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    Re: Wheezing

    RT--I don't disagree that pets can be an issue in some cases and I think I made that clear in my post. 

    I'm not sure why the child's age would be a factor in the removal of pets due to allergies.

    If the child is clearly being affected by the presence of a pet and removal/reduction of other possible triggers hasn't caused a noticeable improvement, then the pet needs to go regardless of the child's age. 

    If the child was mildly allergic to tree pollen, should the parents cut down all the offending trees within 5 miles?  Would it matter if the kid was 5 months old, 5 years old, or 15 years old?  Or does it make more sense to take reasonable measures around the house to reduce the child's exposure to the pollen?  I understand this isn't a perfect analogy, but I think you can get my point.
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    Re: Wheezing

    Thanks but no pets anywhere near DS any time of day.  My brother had terrible asthma and allergies so I am pretty aware of the steps we can take from the allergy perspective to help DS as of now none of those things have helped.  We do not use anything with fragrance, he also has very sensitive skin and the fragrance irritates it.  So, we'll see, he now has a cold which has magnified the wheezing.
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    Re: Wheezing

    Yeah, I'm allergic to birch trees, too - my reaction on my skin test was larger than for nuts, and I'm nut allergic!  Now that I've moved to the DC area I don't have the problems I used to in May and June (when birch trees bloom).. such relief!
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    Re: Wheezing

    Went back to the pedi late last week and she agreed that it is time to see a specialist.  I was able to get an appointment before Christmas, I'm thrilled.  We discussed seeing an allegorist first but were in agreement that the pulmonologist seemed like a better step.  In the meantime DS has an inhaler twice daily - hoping that is all he will need!
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    Re: Wheezing

    KT, that's great you got an appt before Christmas - that's quite a feat.  I hope you get a diagnosis and good solution right away.
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    Re: Wheezing

    Follow Up:

    I took DS to his appointment today and I am very glad that I did.  The pedi had put him on an inhaler and that has helped, the pulmonologist thinks he has restrictive airway disease which seems to be a lot like asthma but for babies.  Typically they grow out of it by age 2 and if not by age 5 they would do a real asthma diagnosis.  I feel terrible because they think he got this from a cold he had when he was 2 weeks old, the poor thing has been suffering since then.  So he is being monitored for the next month then goes back for another exam, xray, etc. 

    Also, the people at Children's are just the best, everyone was so warm, friendly, kind, etc, etc.
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