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Non-Scary Halloween Fun?

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    Non-Scary Halloween Fun?

    My kids are young (1.5 and 4 yrs), they like the excitement (and treats) of Halloween, but it seems like all the events I hear about are over the top scary (haunted house, grim decorations etc).

    I'm looking for some events or ideas that are age appropriate, and fun not frightening.  I thought I remember something like a big jack o lantern display from last year.  Maybe something along those lines?

    We live in the Boston area, but will happily travel for a field trip.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

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    Re: Non-Scary Halloween Fun?

    Castle Island's Children's Magical Halloween Castle on the weekend before Halloween (so not this upcoming weekend, but 10/27 and 10/28) from noon-4pm in South Boston. It's free and there's lots of kid-friendly (not scary) entertainment and treats. It is technically T-accessible (by bus, then a 3/4 mi walk), but there is also plenty of free parking.

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    Re: Non-Scary Halloween Fun?

    We were just at Edaville this past weekend for Thomas. They have "The Great Pumpkin Pageant" coming up the weekend of the 27th and 28th. Decorated pumpkins, costume pageant, trick or treating, etc.

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    Re: Non-Scary Halloween Fun?

    Our local YMCA (Quincy) is having a family friendly Halloween event on the 27th. It is free for members, with a small fee for non members, so you might want to check and see if your local Y is doing something similar. 

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    Re: Non-Scary Halloween Fun?

    When I was small we loved going to a farm stand in Lexington or Concord (how about Wilson Farm in Lincoln?) to get pumpkins and apples and cider.

    We'd come home and carve (well- we'd draw and Dad would carve) the jack o lanterns. I just got some smaller pumpkins at the grocery store really cheap and I was going to let my kids decorate with sharpie pens or glue on felt shapes.

    We love making cookies and cupcakes around here. I got some sugar cookie dough (pillsbury slice and bake). We're going to roll it out, cut out bats and cats (got the cutters at the grocery store) and decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

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    Re: Non-Scary Halloween Fun?    Click on events.

    PS: Another idea:

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    Re: Non-Scary Halloween Fun?

    Zoo Howl at Franklin Park is always fun.  The kids can wear their costumes or not, depending on what they feel like.