Resources for Dads?

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    Resources for Dads?

    Can anyone recommend resources for dads who are struggling a bit in their role?  Seems like there is a lot of support for moms, but less out there for the fellas.  I don't need how to instructions on child care, but more along the lines of how to embrace the role, make it fun, manage work family balance, etc.

    Insights, advice, or resources would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: Resources for Dads?

    Hi Micro,

    I know I personally can get comfort from reading my favorite parenting blogs. Maybe check out these and see if you think any would resonate with the dad in question (your DH?).


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    Re: Resources for Dads?

    Micro-DH had expectant father book when i was pregnant with DS, and he did read it (and often tell me what I was doing wrong).  There is this book that DH has not sure if it has any balancing aspect to it, but has some fun ideas on things to do.

    Sometimes I wonder if men would have an easier time adjusting to the role if we (women) didn't have the same expectation of items completed when the father's were in charge. It helped me to not expect DH to accomplish all the same things when he stayed home with the sick kids. i.e. he will never get to the dishes when I'm not around and the kids are awake/naping! And I really try not to ask why he did things the way he did with the disapproving tone-even when none is intended.

    From my own personal experience DH was great when the kids were infants, but he's truely awesome as the kids are older, he's found his footing (as have I)-though we both struggle with shutting off work when we are home.

    I know this isn't exactly what you asked for...but time does help. As do honest conversations. DH isn't the type to read a blog/message board about parenting, so I never searched those out for him.