September Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I had to go away the whole week last week for work.  It was a long time to be away from DS and DH.  Thanks to face time, I was able to see DS.  I think it was harder on me than DS. 

    Re: Books!  Poppy, DS (14 months) just last night sat through a book for the first time!  It was also the Llama Llama, Nighty Night book.  He LOVES books though.  He sees one says "book" then turns the pages etc.  So you are not alone!

    Re: Milk - DS drinks about 4-5 oz in the morning, 4-5 oz at lunch and 5 oz in a bottle before bed.  Although, tonight is going to be the first night without the bottle and will get milk in a sippy with dinner.  We will see how that goes! 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    clc-congrats to DS! Now the fun begins!

    Nov-we've done the puffy costumes from Target and they've been great-warmth for the cooler Oct nights around here. When they are older the dress up costumes from melissa and doug are great halloween costumes too.  Although I miss the days of the home made costumes! I have grand intentions every year to be creative and make them, alas, it never happends!

    ETA: RE Books-over the weekend DD finally let me read something beyond the Dora (ugh) books. I got to read "I Love you Forever." It always makes me sentimental. At the end of the book when the son is rocking his ailing mother and singing to her, DD stopped me, leaned over and gave me a kiss. I'm still weapy about it! It was so sweet.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Weighing in on naps.  I think I am going to start to forget about naps... at least on the weekend.  DS is 3 in a few weeks... and while I know will probably still nap at school (and I can't/won't ask them to keep him awake while others sleep)... he is just up way too late when he actually naps 1-2 hours during the day.  Last week we found him still awake staring at the ceiling at 9:45pm 3 nights in a row (and wide awake at 6:30am ready to go).  He had no nap this past Sat and Sunday and bedtime was much easier and he was asleep about 5-10 minutes after I left the room at 8pm.  We still did quiet time, which is a must in my house.  Yesterday I actually planned out the week's meals and grocery list (and read an entire cooking magazine!!) while he just laid on the couch and "read" one of DH's magazines (DH napped actually!).  It worked great and he wasn't cranky the rest of the day.  If he falls asleep during a quiet time, I probably won't wake him, but won't let him go more than an hour as I just think 8.5-9 hours at night for a 3 year old is way too short.

    DS is insisting he doesn't want to dress up this year.  We haven't bought anything and may have to improvise once he sees his cousins and realizes they get candy with a costume. :-)

    Pugs... good for you for making it the whole week.  Facetime is a godsend for traveling.  I also had to do a 7-day trip earlier this year and believe me, you are right... its way more painful for us then it is for them!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    CLC - Congrats on the walking! Good luck to you! :-)

    Kind of unrelated, I'm going to make DS a blackjack dealer costume for Halloween. I wanted something where I could incorporate his stroller. I'm going to make a little felt table to put on top of his cup holders, glue chips and cards onto it and get him a white shirt and a black vest to wear. My work does a huge Halloween party for all the kids. I can't wait!

    I survived my first night away from DS this weekend. He was so smiley when I got home, I think I'm going to go away every Saturday! Unfortunately, my phone broke while I was away so I was completely out of touch with them. That part kind of stunk, but DH did great with him. I'm so lucky that DH is such a hands-on dad (and that DS is such a good baby)!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    I was going to come on and ask for advice about getting through the four month sleep regression thing. But then I visited DS this afternoon at daycare and found that he cut his first tooth! So that explains why he couldn't sleep last night! 

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    That'll do it Chiclet!  Beare - they tend to come in pairs.  Awesome costume!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Chiclet - brilliant costume idea! I have never seen that!

    To those of you with LOs around 1, when did you start having them practice with utensils at mealtime? I'm just curious if I'm way behind. I occasionally give DS (13 months) a fork because he'll actually sometimes eat more that way (after he's signed that he's all done even though he hasn't eaten much). I get the food on the fork, then he puts it in his mouth. He finds this very thrilling and gets very proud of himself. I think to do this maybe a few dinners per week. I can't remember when we started regularly giving DD utensils.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy, I think we did the same with DS a couple times around 12 mos -- putting food on a spoon and then letting him put it in his mouth, but we just kind of stopped doing it until recently. He's 19 mos now and I pretty much give him the option to use the spoon or fork himself every time there's a need to use one. He is usually really excited for 5 or 10 minutes but if it's a difficult food and/or he gets to the bottom of the bowl, he'll get frustrated and we'll take the spoon/fork and feed him the rest. 

    So, in short, I don't think you're behind at all. It's probably going to be more of a game for him at this point, but if you keep it up he'll probably be better at utensils than my DS is now :-).

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    poppy, you are way ahead of us on utensils... DD is almost 13 months, and we have not yet started with a spoon (once the spoon comes out, she stops eating to play with it). And DH would not let DS have a fork until 2.5 over fears of DS accidentally poking himself in the eyes or stabbing someone so utensils is going to be a slow/delayed (at daycare, they do not permit forks yet even for 3 year olds but they start using spoons at around 1 year old or so). Once DD is transitioned to her new toddler room, we may start introducing the spoon at home and see if she will eat with it or just forget about food.

    DD is moving up rooms and it sounds like it is going better than expected (they start with a few hours in the new room then lunch and nap back in old room, and apparently on her second day, she screamed when she went back to the old room, and demanded to go back to the new room, so they let her back to the new room and that is where she was at pickup). So we will see how it continues... drop off routine is the part I have not figured out yet because the one we have now is very specific to her favorite infant teacher and I don't know yet how I am going to do the drop off in the new room. I am going to have to figure out something next week when I probably start dropping her off in the new room.


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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Funny, I have no idea when we allowed utencils for the kids, DD 2 uses them all, knife included. She uses them more than her big brother!

    Chicklet-love the costume idea! For DS's first halloween, I wanted to draw a six pack (muscles) on a onesie, black pants and a bow tie and have him go as a chipendales dancer. DH put the kibash on that one!

    DD recently moved up to the 2-3 year old room at daycare, and has really taken a liking to one of the teachers. But every mornign now she refuses to walk to her new room-which is next to her brother's room. I know she's fine after I leave, but I keep getting reports of DD melting down if she sees her brother. DS's afternoon playground is right next to DD's room, so if she sees him its over, a hot mess. Yesterday she refused to go out in the afternoon since she saw him. When they did get her outside, she stood by the gate waiting to go in. Prevously she was on the other wing of the building and they rarely crossed paths. I'm hoping she adjusts to seeing him soon. Anyone else deal with this-how long has it taken other kids to adjust to seeing their sibling while at school?

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy, I don't remember the exact timing for utensils, but I think we started around 12 mo.  I feel like I tend toward the "baby led" method (not intentionally, just happens), so when she started reaching for the spoon I started letting her use it.  First she'd hold one and we'd feed with another, then we put the food on and let her put it into her mouth, then she started using it to get the food - this was mostly with yogurt - a total mess, but it worked.  Same with the fork.  She is just now (almost 15 mo) getting more than she misses when stabbing at food, and does about half of her meal with a utensil, then just uses her hands.  At her daycare they use regular "plasticware" forks and spoons.

    No knives yet -  She tosses the fork or spoon to the ground when she is done with it and I fear for the dog who sits faithfully (and pathetically) under her high chair.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Hi all! Been a while since I've been able to pop on and catch up. I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall- it's been great to us so far!

    In regard to the utensils- my 15 mo DD needs a spoon at most mealtimes or she refuses to eat. She sometimes plays but mostly tries to use it properly, and in the worst case she'll hold it in one hand, pick up a bite of food with the other hand and touch it to the spoon, then eat it :) It's fun to watch her!

    She's walking and running all over now and has had a major language explosion- she knows at least 10-15 words, can say her own name (not that much of an easy one for a 15 month old, either!) and knows the color blue.

    Two things I need ideas for- Halloween costumes (I have NO ideas!) and great places to go apple picking!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    My two girls approached utensils completely differently. 

    DD#1 REFUSED to allow anyone to feed her, starting around 7 months.  She INSISTED on feeding herself.  This was messy, obviously, but she got very adept very quickly.  She quickly progressed from feeding herself finger-foods to using a spoon (at her insistence, after seeing that we used them and wanting to imitate). She now uses a knife fairly adeptly and is starting to get pretty good at chopsticks (age 4.5). part of her success is due, in part, to her very focused and attentive personality.  She enjoys practicing skills and will not deviate from a mission until she has succeeded.


    DD#2, on the other hand, has a completely different personality.  It took until at least 13 months or so before she even seemed interested in feeding herself.  At 15 months, she is still fairly willing to allow us to shovel food in (though she's perfectly happy to shove handfuls of food into her own mouth as well). When given a spoon, she throws it aside in lieu of using her hands.  If she tries to use a spoon, she gets very frustrated very quickly.  I doubt she'll have the knack of utensils as quickly as my oldest.


    I'm a big fan of putting food on the tray and letting them feed themselves so I can feed myself.  I deal with the cleanup later.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    In response to lissafro's comment:


    I'm a big fan of putting food on the tray and letting them feed themselves so I can feed myself.  I deal with the cleanup later.

    Yes, THIS ^


    I just want to eat my food and have been feeling a bit guilty and lazy that I wasn't encouraging utensils more. To add that in amongst getting one thing after another for my older one and trying to keep my younger one in food, but not TOO much food that it tempts him to just chuck it all on the floor, means I end up like the mom in A Christmas Story who never gets a hot meal. I think we'll go with hands for now, with the occasional fork/spoon thrown in. ;)

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    KAM, that's interesting.  Does she melt down because she wants to be with him?  Or doesn't want to be with him?  Or something else?

    I have no advice, I am just curious.  Right now DD (3) does not want to see DS (5 months) at daycare, but that's because she's generally annoyed and jealous about his existence, period.  (Although it's improving a little.)  She doesn't melt down, but she just is not interested if the teachers offer to take her to the baby room to visit.  In general, I think she's happier now that she knows he's at daycare rather than off somewhere with her mommy.  But I have no insight into the younger child being upset to see the older.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers


    I think you'll have to ride the wave, and the teachers (and your daughter) will, too.  She'll gradually get used to seeing him without being able to go to him.  Perhaps at the end of the day (last 30 minutes?) before you get there they could be together, either he goes to her 2's room or she goes to his 4's room? (that is, if she isn't the kind of 2 yr old who is still dumping everything, putting teeny legos in her mouth, etc.  sometimes having 2 yr olds run amok in a 4's room is a disaster). 

    We have a different sibling thing:  we have a 15 month old whose 3 month old brother just started - and in our center children are infants until 17 months so both boys are in the same room!  I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to do this, and asked their opinions, because I didn't want to encourage sibling rivalry by having the bigger boy's teachers suddenly ALSO be giving so much attention to this new baby - after all, his parents are, why should he have to share his teachers, too?  But he doesn't seem to have too much sibling issues with the baby, and he can spend time with his brother, which is a nice thing given they are in childcare all day....  and of course it's so much easier for parents to drop both boys into the same room....  well, days 1 and 2 the bigger one WOULD NOT leave his baby brother's side!  When baby needed to nap, the big boy INSISTED on going into the crib area, and sleeping in a crib at the same time - this from a child who has slept on a cot for about 7 months at the center because he HATED being in a crib.... and when baby woke up the bigger one popped awake - it was amazing.  After 2 days he went back to playing with the older babies and being regular old guy, but those first 2 days were funny.  He was being the big protector - wouldn't let any other kids go near the baby, and if baby was on a boppy in a specific area, the big one insisted on sitting next to him the entire time...  Funny!

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Does anyone remember a 12-13 month growth spurt?  DS, who is 12 mos, 2 weeks, has become an eating machine in the last few the point that daycare asked us to send more food, as he was stealing from the other babies!  This morning, he had half an english muffin, milk and two bowls of peaches (probably about a peach and a half), and an applesauce!  It kind of coincided with the end of formula, so I guess he could be compensating, but I think that calorie-wise, he's definitely consuming more! 

    He's still mostly eating with his fingers, to go back to the discussion above...but we do give him a spoon, or will put stuff on a fork and let him feed himself...that's usually at the end of a meal, when he's not really hungry, just sort of picking.  He has more patience for utensils then!

    Kam, good luck with the daycare dilemma...hopefully it's just part of DD's adjustment and it will pass quickly!  It's always something, isn't it??  :) 

    CT, that's the cutest story ever!  I hope they always are as close...

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    Med-she has the melt down because she wants to be with him. Her teachers have tried to keep her from seeing DS because every time she gets upset and just wants to play with him. The teachers joke when they see each other it's like Chariots of Fire playing in the background as the two of them try and run to each other.

    I asked her teachers what other kids have gone through in the past when they see their older sibling. Her teachers admitted they haven't had one cry for so long for their older sibling. I was hoping they'd say "Oh, after a week or two they've been fine!"

    CT-our center won't do mixed rooms-so they'd never let her go to his room, or him to her. And the end of the day the kids are outside on age appropriate play grounds.Your story is just so adorable!

    DD's only been in her room for two weeks now, and this morning her teacher asked if I wanted them to start potty training her-while we are gearing up for that at home (seriously-those little undies are just so adroable!) I don't want that added pressure on her. Unless she starts the process herself. Maybe in a month when hopefully she'll be better adjusted to her room and occassionally seeing her brother. Though no diapers would be devine!

    Poppy-I've almost forgotten what a hot meal is like.

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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    KAM - that is tough! I hope she adjusts soon... especially as she is reaching the age where peer friends may start to become important, maybe over time, there will be a classmate she will become friends with. How verbal is she? Is it something you could discuss at home when the whole family is together or something in her room like a picture and set some time (get there early or pick up earlier) for them to play at the school before/after? Not sure if that would help.

    I know DS loves having me say good bye to him after I drop off his sister - almost like assurance that she is really dropped off and not going home with me.

    DD is settled into her new toddler room (moved from her infant room). By the second day of her transition, apparently she screamed in protest when they tried to move her back to her old room after her visit (they usually just visit for a few hours in the morning the first week of transition) so they quickly brought her back to her new room and that is where DH picked her up - I guess she was very content to try eating lunch there and sleep on the cots... and they have not attempted to bring her back to her old room on the same day after they move her to the new room in the morning. We thought she would have a hard time because in her old room, she would scream in protest if either of her favorite teachers even reached into the closet to get her purse (meaning she was leaving for a break).


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    Re: September Infants and Toddlers

    In response to siena09's comment:

    My DD also wakes up twice every night to eat at 11 weeks old.  It's exhausting.  I'm still waiting for a break here!

    For you ladies who pump at work--what do you do to keep pump parts clean between sessions?  I've been working from home this week, but I'm heading to the office tomorrow and trying to figure out how to manage it.

    Every working mom have same problem ...