September Infants and Toddlers

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    September Infants and Toddlers

    I can not believe how fast a year has gone by! And with three of our birthdays back to back, we did a weekend getaway with the kids for Labor Day weekend, which was fun for the kids.

    Both kids had their well checks yesterday... and I think next year, we will do them separate mornings - they both were competing for our pedi's attention, which I was not expecting from our 1 year old DD. She has been toddling around for a month now, so she is pretty steady on her feet - and she is a climber! She is climbing up things that DS never considered climbing up on so we are revisiting our childproofing (we did not have to do much for DS since he never pushed the boundaries like she is). Sigh, it seems like every time I turn around, I see something else she is trying to climb up - and she only just turned 1. So we have cleared her room, and she will be getting no furniture in there to limit her climbing up things. And she can scream louder - and usually screams "DAAAADAAAA!" when she wants something NOW. (and of course, DH caves immediately a lot of the time)

    DS just turned 3 and I can not believe he is already in preschool I classroom at his daycare! They do grow up too fast - it seems like yesterday it was in his toddler room. Today is school picture day and they do sibling sittings too, so we will see how those come out since they usually don't cooperate at the same time for us at home.


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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I hear ya, cwag!  DD is a climber, too.  We just set up a little kitchen for DD this weekend and already I have had to put the stove and sink away until DH gets some L brakets to anchor them to the wall.    And happy belated bdays.  Great excuse to do a yearly trip!!

    Lots of changes here.  DD has fully transitioned into the toddler room and is doing good for the most part.  A few whiny pick ups, but she's also only doing one nap in toddlers and she's cutting all four back teeth, so she's a little off her game anyways.  But, on the bright side, we are completely off bottles.  I really hope though that once the transition period is over and the room settles a bit she will do a longer nap, or even two.  She still does two for my mom (2 days) but my Mom will soon be adding my new niece to grammy daycare, so we'll see how that plays out with DD.  They are going to have a trail run this week for a couple of hours while my SIL goes for a haircut.  I also signed DD and Mom up for a playgroup that starts in a couple of weeks,

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    cwag-I remember last year having to take DS to DD's on year check up-and I vowed never to do it again if I could help it. DD will also call for DH when she realizes I'm not giving in to what she wants.

    DD is about to turn two! when did that happen? She's our last child so when she completes certain things I get very sentimental, I'll no longer have a 1 year old ever again. sniffle. But I've noticed her frustration gets worse when she forgets to use her words. It's funny to see her get frustrated, I'll stop her and tell her to tell me, she usually has a reasonable request, she'll give me a hug and say "nice touches Mommy" and will happily wait for what ever it is she wants.

    But her language explosion is just a riot-the other day at dinner she said "dragon" DH asked her where that came from her response was "cave." since then DS and DD have been arguing where Dragon's live, DD argues cave, DS argues castles.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Happy belated b-days to the CWag group!

    Nov - DS is also cutting teeth; however, which ones I don't know as he won't let me anywhere near his mouth! My question to you, do you still brush your DD's teeth while she's teething?  I let DS skip it last night as his teeth were really bothering him but we've done it every other night.

    On the same note, how often are you brushing your LO's teeth?  We've started with once a day, before bed, and daycare is adding it in starting this week after lunch.  Once these teeth cut through I should probably add in a morning brush.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    clc-we brush every night, and the night time brushing DH or I get in there and do our own brushing for both DD and DS. The AM's we let the kids have full reign of this.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I do the front ones and stay away from the areas that are really puffy and obviously sore.  When I can get a finger in her mouth to feel around I do a wipe/check that there isn't any food hanging around.  We also do once a day at PJ time.  Do you use toothpaste yet?  I'm still doing just water.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks.  We do use toothpaste at the recommendation of our pedi.  I bought the fruity (yuck) training toothpaste.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Happy birthdays to the cwag family! 

    Nov - GL with all the transitions!

    Happy almost-birthday to KAM's DD -- so funny about the dragon argument.

    We only brush at night right now. DH does the morning routine during the week and he's not as good at juggling multiple tasks as I am (and, to be fair, getting DS out the door is more work than getting him back in, even if he is grumpier at the end of the day :-)). As it is, I don't know how much we accomplish, since until recently DS insisted on grabbing the toothbrush almost as soon as we started. Randomly this week he started letting me really brush, but he still sticks his tongue out/bites down. We use the icky fruity training toothpaste, too -- he loves it!

    We're having some discipline frustrations. DS (18 mos) is generally a very good kid, but he has a few behaviors I want to put the kibosh on: shrieking at eardrum-bursting levels just for fun, banging on our sliding door/windows, and hitting (not really angry hitting, more like overly enthusiastic patting). The shrieking we ignore or walk away, since it seems to be for attention. But the banging and hitting we say "no hit" and either hold his arms to remind him to stop, remove him from the situation or, if one of us is holding him and he's hitting, put him down and walk away.

    He thinks all of these are HILARIOUS, no matter how stern our voices or faces. I can't tell if he's trying to be disarming (can a little toddler know to do that?) or if he really doesn't get that he's being disciplined. Does it just take time to sink in? We haven't really had to discipline him for anything else other than throwing his sippy off his high chair, and he mostly stopped that on his own, with very little impact from us, I think :-). 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I'll have to add training paste to my ever-growing list for Target for tomorrow.  LOL. 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - we started timeouts with DS (15 months) about 2 months ago.  Right now he gets 2-3 (sometimes 4-5) warnings about whatever behavior we are trying to stop, generally relating to the dog food and removal from the situation.  If he still continues to do the behavior he gets a 20-30 second time out.  We require him to sit on our laps in the living room and face forward and there is no talking/response by us.  He generally freaks out and does a very dramatic cry.  After 20-30 seconds we put him down, give him a kiss and explain why he had the time out, as much as you can to a 15 month old.  Usually the first time out doesn't work but the second does the trick. 

    A cute little side story, when DS had his first ever timeout DH was holding him.  After he put him down DS came over to me and told me the whole sad tale, there was lots of babbling, pouting and pointing at DH and the offending light socket.  It took everything I had not to laugh at him!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers


    With toddlers I find that if you tell them what TO DO vs. what NOT to do it works better. So instead of saying 'no running' as they are about to go down the hallway, you say, OK, let's walk.  Can you walk down the hallway?  or even MORE fun, can you tiptoe down the hallway, and then you lead the way with dramatic tiptoeing. Keeps them focused on trying to do it, versus just disobeying.  Because running pellmell shrieking at the top of your lungs is much more fun to do, I'l admit, but it wakes the babies up in the baby room, or sets the adults' teeth on edge!


    so.. oh, you can't bang on the windows, you'll break them!  Can you wipe them? Want a papertowel to wipe the windows?  (you can also just spray some water and he can vigorously wash them - gets the movement he is seeking but in positive way.

    if it's for attention, I'd ignore the banging adn walk away - he'll go to find out what you're doing in another part of the house.

    for the hitting you too hard, I'd tell him 'no hitting, it hurts.  use gentle touches, like this' and then take his hand and smooth it down your arm and say Nice, gentle, oh, I like that.  And then lather, rinse, repeat 1000 times until he gets it.  And if he hits you too hard after that, I'd put him down and say no hitting, it hurts.  and walk the heck away from him.  He'll get it.  I'm not a fan of timeouts, honestly, at this age because it doesn't teach them what you want them TO DO.


    and then, honestly, you need to understand that an 18 mo old toddler is just driven by his emotions and his desires - oh, look, a window, it's fun to bang! and shriek, hurrah!  oh, wow, dog food, let's touch it! let's throw it! wow!  they are also full of desires and just don't have the self control to control it.  so if they wanna shriek, they do, if they wanna run and bang, they do ....  he'll get more in control as he gets older and can do it.

    toddlers are great, they are so much FUN but they are also very energetic and you do need to ride that wave to a certain extent - you can't take all the toddler out of them.  But you can encourage quieter voices - oh, that's too loud inside, let's use your quiet inside voice. 

    then later when you go outside, say "okay, now you can use your loud outside voice, let's yell!"  and then run around in the backyard and reallly whoop and yell and shriek together - he does need to do that because he cannot be in control all the time.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Clc - I was stuck on timeouts b/c I wasn't sure where to put him -- he uses the p'n'p for sleeping when we're away, so I don't want to make that a negative association. Holding him on a lap is a great idea (and, when he's more in control, I'm sure there will be a dining room chair or some other such time-out spot :-). 

    Love your story about DS's first time-out! 

    CT - That is so helpful, thanks! I know redirecting is a good idea, but I've tried to distract him with entirely different things ("look at this toy!") and it doesn't work if he's super-interested in the window, etc. I'll try the "clean the window" and "gentle touch" tactics. 

    BTW, the shrieking came to our attention as something to try and stop b/c of daycare, for exactly the situation you describe. He was keeping the other babies awake during naptime! Thankfully they're patient with it, though he did get a timeout there the other day b/c he wouldn't stop :-)

    On another note, I think this question has come up recently, but does anyone have tips on free sites for finding babysitters? I've tried SitterCity and but both require you to pay in order to contact someone, and I just don't want to do that. I tried Craigslist but there was only one post from someone local who I felt comfortable contacting, and she never replied. I've asked for recommendations but all the local mom friends I've asked seem to rely (like we do) on family. 

    BTW, we're on the North Shore, so if anyone who lives around here has people to recommend, private message me!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain, from my personal experience, I never saw that "negative association" with our time out location.  We always used DS's crib, and now his bedroom, when he needs to take a break/have a timeout.  I can understand the thinking... that a little one MAY think that the spot they are in is a bad spot, but I don't think its always the case.  In fact, for my DS, his crib was his safest, most enjoyable place... so even though he was upset and would freak out about having a time out (by himself, as we would leave the room for 30 seconds or a minute as he got older), at least he knew he was in a safe place.  Every kid is different, but for my DS, punishment that works is him having to leave the situation and the crowd.  Sitting on my lap, or still being with me, wouldn't work as he would still enjoy that.  This process actually turned out to be a great deterrant, as very quickly he learned that a time out meant he'd be spending some time alone when it wasn't his decision.  Often times now, when he's doing something bad or just not listening, if we say he'll get a time out, he asks "then I have to go to bed?"... thinks about it, realizes that is not what he wants to do, and will redirect himself.  Granted, he's now almost 3... but this has been working for quite some time.  He probably really started to "get it" around 18 mths.

    CT - I get what you are saying about time outs and them not working, especially for little toddlers.  But I recall that old fashioned mantra, "go to your room," working quite well for me.  Not only was it punishment for what I was doing wrong (that I knew was wrong!) but also a deterrant against future bad behavior.  I do believe in using both tools...

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain-if he likes the drumming/noise sensation-what about doing a little drum jam session with him on a plastic bowl-I have these big plastic ones I use for mixing when I bake with the kids, they make a satisfying noise when you turn them upside down and use them as a drum. (funny I bought them for a cooking class I took over 10 years ago, never figured they'd still be in use today!) But the wiping the windows is a great distraction also.

    With DD I've found she likes to mimic a lot-so if she's getting loud, I wisper very softly, and if it's at bed time we talk about who is sleeping and why we need to be quiet.

    As for time out's they've never worked for our kids-DS gets put in his room when he needs a time out (via Magic 1-2-3) and DD we put down in a safe place and walk away. I tell DD that I won't play with her until she starts acting nice. DS can come out of his room when he agrees to calm down and do/stop whatever put him there. I don't hold them to the time limits (I did for DS in the beginning of Magic 1-2-3), but if they can calm themselves down and can rejoin us early that's fine.

    clc-that is the cutest time out story ever!

    eta-like IPW I think room/bed is fine. Especially if you look at a time out as time to calm down and regroup. It's not always a punishment, but "hey-you are not in control, go calm down." Where do we as adults go to regroup and calm down when we need-the solice of our rooms (most often). Even if the kids end up playing during their "time out" that's okay, they're calming themselves down. A vital skill.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Happy September everyone! My favorite month. Happy birthday, cwag family!

    We are also in the beginnings of needing to discipline DS (almost 13 months). Like yours, Arcain, mine finds it hilarious when I tell him things like "gentle!" and hold his hands for a moment when he's enthusiastically patting me. He also seems to see it as a game and bonding experience between us. He giggles and buries his face in my neck and it's so damn cute I find it hard to maintain my disciplinarian attitude, but he's strong and it can hurt! I think it was right around this age or maybe a touch older that we started very short time-outs with DD, but moreso did the turning or walking away tactic. Another behavior that's making me crazy is the standing up in the tub!! DD never did this! Anyone have any ideas for curbing it? I give him 3 explicit warnings, along with encouraging the behavior I want him to do, but he always gets pulled out of the tub because he thinks it's a game and once it starts he just keeps doing it. He loves the tub, so I feel bad taking him out. And I have to rush to wash him. Such an ordeal, I'm always exhausted and soaked at the end.

    Arcain, about the babysitting, I'm not clear, is DS in daycare now or is he starting soon? Most of the teachers at DD's last daycare did babysitting, and there was one in particular who we would have been very comfortable hiring for babysitting. We just never got the chance because we pulled her out (although we still might contact this teacher). Just an idea.

    CLC, that is adorable.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I'm enjoying hearing all of your toddler tales! That seems so far away for us right now!

    DS had his tongue and lip released on Tuesday. The doctor said that his tongue is doing the right wave motion that it should be, but nursing is still as horrible as ever. We definitely need more help from a lactation consultant. It's just hard where I work full-time during regular business hours. We weren't able to go to Baby Cafe last night because poor DS spiked a fever of 102 on Tuesday night! The dentist said that it couldn't be from the procedure but it's possible that he was already fighting something and then the stress from the day put him over the edge. Now that I think about it, he was unusually fussy/sleepy over the weekend, so maybe he was fighting something. I had a sore throat too, so I guess we picked up something somewhere. His fever seemed to break around 7:30 last night. It looks like we've survived our first sickness. I hate it when he's upset and I can't fix it!

    DS's new thing is blowing bubbles, which he now does all the time! It's so frigging adorable! He'll have his head on my shoulder and all I'll hear is "Pffft"!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy, I think you have to stick to your guns on this one, and pull him out of the tub if he's doing something that you don't feel is safe for him.  I'm guessing you are worrying about him falling?  Do you have a no-slip mat on the bottom that may help, and then he could actually stand?  Or, in our case, when DS wasn't behaving in the bath, I told him if he can't take a bath correctly, he'd have to take a shower.  Woah, now that is out of the question as DS equates showers with knives pelting down. So he quickly got the message first time I turned on the shower.  Do you have a detachable shower head?  Perhaps you get the no-slip mat and then "shower" him standing up with the shower head.  Then he's done.  No playing until he learns to play the right way.  He'll be mad the first few times his bath is cut short... but only way he'll learn how to change behavior.  Hard to rangle and force a wet kid to sit without you also getting soaked. So don't struggle.  Give him the alternative... or no bathtime fun.

    For some reason DS wanted to dump his entire cup of milk down the drain this morning rather than put it back in the fridge (he didn't want it).  I kept insisting it was going in the fridge if he didn't drink it.  We "argued" and I so desperately wanted to just give in to him so we could get out of the house.  But I held my own, put it in the fridge, and walked a crying boy out the door.  He stopped after about 10 seconds once he realized the ordeal was over.  So much about them doing what they want is them wanting control, and learning their limits, I think.

    My neighbor told me a disturbing story that I am just so bothered by.  They have a 5 1/2 and 18 mth.  He said the other morning the older didn't want to get out of bed, so he left him sleeping while he drove the younger to daycare (mom already at work).  That's right... left a 5 yr old alone.  He said "I assumed no big deal because little one's daycare just down the street."  Well, 5 yr old woke up, got scared, left the house, apparently knocked on our door (we weren't home) then went to neighbors across the street... who then walked him back home and sat with him on their porch.  I'm hoping Dad learned a lesson and doesn't find this funny.  What if he had been in a car accident and never came home to his son?  There are so many "what if's" to this scenario.  I can't believe he would think this was ok??!!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    That is disturbing, indeed.  I've noticed that men don't tend to consider the "what ifs" of potentially dangerous situations UNTIL it is proven that those concerns are legit.  I have hope, therefore, that he gets it, now, and won't do it, again.  He may laugh about it, but probably in hopes of saving face, not because he actually thinks it's funny.

    Discretion is the better part of valor.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - I realize now that I should have specified that DS can't actually stand on his own yet! He has to hold on. So you can probably imagine now why this will not work so well in the tub! He's already slipped and almost cracked his head open once or twice when he was faster than me.

    OMG, I got agita reading your story about your neighbor. I can't imagine what his wife did to him when she found out.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    wow I'd tell his wife.

    I find your lack of faith disturbing
     - Darth Vadar

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I haven't posted much since DS was born, and now he's 17 weeks! This summer flew by so fast. Today is my second day back at work, and it's been rough so far. I have cried all the way to work both days. I'm also pumping 3x/day at work.  I was hoping to have some snuggle time with DS last night after I picked him up from daycare, but he slept from the time we got home till 6:30 this morning (with two dream feeds in between). I feel like I will only get to spend time with him on the weekends, which is just so sad. Please tell me it will get easier!

    Chiclet, so sorry to hear about your nursing troubles. You should be so proud of yourself for continuing to stick with it!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    JL - good luck!  It does get a little easier, but I have to admit I have a lot of the same feelings about DS right now (4 months) - I miss him SO much.  One good thing is that he is likely to start to get a bit more alert in that after work time as he gets older.

    Chiclet - sorry to hear you're having a hard time still.  :(

    IPW - that's so upsetting.  I can't even imagine how traumatized my DD would be if she woke up and found she was alone in the house (she's only 3, but still).  I actually think it was pretty resourceful of that kid to go to a neighbor for help, instead of just freaking out.  Do you think the mom knows?

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    JL - Welcome back! My DS has been in daycare for 6 weeks now and I will say it's gotten better. Is yours napping there? DS didn't nap at the beginning (until I got smart and sent in a swaddle blanket for naptime) and then he was either a bear when he got home or just slept all night. Now that he has figured out napping at daycare, he'll fall asleep on the car ride home and then I just leave him in his carseat until he wakes up. Usually that gets him about an hour and a half. Then we at least get a few hours of happy baby time before he goes to bed. 

    IPW - Your story gives me the chills. I can't even imagine...

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Happy birthday Cwag family!

    DS (14 months today!) is also a climber, hitter, and stands in the bath tub!  I just tell him over and over to sit on the couch (he can get up on it in 2 seconds), be gentle to the dog, and No hitting, it hurts. That is not nice.  You need to sit in the tub and he does but then stands up a second later.  I feel like a broken record but then he will surprise me and hit the dog then give her hugs.  So he is slowly getting it.  It is still a work in progress. 

    Nov - that is great to hear your DD is off the bottles.  How did so do with letting go of the last bottle before bed?  DS still has 1 bottle before bed which he really enjoys.  So I think Ill wait a few more weeks before getting rid of that bottle. 

    DS has about 10 words now.  He totally understands what you are saying too.  It is so amazing to see!

    Chic - Glad you got the tongue tie repaired and hopefully he will get better at nursing.  Good for you sticking with it as long as you have.  It is not easy! 

    IPW - that story is appauling!  I cant believe what I read.  I hope he learned a HUGH lesson!

    jleighla7- The first couple of weeks are really hard but it does get better!  Hang in there!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Happy September everyone.

    IPW - that story about your neighbor is outrageous.  Any number of things could have happened!  There could have been a fire or something - how would the 5 year old have gotten out of the house!?  We don't even leave our DD alone in the house while napping (she's 3) and go outside to do yardwork.  At least one person is always in the house at all times.  Just can't imagine what that guy was thinking...  So scary.

    Chiclet - hope your week gets better and DS starts feeling better and eating better soon.

    Jleighla - as others have said - it does get better.  Just give it some time.  It is an adjustment for all of you. 

    ...and just like you, this is my first week back at work as well.  DD2 is 13 weeks old and I came back to work this week.  I'm missing her terribly.  But I've also been super busy at work, which is a good distraction.  For me the biggest hardship is the nursing.  I've had to drag out my old friend - the medela pump.  I have a love/hate relationship with that thing.  I hate doing it at work!  I also am sad that I can't be with DD to feed her.  I know I'm lucky to have had 13 weeks of leave, but she is still so little.  It seems so unnatural to have to go back to work when she is still so little and babies clearly still need their mommies at this young age.  I wish maternity leaves were longer in this country!  Europe has the right idea...