April Pre-Schoolers

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    April Pre-Schoolers

    Hi everyone! Looks like it's been pretty quiet around here. I hope you're around :o)

    I'm looking forward to some more spring weather. I signed DD up for swim lessons for the first time, so that should be fun... for her! I'm not a great swimmer, so even though we aren't around water a ton, I want her to be more comfortable than I am.

    We converted DD's crib to a toddler bed 2 or 3 weeks ago. The great news is she stays in and calls for us to come get her. The bad news is she has woken up earlier than usual every day since the conversion. I think in the past maybe she would have rolled over and gone back to sleep for a while, but now she just gets up. Anyone else experience this? I could get some kind of sun/moon clock and tell her she can't come out until the sun is up... but really my concern is that getting up that 45 minutes earlier is really catching up to her. Then again, maybe she'd fall back to sleep if I got one of those clocks... or at last I would get more sleep and be better able to handle a meltdown or two.

    Also, quick pull-up vent: DD is on the larger size for her age (3 yrs 2 months) and it is so hard to find pull-ups in size 4T-5T!!

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    Re: April Pre-Schoolers

    Hi Fram!  :)  I was actually wondering if the recent trashing, oops, I mean redesign, of boston.com was going to be the death knell for these boards.  The Moms page used to be useful and now it's just a series of bizarre videos.

    Anyway, I was excited to see your post.  I don't have experience with the sun/moon clocks, but a lot of people swear by them.  We had the same experience with the bed, where DD didn't seem to realize she could get out.  That lasted for a long time!  Then one morning DH opened the door to leave our bedroom, and she was sitting on the hallway floor staring at the door!  I think DH almost had a heart attack.

    I have no idea how the price compares, but have you checked CVS?  I was in there the other day and they had that size in the store brand.  DD uses them at night, and I actually like the store brand there because it just has some hearts and tennis rackets or something, and not branded characters.  But like I said, I haven't compared prices much because we're only using them at night.

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    Re: April Pre-Schoolers

    Hi.  I agree.. boston.com is a mess now. Links aren't working half the time and the whole site seems to have a lot of very strange content.  It is not easy for me to navigate and actually find the boards!

    I also don't have any experience with the sun/moon clocks.  Thought about getting one, but my DD likes to challenge authority and she would probably just ignore the "moon" and get up anyways...

    I have found that whenever DD is excited about something she doesn't sleep as long.  For example, if I tell her nana is coming over to play after nap... she always wakes up extra early from nap.  Maybe your DD is still just a little nerved-up from the excitement of the big kid bed?  Maybe after the novelty wears off, she'll return to her sleep schedule.

    We also just use pull ups for night time, so I don't buy that many anymore.  I also just buy the night-time ones.  But maybe try Amazon subscribe-n-save?  I get DD2's diapers there and it is good on price.

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    Re: April Pre-Schoolers

    Thanks for the pullups input ladies!  DD wears them for nap/night.  So far we tried Target brand and whichever is the actual Pullups brand (Huggies?).  They both leak at nap time when she just looooves to po.op.  I will think about other store brands and/or amazon.  Neither Target or Walmart ever has the nighttime ones in 4-5, which seems odd to me because if kids are going to wear pullups for a while, it's most likely going to be at night.

    Last week, I thought the message boards were all gone, but luckily I thought to text one of you lovely ladies to double check.

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    Re: April Pre-Schoolers

    Just use diapers for naps and bedtime if you can't find pullups!  Then there won't be any leaking - and they should come in the larger sizes, right?