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September 2012 Preschool Updates

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    Hooray! We just came back from our first trip to the dentist. They passed with flying colors. DS was a total champ about letting them clean his teeth, DD was more difficult and weepy. But on the whole i"m really proud.

    Also happy to know that even though my kids are terrible about brushing - I have to put them in a headlock and get in there myself most nights - they didn't have any cavities.

    Anyway - really happy about how it went. Not so thrilled to go back in 6 months now that they know what it's like. :)

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    First of all, remember that it is a 99.999 percent chance that your kid is walking around the aisle looking for you while you are walking around the other side looking for them like in a Pink Panther cartoon, as opposed to anything bad happening.  Definitely enlist an employee to help look and/or watch the door.

    This may sound obvious, but make sure your kid knows YOUR first name and dad's first name (and last if it's different from theirs) and knows it's OK to call out to you by name if they get separated or can't see you...  Half the people in the grocery store are Mom or Dad to someone, but there aren't going to be twenty Amy's or Michael's and it will get your attention faster.  Also, if they really get lost, they can tell the checkout clerk or security person your name and they can page Jane Doe instead of Bobby's Mom.

    Also get them used to talking to "strangers" in the sense of chat with neighbors--let them greet and be greeted by the lady crossing paths walking the dog, or the fellow ahead of you in the grocery store line, the checkout clerk or the guy behind the desk at the post office. 

    Instead of "Don't talk to strangers" teach them we don't go on about personal information (I say first name is OK but others may disagree) or let anyone try to take you anywhere or talk to you without your grownup.  If you recall a couple of years ago a kid was lost in a national park forest on a hike and he didn't answer to the rescuers calling out to him because they were "strangers" and ended up spending two more days alone.

    They probably aren't going to be lost enough to need the address, but they ought to know your cell phone number.  Knowing the home number isn't going to help you at the mall.

    If you're another parent and you see a kid on the loose, please say or do something.  Don't scare the kid or embarrass them or Mom, but maybe head them off at the pass or alert an employee.  It can happen to anyone and just about every kid does it at least once (I kind of wonder about the people who brag that their kid has never ever and would never, ever do that...either kid is too clingy or they're in for a rude awakening because one day Perfect Child is going to be halfway across the mall)  I do admit one day a mom was going around calling for Marco (who was obviously hiding in the racks somewhere) and I was absolutely dying to yell out Polo! but I figured she was on her last nerve already.

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    I have to agree.  I was at JoAnn Fabrics the other day and a little girl, probably 2.7-3 years old came up to me (why I don't know, I'm not a mom yet) and said...where's my mommy?!

    I asked her what her mommy's name was, and she said, mommy.  She either couldn't or didn't answer when I asked what her name was, but I said, don't worry, we'll find her - let's find someone who works here so she can page her over the loud speakers (I don't know if she understood me or not, but I really didn't know what to say).  Then though, I was afraid to pick her up or anything because I didn't know what the "right" thing to do was.  However, I grabbed her hand and found an employee fairly quickly who did pick her up (at this point the poor little girl started crying).

    Then her mom appeared from the other side of the store a bit flustered and relieved (and embarrassed) and whisked her away.  Phew!  I'm just glad she came to me and not some creep - though I'd like to think 99% of people out there would do the right thing, but it's just so scary!

    And, kids wander - it's part of their learning and independence, so teaching a child to do the right thing when they do become separated from their family is really important.  I learned this though that experience of finding the child, but had it been in a mall or somewhere bigger - I do think her knowing her mommy's name would have been very important.


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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    Kids are often told to ask a mom for help if they are lost, or at least find a woman, not a man (unless it's obvious he works there). 

    I suspect a lot of little kids assume all women are moms.

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    I love reading the pre-school updates all together, I'm definitely learning alot and glad we are not "aging out" of the parenting boards!

    For safety tips, a few more:

    Make a bracelet  or a sticker inside the jacket with your cell # on it, show the children where it is an how to use it. My sister went to AC Moore and used those block pieces they sell and just strung her phone number on it.

    Teach your child to ask anyone with a baby for help if they can't find the person behind the cash register. My DD thinks all men are Daddy's, and if she's lost I don't want her walking up to any guy for help, even most mall security are creepy in my opinion.

    Take a picture of your child when you get to a location you are particularly worried about (Topsfield Fair for instance) - put them some place that will tell something about their height and include their shoes in the picture. I forget exactly why, but the head of security at Disney Land did a presentation for our Mom's club that included this suggestion - something about kidnappers being able to dress kids differently to disguise them, but not being able to get the shoes right).

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    I always wonder about those stories about kidnappers changing the kids' clothes (or the story going around for at least 15 years about the gal cutting and dying the kid's hair in the public restroom, she has been in every single mall in the country from what I can tell from the chain emails that are still going around).

    Wouldn't that behavior call attention to oneself?  I mean, if I were trying to sneak away with a small child, I think the last thing I'd try to do is corral them in a bathroom stall or a corner of a store behing a display and forcibly change their clothes.  I couldn't even get my OWN kids to put up with that kind of thing peacefully. 

    Not saying it can't happen, but I don't imagine that is the usual MO.  And most children who are abducted are taken from familiar settings by familiar people, and the vast majority of those are familial arguments or custody disputes--mom or dad violating visitation or other relatives taking kids from one another.  Any number is too many but the number of children actually taken by strangers and gone for more than a very short time, in the entire country, is about 100 a year, out of some 40 million school age and younger children. 

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    I know I have quite awhile before I'm worrying about my LO running off (we haven't even mastered rolling over yet) but I love all of these tips.  I actually shared some of them with my play group on Saturday and they all appreciated the tips as well. Thanks ladies!

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    Something my mom did that I intend to repeat if the need ever arises is having a code word for the family.  It doesn't have anything to do with running off, per se, but it does have to do with kidnapping prevention.  She and I had a special word that she would tell anyone she sent to pick me up from school or wherever.  That way, if a stranger said, "Your mom sent me to get you," if they didn't know the code word I knew they were lying and wouldn't go with them.  Never had to implement the system, thankfully, but I know I would have run away had anyone approached me like that without the codeword.  I guess it could apply to a child in a store if an opportunist saw that the child was obviously lost and separated from a parent.  If anyone said, "your mom is looking for you, and sent me to bring you to her," your child would say, "what's the code word?" instead of grabbing a hand and walking out.

    Not that I think that kidnapping is a likely outcome of a kid wandering off in a store, but this gave my mom some peace of mind because she knew I wouldn't trust anyone who said she sent them to get me no matter what yarn they spun to gain my trust.

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    When my DS was 5.5 we took him to Disney World. This was 6 years ago. Every morning I took a picture of him on our digital camera (my phone wasn't fancy then). My mom asked why I was doing it and I explained if we were separated I'd have a decent picture to show Security. I took it against the fridge in the room, so they could get an estimate on his height.

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    As far as wandering in the store goes - I think I worry about my kids getting out into the parking lot more than anything else. I see so many bad drivers speeding around in my local grocery store. Not to mention the old people who can barely see over the steering wheel anymore.

    And while I'm sure kidnappings are very rare - they do happen. And I simply couldn't survive if it were my kids. My heart absolutely breaks for those moms. Molly Bish, Jeffrey Curley, James Bulger. None of those moms deserved what happened to their precious angels. Their is no punishment cruel enough for those who would harm a child.

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    Well, we just got back from Disney-and DS is amazing when we are out in new places, sticks right by our side-it's the every day things that he's more comfortable and will venture away.

    But once again, he's an amazing traveler! So is his little sister-though I do look forward to the day when they are a tad older and things are easier. :)

    DS got his first credit card application in the mail yesterday. before age 4! Right now researching and trying to decide how best to protect the kids credit. I know you can put a permanent freeze on their SSN. Or you can hire idenity protection services-does anyone have experience with either approach?

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    MissLily just wanted to acknowledge an exciting time for you since the bill was passed to cover hearing aids! I am friendly with the woman who is the co-founder of the MassHAFCC and have talked to her during the whole bill to law process.  Must be a big relief for your family!  Also exciting that they started preschool! 

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    Yes ajuly - we are thrilled about the hearing aid bill being passed.

    And they are doing great at preschool.

    Unfortunately my mother has been in the hospital since Sept. 11th - so my "break" has turned into trips back and forth to the hospital to visit. Oh well - welcome to the sandwich generation.

    The worst thing is that when your mother (who was your daytime sitter) gets sick, not only do you need to visit your mother - you need a new daytime sitter so you can go, you know, visit your mother!

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    Re: September 2012 Preschool Updates

    Sorry about your mom, that must be stressful! I hope she recovers quick.    That makes me think I need to have a back up sitter plan if something were ever to happen to mine!