So I hired a mother's helper from Sittercity. After the interview we decided she'd start this week. Once she left after the interview I realized that Monday was a holiday so I called her cell and asked her if she could switch to a Tuesday start. I waited and waited for her to call or email that she had gotten my voicemail and confirm the change.
Finally on Saturday I tracked her down via her last name and got her home phone via the yellow pages. I got her mom and explained that I wanted her to come Tuesday instead of Monday and hadn't heard from her. Her mom said, "Sure - I'll give her the message." Still never got a confirming email or phonecall.
She did show up yesterday and things seemed to be fine. She told me she'd be late today because she had an appointment.
So she calls today and says that she can't come. Her appointment is at the doctors because she's had a terrible chesty cough for 2 weeks. I'm thinking "really?" you came to sit my kids yesterday and you've been sick for 2 weeks!!!
My DH wanted me to fire her before she started because of her not answering my calls. I'm both angry that she left me in the lurch today and that she came to my house when she was sick. I'd much rather have known she was sick and cancelled this whole week.
I'd like to fire her and find someone else. Am I being too harsh? What would you do?