tubes in ears

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    tubes in ears

    Someone on this list (don't remember which), just mentioned that their son has been getting ear infections routinely, and that the 'next step' is tubes.  Have any of you had children who got tubes? Care to share experiences?

    As a director of a center with 40 infants and toddlers, we've had 7 children at least who've had the surgery.  And perhaps more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.  Only one was out of the center more than the day of the surgery.  the other 6 came back the day after the surgery (so surgery is tuesday, in the center Monday and Wednesday) and none of them were displaying any pain, one set of twins did have some crusty blood in their ear, but that's not a big deal, evidently.  But seriously, the ear infections stopped, the kids who weren't walking yet started (because their balance was affected, so goes the theory) and the kids whose language was delayed showed a marked increase in language in the month after surgery.  And the child who did have a bit of harder time managed to get sick with something else and that just complicated things, but the issue wasn't the tubes.

    Now, of course you COULD have your child stay home the day after surgery (yes please!) but it's not necessary.  In one case I had no idea the child had even had the surgery until the parent mentioned "Oh, on tuesday of this week he had tubes in his ears" and this was Friday.... 

    So I'd say go for it if you really can't get rid of those ear infections. The children who had it done at our center were 15-18 months of age, except the last two were more like 22 months and 2 yrs, 3 months. 

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    Re: tubes in ears

    My DS had tubes twice. He started getting ear infections in January and had six by the end of April. The doctor wanted to wait to do tubes until after the summer was over because by then cold and flu season had passed. My poor little guy's ear infections were pretty awful, though. He got so used to them that unless he had a fever, we didn't even know he had them because he stopped fussing over them.

    Anyway, when cold season came back, so did the infections. We got the tubes and we were AMAZED at the difference. He was about fifteen months old when he got the tubes and the difference was instaneous. He was already walking, but more of a lumbering kind of walk and now he was running. And the speech? His speech TOOK OFF. You couldn't stop him. It was constant. I felt guilty we'd waited so long to get the tubes.

    One tube dislodged, though, and that upset the whole thing - more ear infections, he had a hard time sleeping, etc.. He had the tubes removed in May, I think, and new ones put in that were a size larger. It's been two years since the second set came out.

    We still see the ENT twice a year because his hearing tests indicated there might be a lingering issue, but his last test this past spring was normal and he has a follow up in November to make sure everything's still working.

    The first time, we kept him home the day after the procedure because we didn't know what to expect. The second time, we sent him to school. He was so alert the second time I wanted to send him back to school after the procedure. It was like he had energy to burn.

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    Re: tubes in ears

    A good friend is a chircopractor and most of her pediatric patients are actually kids who suffer from chronic ear infections. It's very debatable I suppose, but a chiropractic realignment can drain the fluid out of a childs ears and prevent ear infections.

    I'm fortunate my daughter hasn't had a problem with ear infections (so far), but if it progressed to a need for tubes, I would consider trying a chiropractor first over surgery.

    Just something to consider. Obviously, my knowledge is extremely limited, but I was very surprised when she told me about this a while back and thought it was worth sharing.

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    Re: tubes in ears

    DS had tubes put in at around 9 months, after lots of ear infections and fluid in the ear. We did struggle with the issue of tubes, but we also did not like the endless rounds of antibiotics, and there was a point where he had 1-2 months straight with fluid or ear infection in one ear, and due to my history of hearing loss, we felt it was better to have the tubes than risk any damage to his ears from infections and any delays due to loss of hearing from all that fluid/infections. The surgery itself was quick, and I took the day off to let him snuggle with me but he really was himself and next day, you could not tell he had any procedure done (it turned out he had some fluid in one ear they drained when they put in the tubes). He did have a little blood/drainage right afterwards (I think from the ear with the infection) but it stopped quickly and did not impact him at all.

    The hearing test before the tubes showed his hearing was below normal, and in the followup test, it was back to where it should be. He has had ear drainage a few times in the next year after the tubes, but he did not have the constant fevers or pain in his ears that he used to have prior to the tubes and when we saw the drainage, we would just use the ear drops (so much easier than dealing with oral antibiotics, which then would lead to thrush and upset stomachs). That alone for us was worth it - that they were draining out the fluid as they were designed and not causing ear pain or affecting his hearing or balance.

    He is three and they are just falling out (which is right around when they are expected) so next week will be the first time he has flown without tubes - the tubes usually help with ear pressure, and he has never had any issues with ear popping. So we will see - I need to arm myself with some mini-lollipops to have him suck on if his ears hurt or feel funny. And I am hoping that being bigger will mean he is not as prone to painful ear infections as he was.

    DD does not seem affected by the few she has had, and right now, she seems to be hearing fine as far as we can tell.