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Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

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    Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

      So at 5 weeks along, I have a while before this becomes real, but I'm already starting to think about the actual birth.  I know I've brought this up before in other discussions, but it is really in my mind now!

    I had a planned c-section with DD because she was breech.  While the c-section recovery went well, it did make b-feeding difficult for us.  It was definitely a loss for me, as I'd have visions of a v_ginal delivery, and labor and all of that.  I'm going to bring it up with my NMW at my first appointment, since I hope to attempt a VBAC, but I'd love to hear people's experiences with either VBAC, attempted VBAC or planned repeat c-sections. 

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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Hi Luv!  Congrats on your pregnancy.  My DD was also breech and I had a c-sec with her.  If you don't mind my asking, why did it cause you problems with breastfeeding?  I breastfed my DD after the c-sec without issue. 

    I was torn with #2 about whether to do a VBAC or repeat c-sec.  My OB and the NMWs at my practice had me schedule a repeat c-sec because my 2 deliveries were only 15.5 months apart.  But they said that if I spontaneously went into labor, and if my labor was easy, they'd allow me to attempt a VBAC.  I was not a candidate for induction because of the increased risk of uterine rupture.  I'm not sure if that was because of the close deliveries or if that is always the case with VBAC.

    Toward the end of my pregnancy with #2 I was scared of a second c-sec and really wanted a VBAC.  But I showed no signs of labor and ultimately had a second c-sec.

    Pros for a second c-sec was that it was scheduled and I was able to arrange childcare easily for my DD.  Cons were that I had to recover from major surgery and I wasn't supposed to physically pick up my 20lb DD.  I was fortunate to have lots of help (my MIL stayed with us for the first 7 weeks and left after I was cleared by my OB), but it was hard emotionally not to be able to completely care for both of my babies.  Recovery was pretty easy though and I felt great 1 week out, same as it was with my first surgery.

    My DS is now almost 5 months and I've exclusively breastfed him as well without issue. 

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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    I think the c-section was only part of our breastfeeding troubles...she was small, she had a slightly tied tongue (but nothing they clipped), etc, but since I wasn't comfortable with some of the holds (only football worked for me in the beginning) we didn't have a lot of options.  She latched on really well about half the time...we lasted two months, then I ended up pumping exclusively for another 4 months.  It was hard work!!!  Among my friends, I know two others who had c-sections and had a tough time nursing, so I don't think it's that uncommon to have some problems. 

    These babies will be 22 mos NMW had suggested making sure there were at least 18 mos between deliveries to try a VBAC, so we're good on that front, and I've had no complications from my surgery or with my scar.  Just have fingers crossed that the placenta doesn't implant in the wrong place! 

    How fortunate that your MIL was able to stay with you for all of that time!  I know my parents will help out; last time my DH was home with us for the first few months, as he'd been laid off...this time it will be all me, which is another reason I'd love the VBAC!  
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Hi Luv - Congrats!

    My DD was also breech and I had a c-section.  I had problems with nursing because DD was tongue tied too and I wasn't able to get it clipped until she was a month.  I had no desire for a v_birth so I was not at all disappointed with the c-section.  When I was pregnant with DS I knew that I wanted another c-section.  He was also tongue tied and we had it clipped in the hospital.  I was able to nurse and it went really well, I also asked for a lactation consultant to see me everyday of my hospital stay and that made me feel a lot better (and more confident).

    For the recovery of the c-section with DS it was really smooth and I was driving very soon after...actually was picking up DD in the hospital, I couldn't resist her cute face (they are just under 2 years apart).  The only problems that I had was the c-section the 2nd time around was I was sick through the whole operation, I also was very itchy for a day after from the spinal and could not sleep a wink the 1st night.

    Good luck with your decision!
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    I know my mum had me via caesarean because I was breech. She had my 3 younger siblings vaginally, with no epidural.  This was in the 80s (well 90s for the youngest). 

    I do know that you need to discuss it with your doctor.  When my mum was having us it was a big thing to encourage women to VBAC.  Now the insurance companies have the hospitals by the cojones and some hospitals have anti-VBAC policies.  You need to check and see if your doctor will even do one.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Thanks, ladies.

    I know my practice encourages and supports VBAC, as does the hospital.  They have a 73% success rate, and even higher when it's a VBAC after a breech baby (since I've never done labor, we don't know what my body can do, unlike someone who had a c-section due to stalled labor, where the rate is a little lower).  We were talking about it from my first postpartum visit! 

    I don't go to my first prenatal appointment for another month, then I'll get some answers, I hope! 
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    I had an emergency c-section with DS after full labor-recovery was horrible! DD was a planned c-section and recover was a breeze-I think because my body didn't go through all the pains of labor. Second time around I had a much quicker recovery and much less pain. In the end I'm very thankful that I did a planned c-section. Had I had to have another unplanned c-section after labor I think I would have been in a lot more pain.

    My doctor gave me lifting restrictions, but said he knew there was no way I wasn't going to pick up DS, so my restriction was to only lift him.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Kam - I know I'm not the OP, but thanks for your post.  I think I have no choice but to have another c-sec and am nervous about it.  My first delivery was like yours - c-sec after labor and much pushing.  So glad your second recovery was easier!
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Poppy, from what I hear, there is a world of difference between a planned and unplanned c-section.  I'm guessing that's why more people who had the unplanned go for the repeat c-sections. 
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    I had 2 c-sections, recovery the second time around was a breeze because you know what to expect.  I got sick the 1st time around after having DD, so I said something to the doc and they gave me so much zofran to prevent getting sick.  :)  The other bonus was the longer stay at the hospital to recover...I enjoyed the extra quiet time and the extra couple nights to get some sleep.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?


    I had a VBAC in Septmeber after a terrible and painful c-section three years ago.

    I was determined to never have another baby after bthat experience, so when I learned I was pregnant, I had a really difficult time of it emotionally at first. But I somehow worked through it by just going through the motions: Buy prenatals, research providers, set up interviews, have regular physical, get dating ultrasound, etc.

    I found my midwife when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. And it made all the difference to me. I wasn't going to a hospital for this birth unless I had to, so it was important to me to have a well-trained provider with lots of VBAC experience, and my midwife fit the bill.

    My daughter was born at home after an 8 hour labor with her arm across her chest. I barely tore --- wouldn't even have gotten stitches if it weren't for having a toddler and needing to be a bit more mobile than a first time mom. If she hadn't had her arm in that position, she would have flown out much faster.

    My recovery was so much easier than with my son, and breastfeeding went a lot better. The best part about having her at home is my midwives made sure I had plenty to eat, did some laundry, and didn't push me to do anything until I was ready. I held my daughter for close to an hour before they weighed and measured her, and that was only after I said I was ready for those things to happen. The placenta followed all that shortly after.

    My midwives left five or six hours after my daughter was born, and I cuddled up with her on my own bed in my own living room with a bunch of movies at hand. No one came in the room to give me pain meds --- indeed the only thing I took for pain was cramp bark which has the properties of aspirin but is from a different plant than aspirin. I didn't even need motrin! -- no one woke me up to take my temperature, though my husband did make sure we checked it every so often, and the best part was nobody took the baby off anywhere to do this test or that test.

    My midwives came back and did the PKU test two days later. We arranged for the hearing test ourselves with a pediatric audiologist, and our regular family practice was more than happy to do the 24 hour check up and an additional one at one week followed by the usual 2, 4, and 8 week ones.

    Breastfeeding didn't work out with me and my son, either, but it's gone much better with my daughter.

    I'm so glad I went for my VBAC, and I'm so glad I did it at home. If I had been in the hospital, a vaccum delivery or an episiotomy would have been performed, even though both would have been completely unnecessary.

    And I'm so glad because I did it at home, I didn't have anyone spewing a need to schedule a c-section "just in case" for 40 weeks. My daughter came at 41.5 weeks while her brother came at 40. Different pregnancy, different delivery, different baby.

    If you want a VBAC, make it happen, but it's much harder to have one in a hospital. I knew for me it would have come down to a lot of last minute fighting. Who wants to fight when 40 weeks pregnant?

    Veni, Vidi, VBAC!

    You can, too!

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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    First off - congrats!!

    I had a C-section with my first (after being diagnosed with pre-clampsia, being induced, and having my little guy "not like" labor at all!)  The recovery was ok....but I was still so swollen after the pre-clampsia and just all around uncomfortable.

    I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the second....I had decided to try a V-BAC and then found out that DS was breech.  I scheduled the C-section and tried to move on emotionally.  Then he flipped....but at that point I already had an end date in mind - so I kept the scheduled C-section date.  My water broke a week before that date and I tried for a V-BAC.  Ultimately, it didn't work for me.....apparently, I'm not "shaped" for natural birth!  But recovery from the second c-section was a breeze.  I was up and about that night and left the hospital early. 

    Good luck - my advice is to go with the flow and listen to your body.

    Happy New Year!
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Just wanted to comment on planned. We had planned csection as I was 9 days late with a DS measuring 10lbs on a u/s, and closed up like a clam (not even a fingertip dialiated so doc thought an induction would very likely be unsuccessful). It was so calm. Woke up that morning, made our way to hospital without freaking out about traffic or potholes. Was bumped for an emergency c-ser, but still was in the OR within a few hours of our scheduled time. I wasn't exhausted and besides an allergy to morphine issue, it would have gone perfect. BFing ended up going great - even with me puking for 24 hours after. They put this serious "bumper" padding on my belly, so I felt good and secure. I definitely understand the desire for attempting labor, but I will probably seriously consider another c-section for the few extra days in hospital (IF I need them) and the excuse for some extra help at home for 2 weeks! If I knew a VBAC would definitely work, I'd probably try. But what I really don't want is a ton of laboring and then an emergency c-ser. That is what I think makes recovery so tough for most.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    First child was delivered by cesearean at NEMC.  2nd child I started as a patient at MGH but they were frighteningly aggressive about scheduling a cesearean, so I did A LOT of research, talked to A LOT of people and ended up at Newton-Wellsely midwives. NW said women will trasfer there in their 38th week, so don't hesitate to switch practices.   My very, very happy daughter was delivered by VBAC.  It was excrutiatingly painful but she is very happy and zen and now 3 years old.  Literally PUSH for what you think would be the best environment for you.  Watch The Business of Being Born, that will motivate you!  p.s. sorry for all the spelling errors and email me if you want to talk more. 
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Just to add another resource to the discussion ... I recently read "Ever since I Had My Baby" I thought it was a really good counter point to books like Ina May's guide and the Business of Being Born.  As I am preparing for the birth of our first child, I had read a lot of pro-natural books and that is our plan.  However, I wanted to be prepared for a C-sec in case it becomes necessary and to understand what factors may point to it being a better option for some moms.  I didn't want to be in the moment and having a doctor tell me that they really thought we should do a csec and then me either being pressured into a decision or making a poor decision.  This book focuses a lot on the long-term health of mom and lays out some scenarios where there is a statistically better outcome for mom and baby to have a csec.  It has helped me formulate an idea of under what conditions I would be comfortable with my doctor suggesting a csec rather than simply being opposed to it under all conditions and then being disappointed/not prepared if that is ultimately the road we need to travel. 
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Hello!  RCSer here.  I had labor, pushing, and an emergency c-section with lots of nausea with DS who then went to the NICU and I had a few post-op complications.  BFing happened even though I didn't hold DS until 12+ hours later, although I ended up with several issues due to "structural" issues on my end.  VBAC was not recommended b/c of the positioning of my pelvis and the way it turned out DS was "stuck."  Planned a CS for DD, but ended in denial that I was probably in labor for a day while I went into work on a Saturday planning for my coverage in a brand new promotion and was nesting away.  Water broke that night at a restaurant in Boston. Contractions got to 2min apart by the time we were at the hospital but I didn't even have the MD check dilation to see if pushing was possible (I was early and we knew DD was on the small side, so it may have been possible after all) b/c I was so traumatized by DS' delivery, I just didn't want to even risk it happening again.  Second  CS was a breeze.  I remembered every miniute without the complete exhaustion I had the first time.  THe anestesiologist grabbed the camera and got some great pics of DD being born.  I was given her right away and she pretty much stayed with me except for when she was examined.  BFing was initiated right away in recovery and my production was great pretty quickly and the recovery nurse was great about skin to skin contact and giving me all sorts of tips right away.  Ultimately, with DD being early and small, there were latch issues and around day 4 I started EPing until I decided it was enough several weeks later, but a V birth would not have changed that.  I was walking in a few hours, showered the next AM, and was up and about.  With both CS, I could drive after two weeks.  To me, the pros of the RCS was avoiding the risk associated with my first L+D, the idea that I could avoid labor which was not fun IMHO (although my body decided otherwise and put me in labor anyway), and 5 days in the hospital for help with DD, to recover without a toddler running around, and lots of lactation support.  I am in awe of my friends with V deliveries who have gone home in like 2 days.  I wouldn't know how to handle it!  As for handling DS, I felt ok changing diapers on the floor.  My OB recommended not flat-out picking him up or carrying him distances, but did feel it was ok to lift him from one raised spot to another (ex: he would drag our stepstool over to his booster seat and I would just move him from one to the other).    I truly don't feel like I missed out on anything with my CS and in some ways, I regret trying for so long with DS without medication and then trying so long in general b/c in my mind, it led to his fatigue and distress and some of my own complications.  With the more routine CS I had with DD, the bonding was immediate and great, very relaxed overall.  Oh, one other thing that helped a lot: A Snuggle Nest-type co-sleeper thing.  With DS, I had a lot fo abdominal weakness and pain and getting out of bed was extremely difficult.  He was a loud sleeper too, so we had him out of the cradle and into his crib quickly.  However, DD's cry was inaudable and I was afraid I wouldn't hear her, so we used an in-bed cosleeper for her and it was AWESOME - I could peek on her without sitting up.  I got a lot more rest that way, although I'm not sure how frowned upon those in-bed sleepers are.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Can I ask a question of RCS folks?  For those of you who had full labor/pushing for your first delivery and had an epidural, did you feel anything during the c-section?  Additionally, for your second c-section (if it was planned) did you have a spinal and did you feel anything?

    I had just the epidural since I did the full labor thing the first time around and I'm wondering if it's not as strong as a spinal.  I could feel not only pressure, but the actual incision, etc.  It was painful but when I told them I was feeling everything my OB said (in the moment) my only other option was to be put under general.  I really didn't want to be out cold for the birth of my child, so I shut my mouth and dealt with it.  But it was very unpleasant and I'm a bit terrified of going through that again.  But I'm wondering if that's less likely to happen with an actual spinal... just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.  Luckily I don't exactly "remember" the feeling, I just know it was unpleasant and hope to not repeat it.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Poppy that is awful!  I'm so sorry to hear you went through that.  I can only say that with 2 spinals I never felt a thing during the surgery.  I have no experience with pushing though, was just briefly in labor with #1.  I hope your next experience isn't so unpleasant!
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Thanks, Trouble.  I'm thinking it could be that epi's aren't as powerful as spinals, so maybe that's why I could feel?  Good to hear you felt nothing!!  :)
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Poppy - I didn't have a c-section, but I do believe that the spinal is stronger.  They gave me a spinal as well as the epidural.  I think because I was puking from the pain and the spinal kicks in more quickly.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Fram, that's interesting.  They told me I couldn't have both.  I didn't ask for both, but they just informed me that since I had the epidural they couldn't do a spinal.  Hm.
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    I haven't checked this one in a few days and look at all this! 

    Poppy, I had a planned c-sec first time around and got the spinal.  I felt nothing, other than the weird warmness that happens when it starts to take effect. 

    I so appreciate people's thoughts on VBAC vs. RCS.  I know for me, unless something medically indicates I shouldn't, a VBAC, or at least a VBAC attempt is really important.  The only reason I had a c-section this time was because she was breech; I am sure that my feelings about trying labor and a v-delivery are different than someone who went through labor and it resulted in a c-section.  I have never felt a contraction, I have never tried to push, and I would like to!  I talked to my MW and OB about it even before the planned c-section; they said I would be a good candidate, and I'm hoping that hasn't changed. 

    So interesting how every birth experience is so different...and how everyone's interpretation of a good experience is different! 

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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Luv - I hope a VBAC works out for you!  I don't see why it wouldn't, considering the reason you had the c-section was only because the baby was breech.  I can absolutely understand wanting to experience labor and v. delivery. 
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    poppy-I had a failed epi for my c-section-feeling everything and it was horrible! When I went to meet with the anasthesiologists the second time (different hospital) they believed that the first epi failed because of hte anatomy of my back (prior back surgery) and the spinal should work. Spinals go into a differen space in your spine so they work better & stronger. Alas, they couldn't get the spinal in so I had DD under general.

    That being said I woke up an they broght DD to me and we nursed right away. DS was a NICU baby so I didn't get to hold him for about 16 hours, and then it was only briefly they let me hold him.

    Luv-I actuallly missed the feeling & excitement of going into labor with DD having a planned c-section was nice and a lovely experience but the fun of going into labor was missed. DD was a planned due to other complications with her pregnancy-the doctors didn't want me to go into labor & if I had I would have been stright to the OR no chance to VBAC...
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    Re: Any VBAC or RCS folks out there?

    Poppy - Maybe they can't do both unless they plan it that way?  My memory is a little hazy, but I believe the epi is almost like a catheter in that they insert a tube and that is what stays in your back throughout the labor?  So I think through that same tube they administered the spinal and then switched to the usual epi drugs.  And maybe my epi was going deeper than where it usually would based on what some others have mentioned.  Sorry, I'm probably not being very helpful!