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Transitioning to One Nap

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    Transitioning to One Nap

    I have a question about naps.  It seems like DS is starting to drop a nap.  Not sure when this typically happens but he will be 10 months on Tuesday.  I know some people have mentioned it being the morning nap that gets dropped but for us it seems as if it is going to be the afternoon nap.  His morning nap has been getting it's up to about 2-2 1/2 hours where as before it was more like 1-1 1/2.  So then if he were to go down for an afternoon nap it would be around 4-5pm. This has happened a couple of times because we were out in the car and turns into a nightmare at bedtime because he is so not ready for bed at his usual time because of his late nap.  Lately I have tried not to be out in the afternoon so he doesn't fall asleep in the car that late in the day but if I am I wake him up when we arrive home (not sure if this is a good idea or not).

    I have been trying to move his morning nap (only two days into this) but he hasn't been making it past 10:30am.  I also have not been putting him down for an afternoon nap and putting him to bed early but he gets very cranky in the evening and ends up waking up at night now.  I'm not sure if this correlates with going to bed earlier or the fact he is teething but since teething he has only been waking like once in the night whereas since this new nap thing it has been multiple times during the night.

    So I guess I'm wondering if people have any suggestions for me as to what to do to transition to one nap. He will be starting daycare in August so my goal is to get him on their schedule which is lunch at 11:30am and nap at 12.  Is anyone else going through this?  Should I just let him get cranky in the morning and hold him off from napping until after lunch?

    Thanks for listening and for any advice!
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    Re: Transitioning to One Nap

    I would love to hear about this as well.  My DD is 11 months and still taking two naps (the room she is in at daycare is also still at 2 naps as well).  She seems to be doing fine with the 2 naps for now, but I would love to know when and how to transition down to 1 nap.  I know I have read that you should take the cues from the baby, but I am not sure if it will be crystal clear. 
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    Re: Transitioning to One Nap

    My DS is 11 months and is still definitely in the 2 naps camp! 

    The only thing I can tell you is that DD transitioned some time between ~12 mo and 15 mo when she moved from the infant room to the toddler room at daycare.  If your kids are in full time daycare, at a center, where they transition, as ours does, they will work with them as their move date comes closer.
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    Re: Transitioning to One Nap

    LLLE - can you give us more info - what time does he wake up in the AM, then what time is the AM nap, and what time is bedtime?  my initial suggestion would be to wake him up after an hour/hour-and-a-half of AM nap and try to get him on the 12 or 1pm afternoon nap routine, b/c that seems like a very common routine for older infants/toddlers and is in line with the daycare schedule...

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    Re: Transitioning to One Nap

    Here's what I did with my twins when they were 13 months and showed signs of dropping the afternoon nap.
    I put them down as usual for 4 or 5 days - when neither kid slept in the afternoon for 5 days straight I went to step 2 which is:
    Keep them up in the morning - feed lunch early - we did 11:00am, but you may have to feed at 10:30 at first if necessary.  I fed mine at 11:00 and then put them down for their nap around 11:45 or noon.
    We kept this schedule for months - they are 2 this week and I am just starting to move lunch up to 11:30 and nap up to 12:30.
    Try to limit morning excursions for a while - if they fall asleep in the car at 10:00am you're sunk!
    The transition didn't take long, maybe only a week.  The only other thing is that you may have to move to an earlier bedtime for a while if baby starts to get cranky in the evening.
    10 monthss old sounds young to me, but if he won't sleep, he won't.  I got my suggestions from my pedi - so call your's to check about options.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Transitioning to One Nap

    I have a low sleep child, it was worst when he was a baby! So transitioning to one nap was easy and a blessing for us. He was in day care full time and his pre-toddler room he moved to at 12 mo only did one nap. When he started there we followed the same exact routine he had in day care. Worked out to be a seemless transition for us. but again, I have a son who never craved naps-even as a new born.

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    Re: Transitioning to One Nap

    10 months does seem young to me too but lately a lot of afternoons he just sits in his crib or cries and he doesn't fall asleep even if he cries. When he doesn't have an afternoon nap he isn't cranky and he does go to bed earlier and goes down without any issues.  Some days he does have two naps though.

    Stefani - he gets up usually around 7am and goes down for his morning nap at 10am. 

    Does it make sense to just let it be and let daycare transition him to their nap schedule when he starts in August? 

    Lily- we are usually home in the am so the morning nap in the car isn't really an issue but sometimes he falls asleep in the afternoon in the car so I have also been trying not to be out in the car after 4pm because that really screws up bed time.