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June Pre-Schoolers

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    June Pre-Schoolers

    I'm still hanging on ladies! Looks like we missed May. How is everyone? How are you liking the summer weather (finally)?

    I recently got DD a little basketball hoop and outdoor playhouse (thank you craigslist!), so we've been enjoying the outdoors. Swim lessons are going pretty well.  There are only two left, so I'm thinking about signing up for the next session. We don't do enough swimming to regularly practicing what she's learned.

    The leaky pullup issue kinda sorta solved itself in that she stopped wearing pullups at naptime. She overheard that another kid was wearing his undies and wanted to do it too. She stayed dry the first few times, but the next two days she had accidents. I think she's doing great though :o) They probably just need to make sure she goes before naptime.

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    So happy that the weather is finally nicer.  We spent most of the weekend outside, at the farmer's market, which has great kids' entertainment, at the park, in our yard with the hose.  I love these days since the more the kids are outside running around, the better (and earlier) they sleep at night!  

    DD (3.5) got her "report card" from school last week, which was a rave report.  In the past she's had trouble accepting discipline/being corrected, but it's getting better.  We are also having more accident-free days lately.  YEsterday she told me that she doesn't want to wear a pull-up an night anymore...not ready to go there yet, since she's wet most mornings, but sooner than later we will!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    Hi there,

    Glad to hear that pull ups are almost over Luv... its a nice feeling!  And Fram sounds like she'll be done with accidents very soon.  Yes, the warm weather is a godsend.  DS#1 wants to be outside constantly... and now I don't have to worry about DS#2 getting too cold.  Although the pollen all of a sudden has everything in our yard and driveway neon green.  Ick!  So both boys are doing great.  DS#1 is an October baby so we're still getting birthday party invites for his class friends just turning 3 (when he's closer to turning 4).  But other than him being a little bit taller, being older doesn't affect him yet and he still just loves "school."  He's generally a really good kid.  He has his moments of not listening, but we're blessed so far with a fun little boy.  And he still just loves his little brother, almost 7 months.  He's very gentle and loves to make him laugh.  I wish he would stop napping in his classroom as he ends up wide awake in his room until 10pm.  He doesn't nap on the weekends and does so much better going to sleep.  The good thing is he'll stay in his room after we close the door (8pm bedtime) but I can hear him in there still awake.

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    Hi all!  We finally transitioned DD (4 in July) to underwear at night and she hasn't had any accidents so far!  She can even wait a bit in the morning before going potty.  I think she probably could have done it sooner, I was just overly concerned about accidents.

    Fram, what kind of outdoor playhouse did you get?  We are waffling between buying an outdoor playhouse and a swing set.

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    Fram, I'm still checking in, too!  Honestly, used to be a great site and now it's just a lot of links to video content.  It's so disappointing.

    Anyhow, you all are giving me courage to try no pull up at night... I'm not sure because she is usually wet in the morning, but I'm starting to think that the only way to do it is to do it.

    IPW, I know what you mean about the tricky nap situation.  For a while it seemed like DD was rarely napping, then she went back the other way and napped almost every day (although we woke her up after an hour, which was hard to do).  Now she has been not napping at home the last several days and she's so tired later.  By right before dinner, she's falling all over herself, whining about how she's "sooooo tired" and she "just needs to lie on the couch and go to sleep".  Such drama!  :)

    I'm all excited/nervous because we made the BIG decision to move her to public pre-K in the fall.  Everyone loves it, I loved it when I visited, and I think it will be perfect for her (they have a whole social skills curriculum and supports, which will be ideal since she's still so tentative around other kids).  The thing that made it so hard to decide is that she'll only be there for a year and then have to go to another building for K.  If the pre-K was in the same building as elementary, it would have been a no brainer.  This seems like a lot of transition.

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    Med - we have the same nap issues in our house.  For awhile she wasn't napping anywhere and going to bed really early.  Now she has started napping at school, but not napping at home.  And it is like you said on days she doesn't whiny and such an attitude (not about being tired though, just everything else)!  I actually prefer her not to nap though, because when she does nap we still put her to bed around 8 or 8:30, but she will come out of her room a bunch of times because she isn't very tired.

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    So glad to hear from all of you!

    Luv - DD's school does "report cards" too. Funny, but it is nice to see something in writing. There haven't been any surprises for us, but who knows there could be and then it would be a great tool for communication between parent and teacher.

    IPW - Glad to hear both your boys are doing well!

    Memes - We got this playhouse, but from craigslist. We had to get a Uhaul anyway, so I figured I'd get something on craigslist if I could find something in time to use the Uhaul. I really like it. DD likes "cooking: and playing with the little phone. It's smaller than it looked to me in the pictures, but not too small at all.

    Med - Your DD's drama sounds so cute... hopefully it's cute and not a pain :o)

    I have to say DD has been pretty difficult lately. I hope it's partially a result of going to bed too late lately, and not completely the terrible threes because that would mean I can improve it. I've been trying to get her to bed earlier... must keep trying... It seems like every day I have to threaten no treats/TV/books/etc. in order to get her to do anything. I think that Barbara woman who writes the parenting Q&A received a question about this not too long ago, so we'll see if I can find that on

    DD's daycare suddenly wanted to transition her to a new room in two weeks (instead of in Sept), but luckily they listened when I said it wasn't good timing. Her dad just really truly moved out, so I think that is enough big transitions for a little while!

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    Fram, sorry about the terrible threes (and about DH moving out).  And don't think just because its a stage that its your fault or that you can do anything about it.  Our threes are definitely worse than our twos so far.  They are so much smarter at this age, but yet they are still such little kids.  The other night my DH just lost it because of the whining.  That is our biggest issue... the whining.  OMG it boils my blood.  We are often threatening with taking away stuff as well.  It usually works.  I think they are really testing boundaries at this age, so we as parents have to be willing to take those kinds of actions to show them their limits.  I often get "you are not my friend" or "well then you can't play with me"  I hate to hear it, but I just say "ok, that makes me sad, but if that's the way you feel."  I read somewhere that to counter some of the negatives that so many 3-year olds hear, really try to also focus on the positives.  When DH comes home (I work at home so he is home after I've gotten the kids), I often will say "Daddy... wait until you hear what DS#1 did today... he's such a big boy now..." within earshot and DS#1 gets so proud and happy.  

    Memes... congrats on underwear at nighttime!  Its so awesome not having pull ups!

    Med - what will the hours be for your public pre-K?  I'd love to do our town's preschool but they only do 9-11:30 OR 12:30-3, with no school on Mondays.  I'd probably end up spending just as much on beforecare and aftercare as I am currently spending for his daycare preschool program.  Clearly those are hours for children with one non-working parent.

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    Fram - good for you for being clear to daycare that it wasn't a good time for a transition, and it's great that they respected that.  DD's whining is *sometimes* funny/cute, when it's just dramatic.  But sometimes when it crosses over to the crying/whining, it's super annoying.  Last night she was a total bear getting ready for bed, crying hysterically about every little thing, making a ton of noise even though DS was already asleep.  It was hard to tolerate, even though in her defense she was very overtired and it was very hot in her room, plus we are in what I think of as the "penance" phase - the days of bad behavior we get after being away.  DH and I went away for two nights over the weekend to a wedding.

    IPW, it's kind of crazy - they have a ton of different time and day options, many of which are really short like you mentioned.  DD is going two days from 8:25 to 2:10, and then they have after school (and before school) in the same building.  With the cost for the pre-K plus the before/after cost, it works out to be only slightly less than our current daycare.  I'm hoping it will turn out to be a wise decision!

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    Re: June Pre-Schoolers

    Hi ladies,

    Work and life have been so overwhelming, I haven't been to BDC in a long time. I'm very glad to see some of you still here!

    Fram, sorry about DD going through a difficult stage. I definitely see my DD acting like a little beast if she doesn't get enough sleep, and sometimes I do feel like all of a sudden she needs more sleep than she did the week prior. Growth spurts, or whatever. So hopefully you'll see an improvement soon. I hope the two of you are having some nice girl time together as you transition to your new living arrangement. I hope you're both doing ok.

    I'm jealous of all of your potty-related successes. DD (3.5+) still will not p**p on the potty. The times we've tried to get her to, she'll just say she doesn't have to go. Then as soon as we put the pull-up on for bedtime, she mysteriously has to. So, honestly, I haven't put that much effort into it. She keeps saying, "When I'm 4 I'll p**p on the potty..." So I might just wait the next 4 months and hold her to it in October! 

    Luv - which farmer's market do you go to? I've been wanting to try out some in the area, but haven't made it yet. Ours is so tiny.

    Medford - congrats on your decision. I bet it will be great.

    Glad to hear the little ones are doing well overall!