Preschoolers - July Update

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update

    Hmm, Kar, that is a really good point.  On the other hand, though, I don't want her to develop a fear of going to the doctor's office.  She's not really too bad about the whole experience, but is just afraid of our actual doctor.  (KAM, it's not because he's a male doctor per se, just because he's a male.)  She's starting to be more equitable about warming up to men when we're with friends and family, but she still cottons to women more quickly.  Not sure if a once a year physical is the place to enhance her relationship with mankind.  Also we met another doctor in the practice at a party (random) and now DD has been asking for her.

    KAM - sorry to hear you are going through that.  My initial reaction was to agree that he's fine, but if you see his energy flagging, I would definitely check with daycare (to see if they see the same) and then maybe with the doctor.

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    Re: Preschoolers - July Update


    Where did he get this idea that if he eats a lot he'll have to have a BM?  (I mean, he's right, but....)  was this talk at school?  is there a child who withholds BMs as a potty training problem who was chatting with DS at school?  Are they talking about nutrition at school as a unit and he has distorted something they learned? I'd talk to school and tell them what's happening, that you're concerned, you're trying to figure out when/where this all started, and see if they can really think hard and see if they see/saw any clues.  Not as an accusation, but as a 'we're in this together, let's try to figure out where this kid got this idea.'  Were you or your husband or your mother or father or anyone talking about "eating too much and having diarrhea" or something or other even if it's really remote?

    then I would have a talk with him: "you know, DS, it's important that we all eat enough food to stay strong and healthy and be able to swim really far and have fun on the playground with our friends.  You aren't eating enough and you need to eat to be healthy.  You aren't able to swim like you used to.  What's going on?"

    let him tell you, again, about the "don't want to eat so I don't have a BM" thing. or whatever he might say, because the story might be different this time. then say, so, what's wrong with having a BM? and just WAIT.... let the silence linger and just listen.  really?  and then what?  and what would happen then?  might be good conversation continuers, depending on what he says.

    try to do this in the car with NOBODY else in the car, including baby sister, and you turn off the radio, and have a chat. that way you aren't staring at him, and the pressure will be off.  Just you and him.  Just drive around and around to nowhere, and then at the end go to CVS and pick up 2 items so he thinks it was a real errand!  (your son is a smart guy, remember)

    Or if your husband is the chatty Dad type, let it be the two of them (although I get the feeling this is your role?) in the car.

    the miralax might give him REALLY loose stools, which he might not be able to control so he'd be embarrassed by an accident. I'd wait on that for a little bit. 

    And, frankly, while I'm not a huge CALL THE DOCTOR kind of gal, I'd call the doctor pronto and have a chat.  Or perhaps I'd wait exactly 4 more days and then I'd call the doctor, like through the weekend. If you can't get the story out, a few sessions with a kids' therapist would suss the story out and you could handle it head on.