So, we've entered a new phase of sleep that is totally confusing me. 

From about a year to 18.5 months, DD was going to bed between 7:45-8pm, waking several times in the night needing to be comforted, then seemingly waking for the day around 6am (sometimes she could be convinced to snooze a bit longer if we brought her in bed with us).

As of last Friday or so, she is doing the following:

1) Testing me at bedtime.  I am the only one who puts her to bed (that's another story) and she will now do this thing where as soon as we turn out lights she wants to go immediately into her crib (she used to let me rock her for a few minutes).  She goes into the crib and will do one or some of a number of things: say, "Mama.  Go." but then get upset if I say "Ok" and go to leave; say, "Up!" but then not let me pick her up; try to give me her blanket but not let me touch her; not lie down; etc.  If I leave the room, she SCREAMS until I come back in.  Even if I just sit in a chair in the room, she cries the whole time.  The longest I've been able to stand leaving her crying is 30 minutes (which I tried just once two nights ago).  Last night it was about 20 minutes before I went back in. I fully expect she would scream for 6 hours if I didn't go in and pick her up and comfort her.  That is just her personality. And yet I feel like that is exactly what I should not be doing.  The entire sleep routine (which, aside from this is EXACTLY the same every night) went on for an hour and a half last night until I finally gave in and held her for a few minutes (that's really all it takes) and she went willingly, awake, into the crib, laid down, and went to sleep. When these shenanigans happen, she's going to sleep around 8:30pm, sometimes closer to 8:45.

2) sleeping until 9am.  She has always been an early riser (6am or earlier).  I cant' fathom how she is now sleeping (again, it's been this past weekend) upwards of 9am.

Has anyone dealt with anything similar?  Could this be a growth spurt combined with typical toddler testing? it ruins my whole night and I now dread putting her to bed. I contacted a sleep consultant from Isis, but in the meantime am wondering if any of you have advice that you have tried yourselves.  I will say up front, I do not have the time and patience to read a sleep book (i tried making sense of Weissbluth and choosing a sleep training plan about 6 months ago, but after several days of reading through his book, I still couldn't figure out what I should be doing), and the other issue I'm having with this is that I don't eat dinner until after she goes to bed, so I'm starving by the time this all happens (not to mention exhausted and 7 months pregnant and generally have less patience than is normal for me). 

I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants, completely alone. DH wants to help, but also doesn't know what to do. If I had some sort of plan I felt could work, I'd feel a lot better even if it took a few days for it to kick in.  I'm sure I sound totally helpless, stating I won't read a book and all, but I'm so tired I just need someone to tell me what to do.