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October Preschool 2012

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    October Preschool 2012

    Crazy how October is already upon us!

    If it ever stops raining I'm really looking forward to going on some nature walks and apple picking with the kids. Picked up our first sugar pumpkin of the season and will make a pie and soup with it. I love this time of year love the baking, the crafts, apple picking. Last year I think I baked apple crisp with DS about once a week-his request.

    DS has matured so much in this past month, the kid cleans up toys without being asked. Amazing conversations and jokes with him. He's big into money lately, and always wants to look at what ever coins you have. He still can't manage to say Quarter, says "coater" which gets us all laughing so now I think he says it wrong on purpose. We discussed who is on money, what they've done etc. I think I'm really going to like having a 4 year old!


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    Re: October Preschool 2012

    KAM, I agree. Fall is the best season. I feel like our apple picking plans are getting jinxed this year. DS was supposed to go with his preschool class last Friday (his birthday), but it got rained out. We made plans to go with one of his best buddies this Sunday, but now the weather is looking iffy at best. 

    We went to the Big E last weekend and DS did great! He walked almost the entire day (from about 12-6). My legs were tired by the end of the day, so I can only imagine how his little legs were. He went on the smaller Ferris wheel and the big slide and absolutely loved them both. He was also mesmerized by the animals, but was not fond of the cows at all! He did a great job of holding hands and not running off. I bet the big crowds were pretty intimidating. We stayed over in a hotel and had him sleep on an Aerobed. He thought it was the greatest thing and slept pretty well given the excitement, lack of naps, etc.

    Spelling is still the big thing around our house and he is able to "read" an ever-growing number of words. I just love watching his brain work. KAM, I agree, it just gets better and better as they grow up!