Some BF questions from a new mom

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    Some BF questions from a new mom

    I have some questions for moms who've BF'd and also pumped.  Just had our first pediatrician's appointment yesterday (fun!).  The little guy is still at his discharge weight and I guess after 48 hours, they were hoping for a few more ounces. Sounds quick, but they are the doctors.  So they told me to do feedings every 3 (or less) hours.  So even waking him up at night.   (and every other feeding, we are also supplementing with 1 to 1 1/2 oz formula since hospital.  I'm getting my pump delivered today, so I can start supplementing with pumped milk soon I hope).  I tried last night waking him at 3am - he ate, I changed his diaper and then he was ready to party. (I thought about the diaper first, and then eating to make him sleepy, but a lot of feedings make him p**p during or immediately after, so I'd need to do another diaper right after again).
    So do I go with old wives tale - "never wake a sleeping baby" or just deal with his being wide awake for 2 hours at night to get this extra feeding in?

    Also, my doctor told me a complete feed is both sides.  My guy likes the left best, but does both well.  However, only wants one at each sitting.  Doc said 15 minutes is enough on each side.  My guy likes 20-25 minutes and when I try to flip him over... no go.  I tried pulling him at 15 and moving him over a few times... with no luck at all.  Isn't it because the first couple sips are watery milk and then the fatty good stuff comes in - after getting the good stuff, why would you want to go back to the watery stuff from a new side?  Am I over-analysizing this?

    Also, I read the post about pumping and BFing, so I think I have a good idea on a schedule so I'm not way overproducing milk.  But any thoughts on how much to put in a bottle?  I can stick with the 1 to 1 1/2 oz supplement like the formula.  For anyone that exclusively pumped... how many ounces a day did your newborns eat?

    I can't drive for another week (c-section) and after that, I hope to go to a few BF groups or appt with my lactation consultant.. but for now I'm somewhat clueless.  THANKS!
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    IPW, I know many of my friends and I got conflicting advice from family ("never wake a sleeping baby") vs. medical (feed every 3 hours until a certain weight).  I believe my LC went with the rule of thumb that they basically wanted to see a gain of an ounce a day (if I'm remembering correctly).  I know I was advised to wake my son for a while, probably until he was about 10lbs, and then I could let him go for a longer stretch.  How many feedings is he averaging a day with and without these extra night feedings?  I know some friends fed not on demand during the day and but more on a schedule, consciously feeding LO every 2/2.5 hours daytime, so there were more daytime feedings, and then they did 2 4-hour stretches at night.  You are going to get tons of conflicting advice - the LCs always told me to start on whatever side I didn't the last time and feed baby on that side until he stops (with  my DS that was like 30+ min... very slow eater!) Then, offer the other side and if he didn't want it, just start on that side the next time.  To be honest, following every professional's advice (often conflicting from LCs, books, MDs, etc.) drove me batty after awhile.  But, your LO is still so new, my gut is saying just follow your pedis advice until next appt, but as he gets bigger, you'll feel safer and more comfortable going with your own instincts and following the rhythym you and DS start establishing.    PS- not sure where you delivered, but So Shore Hospital has a "warmline" you can call and leave a message on to consult for free with an LC there... and just like their daily group, you don't have needed to deliver there or be affiliated with SSH to use the warmline.  So, until you can get a group near you, you can talk to a live LC for free on the phone if that is helpful.
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    The consultant or group will definitely help.  It seems to me that every baby is different on quantities that they eat.  If there's any way your significant other can take you to a consultant, it's something that definitely helped me.
    Our LO is at 11 weeks, and we woke her up to eat every 3 hours, even at night, for the first week or so.  I think that our doctor asked us to do it until she got back to her birth weight from her discharge weight.
    The part about them being wide awake after is an issue, but there are two pieces of advice we got that helped.
    First, the consultant advised us to do one side, then diaper, then the other side.  Hopefully you get any p**p during the first side, and then the diaper change interlude helps them wake up a bit and get psyched for the second side.  Then sleepy after the second side.  (Note that now that she's older I don't always do it this way, and there are plenty of times where she only eats on one side.  But this still seems to work well during the night.)
    Second, I have also heard "watch the baby, not the clock", so maybe some babies do like 20-25 minutes on one side!  However, the other piece of advice I got was to watch her and see if she was sucking strongly and swallowing.  She would do that (i.e. eating) and then would start just comfort sucking, which was lighter and she really wasn't swallowing anything.  Just hanging out with mom!  So it's possible that your baby does need that long on one side to eat, but it's also possible that he is done eating but wants to stay all cozy.  My guess is that if you try to take him off and he doesn't get all upset and signal that he wants more, and especially if he then doesn't want the second side, he's probably done eating.  So with our LO, I was able to take her off and get back to sleep sooner than I had realized!
    I don't know if this is helpful, because I think all the babies are so different.  But some of this advice really helped us!
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    I agree with medford about making sure your LO is actually swallowing. My DD loved to latch, take a few swallows, then stop. She wouldn't let go, just chill out, not eating. Especially as a newborn. I found that stroking her chin, or jiggling my breast would get her back to eating. And every baby is different in terms of how long they eat and if they want both sides or just one, etc. I never went to an LC, but I did pester the pediatrician with a ton of questions every time I went, and I got a book called The Nursing Mother's Companion, which helped a bit.
    Also many babies are still nocturnal, so in the early days (up until about 10 weeks) DD wanted to be awake at night much more than she wanted to be awake during the day. I think that is where the sleep when the baby sleeps advice is most handy- I was able to grab some sleep during the day while she slept, so I didn't completely lose it when she wanted to part like a rock star at 3 am.
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    Congratulations, IPW! You may want to check the kellymom forums -- the mods on there are LCs and the posters are REALLY into breastfeeding. I mean really, really into it. But they give excellent advice.
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    I freaked out with the LC about how many oz. and how often and fore and hind milk - and charted every single event in Excel for analysis. She told me to go home, have a glass of wine and chill out, no charting, no pumping (for a few days) and no looking at the clock. And pretty much that's what I've been doing.

    So DD free ranges and I've been feeding on demand and over the last four weeks I've been doing this she's self regulated to a pretty consistent 2-2.5 hour feed cycle. This is what I would do:

    Feed him whenever he wants, and when he loses interest just stop. He may gain interest again in an hour - but you weren't planning on doing anything else but feed him all day, right? :) I find that to be the most annoying part...

    The formula feeds can be done at night, when you want a chunk of sleep, or during the day when you want to actually get something done. At first DD had a 2-3 oz. of formula at 1:00 a.m. - so I bf'ed her and went to bed at 10 ish, DH gave her a formula bottle at 1 AM and I got to sleep until about 4 am.

    Now, she's sleeping longer at night, and I save the dope (formula, I swear there are sedatives in it!) for the day so I can have a few hours to get something done.

    8 weeks in and I am loving BF ing, and plan to do the full year, not just the 3-6 months originally planned.

    You know Nate better than anyone in the world, have confidence that he knows what he needs - and you know what he needs, you just can't believe it yet :)

    Hope you make it to Anna Jacques at some point, there were a crop of new moms this last week, and my DD is now one of the "big kids."
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    IPW Mitch is the same way, if he does anything but nurse at night we are up for at least an hour or more.  When I left the hospital he had lost 8% of his body weight and when we went to the pedi the very next day he was down even more, so they recommended formula for us too at first.  I didn't wake him at night I let him wake up to nurse but he always woke and does still wake after 2-3 hours anyway.  Mitch also often only nurses on one side at night but both during the day, so I get up and pump after he eats.

    I agree pretty much with what ML and everyone else is saying trust yourself.  Do what you think is best whether it is what you think or what was recommended.
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    Lots of great info above.  I just posted this on another bf'ing board but I'll repeat it here because I've used it a lot.  DD just turned 4 months old and I exclusively breastfed her until I went back to work 2 days per week 2 weeks ago.  While I have an electric pump that I use at work, I've found that I get quite a bit of milk if I use a manual pump on one side while she is nursing on the other.  I wish I had done this at the beginning when I was fuller (if you know what I mean).  I can get about 2.5 - 3 oz. in the morning doing this on the days I don't work.  She has been having some food since she turned 4 months (here come the big girl poops) so she is taking a little less time nursing before she goes down at night and then I'll do a quick pump before I go to bed.

    We went through the same issue as to whether we should wake her at night because she came home from the hospital sleeping through the night.  My pedi said it was ok to let her go 6 hours at night as long as I fed every 2 - 3 hours during the day so that's what we did.  Now I let her go 8 - 9 hours at night and I don't want to say she's a moose but she wears size 6-9 months in clothes.  The first few weeks are the most nerve wracking so just try to get as much rest as you can and don't stress.  I already miss my newborn!  Take good care.
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    Re: Some BF questions from a new mom

    I was told that when a baby drinks from a breast, the first milk they get is the thinner milk, where the baby is getting hydrated but not the good fats and nutrition, and that as they drink, the milk becomes richer and they get the fat, calories, carbs and protein that will help them gain weight.  Because of that, I was advised that the "15 minutes on each side" thing is actually old, bad advice, and to nurse the baby on the first breast until there is nothing left, then nurse the baby on the other breast until the baby says he/she is done.  Next time, start on the breast the baby used second, and do the same thing.

    In terms of not waking a sleeping baby, I agree with this unless your baby is sleeping excessively. 

    In terms of changing the baby before or after eating, I did both.  I realize that it seems like a waste of a diaper to change the baby and feed him knowing he is going to deficate as you feed him, but I figured that a feeding wasn't going to go well if the baby was uncomfortable because he or she (in my case he) was sitting in a poopy or pee filled diaper.  I wouldn't want to sit in my own waste while I ate.  Again, I realize that you go through many more diapers that way in the beginning, but on the other hand, my 7 month old never, NEVER not once, ever has had diaper rash.  Having seen what my friends go through with their babies that do get diaper rash, I decided early on to do whatever I could to avoid it, so I changed before and after and applied Boudreaux's butt cream and that seems to have done the trick. 

    I have to tell you, I was told that if the baby was back up to his discharge weight after a week, that was all you needed to do.  I think the doctor is worrying you unecessarilly.