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Preschool Spring update

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    Preschool Spring update

    I know I'm hopeful with the "Spring" in the title-but one can dream! Since we don't post as many updates on our preschoolers I figure a quarterly update post would be nice. Nice to hear how these little people are growing.

    Ever wonder if you've scarred your child by joking with them? (this also falls into "funny things kids say") I have! DS is in his pirate phase, and has been asking for a hook for a hand. As a joke I asked him how he would wipe his bum if he had a hook for a hand? DS would laugh and came up with several (sometimes creative) solutions. Well, after a few weeks we are finally at the toy store and see a hook set and get it for DS. He's excited and proclaims he will now wipe his bum with his other hand. All is good for until yesterday afternoon when driving home from school and DS starts to get sad and says "Mommy, I don't want a hook for hand any more, I want to return it to the store." When asked why his response, given through tears, "I want to wipe my bum with both hands!" If I wasn't buckled in my seat I prob would have fallen out lauhing.

    Truly loving age 4! Our hassles of getting him up and ready in the AM have mostly ended. He loves to play independently in his room like a big kid. Sniffle, my baby is growing up!

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    Re: Preschool Spring update

    KAM, that was very funny story!

    i just about melted lst week when I was talking to DS#1 (about 3.5). I am planning to take him to the Big Apple Circus at the end of the month. I asked him, "Do you want to go see the Circus with Mummy?" His eyes got all wide and he said, "Just like Curious George? YES!" So cute. Those are the moments I want to bottle and keep with me forever.

    Otherwise, reading is the big thing around our house. He can recognize and read whole words in lots of different contexts and he is just starting to do some phonetic sounding-out of words. As a foreign language teacher, I am completely fascinated watching his language development.

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    Re: Preschool Spring update

    I'm always a little startled by DS's imagination.  He tells the most inventive and funny stories about things.  He's 3.5 now.  He scolds me about my driving - "Mummy, you just cut that lady off!  You should say you're sorry!"  He still loves to read, which is fabulous.  He desperately wants a dog.  He has a stuffed dog that he carries all over the house.  She gets her own bowl of water and he puts her on the front steps to pee.  It's adorable.  He also wants a sibling and asked DH where they could go buy a baby for him.

    I am amazed when I see how long his legs are, how developed his vocabulary is, how creative he is.  I look at this little independent person and I'm stunned he came from me sometimes.  He's got this sweet little personality that makes me tear up when I least expect it.

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    Re: Preschool Spring update

    I agree, this is such a great age!  DD is still very sweet with the baby, despite the fact that DD#2 is now able to crawl and pull up and get into all sorts of stuff.  She's very diligent (better than some of my childless friends and my FIL) about choking hazards.  She'll say "Mum, is this ok or is this a choking hazard?" if she's not sure.

    She's dry at night, which is just wonderful.  She's doing really well with her letters.  She's known the capitals for a while but now she's picking up the lower-cases really quickly too.  She's a lot like her father, personality-wise.  We could tell that from the beginning but it's fascinating to watch her be her own little person yet also have all these little things that are SO much like him (and not at all like me). 

    In that vein, it's incredibly adorable to watch DH with the kids.  He's always been good with them but second time around with a baby he's more confident (and useful/helpful!) and he is just so good at things like puzzles and games like that with DD#1.  It's so weird to think I knew this man when he was a 20 year old slacker and now here we are with two kids and a mortgage and he's getting adorable grey hairs in his temples (probably partially due to the two kids and the mortgage haha).

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    Re: Preschool Spring update

    Lissa, it is so sweet to read about your DH. My DH had an extended wild youth and we meet people all the time who can't believe he's a dad, which is funny to me because I always saw him as super dad material!