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Winter newborns

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    Winter newborns

    Hi All,
    we are expecting our first in January, and I just had a few questions about the logistics of a winter newborn for those of you who have been through it.

    1.  We got a bundle me for the carseat, do you also need an infant positioner?  Does that work with both items in the carseat?  Is it safe?  (I know that the BundleMe is technically not suppose to be used in a carseat, but it seems safer than a snow suit to me... the straps are probably tighter around the baby than they would be with a puffy snow suit in the way.)
    2.  Did you ever need a snow suit?  Someone gave us one at the baby shower, and I'm debating whether to return it or not.  I had assumed the BundleMe would completely negate the need for one... but maybe not.
    3.  What did your baby wear for the first month or so?  onesies and blankets?  sleepers? 
    4.  When did you start venturing out into the world? I'm a little concerned about colds/flu, but know we can't stay inside for the whole winter.  What sort of places were good for getting out and being part of the human world?
    5.  How warm did you keep the house?  I don't want her freezing, but I don't want us overheating and wasting money either.

    Is there anything else I should be prepared for with a January baby?
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    Re: Winter newborns

    Hi Boston -

    The bundleme is specifically for carseat use (as well as strollers, etc).  I used that plus the infant positioner (just the somewhat wimpy one that came with my Graco bucket).  We received 3 snowsuits for DD and the only time I put her in them were the 2 or so times I took her out in the Bjorn when it was cold.  We preferred the snap-n-go stroller to the Bjorn, so it's possible you'd get more use out of a snow suit if you like the Bjorn-type carrier things.

    DD lived in onesies under 1-piece pj's 24/7 (unless we were going somewhere special).  If the pj's were fleece, I usually put her in a short-sleeved onsie.  If cotton, long-sleeved onesie.  And socks.  Hats if it was particularly chilly in the house (although we had our alltime high heating bill because I pretty much kept it at 70 degrees for her).

    We joined a new mom group at Isis when DD was 5 weeks old.  That first class was pretty much the first time I went out with her, and it was SO GOOD to get out, although it does take practice to do it without crying (not to stress you, everything just takes a lot of time and organization and that combined with postnatal hormones can be tricky).  If you don't do a class, I would highly recommend going out to the mall in the weekday mornings/afternoons.  You can pretty much cover LO up so that strangers aren't sneezing on/coughing on/touching her, and you can get some exercise.  I definitely found in those first few months it was good to stick somewhat close to home in case I forgot something or didn't feel like nursing in public, or - and this WILL happen to you - you have a monster po0p situation.

    2-5ish months is the PERFECT age for you and DH to go out to eat at restaurants.  We would plop DD in her bucket seat on the bench next to one of us, or right on the table, and she'd sleep while we ate and drank.  Of course, it's best to do this during typical non-fussy times.

    As I said, we kept the temp around 70 degrees, but that was because her room was the coldest.  Even with the thermostat at 70, I'd guess her room was closer to 65.  I think mid 60's is fine for babies.

    Great thread to get me through my last few minutes of work!  Thanks!!  :)
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    Re: Winter newborns

    I'll start with I didn't truly have winter babies since the twins were born in the beginning of October but my experience last year was:

    2. You don't really need a infant snow suit if you are using a Bundle Me unless you are apt to be going out with your LO in a Baby Bjorn or something.  The Bundle Mes keep babies roasting.  We would alway unzip them while in the car.

    3. Depends on the temp of your house.  You can get swaddling wrappers in either fleece or a lighter weight and and vary things underneath based on the temp, long sleeve onesies or sleepers.

    4. My OB made sure I got my flu shot before the twins arrived last year so they would be covered until this year. I always liked Babies R' Us as a get out of the house stop since no one blinks at screaming babies. I also went to a breastfeeding support group daily.

    5. That's a hard one for me still.  The rule of thumb is babies only need one more layer than you are comfortable in.  Babies are pretty cozy in sleepers during the day and sleep sack at night unless you keep your house really cold.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    I have Dec and Feb babies:
    1.  The bundleme is great - no fussing with coats, buntings, snowsuits, etc.  However, if you are anxious about something between the baby and the carseat (which for some people makes the bundleme a no-no), Kiddopotamus makes a similar fleecy cover that goes on top of the carseat but not between baby and the seat.  As for the positioner, we never needed anything more than what came with the carseat. 
    2.  Ditto on not needing the snowsuit.  Only if you plan to stroll without the carseat/bundlme or in the Bjorn like stated above.
    3.  I would keep baby in a onesie and those one piece sleeper-type outfits the first month.  You will seriously go though like 3 or so a day.  If you don't have a lot of newborn sized ones, from personal experience, don't listen to everyone in your life who says "Oh you don't need newborn size" b/c 0-3 mos will be swimming on baby.  Stock up on some fleecy warm carters ones at target, tjmaxx, kohls, etc. 
    4.  For getting out, I loved the free lactation group at my hospital.  You can try classes at Isis or Destination Maternity.  I walked with both kids bundled up in the stroller as long as it wasn't insanely cold - that helped a ton.  Get out as much as you can. Even if its just for a little bit each day.  It was my savior with winter blues/post partum blues with DS. I would say avoid crowded stores until checking w ur pedi.
    5.  Ditto with what folks said above on house temp.
    CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK!!!!!! 
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    Re: Winter newborns

    I had an Oct baby, so we had the whole winter off with my maternity leave!!
    1. Had a thick Bundle-Me.  It was a life saver and I was so sad when it finally became too warm for it!  Those are all you need.  That, and a hat for baby.  You can put them in in their regular clothes.
    2. IMO, snow suits are only for children who are playing in the snow, so like.. walking... and walking steadily, which is like 1.5 years old or greater!
    3. She wore a short sleeve onesie with a regular button-up outfit over it or a long sleeved onesie with pants and socks.  At night, she wore a sleep sack every night.  They sell long-sleeved sleep sacks too, although I am not sure if "sleep sack" brand makes them.  Those are great.  I would also put her down on a folded-in-half fleece blanket with another blanket (medium to heavy thickness depending on the temperature) over it and tucked into that bottom fleece blanket so keep it secure (as opposed to tucking into the sides of the crib, which was so far away from the tiny baby!)
    4. My baby was extremely fussy so we didn't venture out for other reasons. But we did take the dog for a walk (I had her in a moby wrap in October, then in the snap-n-go stroller in her carseat with a blanket wrapped around her THEN the bundleme over her), we went to the mall to walk a lot- and I did the "stroller strides" class which was AWESOME, and out to eat on occassion. The mall is great becuase you can walk and see society but not have to worry about snow and cold! 
    5. We kept the house the regular temp, so like 60 degrees at night. However, when you're nursing its very cold! I put a big fleece throw over the glider and I'd wrap myself and baby in it to stay warm.  I also had one for my legs.  It got pretty chilly having to expose yourself at 2am for 20 minutes at a time!  Its good to have a good nursing station set up for yourself- a side table with washcloth for spills, a clock to keep track of time nursing, blankets to stay warm, and pillows to support nursing.  Also a diaper changing station nearby.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    My first was a March baby in what happened to be a very chilly year, so I sort of had a winter newborn and will therefore share my expertise. ;)

    1. Personally I would avoid using both a positioner and the BundleMe. I was going to mention the Kiddopotamus seat cover that someone else mentioned. That's what I used with my September baby who was in the infant carrier during the winter. I did feel more comfortable with it not being between the baby and the car seat, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I felt like I had to position it oh-so-carefully, so that it didn't cover her face. So, no perfect solution - except come to think of it, I always just tucked a fleece blanket around my first in his car seat, and that was perfect. (maybe this was before BundleMe-type things were popular) It was well away from his face, and it was nice and snug and warm. Anyway, you will find (like all things parenting-related) that some people are aghast at the idea of a BundleMe and some think it's the best ever. Use your judgment. I didn't want to use one, but that's me. As for the infant positioner, I definitely would not use one that is not an original part of your car seat. A tightly rolled receiving blanket on either side should be enough to keep a newborn propped up in the seat.You can also tightly roll a washcloth to put between baby's crotch and that strap, if necessary. (The blankets and washcloth were how the NICU nurses taught us to position our preemie, who was about 5lbs when we brought him home.)

    2. Never! LOL. Oh, wait - actually once I put it on him when he was 9 months old and I wanted to take him out to show him it was snowing. Wrapping him in a blanket would have been way easier.

    3. I am a big, big fan of a short sleeved onesie underneath a fleece one-piece footie sleep & play outfit. Comfy for the baby and easy!

    4. LOL. Sorry, mine was a preemie, so like never. ;)

    5. Didn't change the temp that we usually kept the house. The rule of thumb we were given was that in winter, the baby would be comfortable in one more layer of clothing than we would normally wear. That always seemd to work!

    Good luck to you!
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    Re: Winter newborns

    thanks so much everyone!  I am a little worried about the whole winter blues/baby blues compounding each other.  I'm in Worcester, so no Isis, but there is a place called Mother's and Company that does daily breastfeeding support and I've already signed up for mommy and me yoga at the hospital (though not until she is ~6weeks) ... so I'm hoping that those are relatively low stress places to get out.  Excellent idea about just getting out to walk the dogs ... we got a used snap n' go for the carseat ... so that should work perfectly.  Sidewalks are never really cleared enough for strollers... but the neighborhood should be quiet enough during daytime to walk on the street if we have lots of snow.

    DH is already worried about the heating bill... so that is reassuring that most people didn't change their settings too much.  I'm sure it will still be higher than usual just because I'll be home all day vs. keeping it at 60 while we're at work.  And I hadn't thought about it being cold at night while nursing ... yeah I can see where that would get uncomfortable.  I've been trying to figure out where to put the glider ... so definitely somewhere I can position a table near by :o)

    I thought I had way to many sleep n plays ... but it sounds like a healthy stash is a good thing.  My mom keeps telling me you can never have too many onesies .. and I was somewhat skeptical because I had other people giving me the advice that they grow out of the small stuff so quickly.  I think I'll take the compromise... not return things yet, but leave in original packages so that if we end up with a 9lb baby we can exchange for bigger sizes or something like that.  I picked up a bunch of gently used stuff at consignment shops/sales ... and that is all washed and ready to go so we'll have what we need immediately and can judge from LOs size whether to wash or exchange the new stuff. 

    ... and yeah... the snowsuit is going back :o) The bundleme is already in the carseat and looks soooo cozy.  I wish I could get into one of those everyday when I need to go out.  If we go walking outside, it is probably going to be with the dogs, in which case I think I'd rather LO be in the seat/snap n' go in case I slip, dogs pull me, etc. 

    Oh ... and great advice about using a receiving blanket as a positioner.  Our carseat did not come with the little head rest (though has flaps near the head that makes it a little narrower on top).  We got a ton of blankets at the shower ... so plenty of those hanging around.  (and i'm sure we'll "borrow" a few from the hospital). 
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    Re: Winter newborns

    DD was born last February...
    1) Loved the bundleme!  Actually still use it in DH's car.  I have a convertible seat in my car, so she wears a sweater and hat in the morning and I put a blanket over her.
    The only infant positioner we had was a wimpy one that came with the car seat.  DD's neck was pretty steady so she didn't need anything more.  Tough to say until your LO is born.
    2) Used a snowsuit once, just so I could take a picture of her in it.  I've been wondering if we might need one this winter, but so far we haven't.
    3) Around the house, DD wore onesies and sleep n plays.  You will grow to love anything that has feet because socks do not stay on.  Had the best luck with socks from Baby Gap, but then I felt like those ones were practically cutting off circulation, so you can't win.  She also wore a little cap for the first 2-3 weeks and those little mittens so she wouldn't scratch herself.
    4) We ventured out right off the bat.  I recall making a trip to BRU while DH was still home and he only took off 1 1/2 weeks.  The baby was nice and protected inside the car seat and obviously couldn't touch anything with germs on it.  We also went to MIL's birthday party.  But other than that, people came to us for the first few weeks.
    I found that it was easier to get out during the first few weeks when she would sleep all the time.  After that it got more and more difficult.  She isn't a great napper, so by the time she was 8 weeks and I was focused on making sure she napped, I really couldn't get out with her much unless it was for a walk and she could sleep in the stroller.
    I did, however, go to a lactation group a few times and would highly recommend that if you plan to BF.  I went to see an LC when DD was less than 2 weeks old and then went to the group for the first time when she was 4 weeks old.
    5) For the first couple months, we kept the heat up to about 68.  In the past we would have done 65 in the evening, maybe a little lower overnight, and 60 during the day.  I have never used blankets on DD - only sleepsacks - so I do feel that the temp has to be up a little.  Now we usually keep at it 65 at night.
    I second the recommendations to keep warm while BFing!  One thing that really helped was I would wear a nursing tank to bed under my shirt.  That way when I had to lift up my shirt, there was another layer underneath.  I also lived/live in my bathrobe.  But I preferred to be awake/alert in the middle of the night, so the cold could be somewhat of a good thing.

    Good luck!  So exciting that your due date is coming up!!

    ETA: Wow this is way too long!

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    Re: Winter newborns

    Boston - we did not have a winter baby but never changed our heating/air conditioning settings.  Everything points to mid 60s as being the appropriate temp for babies to help prevent sids. 
    I agree with the never enough onesies or sleep n plays because then you dont have to do laundry as often and we would keep extras in diaper bags (we were given like 4), cars, day care and at my MIL's house so it was nice to have the extra.
    by winter my baby was older but we swaddled and used a hat until he broke out of the swaddle then moved to sleep sack (fleece or cotton) till about 10 months when he started doing crib gymnastics and refused to have his legs confined.  Now we do the tight fitting cotton 2-piece pjs under a fleece one piece as he does not keep a blanket on (almost 19mths).  Still keep the thermostat at 65 at night.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    I also had DD last February. I don't think my answers differ much from others except for one - we did keep the temp up a little higher. Then we also used a space heater in whatever room we were sleeping in at the time (we had a hard time figuring that part out - at some point during her first 7 weeks or so we slept in almost every room in the house) and whenever we changed her diaper we'd pop on the heater too. She hated being cold!

    As far as getting out, we started taking regular walks when she was about 3 weeks old (mid march), I went to the mall a few times, and I started a habit of taking drives in the afternoon. I second poppy in that the time and organization required to venture out alone when you are a FTM can be daunting. They seem to always have to either eat soon or have their diaper changed. And it also seemed to take forever to get her ready to go (or psych myself up enough to go out somewhere!).

    Anyway, congrats and good luck!
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    Re: Winter newborns

    My son was born just after Thanksgiving so we were home on mat leave for all of last Winter. I agree with what other people have said about the snowsuit vs. just the Bundle me. A snowsuit at this point is way more hassle than helpful unless you are doing something where you walk around with the bjorn thing. And even if you do a little walking with the Bjorn thing, you can wrap a cozy blanket or two around the whole thing with the baby in it and keep him/her perfectly snuggly with still less hassle than the snowsuit.

    I regret that I did not join any mommy classes last Winter. I wish I would have been proactive about finding what was in my area and getting more involved in things. I found that after the first about two to three weeks that I was going to go nuts if I had to stay inside any longer. My DS was very healthy and full-term, so I only took a couple of extra precautions when going out to avoid strangers giving him germs. I also had a very easy delivery, so didn't have any unusual precautions or extended recovery time for myself either.

    We used to go walk the mall or walk around Target/Walmart - anywhere that I could go an amuse myself by window shopping or browsing the dollar bins, or actually shop if I needed things. It was indoors, but still had a lot of space to be walking around. I typically kept the hood down on the bucket seat so that people were less inclined to get into my son's face. I also didn't let people actually touch him, but they could wave and admire from afar. We would go out almost every day, even if it was for only half an hour or so. Just a little bit of time out of your house and off the couch will make a huge difference in keeping you energized and feeling happy. After I went out a couple of times with DH's help, I felt like I could tackle going by myself. I just had to have my diaper bag packed and ready with lots of extras - bottles/formula or pumped BM/diapers/wipes/binkies/a change of clothes/blanket. It was a pretty full diaper bag by the time it was all stuffed in there. Going for short trips made it easier, too, since I wasn't worried about needing supplies for the entire day in one bag, just for up to the next two to three hours.

    You can definitely do it, despite bad weather and the cold! Sleep sacks or double bundling (one lighter weight blanket first, then a heavier one for the warmth) were the best for sleeping - as people have said, one more layer than you have on to keep warm :-)
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    Re: Winter newborns

    Hats, hats, hats!  My DD was born in late October, and I always had her in a hat, whether in the house or out, until she was about 4 months old. 

    I second the love of Carter's sleep sacks...I liked that they had arms, so depending on the temp, I'd either have her in a onesie or a sleep n play with one of those on top.  She never liked to have her arms confined, so we would do a half swaddle with a light blanket in addition to that. 

    Bundleme is the best ever...I had such angst about what kind of coat to get her this year, since I was so spoiled with the bundleme last year. 

    Also the mall walking is key, just to get out of the house.  And we'd also go out to dinner...usually on the early side, but she'd sit in her bucket and watch everything or fall asleep.  Much easier than now when she's trying to climb out of high chairs, but because we're used to going out, we'll still do it. 

    My husband was home with her for my first 2 months back at work, and they would go everywhere...his favorite was going to a Barnes n Noble...he could get wi-fi, coffee, browse, and it was never too crowded, and was always pretty quiet. 

    We also started bringing her with us to church at about 2 months...again, just in the bucket, and she'd look at the lights and usually fall asleep.  It was good to start doing those things early on, since it got her used to going, and more importantly, got us back into our old routines, at least a little bit!  

    Getting out of the house is definitely it as much as you can.  
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    Re: Winter newborns

    About the blues... I have to admit, I *loved* being home.  I couldn't drive for about 5 weeks after my c-section, so I was pretty much in the house all the time and I LOVED it.  I organized pictures, organized DD's room, washed all of her adorable clothes, figured out what I was keeping vs. returning... I don't think I had any baby blues at all during those first few weeks.  Then again, my mom and MIL alternated coming over several days per week since I couldn't lift much, and my DH works from home (mostly) so I was rarely completely alone.  If I had been completely alone from like 9-5 every weekday, I might have had a harder time.  Will your DH take/get any time off?  Do you have family or friends who can come visit and help?  I think to not be alone those first few weeks is very helpful.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    DD was born in January.  Like mostly everyone else, We used the bundle me, with cotton Sleepers and onesie underneath.  DD was and still is always hot so we did not even need a hat on her.  It helped she had a full head of hair.   DS who was born in January is using the bundle me now. 

    For the head positioner, I cut a receving blanket from the hospital in half and rolled it up and placed it on either side.  It worked much better than the one that came with my graco infant seat. 

    We also ventured out right off the bat.  I joined a mothers group and started going when she was 4 weeks old. 
    I hate sitting at home doing nothing so we were out and about a lot. 

    I have 4 brand new snow suits for infants.  So sad they were never used.  I would say to stock up on the PJ's (Sleep and plays).   They can get smelly and wet with spit up. 

    We never touched our heat.  Our house is small and stays pretty warm no 63-65.  Our kids adjusted. 
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    Re: Winter newborns

    Wouldn't you all say that if you're walking when the sidewalks might not be cleared of snow, that using a moby or baby bjorn would be easier than a snap and go stroller with carseat? I'd think you could walk easier (even though you have a baby on you) if you're only worrying about yourself vs. also having to hold onto a stroller?

    I mean for taking walks in the neighborhood, walking the dogs, etc. not when you are heading to the mall, that's all stroller walking unless your baby and you prefer to babywear.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    CT I see the logic but disaggre if you have a jogging/all-terrain stroller.  We have a BOB which was a godsend in the winter and went over snow, ice, sand.  I believe the OP mentioned a snap n go and that probably won't cut it for winter weather outside.  Sorry to say!  Someting more all terrain is needed with a NE winter for outdoor walking.  Most all-terrain/jogger types have the infant carseat adapters so you can use them with the car seat for added protection/warmth. You can find them on craigslist a lot. Personally, I would feel less safe wearing the baby in case I fell with baby (I'm a big klutz and had two big falls on the ice during my pregnancy last winter... scary!).  With a sturdy stroller, I felt I had something to help my balance and keep baby protected when I would walk in the winter.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    When the sidewalks were that bad, we didn't do much walking outdoors. I live next to an elementary school, so when the weather was nice and the sidewalks/roads were decent, we could go and stroll the loop of the parking lots and playground blacktop pretty easily. The terrain wasn't very rough, so the bucket snap and go worked fine. Mostly we went "out" to indoor places for strolling. I also loved baby wearing and having my DS cuddle while I browed the stores and he didn't mind it at all :-)
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    Re: Winter newborns

    I wanted to chime in about getting outside in winter weather - I am a babywearing sort, but I definitely am not comfortable babywearing outside in icy/snowy terrain, and I agree that a Snap-n-go is going to be very tough on bumpy sidewalks. I have a BOB and think it is the best thing ever, but honestly - any knobby-tired stroller will do. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just look for one that can hold an infant seat b/c most joggers can't fit a baby properly till 6 months or so (BOB says 8, I think).

    There is a lot to be said for getting some fresh air and sunshine when you are home with a baby, so if you can swing it, a jogger-type is totally worth the investment.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    Just to be the one voice that differs on the Bundle Me... and I'm guessing my little guy is rare.  My son was drenched if we used the Bundle Me.  Literally soaked.  So we couldn't use it as he just radiated heat.  I always felt like a bad mom as he'd be in his car seat with just his PJs on (sometimes even just the polyester seat made him sweat in a short sleeve T).  For walking or getting out of car, I'd just throw a blanket over the infant seat, and then immediately have to remove it once inside.  

    I also went out right away (well, after my 2 week driving restriction from c-ser).  I recall being "yelled" at in the grocery store for bringing a 2 week old out.  She said I should let my relatives shop for me.  Oh really... "let" them.  I wasn't aware that would be fun for them!  I did a weekly BFing group and had a best friend also on maternity, so we switched off each other's homes.  Did lots of mall walking and such.  Have to get out and move.

    Definitely a fabulous time to eat in restaurants.  As soon as that infant seat is gone, its a whole different, and sometimes not fun, experience.  So get them all in while baby is still a baby.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    It seems like most people got out of the house way more than I did!!  Or maybe I just can't remember well.  I do recall taking walks to the library just to get out.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that I didn't get out all that often and it was fine.  Sometimes, if DH worked the weekend, I'd get a little crazy, but overall it was fine.  Getting out of the house was difficult and after trying it a few times, I went easy on myself and stayed home for a couple weeks.  Getting out is more for the mom and I felt that I was only stressing myself out by forcing myself to go out - but I tend to get stressed easily so if others had better luck that is great!
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    Re: Winter newborns

    LOL @framerican - it is so easy to forget how hard it was to get out of the door with your first baby! I probably stayed home more than I remember too - I know I used to make the DD drive-thru my big outing many days. And I was all "look at me! there's a baby in the car, and I'm all casual-like getting coffee!" (Then halfway home on the 5 minute drive, I would pull over to climb in the back seat and make sure the baby was still breathing.) Ah, memories...
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    Re: Winter newborns

    I loved the bundle me.

    I used the snow suit almost everyday.  I would throw her in it in the bjorn and off we would go walking with the dog in the woods.  If you plan on walking outside (and we did all the time in the winter) I would recommend keeping it.  It is much easier than using a stroller in the winter.

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    Re: Winter newborns

    In Response to Re: Winter newborns:
    And I was all "look at me! there's a baby in the car, and I'm all casual-like getting coffee!"
    Posted by marriedmom

    ha ha!!  Totally me as well.
    I think the carrier vs. stroller in winter really depends on terrain.  Last winter I used to put the little one in the carrier and go outside to shovel when it was less than one inch of "dry" snow, if that makes sense.  Like I could just scoop it to the side rather than lift and dump.  But when there were icy patches and such on the sidewalk, I felt really uneasy with the carrier.  The few walks I attempted were more like shuffles.  But if you're going through snowy, untrampled woods like someone mentioned, a carrier would be great.
    Sadly, if you live in a densely populated area, like Medford or Somerville, either option is tough if it's a bad winter.  When it was icy plus deep snow last year, the carrier didn't feel safe, but yet *no* type of stroller would fit down the narrow paths that most people had shoveled out in our neighborhood.  We ended up driving so we could take walks -- either to the mall as others mentioned, or to someplace wide and clear -- the bike path, or another good option was Mass Ave between Porter and route 16, if you're near there.
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    Re: Winter newborns

    boo... i almost bought a used jogger in November and passed on it thinking that I'm not a runner and would never use it.  We live on some steep hills in Worcester ... I am already uncomfortable about the idea of navigating our front steps/driveway while carrying the bucket, so I don't think we'll be doing the carrier in our neighborhood.  Though traveling to some hiking/walking pathes would certainly be an option.  We have sidewalks in the neighborhood, but most people don't shovel them wide enough to really walk on.  The actual street gets plowed pretty well... so during the quieter day time hours it might be feasible to take the snap n' go on the street.... but target, lunch outings, the mall, and friends' houses are probably the better options.  I hate the mall ... so we'll have to see how that goes.  Maybe it's quieter during the day ... but I associate it with too many people, noises, and general sensory overload. 

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    Re: Winter newborns

    Hi, love this thread as I'm also due in January.  Thanks for all the great ideas- somehow I missed the bundle me completely in the reading I did on baby gear and on my treks thru Babies R Us.  I'm hoping this winter won't be as snowy as last year and walking around the neighborhood will be possible but only time will tell. I'm clumsy enough that I'd be paranoid wearing a bjorn if it's icy...