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Small Kids in the Big Apple

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    Small Kids in the Big Apple

    Our holiday plans have changed due to the recent storm, and I have to take my kids (1 and 4) to New York City.  Can anyone recommend activities that might be fun for kids these ages?

    I don't think touristy things like see the tree in Rockefeller Plaza, or seeing a show will be much fun for them.  I'm looking for something kind of hands on, and active.

    Also, what do people do for transportation?  I'll walk or subway as much as possible, but if it's necessary to take a cab, do you drag two car seats around the city (ugh), or just go with out (terrifying and potentially illegal)?

    I'm trying to be very merry about this, I know that thousands of kids live happily and well in NYC, but I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it.  

    Any suggestions?  Thank you.





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    Re: Small Kids in the Big Apple

    I grew up in NYC and still have family there so we have taken our kids (1 & 2) there numerous times, but we don't usually do touristy stuff.  We usually just drive there and park and visit family.  

    My cousin lives in Manhattan with her 1 yr old and tells me that getting cabs are the worst, that you don't have to use carseats, but they are safer, and usually if a cabbie sees you with childseats he'll pass you by, so I'd recommend subway and bus.  Strollers are a pain though, so an umbrella or ergo type carrier for the 1 year old would probably be best for the train.

    As far as activities, I'd suggest the museum of natural history and central park as being great for kids.  Will you be there for Thanksgiving?  Then maybe the Macy's parade?  My dad used to take us there every year, and I hope to someday take my kids to see it!  

    Have a blast!

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    Re: Small Kids in the Big Apple

    Yes, I'd say a carrier for the 1 yr old AND a super lightweight umbrella stroller for the 4 yr old because frankly, it's hard to walk much in a city and your older one might want to sit down (or you might want to walk faster than he/she can) every once in a while.  and get a real umbrella that is super duper lightweight because you'll be carrying it up/down escalators and it has to close up small and be light.  so many of these so-called umbrellas are heavy now! 

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    Re: Small Kids in the Big Apple

    I was just looking at the laws for Taxi's and car seats in NYC. (we're planning a visit there in May.) By law cabbies have to let you install a car seat, but taxis are exempt from the child restraint law. And kids under age 7 are allowed to sit on your lap. Tough call if you want to do it all by subway or not.

    As for things to do, this is on my list:

    -central park zoo

    -High Tea at the plaza

    -Frozen hot chocolate at serentipity III (totally over rated I know, but it will be fun)

    -Lady Liberty

    -Natural History museum

    If you don't have a double umbrella stroller I'd get one, even the 4 year old will get tired walking around, and the streets will be packed, I'd stress about keeping everyone contained and together.

    Have fun and let me know what you do! Still trying to plan our events.

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    Re: Small Kids in the Big Apple

    for the 4 year old in the taxi you could use something like this

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    Re: Small Kids in the Big Apple

    We went to NYC years ago with my brother's 3 young girls. They LOVED the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes. REally loved it - the youngest was 5 at the time.

    The loved eating at "Mars" - you get in a spaceship to get to the restaurant. The line was miles long and the menu had limited appeal for adults, but the trip was for them! And we all enjoyed the diner in Times Square where the waiters sing.

    We did the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity too. And a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar.

    Of course we had 3 girls so I think we spent a whole day in the American Girl Doll Store - but that was before there was one around here.

    We did go skating at Rock Center - but they all knew how to skate already.

    We stayed in a Sheraton on the West Side with an indoor pool - which was great for them. Don't know if you're staying with family or not.

    And we took taxis everywhere - without car seats.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Small Kids in the Big Apple

    I have very fond memories of the Central Park Zoo as a kid.  We have relatives in Maryland and we'd drive down there every April, stopping in NY on the way to make a day of it.  I have 3 younger siblings so there was always some tiny kid involved.  We always had the car, so I'm not sure about the bus/subway issue.

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