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Preschoolers - July Update

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    Preschoolers - July Update

    Hi - I thought we could try out a monthly update in Preschoolers, like we do in Infants and Toddlers. If it seems unnecessary we can just stick to the I/T monthly updates!

    DD (2.8) has been doing a lot more pretend play lately. She's really not interested in traditional toys or playthings at all. It's leaving me sort of perplexed about what to "play" with her when we have time at home. She will take very random things and make up little stories/scenarios, which I find fascinating, but it is very random when and where she'll do this. When she seems bored or at a loss of what to do, I don't know the best type of activity to steer her towards or do with her, and don't know what supplies/props to have on hand. I keep thinking she's bored of her toys and maybe we need new toys, but she really does not show much interest in toys! She played for about 20 minutes with a couple of random earrings that were in a box of costume jewelry I let her play with. I listened in and it was this whole scenario of her pressing the post of the earring gently into her foot and saying things like, "You need a shot? Ok, it will hurt just a little bit. Don't worry, I'm here." over and over. Fascinating.

    I actually asked her if there were any toys or things she'd like to have. She said, "new books" but otherwise couldn't come up with anything. I'm certainly not complaining that she wants new books!

    She is not a huge fan of dress-up and not as interested with play-food and tea party stuff as she once was. She also does not have a lot of patience for drawing, although I think she might be on the verge of having more interest in painting. Thoughts on things to have on-hand to inspire her imagination?

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I kind of know what you mean, Poppy.  Actually, the newer things DD has used a lot lately are play dough and duplos.  BUT - in both cases, she doesn't spend a ton of time constructing - she wants to make stuff to play *with*.  Like if I make a few play dough fish, she will spend ages feeding them "bread" and "worms".  Or if we make a block house, she'll send the lego lady on a million trips to the store for ingredients the lego man needs.

    Other than that, she likes dolls (but mostly due to the arrival of DS), those 24 piece jigsaw puzzles, and her "craft box" with paper, scissors, and crayons - but she also does not care for drawing; she mostly "writes" various notes, lists, and things, plus likes using the scissors.  Oh - and of course things that are not toys.  She likes empty wrapping paper tubes, the broom, helping with "folding" laundry, empty floss containers (with the sharp part removed), used up gift cards... really any sort of discarded item has a second life in our house.  :)

    ETA: I often think, oh, I should get an *actual* play guitar so she doesn't need to use the empty paper towel tube.  Then I realize that she would stop playing with it the second I bought it!  The only props intended for pretend play that have stood the test of time with us are the kitchen/dishes and the doctor kit.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Med, I actually REMEMBER making a guitar with a tissue box, rubber bands, and paper towel tube and loving it.  I was 3. :)  I got a real junior sized classical guitar when I was 9 and played for real.  Not sure if the two were related, LOL.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    That's a good idea about the play-doh, Med. I am always trying to get her excited about making stuff, but I bet she'd be much happier if I made stuff for her to play with! And I bet you're absolutely right about the real/pretend guitar. :)

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    DS is about a year older than your daughter, Poppy, and his pretend play usually involves ACTUAL household items he wants to play with. Like, goes into the tool box and gets out a screwdriver rather than play with the thirty toy screwdrivers he has. He climbs on to the counters and takes out my real spatula and tongs instead of the ones that came with his kitchen set or grill. We had to put my husband's power tools on high shelves because he was taking the drills out of their cases and walking around the house with them. A trip to Lowe's or Home Depot results in him coming home with his own wrench or trowel. We bought him a hand held Shark vacuum the other day because he "needed to clean out Mummy's car. It's a mess."

    Not to say that we buy him everything he asks for - we legit needed a new handheld vacuum. We just let him pick out which one he wanted. And lawnmowers? His beloved bubble mower that has been his constant outside companion since he was fourteen months old has now been replaced by the actual lawnmower. DH lets him push the lawnmower around the yard when they cut the lawn. Sunday, I caught him coming out of the garage with DH's weed whacker.

    It's insane. He has thousands of dollars worth of toys and he wants the "real" thing at any given time. He still plays with his toys (esp. his trains, his "power tools," and his matchbox cars), but if I don't have an eye on him at all times he's scampered up somewhere to retrieve the actual item instead of it's plastic, fake counterpart.

    DS got into play doh a little bit this weekend, but he's not a sit down and do arts and crafts kid. He will if HE thinks of it, but should I suggest it it's "boring" and he doesn't like that stuff. I don't know if that's a boy thing or a my-kid-doesn't-sit-for-five-minutes thing.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Poppy-At that age DS loved the book "Goin on a Lion Hunt." So my mother outfitted him with everything one needs to do a lion hunt: safari hat, pad of paper, pencil, binoculars, compass and a plastic lion to hide and find. He would do lion hunts for HOURS. We'd hide the lion, and he'd document where he'd been, observations, and other "notes" and search for the lion. The more realistic the item, the more likely he'd play with it at that age. So it was a real compass, real binoculars etc. He also loved a bird book DH got for a gift and would look through it all the time. It immediately got a home on DS' bookshelf. It was great beause we talked about how to find certain birds, how to catalog things -"the blue jay is in the blue section-what color is the cardinal-red, so look in the red section..." At that age DS started to collect real kitchen tools too-thankfully he keeps them in the real kitchen so I can use them too.

    Med-my sister picked up a $5 ukulele from the christmas tree shop when DS was 1-and that thing has stood the test of time. Perfect size for the little ones to think it's a real guitar. I'm not saying the thing is in tune at all...but the kids still love playing with it 3.5 years later. You may want to look around for one.

    At 4.5 DS is such a little man. Getting read this AM he said "Mommy, I'm getting big, does that make you sad?" I told him a little bit, I wanted him to be my little guy forever. His reponse "Don't worry Mommy, it's going to take me a long time to grow up, I'm going to live with you until I'm 44." No idea where the 44 came from , assuming since he's 4, 44 must be old enough.

    DS misses kindergarten cut off this year, and I'm soo torn about it. He could definitely go, and do a great job, but he misses it by 4 months, the extra time maturing will do him well, but I fear him being bored when he finally does go and getting into trouble. His two best friends from preschool are going to kindergarten this year so the transition of them not being at school is going to be tough!

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    kam, my son is a September baby,so he missed the cut off day by a couple of weeks. I thought about doing something about it, but the school said there was nothing that could be done. Now he is the oldest in his class, by a week, but other then that he's very well adjusted. I can't beleive he will bye 13 in September and that he's going in the 7th grade. But he's still my little boy. :) 

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Winter-DD misses the cut off by 4 days! Depending on her readiness I may petition the school to accept her. But I do think 5.5 is a great age for starting kindergarten (though one less year of day care costs would be appreciated!)

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I find this discussion fascinating and certainly gives me some things to think about for DS's third birthday in 2 months. I do know DS loves, loves his two monster trucks that are models of real ones and lost interest in the other two that were not based on real trucks... he would lie on the floor and play with those two (jumping them over obstacles, race them etc). If I am going to be somewhere and need a way to keep DS quiet for a while without running around, I make sure to bring those trucks.

    He loves his Thomas books (we got the whole set, and we swear he has memorized which books has which trains' stories, and he will constantly be going through those - he will forget about them for a while, then he will bring them all out). And he loves acting out some of the stories with his Thomas train set.

    Both of our kids will miss the kindergarten cutoff by 1-2 days, but although it is no fun to pay for another year of daycare, we are thinking for DS especially, that extra year really will allow him to develop (he is on the small side which at this age is a big deal in terms of things like playground where he does not have the reach the bigger kids have). And his personality is such that it will be better to wait (he is not someone we can push on anything, and we don't want to have him always struggling to keep up with kids that would be up to a year older than him - not just physically but emotionally). DD - we will have to see, we may find it good to hold her back for the opposite reason (she is much more impulsive and aggressive than he is at 10 months, but it is too young to tell if that is a trend that will hold up over time/development).

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    We will also miss the kindergarten deadline by about a month. I cringe at paying for that additional year of pre-K, but as one of the youngest in my graduating class I would not send her early. I did not enjoy being the youngest.

    There's been a lot of talk about transitions to preschool in the I/T thread, but may as well bring it up here: we have a meeting with DD's receiving preschool teacher tonight! She is starting her transition this week. I'm nervous!

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    My DS is also an October baby.  I keep freaking out that he will have 3 full years of preschool/preK.  I feel like he will be so bored.  But, we'll just have to see.  We are in a daycare center, which also offers a full pre-school and kindergarden curriculum, so with very little transition, DS will move into the preschool classroom next month in August (with three other friends, which is great!).  They do age their preschool classes, so I doubt he'll be with 2.9 kids and 4.9 kids in the same room, but again... just seems so unnecessary to have all those extra years waiting for him to be 5.11 before he can legally start kindergarden.  Poppy, I also started early - first grade at 5.11, as I am also an October baby.  I actually never had a problem being the youngest.  Last to turn 21 in college too... but I actually didn't really notice too much.  I do know my boyfriend's parents started him late on purpose so he'd be bigger and hopefully better at sports.  So while he was only 10 months younger than me, he was two grades below (cradle robber I was!).

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Poppy - when my DD was three she loved stickers. She'd sit for quite a while and just peel them off the paper and stick them on construction paper. Now that she's four she loves a Melissa and Doug set of stickers that's like paper dolls - you put clothes on cute little girls. But last year she was totally happy with a set of hearts or gold stars from the Hallmark section of the CVS.

    And I think it was CT who said that markers can be easier than crayons. Just make sure to get the washable ones.

    My kids both love the DO-A-Dot paint bottles. And it's less messy than paint and brushes. WE also love Play-Doh. I bought them plastic cookie cutters. I roll out the dough and they "make cookies". We even put them on a cookie sheet and pretend to bake them in the oven sometimes.

    My twins don't much like dress up either. But they like accessories. Hats and purses (mostly out of my mother's attic). I did get DS a set of hats that they both love - it's a fireman's hat, policemans helmet, hard hat and racing helmet.

    And mine can both be entertained with a roll of pennies and a piggy bank. They love putting the money in the slot! But you need to be comfortable she's beyond swallowing small items like coins for this one.

    We LOVE Duplos. But you do have to help them build stuff - then they like to play with it. Now, at four, they are much better at helping to build as well.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Funny, when I went to school back in the 80's I had a friend who was entered into kindergarten a whole year younger than me, and he did perfectly fine. It's just funny to think that a child 4 days younger than DD will be considered "ready" and she won't. (of course who knows if she will be ready, she's not even 2 right now!) But DS, is the height of a 5 year old, taller than some of his preschool friends who will be going to kindergarten. He's already starting to read. He got frustrated yesterday when he couldn't read a street sign "Pequot Rd" LOL had to explain that was a hard word. He's got an amazing memory for facts-yesterday I was telling him about Independence day and the British controlling when driving to school he asked if all the British were going to get on a plane and go home tomorrow. :)

    Funny DS only likes to dress up like a pirate or a fire fighter-my mother has gotten him a ton of other dress up hats and they all have sat unused.

    DS is definitely into the lego sets now, the duplo ones are good for little kids-but so expensive and kinda short lived, DS wouldn't play with them now.

    I'd like to get the kids a water table-but I fear it would only be 10 min of play and then they'd be all done.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I hate our water table. The kids get soaking wet and want to change. And when we're not playing with it it gets dirty. There's always stale water from a quick rain shower that has to be dumped out. Then I feel like the whole thing (and the toys inside) all need to be washed. I much prefer our sandbox for outside. Or just turning on the sprinkler for water fun. I had the plumber come and put a mixer tap on our backyard hose. It was about $200, but now we have warm water coming out of the hose when we want it for sprinkler fun or filling the wading pool. Worth every penny!

    As for kinder - mine are July babies so they are the youngest. I could hold them back, but I think DD would be totally bored with another year of Pre-K. My biggest fear is that one will be ready and the other (DS) won't. Having twins in separate grades just sounds like a nightmare for little psyches.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Mislilly-I was thinking of getting an outside sink to have warm water with easy access. When I do the kiddie pool the kids always ask to have warm water poured in to heat it up, and it's a pain to go in/out. Only $200 isn't bad...I'll have to apprach DH about it (though a whole reno of our back yard to have an outside kitchen would be nicer!).

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I actually started K when I was 4. I turned 17, the January of my Senior year, so I was the youngest in a very big class. It's funny that DS is a couple weeks younger then some of the kids going in the 8th grade. It seems to be very common now that this happens. My DS has already calculated that he will be able to get his license in March of his Sophomore year of high school. 4.5 years...sigh.

    lily, at my son's school that happaned with twins in the grade ahead of him. One is now going in 8th, one in 7th. They however, found out that he had a learning disability (2nd grade) so he's in a school to help him with that.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    DD loves our water table and so do we... although I agree that she gets soaked and has to change after!  We don't have enough room for a sprinkler right now, so it's really our only option for playing outside without getting overheated.  I will say, if it helps - I got a mesh bag and we put all the toys away in that after every use and hang it on the porch to dry, and then lean the table up against the house so it doesn't collect rain.  There's no way I would have the patience to clean the toys!

    It's interesting about the school deadlines.  DD is July and I'm worried that she will be emotionally/socially "young".  She is in the preschool room now at daycare and that's tough (as many of you have read!), so we'll see how things go.  I doubt we would hold her back, but there are definitely worries ahead.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    My oldest daughter has a spring birthday, which is pretty perfect because she'll be one of the older ones when she starts kindergarten but she won't be so old she's bored the year before.  She has most of the pre-K skills she'd need to start early (counting to 100 unprompted, basic addition skills, writing and pre-reading, fine motor skills, etc.) but physically with gross motor skills she's been right on or a little behind the curve since birth and she's very shy, so it will be good for her to get a little extra time in pre-K, despite the pain of paying for extra time.

    She's obsessed with playing with her baby sister's toys.  She's USUALLY nice about it but frequently she finds whatever toy the baby wants to suddenly be the most interesting one. She does keep the baby busy with the fisher price little people, which is nice.  Also, DD#2 now mimics the pretend behavior by holding up the little people and making little screechy noises (imitating how her big sister does funny voices to make the people talk). Adorable.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    DS is a mid August baby. One of his preschool buddies is a week younger and I know his mother is already considering whether or not to hold him in pre-K an extra year. I'm on the fence about it. DS has off the chart verbal acuity. His vocabulary is incredible and his comprehension is fabulous. But the only letters he really recognizes are his initials. He's got another year before kindergarten, so I have a year to obsess about hold him out an extra year or send him in young. He'd just be turning 5 for the start of kindergarten. I was five when I started kindergarten, too, but I had a year of readiness before first grade because a lot of people (including my school teacher parents) decided I wasn't ready for first grade yet (nowadays, they'd probably diagnose with me mild ADD). This was back in the 80's. I have no idea when they got rid of that particular program, but I imagine we'd have a lot less stressed parents if it was back.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    His vocabulary is incredible and his comprehension is fabulous. But the only letters he really recognizes are his initials. He's got another year before kindergarten, so I have a year to obsess about hold him out an extra year or send him in young


    PLEASE don't worry that he doesn't know all his letters at 4 yrs old!  Really, he will either learn them in this preK year, and you have 12 months, or he will learn them in Kindergarten.  If he really doesn't have interest in letters (NOT in reading, just in letters) in the spring 2014, then you can get letter magnets and play on the fridge, and letter playdough cutters and use them with playdough, or use them in paint to stamp letters.  And they also sell letter stamps - stamps are so much fun for preschoolers! Get the upper case ones - while his school should have everything labeled in correct lower case letters, and only capitalize the first letter in a name or correctly, children will see upper and lower case letters in books, on the wall, on labels, etc but still only use upper case letters when they first write.  Also, don't worry if they write letters backwards - takes a long time to get some of those letters going the right way. Some children even mirror write - start at the right of the paper and then exactly and precisely (seriously? we couldn't do it!) write all the letters backwards in their name.  I always encourage those kids to "start in this corner" (upper left hand of paper) and then they write them perfectly! 

    Just read, read, read, read and also stop and let him finish the sentence when he knows the story well.  Also make sure you're reading predictable books - brown bear, brown bear is one - so there is always a chant that can be predicted "brown bear brown bear what do you see? I see a....  and he can "help" you read.  Find books your kid loves - some kids (especiallly boys) really prefer non fiction - all those books about trucks, dinosaurs, dragons, ad nauseum - there are some good ones at all different levels from Usborne and DK in England. 

    Also you can play language games as you drive to school, or home, or whatever - at the beginning, I'm thinking of a word that starts with the b-b-b- sound - banana!  And ball! Can you think of a word that starts with a B-b-b sound?  (bike? great!).  At the beginning you don't need to identify it's a b, just start with the concept that the words all sound the same at the beginning.  And don't correct the c-c-c sound like carrot when he says kangaroo - they are both the same freakin' sound, our language not withstanding.  so that's a right! kangaroo starts with the k-k-k sound!

    eventually, like when he's incredibly good, you can do endings - but that might be 6 months after doing beginnings.  what word ENDS with the T sound (and choose consonants, as those make more of an impression on your mouth and teeth when you say them out loud - elephant starts with e is very esoteric). That's for memorization when he's 7!  cat ends with t, so does bat, what else? 

    these kind of games are great, and can be done during long commutes and oh, so good for their phonics knowledge and the beginning of reading and writing.


    letter stamps are sold at my favorite online store like these:


    and WASHABLE stamp pads like these:


    you can also get stamps in all different shapes, it's not all about letters, lol!  probably you can find some at a dollar store, too.  stamps are just fun - just put a layer of newspaper or wax paper on your table under their paper because kids can get a bit excited about stamping and miss the paper, LOL.

    also, if your child likes to cook then you can write out very clearly on a large piece of paper
    the ingredients, and you can your child can "read' them together - this is real reading, and they start to see the importance of reading and want to do it with you.

    1 egg

    2 cups flour

    1 cup sugar

    1/2 cup milk

    Mix together

    this is also science, math and measuring - what's 1/2 a cup vs. a whole cup? what happens when you pour the milk in, and then you stir?  and then what happens?  The chocolate dump it cake is perfect for this, as who cares what order, just dump it in, mix, bake and devour!  there are plenty of recipes that aren't finicky, like cookies. 

    KAM, your son is just going to be an early reader, early at lots of stuff school-related, and you're probably going to need to find a classroom, a teacher and a school that gets excited by challenging kids like him so he isn't bored.  It's challenging for a teacher, but it can be done, and it will make a difference that he's with age-mates from a social perspective.  OR, in 2nd grade if it's obvious he should skip a grade, you can do it then.  Or choose a Montessori school where he's mixed age-grouped for grades 1 to 3, then 3 to 6. 

    I was the youngest in class (birthday late December, cut off date in 1970 was Dec 31) so I was 4 when I went to school, and while I did incredibly well at school, I had a harder time making friends, understanding teasing and humor, and was picked on horribly and had an incredibly HARD time as a freshman in college - I was really ready to relax and be a college senior that year.  I only say this in retrospect - I did incredibly well in school, was smart, etc. but I would have done just as well, been just as smart, and could have perhaps also had an easier time socially.  or not, who knows?  But i say that as an educator who knows what those early years can do to your emotional psyche from teasing by kids.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    CT-DC - your experience is exactly what concerns me about having my kids be the youngest in their classes. And it is what I seen with my younger sister, where she was one of the smallest kids... My parents ended up sending her to a private all girls school for middle school, to avoid the social pressures she was not ready for (mainly on the co-ed scene). She was all honors but my mother still wonders if she should have waited a year because of the social and emotional aspects. 

    And that is why DH and I have decided that we won't fight the cutoff (especially since it looks like both kids will be on the small side). We had wondered about boredom for kindergarden but since public school ratios are pretty high, we figured even if they do private kindergarden or pre-K at their current daycare, the adjustment to public school will be enough of a challenge (especially as we plan to send them to a Chinese after school program), that having familiar material will allow them to adjust without struggling to keep up with their peers.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    CT - I also have a December birthday and started school in the late 70's and had very similar issues to what you describe. I wasn't picked on too badly (it makes me sad that you were!) but socially had a hard time. I clearly remember feeling baffled by all the social stuff going on. And forget boyfriends. Academically, I was fine.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Thanks for the stamps link! DS loves stamps - good way to engage him.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I wish I could just like all these posts - such great stuff to think about. For toys, DD also likes to just use the real thing, and as often as possible (i.e. if it's safe) we let her use them. Honestly, I feel like I am constantly putting unused toys in the attic or in the give away box, she'd much rather match up and put lids on the tupperware and dust mop the floors. Honestly it helps keep the place clean!

    This Spring, DD and DH took a toddler class at the Audobon, they would go for walks in the woods and just notice things, and the instructor would tell them more. I can't believe how this little 4 week class impacted our whole family. DD is always noticing different bird calls, and ant holes and ant colonies and kinds of flowers (and oh, to find deer p00p in the woods, what a treat!). I mention this as just another example of how kids really get so much out of their surroundings, be it jewelry on the feet, or an ant hole in the back yard. It's all WAY better than any toy we can give them.

    DD is a late August baby, and we made the decision to hold her back from starting preschool this year. Now that it's too late, and after reading these posts, I am questioning our decision.   We held her back mainly for social reasons, and not even now - but when she's older. My nephew has the same birthday (different year!) and he started school just under the cut off, but he's really struggling socially now in high school, his friends are just in another space hormonally and developmentally and I think he's in situations sometimes (with cars, drinking, girls, etc.) that he's just not ready to handle and he doesn't always make good decisions. So personally, I'm happy with our decision to hold her back - I just hope she doesn't resent us for it someday!

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    ml, I don't think she'll resent your decision at all...I know when I had DS last September I was praying he wouldn't arrive before September 1 so I wouldn't have to make that decision on my own! 

    My kids started at their new daycare this morning.  We had orientation last week, and DH said drop off went well, and when he went down to check on them, both were sleeping.  DD (2.8) was a little nervous this morning, mostly because her best friend wouldn't be there and she'd have to make new friends, but she was psyched to carry her new lunch box and glad to know she could visit her brother and check on him ("He goes to the baby room, Mommy; I go to pre-school").  Even though she doesn't age in to pre-school for a few more weeks, we all decided to minimize the transitions and start her in with the pre-school class.  I can't wait to get home tonight and hear how her day went!!