Vital Pictures is an award-winning, Boston-based documentary production company currently producing a PBS documentary about the importance of early childhood development. The film explores public policies, developmental research, and the social structures of our nation which can improve the lives of children and their families. Part of this story considers the distinct differences in the reality of raising children today versus 40 years ago.




We are currently seeking single mothers of young children (age 0 to 5) and their parents (those who are actively involved in the raising of their grandchildren) who would be interested in sharing their stories–the joys and the challenges they have faced as parents and grandparents, and how parenting has changed between one generation and the next. Do you spend as much time with you children as your parents did with you when you were a child? Do you have to take care of your grandchildren because your child (the parent) is working? Did you attend or send your child to childcare or was a parent at home during the day? Do you think your life as a parent is harder than your parents’/child’s? What are the reasons you think life as a parent is different now than it was a generation ago?




While experts can tell us these changes have happened, we find it is the stories of real people, told in their own words, to which audiences truly relate and understand. This film will be used by early childhood experts, policy makers, and advocates to help put into place programs, which best support our families and children in the United States. By telling your story, you will be instrumental in making this happen.




If you are interested in learning more about participating in the film, please contact Leigh Lanocha at leigh.lanocha<at> or at 617.254.6400. To learn more about the Raising of America documentary and public engagement campaign, please visit