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Local Trip/Family Resorts?

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    Local Trip/Family Resorts?

    Winter cabin fever is coming and I thought it might be fun to take a week-end trip.  I'm looking for someplace local (less than 3 hour drive) that has some kid friendly activities (age 1.5 and 4).  Something hands on and active would be ideal for my busy kids.

    I've looked into some family resorts, but I'm not sure if the activities there are for older kids.  As always, budget friendly options would be appreciated.  Any ideas or suggestions?


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    Re: Local Trip/Family Resorts?

    A friend of mine with a six year old swears by Red Jacket (I think she goes to the one in Conway, NH, but there might be one on the Cape).  Her son loves the pool.  They've been going there for years.

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    Re: Local Trip/Family Resorts?

    I've heard good things about Red Jacket as well.

    I was also thinking Providence might be fun and not too far away. There's the Children's Museum, the zoo and maybe the Museum of Natural History. If your kids are sports fans, the P Bruins games are usually pretty family friendly.