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    Anyone have a wetsuit they recommend?  I'm thinking about getting one for DD who starts swimming lessons in the fall.  She's always cold at the pool since she's pretty skinny.  
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    Re: Wetsuits?

    Unless you meant the real neoprene wetsuits, about which I know nothing, I will put my 2 cents in that for an indoor pool regular swimsuits seem to be better than the rashguard type, as far as being cold goes. I think it has to do with when you are in the water the amount of suit doesn't really matter, since it is all wet, but when you have body parts out of the water (which happens a lot in the water babies type classes) the suit holds water longer than bare skin, resulting in colder baby. This is from personal experience, as DD has taken water babies and parent-tot classes at the Y since she was 6 months, and is now 2-3/4, so now I buy rashguard types for outdoor use, and regular suits for the pool.
    I'm not sure where you will be taking classes, but the Quincy Y pool area is always really warm, and the small pool (where the water babies classes are) is kept a few degrees warmer than the big pool, so it isn't bad even for skinny-minny babies. I would imagine any other place that offers classes for little babies would be kept similarly warm.