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Preschoolers - July Update

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    IPW - My DD didn't go #2 in the potty before we went cold turkey either and she is doing fine. She had some #2 accidents in the beginning, but she tends to go right after meals, so I started watching her closely at thos times and had her sit on the potty.  I can also now tell if a #2 is coming because she will run to the potty 3 times in a row with  nothing.  I think she can feel it coming, but isn't quite ready to go yet.  So, I wouldn't worry about the #2.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I think I was in denial that DD would count as preschool and I should join this thread :o)  She's about 2 1/2.  I just caught up on your posts and a lot of this is very relevant!

    IPW - Thanks for the potty questions.  I've been wondering some of the same things myself.  I'm pretty good at blocking out commentary, but I've been getting subtle messages from daycare, MIL, etc. that I should potty train DD.  On the other hand, people say you should look for them to wake up dry, be able to pull down their own pants, etc. and those things are not happening.  I do have it in mind to train her wihtin the next 2 months though.

    She started at her new daycare center about 3 weeks ago and it's going great.  I'm almost sad that she has never asked about her old daycare provider.  The only bump in the road was a cyst on her little bum.  She was super clingy and crying on two days, but it turned out she wasn't feeling well.  Ended up taking her to the ER, the pedi, and a surgeon at Children's.  Things were kind of hectic for a while there!  Need to find a new pedi close to home.

    Hope everyone has been enjoying this nicer weather!

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Fram, so sorry about the cyst... sounds scary, especially with all those doctor's visits in a row.  Glad the daycare switch went so well!

    As for training, DS isn't even close to waking up dry.  In fact we have to use overnight diapers as they are so full.  So I'm hoping that we will be able to train daytime and then I have no doubt it will be quite a while for nighttime.  I can handle one diaper a day :-)  I'm giving ourselves a 50/50 shot for this weekend.  The other night, we were outside playing and I needed to use the potty.  When I mentioned it, DS said "I have to use the potty too."  So in we went.  It was only about 1 hour before bedtime and PJs, so I asked him if he wanted to wear his underwear instead of putting back on a diaper.  He said sure, and even giggled and smiled with pride when we put them on.  We reviewed the rules again... only pee in diaper and potty... no pee in underwear.  He went back out to stand on our deck and within 10 minutes, he came back in asking why his pants were wet.  I was kinda bummed... we couldn't even get 10 minutes in the underwear (I had read with training that I am supposed to take him every 30 minutes to the potty??).  I explained it is because he pee'd in them, but he didn't believe me and just thought his pants somehow miraculously got wet.  This doesn't bode well for our weekend cold turkey diaper attempt.  I think I'll be doing a lot of laundry this weekend!  He definitely knows what to do when sitting on the potty (well.. for #1 at least), so he knows the association between pee'ing and sitting on the potty.  I'm guessing he may not realize it is happening when he's standing, playing, etc in his diaper. 

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Being dry overnight is a skill that will come, sometimes 6 to 12 months after being daytime trained.  So don't worry about that!

    IPWBridge,  See if he gets the concept of keeping his underpants dry after the weekend - if he's still just willy-nilly (no pun intended) peeing around and doesn't seem to get that it's "his pee" then you might need to wait a bit longer.  But who knows?  When you are soaking, drenching wet and do that a few times, including wet soggy socks and shoes, you start to get the consequcnes.  The diapers now are so good that I'm not sure whether kids actuallly FEEL wet, ever.  And, yes, every 30 minutes to potty at the beginning and run the water a trickle to get him to pee in the potty - but if he argues and pitches a fit, you can probably extend the time to 45 minutes or an hour if he feels that he's just being inundated with potty trips and doesn't get to do anything else.

    Fram, even while wearing diapers now, start having her go potty and try at all the times of day when you'd want her to go potty so she gets in the "potty frame of mind" - right after getting up in the morning, before meals, after meals, before going outside, immediately after coming inside, before naps, after nap, before bed, and when you change her if she's dry, she should try.  if she pees, great, hurrah, high fives!  if not, shrug and say good try, we'll try later.  the goal is that she feels comfortable on the potty and isn't scared, and over time (1 day or 30 days) she'll get so she can relax and let go on the potty.  And when you go potty, she can go with you and try after you do.  Oh, and when you're drawing her bath, put her on the potty, that's nearly a sure bet!

    when she's sometimes dry during the day at a diaper change (assuming we're talking about a 3 hour diaper change, not that she's in a diaper for 8 hours before a change, LOL), then that's a great sign she should go potty and 'try.'  And then after a little while of this, and you feel like there are successes, that she is beginning to get it, then you can go with underpants.  and that's underpants all day, except at nap and bedtime.  do it on a weekend so you have 2 days in underpants without the distractions of all the kids at childcare, and don't go to the mall or too far away from home those 2 days. play outside in the yard, and expect many very fast trips back inside, etc. 

    she should be able to help get her clothing down, so get rid of the onesies if you haven't already, put her in short dresses (not those darn long dresses where the tail of the dress falls into the potty...grrr) and easy to pull down pants - those stretch pants are great vs. the stupid jeggins or jeans with snaps, buckles, or are so tight you can't (in a pinch) just pull those pants down with lightening speed!  she can help pull up her undies, help pull up her pants, but she doesn't need to be able to do it all by herself - she's still a little girl. 

    Toilet training is a process, not a 1 day deal, it starts by getting them to start sitting on it and trying, having success, starting to get the concept, then the last step is wearing underpants and going full throttle ahead!  well, the real last step is underpants all night, but that, again, might take another year or so. And being dry overnight is a developmental thing, some kids still need pullups or goodnights until 4 or 5  yrs old to be safe - it's no harm, no foul, they just sleep too deeply and can't hold it while sleeping so deeply.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    DS is wearing underwear at night and during the day. We haven't had an accident in months. However, he still refuses to #2 in the toilet. We've tried bribing, we've tried pleading. He will not for the toilet. Comes in and asks for a pull up. We've told him that when the pull ups are gone, that's it. He's going to have to use the potty. He's gone from being a kid who goes every day to two or three times a week, so I am assuming he's holding it.

    Last night, he had a little #2 incident (nothing super messy) and we managed to keep him on the toilet for five minutes. His reward was a toy we've been promising him for the last three months. I have a feeling we're going to have keep bribing him to sit on the toilet. I know boys are late to train (DS will be four next week) and he's completely trained for pee, it's just this last hurdle. DH is much more uptight about it than I am - to the point where I have to remind him that DS will not be wearing a pullup to p00 in college.

    DS told me last night while I was in the bathroom that he was scared to use the toilet for #2 because he doesn't want to SEE it in the toilet. I do think he's genuinely afraid of something about the process, but I haven't figured out what yet.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Thanks CT, as usual, with very helpful tips.  Your process is exactly what we've been doing, so I feel good at least about our start.  We started with potty before bath, since that is obviously the easiest.  And then just added in more times throughout the day so he's comfortable.  He also loves to flush, so we let him flush for us if he has followed us in.  At daycare, at diaper change times, they make them go and try too... so that helps.  So now we are at that underwear stage, and will just have to see how it works.  I purchased some of the "training" underwear.  They are still completely cotton, but have about 5 layers of fabric in the front.  So he still gets wet and can feel it (and apparently his shorts do too), but his shoes and our floor didn't get wet.  Although I'm guessing if it was a real gush... it may really soak.  So hard to know with diapers if they just pee a little all day, or do larger amounts well spaced apart.  I'm thinking my guy is a little at a time, all the time.  And you are right about diapers these days... sometimes its hard for me to tell if they are clean or he pee'd in them, they really are quite absorbent. 

    KMMZ, that is so interesting.  Must be exhausting having to put pull ups on his all the time, only to take them right off after #2.  If you do discover his fear, let us know.  I'm slightly worried about #2 since my DS has yet to do it on the potty.  Who knows, maybe mine will start holding it for nighttime when he has his diaper on (woke up this morning with a #2, which is so rare these days)

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    My DS #1 was very reluctant to go number 2 while we were potty training. He really resisted sitting and being patient on the potty to go #2. Both his preschool teacher and I struggled to figure out something to motivate him. Stickers, phone time, etc. wouldn't do it. Finally there were two things that did it. DS loves numbers and was trying to learn to tell time. His teacher found a small plastic clock in one of her boxes and told DS that he could play with it, but only on the potty. It worked like magic! She sent it home with him so we could use it morning and evenings. He happily sit on the potty and was distracted enough to get over his fear of the po0 in the potty. (Plus, being plastic, it was easy to clean after each trip.) The other hurdle was getting him to tell us when he needed to go beforehand. We made a deal that if he told us and then made a po0, then he would get an Oreo. This was a huge treat, so he happily did it. We really only had to give Oreos for a week before he didn't ask afterward.

    We are still working on overnight dryness, but no luck yet. I've had a few friends whose kids were much older (5 or so) before they got the hang of overnight. (One even had to get an alarm because her DD was such a heavy sleeper.) They all got the hang of it eventually, so I'm not too worried about that.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Fram-if DD's day care is suggesting you train, you might want to consider it. When DS was less than 2.5 his day care teacher kept telling me to train him-but I wasn't ready (we had a big intercontinental trip coming up-who wants to deal with a training toddler in a plane bathroom?). They see the signs of readiness before we do. When I took out hte undies at 2.5 he had only 2 accidents the first week-and only a handful since. So maybe they aren't pressuring you, maybe they see the signs. Sorry to hear about the cyst! Hope she is doing better!

    IPW-if your DS is a dribbler all day, right now, I don't think he's ready just yet. they need to have the bladder muscle strength in order to hold it in. Do you notice him staying dry for 1-2 hours at any point in the day?

    We (or I do-DH isn't exactly involved in this process lol) what CT suggested. wake up take DD to the bathroom, before bed/bath/before we leave the house.Those routine times. Just to get her used to the habit/pattern of going to the bathroom. At her age (22 mo) we don't pressure, if she doesn't want to that's fine, most of hte time she is more than willing to go, even if she doesn't have any success. BUT she will cheer me on if I do! LOL "Yay, Mommy!" It's funny in public restrooms.

    AFM-DS totally had a big kid moment-we stopped at a playground close to our house on the way home from work/school to play for a bit. when we were heading hom (this park is about 1/2 mile from the house) DS said "Mommy, I'm going to walk home, you can follow me in the car." Um, excuse me mr. but you're only 4! Our compromise was I let him out of hte car at the top of our street and he could walk the 2 house to ours as I drove behind him. When I let him out he said "Mommy, try not to hit me with the car." I'll try kid, I'll try.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    KMMZ - I have read that a lot of kids are afraid to do #2 in the toilet.  I think the theory is that because it is formed, they feel like a part of them fell away??  Anyway.  What about dumping it into the toilet after and letting him flush?  Might be an intermediate step.  We've always done this because we originally cloth diapered, and DD likes to look and flush.

    DD is not potty trained at all, but I'm definitely worried about the withholding of #2.  She always knows when she needs to go, she only goes at home, and she always would go to her room and shut the door to do it.  Well, we moved last week and after the move she didn't go for 5 days.  I could tell she was feeling the urge and tried to encourage her, but no dice.  The only time she asked about the old place was when she asked if we brought her old room, and she was holding on to her bum looking around for someplace to go!  Finally she went in the bathroom on Day 5, and now we're back in business.  But I think when we do potty train, it will be an issue...

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Since we are on this topic... what have people used (if anything) to protect car seats for the early stages of potty training?  I know for the first few days to try to not leave the house... but we'll have to use the car at some point.  I don't want to put diapers back on the for the car... and I really don't want to be washing the seat cover as its such a pain to get on and off.  I just ordered a "piddle pad" from Amazon (another Prime purchase... wow its so easy to click "Buy.") but wondering if others have had success with these types of products... or have other suggestions?

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    There are lots of things marketed for pets regarding car protection that I'd use for that, IPW.  Protects against everything!

    Discretion is the better part of valor.
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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    IPW-I'd put a diaper OVER ds' undies, but under his pants-a CT recommendation. once we arrived some place, i'd slip his pants down and take the diaper right off. Saved the seat and I already had the diapers so no new expense. though the piddle pad sounds enticing to slip out and clean up even crumbs and the such that are in the car seat!

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I got the piddle pads for DS - he used to have blowouts, and of course after we got those, he has not had such issues, but I like them for now since he is in underwear - although he is really good so far, other than the whole #2 issue, which we are still struggling with (we had a good few days of non-painful movements but we seem to be back to longer stretches and painful ones).

    When we first tried underwear a few months ago, at his insistence, he peed through i think 3 in 2 hours, so we put them away, and waited, and brought them out again last week, and he has been doing great at least with #1. We are still trying to figure out if we have a medical issue for #2 or if he is holding it in... I know he is not afraid about the p00p going into the potty (gross as it is, he gets a kick of DH taking pictures or talking about how he made a mansize pile) but we are not sure if he does not like how the whole process feels internally or if he does still have something impacted... and we have to check with the doctor next week about x-ray, as much as we don't want to do that, if there is no improvement. We did have one good week where it seemed to be over with the changes we made to his meals, then this week, it is repeating with the painful part and the longer stretches. Despite eating prunes morning and night and us shoving a cup of water every time we see him. 

    sigh... i thought this age was suppose to be easier than the bumbling toddler with limited language, i never thought we would obsess so much over the potty, #1, #2 and training. And we have not figured out how to handle the potty when out and about, other than having one in the back of our minivan, which he has used. What do people do when at places like restaurants, games or when they are out for a while? We have not gone too far or been out for too long without having a portable potty around. We have not tried any public restrooms - I am wondering what parents do with their kids during this phase. 

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    cwag - I may just be really lucky, but my DD will just go in public restrooms fine.  We started by bringing her portable potty with us everywhere (we have the Potette Plus that can stand on its own, but also can fit on top of a regular toilet, and it folds up fairly small).  But they have regular size toilets at daycare that she uses, so one day I just put her on a regular toilet at a restaurant and she is fine.  Maybe just try and see what happens?

    And Med....just wanted to say that I am so impressed that you were able to move with a toddler and infant.  Since we have kids the exact same age, I can't fathom moving right now. Hope you all get settled ok at the new house!

    DD had her 3 year check up the other day and all was fine.  30 pounds and 36 inches.  But, she got the MMR booster and a blood draw.  The shots are SO much harder as the kids get older.  She was so upset and is still talking about it.....won't let me take off her bandaid.  I am not looking forward to next year when she is due for 3 more shots.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Memes, try not to worry - a year from now she'll be a year more mature. :)

    Discretion is the better part of valor.
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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Memes - another blood draw at 3 years?  for lead?  ohhhhh I am so not looking forward to that.  I thought we were done with those... physical next Monday for us.  Glad to hear DD is happy and healthy, though!

    And I kind of can't believe we moved, either.  We thought it was going to take a lot longer to find a place when we started looking, and then we got really lucky.  The move was bananas, though.  Only the kitchen and the kids' rooms are unpacked.  And the only way we were able to do it is that we didn't have to be 100% cleared out of our old place on move day.  We were able to go back and clean up, get those last few random items, et cetera.

    KAM, cute story!  cwag - good luck with #2.  :(

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    KMMZ: Since your son says he is scared, and you can tell he's scared/nervous, just keep doing the pullups without any negativity about them (no threats, bribes, blah blah)  NO COMMENTS - just "OK, let's go put one on" and just keep having a regular conversation about whatever, then take it off and clean up. I would have him stay in the bathroom if he's willing because evenetually that's the place of #2, unless he needs to move around for 30 minutes to kind of grease the skids and get his body moving, in which case he really does need to move around and I'd let him.  The reason I say have a reg. conversation is because if you do this all in silence, it's kind of negative, like the silent treatment or like you are angry. So as he's pooing, you just keep chatting 'where do you want to go when he go to the park, the big one or the one with the big slide but no swings?" "Do you want to ride your trike or walk there?"

    For kiwigal it seemed that for her son it was he didn't have the patience to sit for more than a second - for him the clock worked.  but for KMMZ it's because of fear - if you try to push him too fast then it's going to backfire and he'll withohold for days. In 2 months you could certainly ask "do you think you're ready to try it on the potty?" just so you give that option (after all, we do need to OFFER a cup for a child to get that their are other options from bottles), but I wouldn't push yet, and if you ask that every time then it's like pressure, which will cause him to withhold...

    You said "We've told him that when the pull ups are gone, that's it. He's going to have to use the potty. He's gone from being a kid who goes every day to two or three times a week, so I am assuming he's holding it."

    The fact that he's holding it concerns me - once you start to hold it, it hurts when you do go because you are constipated, and then that's negative reinforcement, so you hold it because you know/think/remember it will hurt.... it's a vicious cycle. 

    And he's smart enough at almost 4 to see the supply of pullups dwindling, and he may be withholding to make those last longer.... 

    I'd up the fiber, up the prunes, have him drink water, lots of raw veges, sneak some prune juice in his yogurt, and see if you can get him back to doing #2 every day.  But again, both of you (esp. Dad, who is frustrated and your son knows this - "Daddy thinks there is something wrong with  me") need to just chill (as hard as this is, because you want him to move forward) and just accept the pullups for now.  In 6 months this will probably be a distant memory.  IF NOT, there is a good toilet training place at Children's where you can have them work with your son to get over this hurdle.  My cousin did this 1000 years ago. 

    #2 for some kids just is really scary for some reason - but NOBODY GOES TO KINDERGARTEN IN DIAPERS OR PULLUPS FOR #2.  (unless the child has special needs, but you know what I mean)

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Okay, here's a new #2 issue: DS, who has been great with the bathroom since he was trained, has recently (past week) said he doesn't want to eat much so he doesn't have to go #2. So literally he will only take one bite of food and leave the rest. I've asked him if things are okay, and he says yes he jsut doen't want to be full because then he has to go #2. Unfortantely normally, but helpful now, he's not the best flusher out there, so I stumble upon his bathroom products-and from the looks of it everything is fine. We've upped his water intake recently, and fresh fruit is always avail to him-and we eat very little processed foods so lots of fresh veggies and fruit, yogurt-all the good foods you are supposed to eat to have nice easy bm's. I'd hate to introduce miralax into the mix when everything else seems to be going okay-anyone else encounter a preschooler who wants to restrict their eating to reduce bm?

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    I am thinking I really need to get on the ball with potty training (DD is 2.10) but we don't have a weekend when we don't have to go somewhere until the end of September! Well, that's not true. We don't have a weekend when we don't have to go somewhere AND when DH is home all weekend. Either he's working one day, or we have events. Would you recommend that I wait until we can just be close to home all weekend and have 2 parents available? (I have a hard time envisioning potty training when I am home alone with both kids.)


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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Thanks, CT!! I am going to show that whole post to DH tonight. I've been on the fence about pushing him because he really, really hates it. He's going to have enough to discuss in therapy later in life without his parents traumatizing him about p00.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    KAM, if only I'd been as smart as your DS, maybe I wouldn't have ended up in the hospital for being impacted for not wanting to go, lol.  It'll, pardon the pun, pass.  Hunger is a strong drive...stronger than even not wanting to bother with #2, and it sounds like he's eating enough, anyway.  No loss of energy?  Weight?  Bathroom success in spite of himself?  He's fine. :)

    Discretion is the better part of valor.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    KAM - for that eating issue, I would definitely suggest getting help - that is a behaviour issue mixed in, and to some extent, control issue. If he is more sensitive to things, he may not like how it feels now that he has to think about it, and that is something that I would not ignore.

    poppy, we did the training even though we knew there were some times he would be in diapers (like the teachers in his Chinese school wants him in diapers still, although he is pretty much potty-trained) and we proceeded even when we knew we would have periods on the weekends where we would miss the window. But, he was in a class at daycare where all the kids were training, so he watched and was influenced by them (when his best friend got into underwear, he was excited about it, and understood the idea of keeping them dry). He still wears pull-ups for night time and naptime and we did for instance put him into a diaper when we knew the excitement may cause him to forget like a baseball game, and he still does fine - he knows now which is which and can clearly control it most of the time (accidents happen - but i think we only had one accident in like 2-3 weeks).

    Since both DH and I suspect he falls into the category of highly sensitive child, we have been reading up last week especially with his #2 issues (which seems to be clearing up - we suspect he did have something hard that took a while to work out) - and one thing that stood out was that HSC can be uncomfortable with the whole potty training, so we worked hard to make sure he understand accidents do happen, even to grownups, and to keep trying - and that it can feel very weird. We try to emphasize that because he is very sensitive to emotions especially ones like frustration. And we do let him drive some things like where he will go (for a while, he was afraid of the Karib seat we used on the big toilets and would only use the little ones, and now he only uses the Karib seat if upstairs but still won't touch the downstairs one, so we leave it alone - we do not challenge or push the location as long as it is some recognized potty). For a while, he used to stand up and say "I will pee in diaper" or "I will p00p in diaper" - we tried to not get worked up when it was clear that he knew he had to go and he made the choice to use the diaper because we did not want to get into a control struggle with him or make him feel ashamed over it, but it was really hard not to get frustrated.  



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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Cwag - what is a HSC?  Is there a particular book?  Do I have one if every tume she pretend plays that someone/something is sad, she ends up actually making herself cry? :)  Last night hers was the only toothbrush in the holder and the toothbrush was oh so sad...

    3 year checkup today for us!  All is well - still little in the 15% but proportional.  DD was chatty to the receptionist and pretty good with the nurse, but hid her eyes the entire time for the doctor.  Opened her mouth and whatever else was needed, but didn't emerge.  I'm thinking of switching her to a female doctor.  I love our doctor, but DD warms up to women much more quickly, and we just aren't there enough for her to really warm up.  Thoughts?

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Med, I vote for keeping the doc you like.  If she tolerates it and does what she's told without a big emotional response it's a good learning and growing experience for her to have to deal with a man when necessary.  Fostering her comfort with women and avoiding men will further instill the aversion.

    Discretion is the better part of valor.
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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Med-I think there is (or can be) a time when girls become uncomfortable with a male doctor, but I think 3 is too young for that. I would probably chaulk it up to white coat syndrome. So many times we refer to the doctor as the authority, not necessarily to scare kids, but to help them trust this random person they see occassionally. If it becomes a problem, I would talk with your current doctor about who else in the practice he would recommend. Our Pedi is male and I suspect in a few years I will have to ask him who he recommends in the practice we switch DD to, but thankfully for the next few years I'll keep her with him.

    I've tried to google some info on what DS is going through with his restricted eating-haven't found much in his age range. And I'm going to talk to his teachers this afternoon to see what the deal is at school. One concern is that he is losing energy-its tough to do a 30 min swim lesson only having eating 1/4 an egg, and a slice of cheese 3 hours prior. For calculated BMI he's in the 20th percentile, so he's tall and lean-but still in the healthy range. He's never been a big eater, but this one bite and I'm not going to eat any more thing is new.