supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

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    supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    HI All,

    for those of you that BF, maybe you could help me with a few questions.  This thursday my little guy is 4 weeks old.. at that time I want to start supplementing one or two formula bottles a day... i don't know what time to give the formula.. i've heard if I do it at night he may sleep a little longer as the formula is thicker.. he can go right now a max of 3 1/2 to 4 hours at night.. he tends to do that the first stretch too, and then only 2 1/2 to 3 hours from there on out till morning. 

    I'm BFing just fine and pumping (starting at 2 1/2 weeks so DH could do one feed per day by bottle), I just don't enjoy BFing.. I know it's good for him which is why I'm doing it and I always only planned to do it for 3 months total and be done completely when I go back to work (except for maybe a little stock pile in the freezer that might get us through another month or so).  Around 8 weeks i plan to start taking off one feeding by the chest per day, until I'm down to nothing.  My B00B$ are just soooo huge too... it's crazy.. and I leak a lot..  and I'm already ready to be done with it but plan to keep going for a while longer since i'm home on maternity leave anyway. 

    anyway, a few questions.. 

    did any of you supplement with formula?  if so what time of day is best to do one or two bottles of formula?

    did you stick with one type of formula once you did this?  is it ok to try a couple?  we got a 4pack of similac in the hospital and enfamil sent me some powder formula to try so i wanted to see what he liked best?  Is it ok to switch?

    how long is pumped milk once warmed up a bit ok to feed?  for example if i warm 4 oz and DS only takes 3, can we give him the other 1 oz later or after an hour is it done?

    and is natural for a 3 1/2 week old to take around 6 oz???  seems like a lot.. i pump about 4 oz at a time.. but when DH feeds him, many times he sucks this down in about 15 mins then comes to me for more for another 10-15 mins within a half hour!  its hard to know just how much he is eating each time.  for the most part he eats during the day ever 2 1/2 hours, sometimes 3 if he is napping..  he was 8lbs 10 oz at birth fyi. 

    Ok, this is long enough and probably too many questions.. thanks for any advice.  i see the pedi this week too so plan to check in with him as well. 
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Jan - Congratulations on your new baby!

    Just because you will hear the opposite from most other people, I just wanted to say if you really don't want to breastfeed, then don't. Most babies born in the 70's and 80's were not breastfed and we did fine.

    But if you DO plan to continue to BF, I would really encourage you to go to a BF support group, at either the hospital where you gave birth, or one near your house. You will learn alot and the LC may be able to find some things that make it easier for you.

    I can't speak to supplementing because I've BF'd pretty much exclusively since DD was born. There were two days she had formula and she did fine with it, and those days she had both the liquid samples from the hospital, and powder mix my husband picked up at CVS. See if you can get samples from your pedi, because it stinks to by a big container of $30 power formula and then find out your baby hates it.

    As for breastfeeding, milk can sit out for 4-5 hours this time of year and be OK. If you warm in up in a bowl of water, I think it lasts an hour, but if your son leaves an ounce behind, just put it back in the fridge.

    week 3 is a growth spurt, so it doesn't sound that strange to me that he drank that much. Weeks 3-5 kind of stink because they want to feed CONSTANTLY. Get yourself in a comfy chair with the remote, because you aren't going very far from that spot for a month!

    Good luck, and really, really try and get to a group meeting. They were SO helpful to me and made a huge difference in my experience. Their are also new moms groups that do not focus on BF that are really great too - just look around for them!
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Jan- First congrats on your new baby! 

    So when I had my DD, I also breast fed but had to supplement after 6 weeks. She was a big baby, a big eater and I just wasn't producing enough for her. 
    You can definitely try out a few different formulas. We tried a couple before settling on Enfamil Lipil. Babies react differently to some formulas; some make them gassey, constipated etc. Just make sure you stick with one formula for a few feedings before you switch to another so you can track the reaction to it. 
    I would definitely do a formula feeding at night before bed, they usually sleep for longer periods of time with a formula feeding. 
    Also its normal for them to drink more/less as they are constantly going through growth spurts. 
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Thanks guys for your advice!  BF is not necessarily hard it's just that I feel so tied to the house, can't run an errand, can't have a visitor (I can't BF in front of others besides my DH for the most part and the cover just feels funny), etc... he'll eat anywhere between 2 and 3 hours and although he is efficient (not a snacker) and the total time is usually only about 20 mins plus burping time, I just don't enjoy it or feel like I know that he has eaten enough (hard to see just how much).  He is definitely growing and I'll know for sure how big he is at the 1 month appt.  At 10 days after his birth he was already 9 lbs! 

    I got similac 2 oz bottles liquid form from the hospital and my pedi so I have 8 of those.. and we bought another 32 oz liquid bottle of that too when at babies r us last week, and Enfamil sent us two free small cans of two of their kinds of powder formulas - infant and newborn..  so I have kinds to try and like you guys said I'll just stick with one for 3-4 days first before trying a diff kind to see which he does better with before settling on one.  I'll talk to the pedi before starting to supplement too.  I'd like to start with just one day - maybe the feed around 8pm... then I'd like to try one more eventually too.. maybe after a couple more weeks and we've settled on a kind of formula. 

    and thanks so much for the advice about the formula.. i was throwing out whatever he didn't eat.. i didn't think i could chill it and use it again a little later the same day!  I probably threw out 3 or 4 oz already of pumped formula (an oz each time my DH fed him).. i hate throwing out pumped milk too... we work hard for that!!  It's not like formula you can just buy more!  :-) 

    do any of you swear by a certain type of formula? 

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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    A lot of moms on these boards recommend Good Start formula.  We have used it and DD takes it very well.  You can buy it at all of the grocery stores, etc.
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    We had very good luck with Good Start formula when we needed to supplement DS. I liked that it didn't smell like most other formulas, and DS tolerated it very well.

    Just wanted to clarify re:unused bm and formula because I think you got it a little confused in your last post. Formula or formula mixed with bm needs to be used within 1 hour of when baby first starts eating it. Bm is good at room temperature up to 12 hours (according to my LC) and can be reused at other feedings either after being chilled (or not). For example, we might have taken a bottle of bm out as we ran errands. If DS ate half, then was hungry two hours later, we'd give him the other half, after just being stored in our diaper bag. No harm, no foul. BM has lots of antibacterial/antiviral properties that formula doesn't. That's the difference.

    ETA: Here's a useful website for determining how much bm a baby should be taking in at each feeding. FWIW, my DS never had more than 5 oz of bm per feeding, even from ages four -12 months.
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Please don't take this as pressure to continue BF'ing -- if you are sure you don't want to do it any more, that's okay and nobody should make you feel badly about it!
    But I did want to say that a lot of the reasons you mentioned (particularly the giant b00bs and the leaking) improved a lot for me as things stabilized in the second and third months of having our LO.
    Again, no pressure and if you know what you want to do, that's great!  But if you were waffling and considering those annoyances, I just thought I'd mention it.  I was more of a waffler, so those things improving were a help to me.
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Jan - I can't add to the formula discussion, but I just wanted to encourage you to try and get used to the bf cover/shawl if you can!  It's been a lifesaver for me to not feel so tied to the house.  I've used it at friends' houses, restaurants, parking lots... and it also helps cut down on your LO getting distracted while eating.

    Good luck with everything!
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    I found Nestle (now Gerber) Goodstart to be great with both kids, who were BF, then both and then fully formula fed. 

    I second Medford's advice, that stuff does get better and you may gain confidence in nursing in front of others - but you might not... for me, I could nurse DD anywhere (and I did)  DS has always been distracted, even now, bottle fed, I often need to take him away from any commotion so it was hard to nurse him anywhere but in a lonely place - for sure nursing can be lonely at times too, and I LOVED the BF support group I went to with my first for that very reason.  If you're resolved that you're going to wean by the time you go back to work (I was about 75% decided to wean with #2) then you are wise to identify a formula that works for you and make sure baby takes the bottle easily early on... wish I had done that with #2 :)

    It sounds like you have a very good handle on what you want to do, and lots of good advice here too - congrats on your new baby!
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Thank you all!!  i def want to wean and be done with BF by 3 months when I go back to work.. I don't think I could realistically pump when I need to there.. my meetings are booked at the most sporatic times and people are always popping by my office for impromptu meetings too..  just don't think I could do it nor do i want to.. but that being said I do really want to try and keep up the BFing for the next 2 months and just slowly keep introducing a formula bottle to the mix at the same time.  I can't tell you how happy I was to read that the leaking the b00b$ being so huge starts to get better and smaller...  It makes me very self conscious... I was a 34 or 36D before but now a 40DD being small is just shocking to me!!! 
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    I've about had it with providing breast milk for my 5 month ol DS and DD (they both stopped nursing on their own so now I just pump).  Given their size at birth, over 8 lbs each, I have been supplementing from the beginning.  I've given them ever combination possible in bottles and they have (thankfully) never given much of care what was being feed to them.  We tried several formulas and finally settled on Similac Soy.  Right now they get 2.5-3 oz of breastmilk and 4-5 oz of formula in most of their bottles, with a daily bottle of full formula.

    With my oldest, she only had breastmilk until 5 months and I was petrified that she would hate it.  So we started with 3/4 breastmilk and 1/4 formula and then changed the mixture every week until she was having all formula bottles.  She never had any issues but it made me feel better to do it gradually.
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?


    I also want to chime in to say that BF was hard (the first time around) for the first couple months but then became much easier around month 3.  Again, if you're sure that you want to move onto formula I might suggest substituting a bottle sooner rather than later (but still pump) so that you can see if your baby has any sort of reaction but still have the abililty to fully BF if formula just doesn't work for your little one.  2 of my nephews and one of my neices had issues with standard formula and they ended up needing the purple bottle of similac because of some sort of intollerance.  That stuff was pretty expensive from what they told me, but then again I think that formula is pretty expensive anyway.  

    I would also echo ml's post about a BF support group.  You can talk to the LCs there without pressure and make sure that you're okay with whatever decision you choose.  South Shore Hospital has the support group M-F from 1-2 free of charge.  You weigh your baby before and after eating so you can see how much they are taking.  

    BF in public was scary at first with my daughter.  Now with my son, I'll do it anywhere anytime etc.  I just want to make sure that if you choose to formula feed that you're comfortable with that decision.  However, you seem to have a great plan in place for gradual weaning if that's the road you choose so it seems like you have everything worked out!
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Jan...we have been using the Enfamil, first Newborn, now Infant.  We had to supplement from the beginning, and have been lucky in that DD has not shown a preference for formula or b-milk, but will interchange them.  Right now I still pump, and she's getting b-milk for half her feedings and formula for the other half...I give her the formula for her first feeding and last two feedings of the day and the b-milk at daycare.

    Suggestion: go to your pedi and see what they have samples of.  Our pedi's office has enfamil, and that's what NWH had given us when we were there, and every time we go, we get some free samples.  First, the liquid and now the powder.  Also, once you do decide what you want to use, you can buy it in bulk and it does save a lot.  Amazon has it, and also Babies R Us often has deals. 

    I've found that I prefer the powder to the liquid...the consistency is more like b-milk, and it's easy to mix.  I also love that I can easily transport it.  Enfamil makes pre-measured packs for 4 oz bottles, and I keep them in my diaper bag along with an empty bottle at all times...never know if you're going to be somewhere longer than you'd planned or if someone will get hungry off schedule, and this way I never worry about it. 

    Good luck weaning!
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Jan, I don't know anything about formula, but I am very sorry bfing isn't working out for you. I also had oversupply and overactive letdown, so I know the misery of giant, engorged breasts and leaking and spraying all over the place. I wanted to say, though, that it really does get so much easier after 3 months -- your supply regulates, and the baby is less floppy and you can nurse in a carrier while you run errands. The Ergo even has a little hood you can pull up to hide your breast.

    If your work has more than 50 employees, they have to provide a space for you to pump and time to do it.

    If you're done you're done and that's it, but if you think you want to wean to prepare for going back to work, you might want to see if you change your mind once you're back. I found that the breastfeeding relationship became more important once I returned to work, because I missed my daughter so much and it was such an intense feeling to nurse her after missing her all day. But if you don't like bfing I guess that isn't an issue. I know a couple of women who stopped for very good reasons and later regretted it, so I just thought I'd throw it out there. Because you can't restart if you change your mind.

    I also wanted to note, as an aside because someone mentioned early self-weaning, that it's unusual (not unheard of -- I'm not questioning dz) for a baby to self-ween before 12 months. However, most babies go through nursing strikes between 6-9 months where they become distractable and pop on and off or refuse the breast entirely, sometimes for days at a time. These strikes coincide with developmental milestones (teething, crawling, rolling over, etc.) and are normal (but nervewracking for mom). Just a note of warning for any of you who may encounter it. My daughter had two nursing strikes -- around 6 and 10 months -- and it was really upsetting, but we waited it out and ended up going for 19 months. Of course, the choice was pretty much made for me, since she wouldn't take a bottle.
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    I guess calling it a nursing strike is a fine term.  Unfortunately, with a 2.5 y/o and a set of twins (plus working full time so I am away from the babies 12 hours a day) I wasn't able to give DD the dedication it takes sometimes to continue nursing.  After a week of DD screaming histerically everytime I tried to nurse her, I gave up.  It wasn't worth the stress to either of us. Especially since I was pumping so she was getting breast milk.
    I do miss nursing though.  I loved nursing my 2.5 y/o (after the first 8 weeks that is when we all got settled into our nursing roles).  I'm really sad I didn't have the same experience with my twins. Boy, two are harder than one. ;-)  If I enough money and time (and could guarantee not to get spontaneous twins again!), I'd have another baby so I could really experience nursing again (even after all the pain and issues the twins nursing caused me).

    Jan - I can understand not wanting to continue with breastfeeding once you have returned to work.  Pumping is a hassle at anytime but especially when you are working.  You may find that ask you and DS really click in the next couple of weeks (4 weeks isn't a lot of practice time) and nursing becomes enjoyable.  If you have an oversupply (and I can commiserate, even the LC at the support group at SSH would laugh about how much milk I made and how I could drown my kids with my quick let downs) you probably could get away with 2 20 min pumping sessions at work.  I would multi task while pumping and do a hands free double pumping session while answering emails or checking reports.  But you are the only person who know what is right for you. 

    There is also not anything wrong with only nursing morning and night and formula feeding during the day.  There is really no right answer to how to feed your baby except what works best for your family.

    BTW- My LC told me that a babies needs 2-2.5 times their weight
    in oz of milk/formula a day. So my 5 month DS is 18 lbs.  He needs 36 to 45 oz a day.  He eats 5-6 times a day so he should have 6-8 oz ber feeding which is about what he does.  Babies are way smarter than grown ups.  They stop eating when they are full. :-)
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    I still don't know how anyone nurses twins. I just don't get the logistics of it. I hope I didn't make you feel bad, DZ -- I just wanted to clarify for anyone coming up on the nursing strike times. And like I said, my daughter never took a bottle, so there was no choice for me but to continue nursing, despite her screaming and yelling. Some sort of food had to get into her. So it's not like I was super awesome to continue through the strike or anything -- like so much of my life, my actions were dictated by a lack of options.
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    I've been back to work for ... almost three months now, and my supply issues have necessitated a shift to more formula.  We've had to supplement from the beginning as DD was losing too much weight.  We started with Enfamil (the pedi gave us a sample) and have kept going with that.  We did recently change to the Target brand of the Enfamil and DD showed no adverse reaction, so that's something to consider. 

    Just one thing -- I enjoyed nursing and had planned on keeping it up for as long as it was feasible, up to a year or so.  Sadly, going back to work and various other mega-stresses caused my supply to tank.  I still nurse when I'm home with her (evenings, overnight, mornings and weekends) but I could pump all day and only get 3oz.  So I gradually phased out the pumping while keeping the in-person nursing and that's working for us now. 

    I never had any leaking or other issues since I am basically producing appetizer/snack volumes of milk, so I can't speak to that.  But I bet you could keep up the nursing, if you want, without chaining yourself to the pump. 

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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    GC makes a good point -- I stopped pumping at 12 months, but because of my oversupply issues, I was able to continue nursing on demand.
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Oh, IPW raises an excellent point: the first time we gave a bottle at bedtime we got an AWESOME night's sleep.  It was life-altering and I remember it fondly.  But it was temporary. Cruelly temporary. 
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    Re: supplementation with one or two formula bottles a day?

    Thanks All!  You have made me rethink some of my plan.  I do still want to start supplementing one bottle a day formula and then in another month start introducing even more than that and weaning to basically all the day feeds with formula, but I may try keeping then night and morning at least until I go back to work and see how I feel about things then..  Cuz you are right, once it's gone, I can't get it back... maybe feelings will change in another month or two..

    Also thanks for the tip about mixing BM and formula to start...  I'm going to ask my pedi about that but i kind of like that idea and that way it keeps him getting some BM but also start getting accustomed to formula..  :-)  I knew I could count on you girls!