Help switching daycare centers

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    Help switching daycare centers

    Hi all - I apologize if this has been asked. There doesn't seem to be a search functionality and when I try to go back to previous pages all I get is a huge Jordan's Black Friday ad. SO ANNOYING.

    Anyway, my husband and I are moving out of state (from MA to NH but it is about a 90 miles difference) so we need to change daycares. We are going to have a lull I think where she is home with us. She has been at her current daycare since she was 2 months old and she is very attached to her teachers and the other kids. At 2.75 or so she recently moved up to the "big kid" room so I hate moving her again as she is really thriving, but we really have no choice.

    Any advice on how the best way to do this would be? I have been really anxious about it since we decided to move. When is the best time to tell her? How? I have asked her teachers not to mention it or make as we haven't talked but even after we do I am afraid they will make a big deal about it because they are as attached to her as she is to them. I'm afraid we will both have a hard time with the adjustment.

    She is a great kid but definitely not very agressive or outgoing with "new" kids. She is fine with the ones she knows. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help switching daycare centers

    My daughter changed daycares around the same time...and also went right into the preschool room at the new center.  We went for an orientation/tour the week before she started, leaving her in her new classroom while we did paperwork, etc, for about an hour.  I was nervous, as she is quiet in new situations too, but a little boy (now one of her BFFs), went right up to her to hold her hand when they went outside and then she was fine.  

    I was more nervous about leaving her old friends and environment, but was amazed that after a week or two, I haven't heard any of those old friends' names, or her wondering where her old teacher is.  

    The new daycare is in my husband's building, so in the first couple of weeks, he would pop down for a visit once a day or so to check in, just to reassure her that he was around. We started talking about it about a week before she left the old school, then did a week off (and did orientation that week), then started the next week.  We didn't want too long at home, so that the idea of school and that routine wouldn't be out of her mind too.  

    Every kid is different, though...good luck!  Much like the first drop off, I think the idea of how it could go in our minds is often far worse than reality (and I hope that's true for you and your daughter!)

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    Re: Help switching daycare centers

    We didn't switch centers at that age, but we did have two relevant things...

    One, we moved right on my daughter's 3rd birthday.  I was really worried about it, but it has honestly been much better than I thought.  We emphasized that we were all going to go there together, and she helped pack things and we said, "see you at our new house, blocks!" or whatever.  We also got a book out of the library called "Moving House" - this one.  I really liked it.  Very simple.

    Two, a couple of teachers were leaving our daycare center at around the same time (to go work on their degrees, so we had a lot of notice that they were leaving).  Before that we hadn't made a big deal about teachers leaving, but it seemed like my daughter was noticing it more and more.  So, we made cards together to thank the teachers and wish them luck, and then we gave the teacher the card and took a picture of the teacher with my DD.  I felt like she was old enough that it was better to mark what was happening, rather than leave it like people just slipped away.  (Of course, since then we had one teacher leave unexpectedly and there's not much to be done about that!)  But finding some way for your daughter to do something to say goodbye might help.

    Good luck to you!  It's really stressful, but it helped me to remind myself that it's also really common.

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    Re: Help switching daycare centers

    Hi - DD switched daycares at 2 yrs 5 months - from a home in MA to a center in NH.  I definitely stressed over it a LOT, so I understand!!  Your DD is a little older, and of course they are individuals, but for DD it barely fazed her.  I planned on waiting until about a week before to start telling her it was her last week, last day, etc., but coincidentally an older kid left to go to pre-school about 3 weeks before, so we took that opportunity to say she was a big kid too and she was going to pre-school soon.

    CT gave me some great advice both during the search and when it was time to transition.  On DD's first day (a Monday), she went from about 9-12.  The next day, she stayed for nap time, so she was there from like 9 - 2.  And then she went for full days Wed-Fri, but I did make sure to pick her up right at 5.  I think CT suggested more half days, which I completely respected, but I also know that DD transitions well, so I modified it a little.  I don't mean to give too much advice, but the transition might be easier if she goes straight from one daycare to the other.  Best of luck!