might/might not be doing. I enjoy being excited at the end of my work time about being able to pick her up...made me think, what did I ever get excited about about going home before? What did I do with myself?!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    We just went through our first cold with DS (3+ months old).  He developed a bad cough but wasn't as congested as myself and my husband.  We used a humidifier, had him sleep on an incline or in his car seat and used some of the baby Vicks chest rub.  Honestly, I'm not sure any of it really helped it just took time for the cough to go away.  He's still coughing a few times a day but nothing like before.  Good luck to Fram and little Fram.  Hopefully she's feeling better soon!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Not that you should treat every little symptom... but I personally find that a little Sudafed to stop a constantly runny nose makes me feel a million times better when I have a cold.  With coughs, it is usually better to let things run their course, but runny noses just s*ck.  Also, where as a cough has the purpose of expelling excess mucus, there is no purpose to a runny noes other than annoying you half to death.  So, if there is an age appropriate remedy for runny noses, I would say give it a go. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Oh I am a big believer in treating my own symptoms with whatever.  However, the official recommendation for children is no otc cough/cold medicines until age 6.

    These medicines have questionable efficacy and there have been accidental overdoses so that is the rationale.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Children's Benadryl says over two is ok by weight of the child.  Sudafed, by the way, contains the stuff that turns me into a raving lunatic and made me extremely clingy (screaming at the hop of my lungs, "Don't go to work!!!") as a kid. The doctor said many people are sensitive to the anti-sleepiness stuff they put in antihistamines and don't realize it's not the cold or being under the weather itself making them feel crazy, it's that ingredient.  My grandfather was very sensitive to it, too, and asked me if when I took it I felt like taking a sledge hammer to all the furniture...yup, I had the same feeling...that and wanting to claw people's eyes out.  Horrible, extreme, overwhelming agitation...that's the best way I can describe it.  Anyway, if you do give your child something and they become exceedingly clingy, sobbing, etc. it might be the med, not necessarily that they just don't feel well.  Just something to keep in the back of your mind even whe  they are over six, 12, etc. and have more options.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Children often have a paradoxical reaction to Benadryl (as do some adults) ie: agitation.

    Sudafed doesn't agree with everyone either,  sometimes it's best to have a watery nose, eyes etc, let it all drain out.  (Sudafed blocks the drainage)

    Otherwise you can end up with even more congestion (pneumonia) and have to go to the ER.

    OTC meds are not benign.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Happy Monday!

    We are just getting over some nasty colds, and we just asperate and give tylenol as necessary for fevers.  We also do pedialyte if they won't drink milk.

    Question: My DS (13 months) has been leaking every night for at least a week now.  He usually wakes up with his whole stomach soaked.  We upped his diapers a size and he still leaked.  He isn't taking any more liquid than he used to.   He woke up before the crack of down today and sure enough humungous leak.  Not a great start to the day.  Any advice to stop the leaking? 

    ETA: Has anyone used diaper booster pads with any success?

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    even if your LO doesn't have the reverse (hyper) Benadryl reaction, I personally would still only give it at night, and only if the kid really can't sleep.

    We gave it to DD (on the doctor's recommendation) during the day last year when she had chicken pox (the doctor specifically said to try it for the first time during the day in case she had the hyper reaction - I guess it's pretty common).  And she was OUT.  She took a 3 hour nap, we had to wake her up, and then the rest of the day she was happy enough but clearly in a fog.  The only time we've used it since was for an actual allergic reaction, and even then we held off until close to bed time and just watched the reaction (again with the pedi's okay).  It's strong stuff!

    Anyway, she also has a bad cold right now, so it must be going around everywhere.  It definitely stinks!  But at least she can (sort of) blow her nose if we hold the tissue, so it does get better, ladies.  This morning the corner of her mouth looked red, so now I am paranoid about HFM, but everything else looks fine including inside her mouth, so it's probably just something she ate or rubbed.

    Trouble - I can't say personally, but I remember reading before that people recommended doubler pads that go inside the diaper.  I think the advantage was they could be positioned more in the front for boy belly sleepers.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Morning all,

    Trouble, do you use specific overnight diapers?  I use both the Pampers Extra Protection or the Huggues Overnights and both work really well.  I don't think we've ever had a leak.  I believe they are a tad more expensive ($20 for a box of about 24-30 depending on size) but you only use one a day. They have a lot more of the gel stuff in the front (especially good for boys) and really help.

    Medford... may I ask... did your daughter get the chix pox after also having the vaccine?  Or did you avoid the chix pox vaccine?  I ask only because I'm curious of the effacacy of the vaccine?

    We're heading into what I'm calling "tough love" week.  DS has become so demanding and persistent about getting his way that I've decided its time for us to really focus on countering his stubborness.  He's just starting to understand "if/then" statements... so that is helping a bit.  "If you do this first... you can then have that," which helps remind him we are in charge (I hope).  We'll see how this works.  I don't feel like we spoil him (my MIL sure does which is hard), we definitely have rules, say no and use time outs, etc.  But he's really pushing his limits (which I know is him learning what his limits even are) but I really want him to understand there are consequences for really bad behavior.  We're entering the twos in just 2 weeks... so I'm preparing for even more battles ahead :-)

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble-DD has all of a sudden woken up in the middle of the night with huge wet diapers-thankfully no leaks yet. I had her in night time diapers-but time to move up in size. But unfortuantely I haven't found them! So I busted out DS' left over diapers so she's been sleeping in size 6 diapers-which are comically big on her-for two nights and things have gone better. Maybe go up two sizes and see how that goes? I have no experience with the liners...(about to PM you about that play date!)

    And for those of you dealing with bad colds-it stinks take care and hope everyone feels better soon. One trick I've discovered when inclinging the crib mattress I put a towl down-one that is the size of the crib and the friction between that and the PJs is usally enough to prevent the baby from sliding to the bottom of the crib.

    DD still is not walking independently, but she insists on walking everywhere. So much fun to watch her explore everything-but seriously it takes us so long to walk anywhere as she explores everything.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - she "got the chicken pox" right before she was due to get the vaccine.

    I put it in quotes because the diagnosis was clinical (meaning by sight/symptoms).  So then we didn't get the vaccine, but right before her 2 yo physical (when she was getting a lead blood test anyway), at the same time they took a chicken pox titre to check for her immunity.  Lo and behold, she came back not immune.  So at that point she got the vaccine, but the fact that she was not immune means that she probably didn't have it at all.  Most likely, she just had an atypical case of hand foot and mouth.  That is, she didn't have anything inside her mouth, on the palms of her hands or soles of her feet.  It seemed to be on her thighs, back, and wrist and ankle creases.

    This is my big secret.  Because when I told daycare she had chicken pox, daycare was required to call the state health department.  The state health department told them that any kid who was too young to be vaccinated that had been in contact with DD had to be *excluded* from daycare for a week to avoid an outbreak.  How mad would you be if you had to take your healthy child out of daycare for a whole week because of this??  I felt SO SO bad when I found out.  And then it turned out she probably didn't even have it.  Anyway.

    Oh, regarding tough love and limits: it always made me feel better about it to remind myself that it will actually make them happier in the long run.