Doll Houses

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    Doll Houses

    Hi - I would really like to get DD a nice doll house for Christmas. I want something that is big enough for her little 3-year-old hands to fit into, but not enormous (not taller than her, for example) and ideally I want something wooden. Any recommendations for where to find?

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    Re: Doll Houses

    I think Plan Toys have some nice ones, that I've seen at Stella Bella (there's one in Cambridge and Dedham), but I know you can get Plan Toys at Amazon too...

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    Re: Doll Houses

    Poppy, have you found anything good?

    Kidkraft also makes some nice ones (although some are enormous).

    This is the one I really want:

    I'm trying to be objective and think about what DD would like, but I'm not sure.  Our friend's daughter (4 yo) got a little calico critters set for a gift and she LOVES it.

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    Re: Doll Houses

    Not wooden, and not attractive looking, but we have the Fisher Price "Loving Family" dollhouse. My DD (3.5) absolutely loves it.  We keep it in her room (out of sight!) and she will spend a long time in there playing with it.  My only complaint is some of the furniture is harder to find than it should be.  The kitchen, living room and laundry room are always available at toys r us/walmart etc but we had to order the baby's nursery and other baby related items online becase we couldn't find them in any stores.

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    Re: Doll Houses

    We also have the Loving Family dollhouse - It is big and plastic, but DD loves it. And she takes the tea table over to the Octopod her Grandma got her, and Captain Barnacles and Kwazii go over to the dollhouse, so I don't think it matters to her at all.

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    Re: Doll Houses

    The Loving Family dollhouse actually looks kind of like what I was picturing, even though it's not wood (although too bad it has to be pink!). I really want something that looks like an actual house, and where the rooms are big enough for her to get her hands into without knocking things over.

    My mother and I have both gotten her some Calico Critters things. My mom has the little treehouse at her house, and we have the mouse family at home. Now I'm wondering if I should choose one over the other...

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    Re: Doll Houses

    I noticed a cool wooden dollhouse in Stella Bella toys a while ago.  It was a bit expensive, but it was well made (wood) and seemed like it could be worth the investment if you think it'll get a lot of use. 


    The brand was Hape, it's an international brand using sustainable materials (according to their website).  Google Hape Dollhouse and you should see some pictures.  


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    Re: Doll Houses


    Discount School Supply



    They might hvae them - our childcare center has something but who knows where it came from 11 years ago, but those would be the usual suspects.

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    Re: Doll Houses

    Have you tried Craigslist or eBay? they have some beautiful ones. Some are used of course, as long as you don't mind that.

    I got my DD the Loving Family Grand Dollhouse (about $100 on Amazon) for her 2nd b-day after she fell in love with the one at our library. Growing up I always dreamed of having a big, beautiful, antique dollhouse (picture the ones that were on display at the Boston Children's Museum for a long time - still may be). And I wanted the same for my little girl until I realized - she's 2! I want her to play with it and be able to get it dirty and potentially break it and not care. For this the loving family was perfect. She loves it and still 9 months later plays with it practically every day. I told my family that we were getting it for her b-day and they got tons of furniture for her so we were set. As far as availability of furniture they have tons on Amazon and lots of it is eligible for free shipping.

    So, while it is not the dollhouse of (my!) dreams it will do great until she is old enough for a nicer one (if she is interested of course).

    Good luck......Smile