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Something to pull up on...

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    Something to pull up on...

    Hi everyone, hope you are well.

    Looking for suggestions for the LO.  She is trying to learn to pull up to stand.  She's having trouble with the couch because you can't get a really tight grip on it.  Our dining chairs are too light/tippy, so that's a no go, and we don't have a coffee table.

    I am willing to make a small investment (both money and sanity) and I was all ready to buy one of those little activity tables with all the buttons and noises.  But when I looked at the bad reviews on Amazon, a bunch said that when their kid was trying to learn to pull up, the table would pull over on top of them.  That doesn't seem good...

    So I'm looking for suggestions.  A baby ladder, perhaps??
    (By the way, for anyone who doesn't know, she's really far behind in gross motor development, so this is a situation of actively looking for things to encourage her, not just my usual attitude, which would be "oh, she'll learn on the doorway when she's ready.")
    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Here are some thoughts:

    We didn't have any problem with the activity/music table tipping over. We kept it on the carpet in the living room, so I don't know if that helped. DS pulled up for the first time using his music table.

    We got rid of our coffee table, too, but have a couple of ottomans in the living room. DS had a much easier time navigating those (a bit lower than our couch). Plus you could look for a fabric that may offer more grip. The ottoman was good because it was easy for DS to walk all the way around them with support. Plus, we use ours for toy storage.

    How about one of these playhouses? The infant room at our daycare had some and we'd often see DS and his friends pulling themselves up and motoring around them at drop-off and pick up.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    DD loves boxes for pulling herself up and also for pushing around the room. (she recently stack two up and tried to climb over the babygate...but I digress).

    When she was starting to pull herself up, we just pulled the couch cushions off when we were playing (we have other seating options in the playroom.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Our baby playgroup had this sit-to-stand activity walker

    The kids all looooooved it. This playgroup was part of the REACH program at St Elizabeth's, so a lot of the kids had developmental stuff. Our daughter was a late walker so I was always looking for ways to encourage her to pull up and move around.

    When she was first pulling up, our Ikea LEKA baby gym was her go-to device. It was really sturdy and she used it like an old lady walker, pushing it around the house.

    I bought this for a friend and wished I'd had one for my daughter because it really does grow with the kid:

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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    WE got two faux leather cubes at Target for $50 each when we got rid of the coffee table.  DH and I still have somewhere to put a drink or a plate when the kids have gone to bed, and they are padded so no sharp corners for babies.
    Also - they have storage inside - added bonus.
    We never did put legs on our activity tables - they kept turning them over.  Ours are still on the floor without the legs and my kids are two.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Thanks, everyone.  Kiwi, it's good to know that the activity table did not tip over!  Maybe I'll try it and if it seems unsafe I'll figure out something different.  I like the sit to stand walkers, and she does love the ones that are kicking around our local playground, but... she can play with it sitting down.  I really need something that is worth standing up for.
    Maybe I can also look for a storage ottoman and put really good stuff on top.  Like wristwatches.  And pens.  And phones.

    I know it's just another piece of baby junk we don't need.  But she's really having a hard time and I want to make it fun while when she's trying so hard.  Plus, we take really good care of stuff, and when we're done with it, it will go to Cradles for Crayons and they will give it to a baby that doesn't have a lot of baby junk.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Medford - we have the same one that Lemon linked to.  It is great.  DD walks ALL over the house with it.  She can pretty much pull up on anything now but since she is not walking solo yet, she uses it to get around everywhere.  Loves it!
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Medford - We have this music table:

    And my mother-in-law has this one:

    And neither of them have ever tipped over when DD has pulled herself up (and she is not a tiny baby).
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    We have a thick mattress on floor in his playroom (and in our bedroom, both mattress and boxspring on the floor) which DS loves cruising around especially if we are sitting in the middle - and it got him motivated to learn to pull onto the mattress by grabbing the sheets too.

    We also have similar cubes as MissLily mentioned - cloth ones (we used them for chairs for a while as we could not find a dining room set we liked, and now we let him cruise on those). Push the cubes against the wall, and they can not tip over (although so far even free standing, he has not tipped those over). 

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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Tried the cubes yesterday -- she did great with them, and definitely no danger of tipping, but she could only pull up if I held onto it because otherwise it slid towards her on the wood floor.  We'll hit the hardware store this weekend and see about those rubbery things for under the feet!
    And I might see about the table, too... good to know that they have stayed sturdy for many people.
    The other thing I am thinking about now is a little regular table, that she can use as she gets older to sit at for snacks or coloring or whatever... we don't have a ton of room, but I'm thinking this could be something that will be usable for a few years!
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Medford, I recall that you either had an early intervention evaluation or are getting some support, and our LOs are only a few months apart.  Did they say that was a big sign...not pulling up?  My DS doesn't pull up at all.  He is 11 1/2 months.  If you stand him, he will walk with his push cart and so far once he took 3-4 steps on his own.  From sitting, he can plop into his belly and army crawl.  But he can't get to sitting from the floor, and has no interest in pulling up on anything to get to standing.  I haven't been worried since he did finally start moving doing the army crawl, but just wondering if not pulling up is a sign of anything.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Hey IPW,
    Yes, we had the EI evaluation and we just started getting EI support two weeks ago.  She's 13 1/2 months now.
    At the time of the evaluation, she was 12 1/2 months.  The evaluation was a series of items and there were points and scores and what not.  So it's not like there's a single thing that is a big sign, but rather the full range of things.

    It sounds like your LO can do a couple of things that ours couldn't: walk with the push cart, and going from sitting to belly (although in our case, there is some reluctance that is a factor - she can do it occasionally, but usually just won't).
    And there are a couple of things that are the same: can't get to sitting from floor, army crawl instead of belly up crawl, not pulling to standing.

    So... I don't know.  Definitely not an expert.  But I would venture a guess that it could be worth the evaluation.  There are some threads kicking around where Luck and CT-DC helped with some good info about EI that made me think the evaluation was a good idea.  I think it's in the Infant and Toddler August thread and in the thread about older babies starting daycare.  And you can ask your doctor at the one year.

    The EI has been helpful.  They showed me how when I was helping her stand up, she was completely locking her knees straight.  So even though she was standing, the transition from sitting wasn't in a way that she would ever be able to replicate on her own.  So now we're working on getting her started from a bended-knee position, sitting on my thigh or a pillow, and then helping her pull up to stand and then return to the sitting bended-knee position.  She still can't do it on her own, but she is already doing so much more of the work, plus I see her being a little more comfortable bending her knees while standing.

    Let me know what you think!  It's good to hear from someone in a similar spot.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    IPW - At your DS 12 month appointment, his pedi should ask all about what he does and doesn't/can and can't do.  If the pedi doesn't mention anything that concerns you.  That said, your DS doesn't sound too delayed to me. 

    DD1 barely moved at 11.5 months.  She could roll over, get seated and then back down and walk holding onto something but was not crawling or pulling up.  I really thought'd she'd skip crawling but she started at about 12 months and then was walking at 14.  DS was walking at 11 months and DD2 (who has had EI since 7 months) can't do any of the things either DD1 was doing at this age or DS is currently doing.  She will sit up if you sit her up but can't get back up if she falls over.  She does move in a circle with her butt as the pivot point but there is no rolling over or crawiling.  Belly time makes her hysterical.  And this is after ~4 months of EI.  Every baby does things on their schedule but ANYTHING that worries you is worth mentioning to the pedi.  :-)
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    You can make your own "Activity Table" that is ever-changing. Get a clear plastic bin (Target, Container Store) with a snap-on top that is the right size for your need - about 18" tall will work well. Fill it with books, toys, whatever you want, but make sure there's some weight inside the bin so it won't move or be too tippy when she is pulling up and leaning against it to play. Then, place just a few toys, rattles or fine-motor toys on the closed lid: This becomes her table-top. Change the toy selection on the table top every day to keep it interesting. You only need a few items each day. Suction cup toys and chunky puzzles (duct-tape the puzzle frame to prevent it from sliding around on the "table top") will work particularly well.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    I wouldn't worry so much about his not being interested in pulling to a stand at 111/2 months, but it is more unusual that he can't get from his tummy to a sit, and perhaps it's a concern that he isn't doing a more typical crawl with his tummy off the ground.  Now, having said that, many children don't do the traditional crawl we all think of as a crawl - some will crawl with 2 hands, a knee and then instead of their other knee they use the bottom of their foot to scoot along.  Others use their bottoms and then scoot with a foot, etc.  But usually they move beyond just pulling with their arms.

    But I'm not an early interventionist - I'd perhaps push hard and show your pediatrician what your son can do and discuss what he can't (BEFORE he gets his shots so he isn't so hysterical and is willing to show off his crawling skills) and see if you can push for an EI consultation. Hey, the worst is that the EI professional reports he's doing fine, just on the outer edge of gross motor development.  all children do develop differently, and not all at exactly the same time; that's why it's dangerous to compare.  And yet, if a child is having a hard time moving to the next developmental stage, it's critical that he gets help before it goes too long and too far. 

    and it was really interesting to hear medford's discussion of how putting her daughter on her knees to move to a stand is better than just parking her on her feet to stand at something.  Fascinating, isn't it?

    We had a child who was seeing a therapist for motor delays, and the therapist was ADAMANT that she wanted him to crawl with his belly off the ground - by this time he'd moved from the army crawl (all arm pulling, legs just dragging behind) to a system where he pulled with his arms and pushed off with his legs.  But still, she wanted that tummy off the ground, so he would develop a strong core, which would help him when he was walking and running.  So we took his shirt off!  He would keep that belly off the floor when he had no shirt on, but if he had his shirt on he wouldn't.  So a month or so of having no shirt on got him to crawl regularly!
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    CT - thanks for the thoughts.  My DS is adament he not be on his knees in an upright position, which worries me a bit.  He almost yells in pain if you try to put him on his knees and he wiggles fast to move off them.  Our 1 year appt is in 2 weeks, so that will be my absolute first question.  Oddly enough, I have caught him a few times sleeping on his belly with his knees tucked under him... so I know his knees bend without pain.  But in that position he isn't putting much pressure on them... so I still want to ask why he won't kneel at all.  
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    I would second the no shirt for getting belly off the ground. Our son started with belly crawling and content to do that for a while, until he escaped from us before we got his clothes on, and as soon as his belly touched a cold surface (wood or tiles), it went up in the air.

    We found this weekend, that somehow suddenly our coffee table (it is a heavy stone top one, with rubber child-safe bumpers) became a huge attraction for him to pull up and cruise so we got little cars and balls that makes him cruise around it (he loves trains/cars/balls, and those roll around and the little bumper we got for the whole rim keeps the cars/balls from rolling off). And he does use the bumper to get a grip to pull up (or if he has cars in his hands, he anchors the cars over the bumper to pull up). The cars we got are small ones with cutouts he can grip:

    He can even crawl with these and still keep belly off the ground (most toys he tries to cart with  him, he usually reverts back to army crawl or ends up ditching).

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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    I love the storage bin suggestion!  I'm just going to have to find something rubbery to put under things, because everything I try slides across the floor when she pulls on it.

    CT - I love it when you weigh in.  You always have great advice!
    IPW - keep us posted after the visit!  No need to worry (although we still do, don't we?) but it's good to be proactive.

    Funny about the shirt off -- so far all that has gotten us is a very red belly.  She is not convinced!  Another interesting thing is that she has gone from occasionally going onto hands and knees to pushing up onto hands and feet.  It's not getting her anywhere, crawling wise, but hopefully it will help with the core strength.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    OMG... Medford too funny you just posted that.  I tried taking off the shirt last night.  We have tile in the kitchen and it is chilly.  He squeaked across the floor yelling the whole way.  It was painful to watch as his skin got more and more red.  Ouch.  

    My Dad gave me an odd idea, but I'll try anything.  I put a towel under his belly and armpits and lowered him to the floor (holding both ends) so his hands and knees only touched.  More tears.  

    I'm not so much worried he's not crawling as he's practically walking on his own.  Just not sure he's developing any muscles in his arms because he's not putting any weight on them (nor his knees).  A good question for the doctor in a few weeks.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    Medford - I think that is a good sign getting on hands and feet.  DD did downward dog and plank extensively before crawling! :)

    IPW - does DS stoop?
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    LIL, what's stoop?  From standing he does not bend over and pick up anything.  He took almost 10 steps on his own yesterday, so he's definitely getting the hang of walking.  But he puts absolutely no pressure on his knees nor too much weight on his arms when "crawling" on his belly.  Just kinda pulls and drags himself along.  And does a lot of rolling because once he's down on his belly, he can't get back up.

    Just posted on the TTC thread... thinking of you for your u/s this week.  Praying for good news.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    IPW, DD just started with what I call the Classic Baby Crawl a few days ago, and she turned one last weekend.  I had just started to get a little worried about that and bam -- she pulled it out of her bag of tricks.  I've read some kids never "crawl," so hopefully that's reassuring! 
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    IPW - I think Luck means bending knees while standing.  Like crouching down.  That also seems consistent with what I've learned from EI.  They showed me how our LO was standing with straight, locked knees, and they've been helping me teach her to pull up to stand from a bent knee position (sitting on my thigh like it's a bench...)

    And I think GC is right that some kids never crawl.  It's more the big picture of all gross motor skills that is important.
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    Re: Something to pull up on...

    IPW - Yes, I meant what medford said. Crouching down to get things.  When DD is standing and holding on she will crouch down to get a toy. I think it is great that he is walking.  It is definitely true that some kiddos just never crawl but it seems that you are more concerned with a weakness.  I think EI eval is definitely worth it but also be reassurred that I have seen all sorts of quirks with motor developement that tend to even out over time. I still think a little physical therapy early on can be super helpful.