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Donating Gifts - Video Game?

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    Donating Gifts - Video Game?

    I didn't want to hijack Kiwi's post, so I am posting on a similar matter.

    As part of the holiday giving program at work, I received two requests for gifts. One 5 year old boy asked for a video game (and food, how sad is that?).

    How do you buy a kid a video game? Wouldn't you need to know what sort of system they have, or can you buy a little device with a game already in it within our $50 price limit.

    I had no idea I was so out of the loop. Also, when a kid asks for food for Christmas, what do you get them - snacks like granola bars, nuts and dried fruit, or something like a gift card to Market Basket?

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    Re: Donating Gifts - Video Game?

    I would definitely buy a standalone item, something handheld.  There's no way you could try to figure out a game for a separate system.  My nieces and nephews have handheld ones that are too pricey, plus you have to buy the games separately.  But I would guess that especially for a 5 year old, you could find something self contained.  I have no specific brands to check out, but you could definitely show up at toys r us at a non-busy time and beg for help.  Sorry that's not that helpful!

    For food, I would go with things like granola bars and cereal bars - portable, and on the line between healthy and not healthy.  Get the yummy and chocolately ones so they will be delicious to a kid, but still have a lot of fiber and be filling.  Honestly, I would skip nuts and dried fruit.  I would also probably not do a gift card (even though it's a great idea) unless you know where the kid lives.  For example, it's actually really inconvenient to get to a Market Basket from our place in Medford.

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    Re: Donating Gifts - Video Game?

    ML - I don't think you have enough information to buy him a regular video game. I'm kind of guessing that a kid who's asking for food doesn't have a gaming system. I did find this on Amazon that I think would fit the bill: I had something similar when I was a kid and I liked it a lot. Judging by the reviews, it looks like a decent game for his age and it fits your price range.

    As for the food, I think snacks are the way to go. I'm thinking treats that he doesn't get from the food pantry, like gummy snacks or Raisinettes or something. Maybe mac and cheese in fun shapes?